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  1. Aww got bumped!
  2. We're closer to a one party system than we are a three party.
  3. Are we sure she's reacting to the balloons and not what Bill is doing "behind the scene"? Edit: Darn. That'd be funnier if you couldn't see his arm around her.
  4. I can't see any reason not to take her completely at her word.
  5. By mischaracterizing what Trump said about it.
  6. Someone check on Tim. She just supported Israel.
  7. Why do you rob banks? Because that's where the money is.
  8. I'm not watching. Has she pulled the heart out of the human sacrifice yet?
  9. That was a tongue in cheek response to the guy that was saying she hadn't "achieved" her "accomplishments". Of course she earned those spots.
  10. BTW - Did Meryl Streep actually have an orgasm on stage or was she just screeching the Call of Cthulhu?
  11. Yeah, but she didn't really achieve those things. She really just rode other people's coattails or was flat out given them.