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  1. Half way there. Draft to start when league is full.
  3. For now I will retrain from listing a top 10 because I'm in several devy leagues and our drafts are this spring, but I will say that Winston fits in nicely in 2QB leagues. Probably top 5 for sure if guys like Gurley, Yeldon, and Cooper are already rostered. For the most part I tend to wait on QB prospects, or trade for them when owners get inpatient, rather than draft them high.Perfect, I understand. Thanks
  4. Great list. I've been compiling rankings for a bit, but this summarizes it all well. How do you see the top 10 - 15 breaking down as a group? Most of the top guys are taken in most leagues, but I'm wondering where Winston fits in. In a 2 QB leagues, I'm sure he's be near the top, especially when you remove Gurley, Yeldon and Cooper.
  5. Would anyone stash L.Murray over J.Stewart, Britt, or Todman (MJD owner)?
  6. Where would people rank him with the drafted WRs. Above Patton and Stills?