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  1. Wow... friendly wager for fun, since I’ll be a significant underdog. I say Quincy Wilson, Humphries, Q Diggs, and Revis all score more than Butler, and I’d guess either 3 or 4 of them are on your ww. I think the pats would prefer their better cb be on Brown but considering Butler can’t match up height wise with MB or JuJu you could be right that Butler draws Brown, but I’m not a buyer on a guy that had 3 solos the last 2 times he faced a player/team... having said all that, start Butler. You feel very strongly about him, don’t let me or anyone else change your mind, you’ll regret it all offseason if we cost you. It’s a much easier pill to swallow when you trusted your gut! good luck!
  2. That’s an 8 point avg, I chase 15 point guys
  3. Evans is a legit nfl talent, but if/when burfict and vigil are healthy they 1A and 1B...period! Rey, Minter, and Evans can fight for the scraps but in redraft and dyyno’s I want Vigil (younger and not a nut sandwich like Burfict) and Burfict...then it’s a big gap to the other 3 and I have them all pretty even. Rey and Minter because I think they’ll have a chance to start elsewhere in ‘18 or ‘19 and Evans because he becomes the matakevich of the bengals if Burfict or Vigil go down over the next few years!
  4. No. It will be Gilmore if he’s active. Chasing points by finding the guy guarding AB isn’t always fortuitous anyway. Brandon Carr chased AB all over Pittsburgh last night to the tune 11 catches on 18 targets and had 6 tackles for 10 points. I’d prefer tramon Williams or Steven Nelson, since nobody throws at peters or Peterson. My favorite matchup with a guy that could/should be available is Humphries. He’ll have plenty of 1 on 1’s with Gordon or Coleman, and surprisingly Cleveland is a top 3 matchup vs cb’s since week 9.
  5. dp

    And here I thought you had a video we all needed to see
  6. I have a little insight. I’m speaking mfl only with return yards so if that’s not you some won’t apply - besides the One huge game where he followed Antonio Brown all over the field and tackled him after he caught pass after pass, he’s really been pretty average in the tackle department. Last week he last four points for losing a fumble. He got no kick off opportunities because not just do the Texans not score a ton but Fairbairn kicks every kick off out of the stadium. The week before that he wasn’t going to get very many kick off chances because the cold stuff put up a lot of points and it looks like he pretty much had a fair catch all the punts. I would have thought he would’ve had a lot better game against DeAndre Hopkins, but the fact that he didn’t makes me not want to trust him moving forward and less you’re playing in leaks that give points for kick off and punt returns and even then you’ll want to do your research on which kickers kick it out of the end zone every time and which ones don’t, for instants Fairbairn get a touchback pretty much every time, before he got hurt Novak never gets a touchback etc. He’s most likely not going to follow fits into the slot so I don’t know that he’s going to do much this weekend unless he gets a sack or an interception and I’m not crazy about his other matchups either. What it really comes down to is he’s very hard to sit because of his potential but he’s no guarantee to put up a bunch of points either. He can contribute in so many ways, one week he had 30 rushing yards on three attempts, he returns kicks, he returns ponds, he plays every defense of down. Because of all of those things he’s going to play every week but if the team they play can’t score points to where he will receive kick off‘s or the team has a kicker they can kick it out of the end zone for a punter that can angle punt or put it high enough in the air to force a fair catch, then he just becomes a cornerback and we all know it’s the hardest position to gas on a guy could have a great game and have two tackles or he could have a horrible game and have 10 tackles. I spoke my text so read at your own risk, you might need some vodka before hand
  7. I grabbed caraway in a couple deep dynos since he was promoted
  8. Pretty sure jones has passed Kwiatkoski...but regardless I’d start none of them this week until we have clarity on roles, plus it’s an awful matchup for many reasons.
  9. Good list MR. vernon butler - Star Latuawhatever is an FA. Though I 100% agree with you about defensive backs I have to make one exception, I would bet almost anything the Broncos are going to go away from the gold chain snatcher Talib, And when Ithey do I want Roby on every team I own. trent murphy- ufa that might land in a 4-3 and be productive as a DE.
  10. To piggyback here...though you’d think the benefactors of Buchannon and Vigil missing time would be Reddick and Minter, it was Bynes and Jordan Evans...7 tackles for Evans, 9 tackles and a forced fumble for Bynes
  11. I'm no @ChicagoArch but I give you some snap counts and thoughts in his stead. * With Ogbah out for the year, the 50% of snaps that Orchard and Nassib have been seeing are going to go up significantly, either could be used in a pinch or a good matchup. * Willie Henry was VERY good while Brandon Williams was out, but went back to irrelevance when Williams returned. Not sure if it was an injury or demotion, but with Pierce out, Henry played 74% of the snaps and had a great game. The kid can play if he can get the coaches to keep him on the field. *It has not translated to a big day yet, but since Spence hit IR, Ryan Russell is playing 70%+ opposite Ayers, in deep leagues, I'd keep an eye on him. * With Leonard Floyd likely to miss a handful of games and/or hit IR, since they don't want to add to McPhee's workload due to knee issues, one or more of the following 3 things will happen. Acho's snaps will increase significantly. Rookie Isaiah Irving will be given a chance to perform, he's been impressing in practice. If Trevathan is healthy they are considering moving Christian Jones back outside, he has experience at both ILB and OLB. If Trevathan isn't healthy, they may still make that move and start Kwiatkoski and Timu. * Answering a question/comment above, yes the changing of the guard has started in KC. Ragland played 68%, DJ played 51%, and KPL played 49%. * Also replying to a comment above, the only LB that played more than 30% for the Chargers was Perryman at 67%, no other LB played more than 25%. To make up for this, S Adrian Phillips played 85% of the snaps, and from what I could tell, Ingram played about half of his snaps off of the LOS and dropped into coverage, and Attoachu took his place on the LOS playing 50% of the DE snaps. *With Sendejo out, ANthony Harris again stepped into that role and played 100% of the snaps and had a big week. Keep an eye on the injury report if you need a fill in at Safety. * With Lattimore down and most likely out for a bit, Crawley and PJ Williams played full time roles. Both should be good plays moving forward if you're streaming cb's (you should be) * Steven Nelson took his job back and is now the full time starting cb for the Cheifs opposite Marcus Peters. That spot always pays dividends. * Zombo didn't have much of a game, but he played 100% of the snaps opposite Justin Houston with Ford and Hali out. He's definitely usable in the right matchup if you need him. * Cockrell played every snap opposite Jenkins with Apple out. He'd be usable moving forward based on the matchup and Apple's availability. * The NE LB position is a mess besides Van Noy. Roberts 55%, Flowers 43%, Harris 38%. Keep an eye on Flowers, his snaps rise weekly. * Same could be said at DL. Two guys I like, Wise and Butler, played 61% and 53% respectively. * With AJ Klein out, Robertson played 100%, Teo 71%, and blast from the past Michael Mauti played 43%. SS reserve Rafael Bush played 30% at nickel LB. * Hitchens was on his way to playing 100% before injuring his groin, he says he is playing on Thursday. If he doesn't I expect Durant to play a full compliment of snaps. *Woods played 100% of the snaps for Heath, he could matter down the stretch if he is handed the reins to the job. * Mcdougald played 100% of the snaps at SS in Kam's absence, he could be very good for us down the stretch. * With Okafor out for the year, Hendrickson played 43% of the snaps after Okafor went out (Okafor played 72% before injury). Kikaha played 1 snap. Hendrickson should be a must grab. * (deep leagues and dyno's) This is one I don't really want to post before my waivers run tomorrow, but I've never withheld information from this board for my own benefit, so I won't start now. Though nothing has hit Rotoworld regarding it yet, Tank Carradine has been practicing for a couple weeks and is expected to come off IR this week and step right back into a full time role at either end spot in place of Blair or Douzable. He's expected to keep that full time role even if Thomas returns, and Blair/Douzable may both return to the bench. Carradine is also a free agent at the end of the year, so if he lands in the right spot, he could be big. *******I spoke too soon, this just hit rotoworld lol - 49ers released DE Datone Jones. Because the trade deadline has passed, he will be subject to waivers. The 2013 first-round pick lasted three games with the 49ers, his third team this season. Jones was likely cut to make room for Tank Carradine (ankle), who is eligible to return from injured reserve. I don't see a reason to tell you stuff like Budda Baker and Vonn Bell played every snap and had great games, pretty sure my 3 week old knows that. That being said, there's no doubt I left out important information based on not having any notes in front of me, and just posting information off the top off my head. So if you have questions about something I didn't cover, let me know and I'll reply as soon as I can. I play in deep leagues, so that's the information I research, so it's very possible that you need information on guys that aren't available in my leagues. Hope this helps a bit.
  12. Nope I was wrong Burgess played three games for Collins in weeks 3, 5, and 5. in week three played 63% in week four he played 91% and week five he played 83% and then this week he played 91% so he’s almost a full-time strong side linebacker sliding right in for Collins
  13. Yes he was the replacement earlier in the season when Collins missed time and was expected to do the same now, the only difference May be his playing time, he was purely a 2 down player earlier in the year when filling in for Collins, I will update this thread in a few hours once snap counts become available. I presume he is still only a starter in base packages, but based on the weather and the score I doubt they played much nickel, so temper your expectations that is snap counts or numbers will be anywhere near this moving forward .
  14. Super late notice but it sounds like for those of you in kr leagues, Ryan Smith is going to take Reedys spot at kr and continue to play a full cb snap load without heargraves.
  15. Congrats ben, I’ll try to pick up the slack here a bit I’m just so busy with working 90 hours a week and five kids with two in diapers and I turn 44 on Thanksgiving but you and I know I see snap counts before anybody else :-) so I will try to help out the masses.