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  1. Last fall my 7 y.o and I are out running errands. My wife needed pecans for something or other so we make a stop at the local bulk food place to get some. I have a horrible habit of not looking at how much things are and just filling up the bag, which resulted in me buying about $40 worth of pecans. My wife finds out how much I spent and of course teases me about it for the next little while, but we really haven't spoken of it since. Fast forward to June of this year. We're driving home from my son's flag football practice and my wife and I are talking about this August being our 10th wedding anniversary, what plans we are making for that and that the gift for 10 years is diamonds. We go on to discuss other expenses that we have coming up over the summer and what we can, and cannot afford to do. Out of nowhere my son pipes up from the backseat "Momma, you're not getting diamonds for your anniversary because Poppa spent all his money on pecans!" My wife and I were both in tears we were laughing so hard.
  2. Dear new girl; You're not cute enough to make up for your irritating qualities. Your high-pitched and shrill voice is grating. Especially when it goes up an octave or two when you're trying to be cute talking to guys in the office. You yawn. Loud. You chew and smack your food. Loud. I could almost look past these until I heard you sneeze, which you do 3+ times a day. It's not so much that you sneeze, it's that everytime you sneeze out comes "Ahh-chooo-ey." There's no way this is natural. You probably started putting the "ey" on the end of your sneezes when you were much younger in an effort to be "cute" and it has now become a habit. See, the thing is, you're in your early 20s and it's no longer cute, kinda like the rest of you. I really hope your six-month contract isn't renewed. Hugs, SR
  3. Wow. I don’t know what you’ve been eating or what sort of parasite has taken up residence in your intestines but the stench that has been lingering in the men’s room for 30+ minutes now will not go away. The reek of you evacuating your bowels is so bad that it prevented me from urinating. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to explore the building to find an alternate restroom. Not really.
  4. My son (6) had his first school dance on Friday. Well not really so much a dance as a bunch of kids running around going bat#### crazy, screaming, playing tag, kind of dancing when the DJ made them do the Macarena, etc. topped off by the DJ throwing candy at them. Anyway, "admission" to the dance was a donation to the food bank. On the way to the dance we had to explain what a foodbank was, which we did. Then, this conversation took place. Son: I thought if people didn't have food, they'd just eat other people Me: Ummm, no. That's gross dude, humans don't eat other humans Son: Well, I would Me: How would you cook them? Son: BBQ Me: What would you eat first Son: The crotch Me: And, we're done here.
  5. Sucks to be you. Your son looks like Sinatra, and you look like a loser.At least he isn't giving free crank jobs in the alley like your prodigy.Prodigy may not be the word you're looking for...
  6. Yes, you again.So good to hear you had to take the morning off since the hatch of your SUV wouldn't close and it needed to be held shut with a rope/bungee. Did you need to take the morning off to get it to the shop to get it fixed? Nope, you just needed the morning off.Unbelievable.
  7. I've since moved to a different posting in the organization, but I hear you're retiring. Amazing that you made it to retirement. Colleagues have told me that you've really ramped up the crazy these past few months, when you actually bothered to show up to work, that is. I figured I'd send you a congratulatory email on your upcoming retirement. So, I sent you the email a few days before your last day and you already had your out of office response on saying: You won't be missed, but that's brilliant retirement shtick!
  8. Friends of ours are potty training their son (just turned 3). They've had conversations about "holding it" if you have to go until you get to the toilet. The other night they're at a restaurant and the mom takes the little guy and his sister (6) to the washroom and they do their business. Shortly after they return to the table the little guy gets and urgent, shocked look on his face and says "GO POTTY!!" and his mother replies with "Really? We just went" immediately followed by him making his "poop face." He then reaches behind him (over his pants, thank God) and grabs onto something and proudly declares for all to hear "I HOLDING MY POOP!"
  9. Re-watched the finale last night, but it was the "enhanced" version that aired on Saturday night. Nothing really earth-shattering, but I did learn that Eloise Hawking was once the leader of the Others. I didn't recall that being plainly stated before. I think the pop-ups also may settle a debate among those who question whether Jughead went off or not. At least twice during the episode Juliet's detonation of Jughead was mentioned.
  10. I'm pretty sure you reached this conclusion long before the finale even aired and nothing short of a collegehumor-like answer video would have made you happy.
  11. Read on in my post."So many other mysteries, characters and plots were introduced over the course of 6 seasons that many people lost track of the main theme and focused on the finer details, and I'm not saying that's right or wrong or good or bad." The meaning the show gave us for Jack's tattoo was "He walks among us, but is not one of us." And you're free to interpret it anyway you like. Or you can just disregard it because it doesn't really matter to the "big picture" storyline as the key themes and redemptive story arcs continued through the show until its conclusion.
  12. That wasn't directed at you, FWIW. What promise do you feel the show failed to deliver on?Creating a single coherent supermovie.So, opening the "supermovie" with the main character's eye opening in a bamboo field after miraculously surviving a plane crash, on an island that is basically magical, his long journey from a man of science to a man of faith and his ultimate sacrifice so the island and his friends stays safe, and his eye closing as he dies in the same field he woke up in isn't a "single coherent supermovie?"The other characters the main character lived with and interacted with were also on a journey of self-discovery and they needed each other to come to this self-realization. The introduction of sub-plots, hatches, additional characters, etc. were all there to push these characters in one direction or another and to help them find their way.This is what the show's main themes were since the pilot episodes. So many other mysteries, characters and plots were introduced over the course of 6 seasons that many people lost track of the main theme and focused on the finer details, and I'm not saying that's right or wrong or good or bad. That's just what happened, but whether a magic light cave was introduced in the last episode or the first doesn't matter as the key themes and redemptive story arcs continued through the show until its conclusion.We can quibble about when things should have been shown or what should or shouldn't have been answered, but at the end of the day, Lost generally stayed true to its fundamental nature from Season 1 until the finale.
  13. I don't think I've ever described the writing as "lazy." In fact, I think the opposite. Lost was possibly the most ambitious writing attempt in television history. The idea of writing a series spanning over 100 hours in which there's just one long story, rather than individual episodes or short plot arcs was really bold. The number of characters and the complexity of the whole thing is really impressive. I wish more television shows would try to do groundbreaking stuff like this. I just think that the show ultimately failed to deliver on its promise.That wasn't directed at you, FWIW. What promise do you feel the show failed to deliver on?
  14. I've posted this a couple of times in this thread as well. I think they answered a lot more questions than people are giving them credit for doing. People don't have to like the answers - that's fine - but a lot of them were provided. to both of you.There were loads of answers given, but part of the fun and allure of Lost was to theorize. Human nature being what it is, we all believe our theories are better than what Hollywood writers can come up with, so when answers are provided that don't match up with a theory a person has come up with they get upset and call it "lazy writing" or a plot hole or whatever. I'm not saying there weren't some serious clunker episodes in there, or that there weren't plot-holes, but people seem to be clinging to this "lazy writing" mantra as a way to give blanket criticism for all the things they didn't like about the show or the answers we were provided. The ending gave us the answers we needed. If something wasn't answered it likely wasn't that important to the overall picture of the show, yet because there was so much mythology built into the show people wanted more. ABC's promos promising answers probably didn't help much, either.
  15. What I really want to know is if Hurley finally paid Walt the money he owed him from the backgammon losses.