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  1. Nope I was wrong Burgess played three games for Collins in weeks 3, 5, and 5. in week three played 63% in week four he played 91% and week five he played 83% and then this week he played 91% so he’s almost a full-time strong side linebacker sliding right in for Collins
  2. Yes he was the replacement earlier in the season when Collins missed time and was expected to do the same now, the only difference May be his playing time, he was purely a 2 down player earlier in the year when filling in for Collins, I will update this thread in a few hours once snap counts become available. I presume he is still only a starter in base packages, but based on the weather and the score I doubt they played much nickel, so temper your expectations that is snap counts or numbers will be anywhere near this moving forward .
  3. Super late notice but it sounds like for those of you in kr leagues, Ryan Smith is going to take Reedys spot at kr and continue to play a full cb snap load without heargraves.
  4. Congrats ben, I’ll try to pick up the slack here a bit I’m just so busy with working 90 hours a week and five kids with two in diapers and I turn 44 on Thanksgiving but you and I know I see snap counts before anybody else :-) so I will try to help out the masses.
  5. Pretty sure, inactives aren’t out yet. Should be brown and Compton
  6. Didn’t know trevathan had been ruled out but if so I’d expect NK in a full time role
  7. Safeties - When Jaquiski Tartt broke his arm on his 19th snap, Adrian Colbert filled in the rest of the day at free safety and played 62 snaps. He finished with three tackles and drew praise from Kyle Shanahan for breaking up a deep sideline pass to J.J. Nelson. Eric Reid had an interception as well as a big hit on Drew Stanton and played all 77 snaps at strong safety. Dexter McCoil is now the team's third safety, entering games in dime situations. He played eight snaps. Read more here:
  8. A couple things would have to fall just right but it’s possible that we could have another Mark Barron à la 2015 on our hands sometime in the next few weeks. In the meantime he’s at least worth owning as a speculative add and he’ll play dime snaps at linebacker. Dexter Mccoil is the epitome of a hybrid linebacker, he’s built to play that position, and I’ve loved him ever since pre-season last year with the Chargers. With Jaquiski Tartt and Jimmy Ward out of the way he’s immediately sliding in as the third safety for the 49ers and playing dime linebacker replacing Coyle. I think they saw all they cared to see out of Ray Ray Armstrong, and Ruben Foster and Eric Reid have proven to be china dolls. If one of them goes down I think McCoil has a really good chance to play three downs at weak side linebacker and if it’s Foster that goes down it will be three downs in the middle, and at worst he will see some snaps at safety as the third safety in the rotation and will also replace Coyle at linebacker in the dime. I’d love to see the Niners get a lead and force the other team to throw and see how much he plays Like I think he will once he hits the field he’s not going to leave it, he has all the tools.
  9. Yes
  10. That article is a joke, if you had a bad game or got hurt you got downgraded if you had a good game you got upgraded, it doesn’t matter if you had a good game because you filled in for somebody that’s going to be back next week or if you had a good game because you lucked into three interceptions etc. That article might as well be called good game bad game. Total waste of a read in my opinion.
  11. Sunday - foster MLB 100% coyle wlb 90% Reid FS until Tartt injury then SS played 100% Colbert FS 70% harold SLB 50% Ray Ray 2 snaps. I see it staying like that. foster mlb, coyle wlb, Harold SLB, Reid ss, Colbert FS
  12. I don’t make excuses, if you’re wrong you’re wrong and in the stat lines I was definitely wrong but it looks like K Rob might have been on his way to a nice game but had to cede to Grant and Munson due to an injury.
  13. Two options with Goodson and casillas out again. 1. Munson MLB KROB WLB 2. KROB MLB Grant WLB regardless, the only one startable is KRob in my opinion. If you’re in a super deep league, Munson and Grant could be holds but neither excite me.
  14. Your new name or being banned from Hanks life? That AutoCorrected to Hanks wife by the way