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  1. Lol
  2. It's all right. This political season has made us all edgy with a hair trigger.
  3. It was a joke ya humorless communist.
  4. Pigs don't know that pigs stink.
  5. I wonder what would have happened if an anti-bullying protest would have been held the same day. Probably a rift in the space/time continuum.
  6. Star Trek was good but needed a better villain. Not a fan of Tootsie. I've always disliked ID4. The first half was good. The second was terrible B-movie.
  7. Haven't played it but what I read makes it sound worth $6.
  8. There are a few scare-type games on sale on XB1. State of Decay and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood are two good titles for $10 each.
  9. If that ends up being the point, people will be done with this show pretty quickly from here.
  10. But Negan doesn't really know who Rick is. He THINKS he owns him and I'm guessing/hoping that it will be his fatal flaw. Answered another way...Negan left Rick alive because he thinks he knows what he's dealing with.
  11. A) Yes B) Why does it have to increase significantly? In a land where power rules, the weak will gravitate to the powerful for protection. Thus giving the powerful even more power.
  12. He's not a dictator. He's a gang leader. It's different.
  13. It just struck me how similar this show is to Battlestar Galactica. After civilization is destroyed a group of survivors is forced to find a new home as they are pursued by forces bent on their destruction. There have been numerous "Tom Zareks" in TWD. The reason BSG>TWD is that in the latter we've now stopped feeling like we're getting somewhere. It's just one survival situation after another.