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  1. that one open team that is not in dispersal draft states full price.i would be willing to take that one and pay.lmk

    1. elitzer


      if that open team that states not in dispersal draft is actually one of the teams in the dispersal draft i would like to join

    2. elitzer


      i see there are 6 dispersal teams and 1 team that says full price.i will take that team and pay full price for this years dues;lmk/thanks

  2. That's not exactly accurate...the 'teams own coaches' thought Coleman was the better back in pre-season, then injuries struck and Freeman inherited the job by himself. Of course, that doesn't take away from what the stats he posted afterwards, but it is worth asking the question why wasn't he so dominant with Coleman in the fold. So I am definitely not saying you are wrong, but I am highlighting there is sufficient body of evidence to cast some doubt on the argument that Freeman is better than Coleman. Freeman may indeed be an elite RB...or just the product of a good system plus a few bad defenses.
  3. So what price would you take today? You know, before 'his value goes down', as you so confidently profess?
  4. When I read the title, I expected much worse. I don't see much in the video to make one worry...or not worry. Looks like a regular end-of-May catching drill, definitely not full speed, but I wouldn't expect that anyway. Would be helpful if there were similar videos of other players running the same drill to compare. I trust your judgment almost blindly on all things Chargers - are you selling or buying on Gordon?
  5. I think this is a very solid dynasty deal for Rawls. Would have accepted that myself.
  6. These Luck sales would look quite silly in about half a season. I understand the obsession with Carr that some owners have, but I think his upside is a steady high-end QB2. At the QB position in dynasty, there are a couple elite options worth paying for, and the rest is interchangeable.
  7. Sounds to me like you were trying to get him at his cheap old price and are now shocked no one bit. Why would anybody take less than a 1st rounder? The guy is reasonably young, has monster upside as the move-TE in NO with Drew Brees. Most owners rightfully expect at least a mid-first for an Eifert or a Kelce, so if I owned Fleener or Ladarius, I would look for a late 1st rounder - or more. If you are trying to acquire either of them on the cheap, you've missed the boat by a couple months.
  8. I'd take the 1.08 over Melvin Gordon. I wish there were more people like you in my leagues...
  9. RBs in their first career year produce abnormally high returns much more often than not - Lacy will probably end up on quite a few of my teams next year.
  10. Compared to the stuff we heard early on from Victor Cruz, Ryan Williams or Morris Clairbone, the early noise on Graham is significantly more positive. Impossible to say with certainty if there is indeed substance behind it, but it definitely makes me more optimistic about the guy's chances of being productive again compared to the average torn patellar case
  11. Good point. DLF is well-known for its WR bias, but nonetheless this clearly demonstrates enough people would take Cooper over Gurley.
  12. Don't overthink it - he should go 1.1. Most people from the dynasty rookie draft threads disagree with that Look at the history and you'll see you see that taking a 1st round WR over RB is usually the right pick. The times where it wasn't were Tavon Austin, DHB, and Santonio Holmes. Have to go back to 2001 for a RB that should have been picked over a WR. Yeah, Gurley doesn't count.....Would rather have Cooper. I think this sums up your WR bias well. You might be right, of course, but - like 9/10 people - I would take Gurley over Cooper, who probably won't even crack the top-10 dynasty ADP this offseason. Anyway, back to thread topic. I like Laquon a lot and think he would settle as a top-15 WR eventually - maybe even higher if he lives up to his measurables and shows reliable full-tree route running. Surely, the top potential is there. That said, with the glut of WRs posting solid PPR numbers and the explosion of RBBCs, I'd much rather have the RB with the 3-down skillset.
  13. Don't overthink it - he should go 1.1. Most people from the dynasty rookie draft threads disagree with that
  14. I would pay a 1.06-1.07 without hesitation, but no owner bites at that price. The Trent comparison gets thrown around a lot these days, but I think that's a pretty exceptional case. I could easily bring up LeVeon's rookie season or Ingram's early struggles with more relevance than T-Rich.