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  1. Maybe. But I thought that younger crowd wasn't really buying cars at all. Much less $60k ones.
  2. Yes, of course. I don't understand how what you said related to what I said.
  3. I don't get why they felt it necessary to complete on the supercar level. Is the typical Corvette buyer really worried about being in that space?
  4. Seems like a free 2.8 to me, but if I needed a RB more than a WR a later 2nd wouldn't be too much even if I did lose the trade in terms of "value".
  5. Panic Attack - The Glorious Sons They opened for The Struts in St Paul and sounded really good.
  6. Hmm. Reading more on Janet & Neil it appears I'm being too hard on her and not enough on him. I'll have to watch it again.
  7. I don't get the love for First Man. Might be my Claire Foy bias. I find her extremely dislikable. Put her in the role of "concerned woman holding back heroic man" and it's doubly so. And Gosling just reprised his role from Drive.
  8. The Conversation was more fun when they added Will Smith to the Hackman equation and called it Enemy of the State.
  9. In a vacuum, most of that might be right. But here's the rest of the story. In Zealots he can start 5 RBs and he's pretty loaded there with Chubb/Elliot/Henry/DJohnson/Lindsay. But then he can only start 2 WRs. And his top scorer from last year is Calvin Ridley. So he loses a ton of points from those two slots. As to the QBs, he started Luck twice and Watson ZERO. The rest went to Mahomes. And they will for the far future. So Luck & Watson only have potential, not actual, value to him. New team or no, Brown is a huge upgrade for him at the WR position. If he can acquire it for the cost of a rookie and a guy he knows he's going to most likely get a zero from otherwise, it only makes sense to work on something he can agree on. Otherwise, he can be an middling team that can take comfort in knowing he had Luck and/or Watson on his roster for a decade - and got backup points from them.
  10. Paddle shifters though. Still...BOOOOO!
  11. Should drive down prices on used C7's right? I'm looking to get one in the next couple years.