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  1. Will complete the first post tomorrow morning.
  2. 20.04 Trent Richardson Stranger things have happened.
  3. 19.13 TimWright, TE NE
  4. Mike Davis, RB ROOK
  5. Tampa Bay DST
  6. Aaron Rodgers (2.04) Tre Mason (4.04) Stevan Ridley (9.13) Tevin Coleman (11.13) Jay Ajayi (12.04) Julio Jones (1.13) Keenan Allen (3.13) Brandon LaFell (5.13) Percy Harvin (6.04) Rueben Randle (10.04) Brian Quick (13.13) Coby Fleener (7.13) Tyler Eifert (8.04) Adam Vinatieri (14.04) Nick Folk (15.13) Giants DST (16.04) Rookie RBs weren't the bargain they were last year. I planned to load up on 3-4 of them, but that was not a viable plan.
  7. Good pick. Had I realized he was still on the board, I would have taken him in the 15th.
  8. Funny, despite the timeouts (and accompanying arguments), we're ahead of WSL1's pace and on the same pace as WSL2. Indeed, we may finish earlier than WSL1 despite starting two days later.
  9. 16.04 NY Giants DST
  10. 15.13 Nick Folk PK
  11. Ach, I'm in court indefinitely. Skip me for now.
  12. 14.04 Adam Vinatieri PK IND
  13. 13.13 Brian Quick (get the suspicion he's gone, but can't find him on phone). ETA: pm to Shadowfax
  14. Not saying Benjamin is garbage, but the 1.05 is basically guaranteed to be a top-3 WR from this class. All Benjamin has shown is that he can put up decent numbers when he's bombarded with targets. That's something, but it's not enough to move him above 1.05 for me.
  15. Makes sense. A huge rookie receiver that just put up 1k yds and 9 tds as rookie is reason to be low on. I'm sure that 1.5 will yield a rookie receiver that will far exceed that in his first season.... Twenty-five WRs had more than 120 targets last year. Benjamin's rank among them in targets: 7th targets/game: 9th yards/target: 23rd yards/game: 20th I expect that someone better than Jerricho Cotchery will be playing WR for Carolina next year. If Benjamin is anywhere near as inefficient as he was in 2014, he won't rank 7th in targets again.