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  1. Not a fan of Buckner in a 4-3 honestly, he's 6-7. Him and Armstead dominate with brute force, not by running around guys or making double moves, I see him inside a lot. For the price I'll take Lynch over them all.
  2. Clearly deep leagues only, but I like Orchard in a 4-3.
  3. Pretty sure San Francisco re-sign the guy that started the season next to bowman, the much maligned Ray Ray Armstrong, not that it's relevant
  4. Brandon carr or Anthony brown for me. Both played 100% last week and the Lions are #2 vs cb's the last 4 weeks and will probably have to pass a lot unless they get out to a big lead...
  5. Jets, lions, redskins, seahawks, dolphins have given up the most points to cb's the last 4 weeks by far with jets and lions being 1 and 2. I'd be looking at a Cowboys CB.
  6. In deep leagues, here are some free agent OLB's that would be DE if they sign with a 4-3 team. I'm only mentioning guys that aren't already mentioned. These are all UFA's - Alex Okafor Armonty Bryant Datone Jones Sam Acho
  7. X2 on Beasley, he played almost zero SLB, the main 3 were the two rooks and wheeler with some Worrilow sprinkled in. Beasley spent almost all his time at DE across from Clayborn
  8. Brooks, Bethea, and Tartt all played some ILB with Bellore hurt and Hodges out.
  9. Alonso 92% Paysinger 32% Jenkins 29% Hewitt 24% Butler 14% Hull 8%
  10. it scares me but man those two have fantastic matchups. Seymour supposed to play for Robey vs the Raiders who run the most plays per game and throw 40+ times. Fuller playing the team that gives up the most points to cb's the last 5 weeks by a landslide, and they play nothing but 3 wides so Fuller will be on the field, sure he doesn't lose his job to a guy off the PS for 5 minutes, but it is worth noting.
  11. well then I guess he's risky but man, rookies Kendall Fuller and Kevon Seymor have beautiful matchups today if they see 70% of snaps or more, which I think they do...
  12. Kendall fuller is the slot corner in WAS and they will be in the nickel all day. Though Norman is expected to see some fitz in the slot, fuller will get plenty of him and ARI is a God send to cb's. Starting him in every league even as less than a full time player
  13. AJ played 100% Shaq 23%
  14. Pitt rookie Hargrave played 70% of snaps, mostly at DE when Cam Heyward was out weeks 6 and 7. He did little on paper but continued to get nice snaps when Heyward returned. Hargrave is again anticipated to take a bulk of Hayward's snaps going forward, many of those snaps at DE but is a DT on MFL. I have a feeling his numbers go up after some much needed playing time early on and I like him long term as well. Worth a flyer.