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  1. Tyvon and I just turned our noses up at you!
  2. Put Darius Philon on your watch list. He's taken Liuget's starting job and played 70% last year. He's athletic and these finally cast it correctly in a 4-3 defense, I wouldn't be surprised if he's a top 10 defensive tackle so if you're in leagues that require a DT I would keep a close watch on him. DJ Reader in Houston as well but he's just a solid six or seven points a week I think Philon has a much higher ceiling
  3. Of course we're holding, if you drop him it'll be the silliest move you make all year. I have a request though, can you put Grady Jarrett on next week's milk carton? I'm missing him and I'd like for him to come home to sack town...
  4. If they don't let Timmons come back.....Hull played 100% of the snaps and he was a tackle monster in college
  5. That's tough to decipher lol...sorry!
  6. I'm going to speak this text while I'm driving and I'm not going to proofread it so bear with me but I wanted to get a few things out first being the Colts defense, Farley has clearly established himself as the starting strong safety, he started 100% of the snaps correct that played a hundred percent of the snaps last week as did hooker the only two inside linebackers to play a snap or Jon Bostic and Jeremiah George Jeremiah George plate 79% and Bostic play 200% Jeremiah George got the fourth highest grade of the game from profootballfocus they were very impressed with him on all three Downs it looks like he was replaced on about 20% of the downs but it wasn't buying inside linebacker so it was either by an extra corner or an extra safety I think George and Bostic are going to get a chance to be the duo moving forward, I know Walker was a scratch because of an injury so it's possible Walker slides in next to Bostic but I think it's going to be Bostick and George moving forward. There were lots of good articles on George in the preseason and I think the Colts want to know what they have there. Toomer has lost the middle linebacker job for the Chargers to Hayes pullard, Pollard only played about 65% of the snaps but he did a heck of a lot with them, they were bringing in a third safety or using Emmanuel when Pollard came out of the game but with a Dye banged up Pollard make it a chance to play three Downs this weekend, time will tell. Deatrich wise played about 20 more snaps this week than he did last week and he was a one-man Wrecking Crew with a sack and four pressures I believe he got the second or third highest grade in the game from profootballfocus. Zoe Landon Roberts put up nice numbers I believe from memory he only played about 40% of the snaps, Vannoy still wore the green. And played 100%. Though there were no stats to show for it Adam Butler played 65% of the snaps but almost all of them were at defensive tackle. Alexander had a big game but for those that were curious Preston Brown still played a hundred percent and Humber played 93% of the snaps so those two were the main linebackers on all three Downs. Mathieu and branch have pulled away from the pack in Arizona, both played 100% of the snaps. Even though he didn't put up any numbers and Aqib Talib and Chris Harris play a hundred percent roby's still played around 90% of the snaps and there's a big part of what the Broncos do in Dynasty leagues he's definitely a hold I think they're going to let to leave go after this year and that job will be robys. Also the team was not happy with Justin Simmons playing in the Box TJ Ward so that distinction belongs to will Parks this week and he played 65% of the snaps, most near the line of scrimmage. I thought with Sorensen replacing Barry that ramik Wilson might play a hundred percent of the snaps but that was far from the case I believe he played about 20% of the snaps they continue to use a safety and all obvious passing situations the third safety is Marie, I haven't had a chance to look at the film so I'm not sure if Sorenson stayed as the strong safety and Murray played the linebacker or if Marie took Sorensen spot and Sorensen is now a full-time safety and a linebacker on passing Downs, but I'm guessing it's the latter. I'm sure there's more but I'm home now and I'm hungry LOL
  7. It was Anderson, he'd be next after Jones. Anderson started three or four games last year and it one point the Bears considered him a future starter for them long term
  8. Christian Jones up if NK misses time, which he's sure to
  9. Guess it's Spence and Bostic
  10. X2
  11. Justin March or Chase Allen, it's all they have. Hull will now play nickel, he's a great sneaky play
  12. Might be telling you all something you already know, but I assume most of your leagues are on MFL. If so, I just wanted to make sure you were aware you could search any player in your league, click on his name then pull up his player page and under his picture there are 5 or 6 links, one of which is "status in all of my leagues". That will immediately show you if he's available in your mfl leagues without having to go to the home page of every league.
  13. I've considered it, but I have two full time jobs(both I.T. security) and a 5th child due next month spread across 18 years(one of the 5 is also 18 months) and I'll be 44 in November(That's what happens when you marry someone 10 years your junior lol)...I'm exhausted(but might be because I found out yesterday that my vitamin D level is a 10) and my hands are more than full, also need surgery on a torn meniscus. I'm surprised I've been able to contribute in here as much as I have. I've done very well in IDP leagues for the last 7-8 years because I identify and grab guys like Farley, Bostic, Wise, Humber, and Branch before anyone else is on them due to 10-20 hours/week studying film and googling players(I have no social media accounts and follow nobody on twitter, all my finds/calls are my own) and can then spend all my draft picks, bb, equity, etc on offensive side of the ball. I don't have the time I had the last 10 years to dedicate to my leagues and my teams aren't as dominant as they were because of it. It's probably coming to the point where I may have a year or two left and then I'll need to spend my little free time on things besides fantasy football. Hope not, I really love it.
  14. You think? I was going to use Searcy in a few leagues that I play matchups or have injuries, but was afraid Byard would get the LOS and Searcy would play Centerfield...
  15. 2 things - 1. Though there probably is a package or two that Vince Williams isn't a part of, I wouldn't necessarily say he sits on obvious passing Downs, he's not Ramik Wilson. He played 55/66 downs 83%. 2. I was watching the Texans game, when Cushing got hurt, Cole immediately replaced him and finished out the series. On the next series Cunningham replaced Cole and it stayed that way the rest of the game.