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  1. So it seems that got him in the back driver's side, something happened, they pull him out the passenger side and pin him down. Whatever the "something happened" was doesn't seem relevant. Chauvin killed that guy. Did he just freeze? I'd ask, "What was he thinking?" but I'm pretty sure the answer is "nothing". He's going to jail for a long time. And yeah, the other guys are culpable of something.
  2. Why take him out of a car he was already in? Did they have him in one car, take him out, and try and put him in a different one? There were multiple squad cars there at once.
  3. I haven't seen anything that explains how it went from walking him across the street to him on the ground with a knee on his neck.
  4. Right? Even if the jury wants to say not guilty you publicly declare him guilty anyway then whisk him off to a new life in "witness" protection.
  5. I wonder if "justice will be served" allows for the possibility (even if it is really, really remote) that we arrive at "Not Guilty".
  6. As a planned & controlled event, sure. It's something Trump should do - but it wasn't going to happen the other night
  7. Did someone select Bowden thinking they were selecting Gibson? Way low for Tua.
  8. Be reasonable. You know it's just not the type of potentially dangerous situation you put the President in.
  9. I think you can recognize that the conditions are radically different.
  10. Zero chance the Secret Service allows that. Absolutely none.
  11. This is still causing me frustration... Mark Cuban writes, “Dear White People: We are the ones that need to change. This is not one man's story. This is almost every black man's story. Which is why the problem is ours. We need to find OUR way to change what we do. There is no quick fix. It's a moral imperative,” he tweeted. When asked what specifically he needs to change, Cuban responded: “I used to think treating people equally meant treating them the same. Like it was a math equation. I was wrong. I’m learning that treating people equally means treating them with equal amounts of respect, for who they are and what they have experienced.” That's just more word salad and isn't anything specific at all.