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  1. Modeled after the Paragon Leagues. If you aren't familiar, they're great fun and highly addictive. 100% payout Entry is $250 per year...prospective owners pay $375 for initial commitment (2019 and half of 2020), but you're not always paying ahead unless you trade future draft picks as per the rules. New owners all participate in a replacement owners draft, including rookie pick packages, which is great fun in itself. The ROD's will happen as soon as leagues are filled and then the rookie drafts shortly after the NFL Draft. ***The 1st round picks will each be their own selection...pick packages will be Rounds 2-8 (unadjusted unless there's one that's too stocked) 31 Must Fall ( Year 8 - Available teams Vikings(taken), Redskins (taken), Jaguars, Browns (taken) District 32 (Year 7) - Available teams Texans, Seahawks (taken) Para Bellum (Year 5) -Full Bengals (taken), Dolphins (taken), Eagles (taken), Premier (Year 4) - Full Browns (taken), Bucs (taken), Vikings(taken), Panthers (taken), Cardinals (taken) Easier link to see available picks/players...just choose the corresponding tab in the Google Doc Link to constitution in that doc My email is or leave a message in this thread. Thanks LEAGUESAFE with MAJORITY APPROVAL
  2. Currently run four Paragon-clone 32 team leagues. Starting a fresh one with updated rules like PP1D, increased IDP value and more. We want this to be a league of 32 GOOD players, so we started out drawing from the current leagues, and a few others we figured were good fits. Have 6 spots left, so going to advertise to fill those. Will be requiring a fantasy resumé of sorts- both for your protection, and to ensure we don't have someone in over their heads. If you're familiar with 32 team double copies, you've likely seen the majority of the rules...this is a link to the general constitution for those: Link to the MFL page From that page, go to Links>League Links up top and you'll see pages for: Rule Differences from a 'normal' 32 Scoring Differences spreadsheets Startup is 3RR. Vet draft will have each rookie draft PICK as its own 1.01, 1.02 etc will be a'player' in the vet draft and the rookie draft will be compiled and occur after the conclusion of the vet draft. 5th year superpot, 100% payout, LeagueSafe If you have any questions, fire away here or email me If you know anyone in the current leagues (31 Must Fall,District 32,Para Bellum and The Premier League), feel free to ask about my commish abilities, or I can provide addresses if you don't. Cheers, Ryan
  3. You were respectable in your reply so I’ll do my best to do the same....please do research instead of just making guesses. Shazier missed 6 snaps through 12 weeks last year. He sat out 2 snaps in weeks 4, 11, and not just did he not sit out 10% of snaps on the year in games he played, he sat out exactly 1% of snaps...
  4. Steelers ILB Tyler Matakevich is the early favorite to start opposite Vince Williams. Matakevich repped with the starters throughout the offseason. An undersized college producer, Matakevich has been limited to special teams his first two seasons, but only needs to beat out Jon Bostic to replace Ryan Shazier. It's a potential weak spot in Pittsburgh's defense.
  5. RAMS Third-year linebacker Cory Littleton is calling plays for the first time after moving inside. will he hold the 3 down gig next to Barron? Not sure, but he did start games last year for tree and Barron, it’s worth the!
  6. Nope, Kyzir White, Chargers
  7. Quoted from you above - What all those signs point to from my POV is that none of those three ILBs are likely to be 3-down players for the Steelers at all, unless Pittsburgh suffers a host of injuries. The only Steeler LB who I think is guaranteed to be a 3-down guy right now is Watt One of VW, Mat, or Bostic will be playing every down or 95% of the downs. They aren't giving the dot to a player that leaves the field on 3rd, which is what you stated, not implied, above.
  8. I’ll respectfully disagree. There’s no way the green dot doesn’t go to a mlb/wlb/ilb and neither safety will be ready for that job in year one. Only way one of VW, mat, bostic isn’t three downs is if they sign Mychal Kendricks and as of today the Steelers and colts are the ones that appear the most interested. Cowboys as well.
  9. Some guys fall under the radar because it appears that their opportunity to play came and they were passed up for the opportunity. That doesnt hold true for Tyler Matakevich. He actually got hurt in the same game as shazier or he would have been owned everywhere now as he was the next man up. I realize it’s a big if, but I’d bet that if he stays healthy in 2018, he plays every down. He’s played every snap in one game in his career and it was towards the end of ‘16 and I’m not going to go back and look but I’m pretty sure he had 12 combined tackles. He also started over bostic and VW at OTA’s. He could be the LB1 for Pitt. im also fairly sure and I’ve posted in another threads that either Walker or Goode will be a 3 down LB for Indy and neither are on most radars. I think they’ll both start but one may cede to the SLB and an extra safety on 3rd. Both were playing 3 downs in OTA’s so worth keeping on the radar. It’ll likely only be a 2 down role until Hicks gets hurt but Nate Gerry immediately took over the Kendrick’s role in philly in OTA’s after the salary dump and he was a safety in college so a 3 down role could develop if he holds the job It was this time last year that I first mentioned Bostic, Humber, Farley due to rumblings from the coaches and local writers, and at the time all 3 were on ww in even the deepest of leagues, so worth keeping an eye on the above.
  10. Yep Lawson back to LB sucks but those of you in leagues that aren’t deep, here’s a nugget on the ww - Jordan Willis - DL - Bengals Second-year DE Jordan Willis is expected to take over as the Bengals' "every-down" right end. Willis won Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year as a senior before being picked in the third round of last year's draft. He played 360 snaps as a rookie, receiving strong marks from Pro Football Focus for his run defense, and Willis tested extremely well athletically before the draft. Veteran RE Michael Johnson is expected to move to a backup role, while Cincy also used a third-rounder on DE Sam Hubbard this year. 2017 fourth-rounder Carl Lawson will be in the mix, too. And for the person that asked about Markus golden, if he puts up the numbers this year as a defense end that he put up at outside linebacker in 2016 he’ll be a top 10 DE...Key isn’t doing that. And my first deep dyno nugget of the year. One of if not both of Najee Goode and Anthony Walker will be 3 down LB’s for the colts. They have every intention of keeping one of the worst graded LB’s in Morrison off the field this year, there’s even a chance he doesn’t make the team. I’ll post links later tonight. These aren’t my opinions, they are beat writers opinions and observations Edit - Linebacker: 6 The Colts decide to go away from the Antonio Morrison experiment by allowing the young, recently acquired talent through the draft to get the snaps and work towards building a foundation for the future. Goode will be expected to be the experience of the unit in the middle, Walker will earn himself the SAM role and Leonard takes the WILL while George, Adams and Franklin give some exciting depth at each position going forward. Najee Goode Anthony Walker Darius Leonard Zaire Franklin Matthew Adams Jeremiah George Missed Out: Antonio Morrison, Tyrell Adams, William Ossai, Skai Moore
  11. He moved the OLB column to DE and created MLB/WLB/SLB and forgot to delete OLB....He already confirmed on Twitter that they’ll be DE’s. @breezeidp on Twitter
  12. Mack and Key DE as of next MFL position update, Rotoworld updated.