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  1. In all seriousness - the projector is for sale and I'm deciding between a 75" LED and a 65" OLED. Likely going to sell my surround sound stuff too and just get a good soundbar. Never thought I'd say it, but I'm kind of home theatered out.
  2. The word has been out for some time now. This year's squad has the same problems that last year's did (and the one that was REALLY exposed in the playoff loss) - they're terribly soft up the middle of both lines and not athletic/fast enough (except for Harrison Smith) in the defensive backfield.
  3. As expected... I'm not trying to kick sand in anyone's face. I just think this type of player is a pretty obvious tease - one that has you chasing his points and your tail all season long.
  4. Well this is something I didn't know. On iTunes there's a disclaimer that says that "You can watch content in 4k only on Apple TV 4k." Still, I'll say again, streaming quality on iTunes/AppleTV - even if it's through the app on a Roku - is still superior to others like Vudu. Even if it's just HD and not 4k.
  5. I thought I was pretty clever when I traded him, and 2021 1st and two 3rds for Jonathan Taylor. Now I'm not so sure.
  6. Watched a couple of my favorites the last couple nights that I wish I'd have found room for in this ting - Christine and Vanilla Sky. Admittedly, the third act of VS is overlong, the song choices poor, and the mood is just a bit off, but it finishes note perfect with the Sigur Ros song in the background.
  7. Now THAT'S how you celebrate being liberated from a concentration camp!
  8. I know I wasn't asked but i guess I'm chiming in with support for Mrs. B here... Of that list, I can say that I only really like one of those movies, generally like a couple, and am either really meh about the rest or have little interest in seeing them.
  9. The commissioner should step in at draft time next year and tell the Jets, "No, bad franchise! You don't get to ruin another promising young quarterback. Trevor Lawrence is not yours!"
  10. Hot off the presses. Non-ppr IDP Zealots league Give: JK Dobbins Darius Slayton Courtland Sutton Get: Duke Johnson Danny Amendola Julio Jones Sure, I'll take a second string RB that's scored 1.9 points, a third WR that's scored 12.7, and a 31 year old WR with hamstring issues...
  11. Stupid quote function. Anyway, as I was saying... I think the MC score is sublime. Opening titles End credits Danny Boy
  12. Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the release of Miller's Crossing. So, of course, I watched it. And surprisingly caught something I'd never considered before:
  13. Strange Days - The Struts Great song for these times... New album dropping 16 October 2020.!!!! This band rules.