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  1. The knock on him if I remember correctly was that he was soft and wasn't aggressive enough. Last night on the long pass up the left side line, he out jumped 2 defenders and grabbed the ball out of the air. He is really developing into a weapon.
  2. I handcuffed McKinnon by trading for Peterson this offseason.
  3. Not to derail this thread, but Eli actually had one of his best seasons last year. He had a 63% completion %, his second most TDs in his career, and 4400 yards. His season started off a little inconsistent under a new offense, but outside the SF game where he looked lost, he was pretty good. Beckham and the McAdoo system are definitely the reasons for it and I would expect his numbers to be similar if not better this year.
  4. Demarco getting on a plane to Philly screams of an agent leaking bull#### so he drives his clients price up. Let's see if Jerry falls for the BS.
  5. With a new coaching staff coming in, I would try to sell if I owned him. He was over drafted in my opinion and they won't be attached to him.
  6. What's wrong with going out to dinner when practice is over? If I remember correctly, that was the week after the Cowboys game where his back got a little banged up at the end. I'll guaruntee he was at the facility that day getting treatment and then went out after. Who cares?? If you've heard him interviewed and follow him on social media, you wouldn't think he was the prima donna you're trying to make him out to be.
  7. There was tons of chatter about him as soon as all the work outs began last year. He went from being a late 1st early 2nd round pick to many teams looking to move up to get him. His combine numbers were insane if you look at more then just a 40 time and his hands obviously speak for themselves. Considering his age and early production, I don't think there's a WR in dynasty that I would trade him for straight up.
  8. Some injuries can happen without knowing exactly when, but a broken bone? Usually people know when they break stuff.A stress fracture happens slowly over time. It's not a traumatic break where the bone snaps in half.
  9. I just hope Patrick Willis doesn't play this week
  10. Nothing is garunteed that AP is coming back. Even if he does, McKinnon has proven enough that he could be their future, considering APs tremendous cap number next year. The next few weeks certainly will be interesting in Minn
  11. Love your rankings ZWK. Without getting into nitpicking, I would put him at 10 ahead of Ellington and Alf on your board. At under 25 with free agency on the horizon, he clearly is a desirable asset right now.
  12. Sold him mid rookie draft for a 2nd round pick. I have the feeling I am going to regret making that trade.
  13. I actually think the Rams are a good landing spot for Britt. Fisher got the most out of him early in his career. Plus let's also remember that Britt had his best year in 2010 with VY and Kerry Collins at QB in 2010 and Hasselback in 2011. I'm not saying Bradford is great, but he's at least on par with the 3 of those guys.
  14. I read a report over the weekend that said he passed a physical by St. Louis for whatever that's worth.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Bills also didn't have a dedicated QB coach last year. That would probably work for Peyton or Brady, but for a rookie with limited practice time under his belt due to injury and a veteran in camp last year, I'm sure we will see an uptick in his play this year.