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  1. And you really shouldn't try. I have never heard of any of those people.
  2. Really Jon? Mariota could be one of the league's future star QBs?
  3. I hate when coaches challenge poorly. That's just giving away a time out.
  4. They are both bluetooth and wired capable. The pictures don't show it but on the Bose site it states that an audio cable is included. I linked to that retailer to show it's possible to find in your price range even though other retailers are a bit above it.
  5. Bose Soundlink on-ear Have them. Love them.
  6. Okay. Maybe there's a problem with some Vikings/Saints coaching...
  7. Gave: Bradford & 2018 3rd Got: P Rivers Gave: Myles Jack Got: 2018 2nd
  8. Ah. I see what you mean.
  9. At what point do you play to win then? If you're only looking to cash in current for future production you're reducing your chance at winning now.
  10. I apologize. This part was unnecessary.
  11. All I'm saying is that if your team doesn't have a good QB there's no good explanation for not getting one when one is available. Saying that you'll wait until you're good and ready is nonsensical. But if this plan makes sense to you, by all means continue supporting it.
  12. Okay, then that argument doesn't hold water either. If Wentz is winning with sub-par talent around him in Philly then Cleveland should have drafted him into a similar situation.
  13. Generally, I liked it. Hans Zimmer's score is not good and Robin Wright is strangely miscast but it looks cool and never bores. New debate for a new time - is Wallace a Replicant? I say yes. He removed his own eyes to avoid detection.
  14. As the Violent Femmes once said, "Third verse...same as the first".
  15. The 1 hour is sunk cost. Don't make it two.