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  1. Can't remember where, but recently saw a well made article along with clips that demonstrated how often JJAW has been getting open this season but for some reason Wentz was not targeting or even looking at him. I think the two of them have to work on their chemistry and trust this next off season.
  2. Same dilemma here; was starting Sanders but without much confidence. Just read about White absence; just got Burkhead and more comfortable rolling with him.
  3. Really tempted to trade Trubisky for Brady in my keeper league...! 😤 😅
  4. Just traded for the guy. Do you think he hangs 'em after the season? His 2nd half schedule looks great to me, he should put up good numbers. Or am I missing something?
  5. Well, thing is, he's not the one complaining. It's the other members, who are kinda tired he doesn't get his things straight like everyone else...
  6. So I got an awkward question about Lacy for every one of you guys that play at Yahoo. I got that owner (who I already got a couple "team management" issues with) who claims that the reason why he got Lacy in his starting lineup yesterday was because there was no injury notification on his team page (besides Lacy's name) yesterday morning that would've led him to think that Big Eddie wouldn't play. At Rotoworld they had him officially Out for the game Wednesday around 4p EST.... Can anyone tell me if Lacy was also ruled out at Yahoo yesterday morning? Thanks from a desperate Commish...!
  7. Offered DeMarco Murray + Jimmy Graham + 2nd rd pick in 12 teams, 9 keepers league today. Got laughed at.
  8. Will they give the guy another chance to showcase his talents after this week's bye?
  9. As the owner of both Cobb and Davanta Adams in my 10 keepers league, I'm watching this situation closely. I find it difficult to believe the Packers would let a young and talented receiver like Cobb walk in free agency easily. But hey, if they feel like Adams has developed enough in year 1 to deserve the #2 job, why invest money on Cobb when they need that money to help their defense? (Especially rush def...)
  10. 1. The four game suspension. So for this year, he's out for a quarter of your season. But if he gets in trouble again, he is useless to you for an entire year.How are you sure it's going to be four games? Has it been announced yet?