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  1. Little Caesar's breadsticks, Pizza Hut pizza, and everything KFC (especially the gravy) were all way better. Everything else is pretty much the same to me.
  2. Didn't Higgings get dinged up early-ish in the Championship game?
  3. I don't watch much college ball but I haven't been instantly impressed too often like I was watching Lamb versus Texas last season. I don't know how you can't be excited about what he'll bring.
  4. Well yeah. That isn't to say Sting's not more full of himself than Kaepernick or Trump. And the Nabokov/cough rhyme is definitely clunky.
  5. Not a big fan of ska. Click Click and Twist & Crawl aren't bad though.
  6. I think there's a pretty clear top five of Lamb/Jeudy/Swift/Taylor/Dobbins, any of which I'd prefer over those spare parts.
  7. The Metro is one of my all time favorites. Masquerade is right on par with it. Tell Me Why, Pictures of You, and the incredible Like Flames also get heavy listening rotation from me. (Is that too much spot lighting? Sorry if so, but I'm not sure any of those would rank above The Metro). There are several YouTube videos of their Live performance at the "1983 US Festival" worth viewing too.
  8. Who designed these awful LA uniforms? It's a mashup of current and throwback Buccaneers unis topped off with Yar's Revenge.