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  1. And if a business doesn't want to serve police, I'm fine if that policy is publicized. It's nice to know where not to go. Perhaps if businesses were allowed to cater to their perceived clientele incidents like these wouldn't happen.
  2. I can read a poll? Blacks lag behind every other ethnicity. Then when you factor in the fact that a much greater % of blacks are Dems, the conclusion is clear on black Dems.
  3. black people still don't like the gays
  4. Bernie held serve. His performance tonight was better than Warren's yesterday. Je's still the leading progressive and will hold at 15-20 until field consolidates.
  5. Well, it fits with his Southern friends.
  6. Tommy Dreamer was going to kill Heyman at Wrestlemania
  7. CBS all access is reworking a ten part miniseries of Stephen King's The Stand. I'll give you one guess as to who's supposed to play Mother Abigail.
  8. Is it start 4 WR and another 2 Flex spots, or start 2 with the ability to start up to 4 because of the 2 Flex spots. If the former, I probably make the deal. If the latter, I probably pass.
  9. I'd move Jones for either Gurley or Fournette if the contracts were the same.
  10. Cause for some reason you think they're in concentration camps.
  11. There is no analogy. The point is that businesses have very short institutional memories and investors have short memories as well. People who don't hold Bayer these days are doing it because of Monsanto, not WW2. To think that the guys that work for this company's primary concern is where the next paycheck comes from feels Pollyannish to me.