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  1. I was able to get all the bolded. I was not able to get HDDR or Mickeys BBQ. Not sure they are open during the time we are going. I always get the park hopper option for us, but this time with the way I planned, I dont really need them. So we will be in the magic kingdom on Nov 1. Only real options are Crystal Palace which we have done a hundred times or Tonys Town Italian place. I booked Tonys but Im not even sure where that is. Is that the place on the right when you first walk in? Anyone ever eaten there? Its Tonys, Kona or Chef Mickeys for that night. Would rather not Chef since we have been there as well. Any input on Tonys would be appreciated
  2. HDDR is better than Mickey's Backyard BBQ but it can be a little loud which might bother some 2 year olds I guess.Thanks. I think he will be OK with it. One moreHow far away is it? I assume there are busses that take you there.
  3. What is better for kids 5 and 2 HDDR or Mickeys Backyard BBQ Thinking of trying to get Oct 30- Dinner at Ohanas Oct 31- Lilo and Sticth breakfast at Ohana Nov 1- Dinner at Coral Reef, Mexican place, Lecelier OR HDDR vs Mickeys BBQ- Wife and I would love Lecelier but its about the kids (I think) Nov 2- Luau at Poly for dinner Nov 3- Breakfast at Hollywood and Vine Nov 4- Cinderellas castle (Hate it plus its 2 points on plan but my daughter loves it)
  4. Had a miserable recovery week. Between me not feeling well and taking care of family members that were not feeling well, I missed two days this week. First time I missed more then one and I always made that one up. I hope this doesnt screw me as I get into the max workouts. I am actually pretty scared about them I plan on putting each max workout on my iphone so I can do it anywhere even at work. Just dont know why we do the fit test and an entire workout. That might hurt
  5. If you believe anything Howard says, it will not happenHe also needs to time to do the parrot voice on Jake and the neverland pirates. Its my daughters favorite show
  6. was it the stroking of Ellis penis or Richard saying he would lick Sals shaft to meet Brad Pitt
  7. I just started my recovery week with core cardio and balance I am down about 10 pounds and my pants that were tight are no longer tight but I have not dropped a size yet. I also dropped my calories against what Wilked suggested. I know I am not going to look like the people in the video so my main goal was weight loss. If I decide to run thru this again when I am done, I can be more serious into shaping my body if I feel the need to. But since I have cut my calories, the weight has really burned off. I know this is costing me lean muscle but I need to get my pounds down then work on other things I have also not been able to do the cardio abs once. I attempted it twice and was just too beat to complete it. I hope this doesnt screw me when I get to the max workouts next week
  8. wow. I remember being scared by this when it first came on. Log Lady freaked me outThanks
  9. yes. 5 connected devices to one acct is ok.Actually you can connect an unlimited amount of devices to 1 itunes account. We have 2 iphones, 3 ipods, 3 ipads all tied to 1 account. Buy an app once, use it on all of them.You can only authorize 5 computers to share 1 itunes account.Awesome thanks
  10. I know this has been answered already but I dont feel like looking it up I am getting my wife an iphone for mothers day. How friendly is itunes with two phones connected Also, can I put apps that I bought for me onto her phone
  11. I dont know if anyone heard Russ the caller a few days ago Said Howard is slacking off and needed a 3rd voice. I know a lot of people here think the same thing Howard basically said, this is the show. If you dont like it anymore, dont listen. He is not bringing a 3rd person in and he is very happy talking about computers and photography
  12. You'll get some good shots inside, just make sure the lighting isn't too low. Outside you'll just need to make sure you aren't too far away. If you want to get some great shots of your kids playing soccer, go for the 70-300 at some point. Great lens for the money. And eventually I'd suggest a 35mm or 50mm 1.4 or 1.8 prime for low light indoor shots. I prefer the 35mm and have the 1.8.I have the D5000 with the 18-55 and 55-200. The 55-200 is a nice lens, but sometimes I want more reach. I'd take CE's suggestion and go for the 70-300. You'll be missing the 55-70 range, which isn't that big a deal (at least to me). The extra 100mm from 200 to 300 will make sports, wildlife and outdoor pics better. But, if price is a concern, the 55-200 is much cheaper than the 70-300. Don't get me wrong, I've taken very good sports, wildlife and outdoor pics with the 55-200, but sometimes I want to be just a bit closer.Unfortunately that never stops. When I take shots with my 70-300 there are times I think, "Boy, it would be nice to have just a little more lens." Tell Mrs. CE you want this for ChristmasLens
  13. They want to see if business picks up and whether they want to still offer things like the dining packagesJust a guess