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  1. I think this is a horrible idea. There is literally a penalty on EVERY SINGLE PLAY. Some DB bumping a WR, some sort of minor hold by the linemen, etc. Making everything reviewable is a slippery slope towards 5mins of film review for every single play. That would be a horrible idea.
  2. Obviously wouldn't resort to violence, but ppl like you are the worst. "I can see a little better if I stand, so I'll completely ruin the view for others behind me" who will then need to ruin the view of others behind THEM, and so on"
  3. Sounds good. I'll take the free $, though most of it is pure speculation from people who know even less about it than me. I'm quite alright with that though, as long as I can sell before the pop. Thanks for the info, this stuff is actually really interesting.
  4. Why is Bitcoin skyrocketing while ETH barely rises? Having trouble keeping track of my tulip news.
  5. Old news. Whoopie Goldberg broke it a long time ago on the view. Barf.
  6. 2.39 YPC on a good offense with Brees preventing stacked boxes. 95th out of 96 qualifiers.
  7. An over-the-hill has-been on a team with a horrible O-line. Yeah, the type you wait for all season.
  8. The majority of votes say their interest is down. The majority of those voters say it's because the politics of the NFL (or that along with a combination of other factors). That's not very surprising to me...I totally agree with them. It's the same reason ESPN is now utter garbage 90% of the time.
  9. I was onboard until the car analogy. You can legally own a car that can go 120mph. It's only when you go 120mph that you get arrested. Just like a gun...it's legal to own, but you get arrested if you use it to kill people. Are you saying they should take away all cars capable of going 120mph? If not, that was a pretty worthless comparison.
  10. Or maybe prison just isn't nearly as dramatic as you see in the movies.
  11. Nope. Same issue here. About once per day, sometimes when FF or Rewinding, it'll completely freeze. It's in the same room as my router and my internet speed is very high. No other cause other than a faulty device. It's pretty frustrating, a lot of fire stick owners have the same problem and their customer service has no resolution whatsoever...I think they just know that a bunch of them have this flaw.
  12. Point taken, but he was obviously talking about traders who would bet on BTC via JPM funds or advice. If a client asks (instructs) them to buy BTC on their behalf, that has nothing to do with his comments.
  13. Jumped the shark after two seasons. Went totally off the rails. All it cares about now is zany nonsensical plotlines and cameos. Cringe worthy.
  14. Bought a new 2017 Mustang last October. Didn't use the $40 package mentioned in this thread, just did essentially the same thing on my own with great success. The 2017 model had a new color, so even though it's a very common car, the color choice narrowed my options. I started by test-driving the car at the "local" dealership. Loved the drive and left feeling assured that I wanted the car. Got all the details from the salesman, thanked him for his time, and went home. Next, I sent an email to 8 different lots, including the local dealership. A couple were about 30min away, a couple more were about 1hr away, and a few more were approx. 2 hours away. Note: You will receive a TON of spam from every lot you email. I'm talking multiple emails every day, so use whatever address you don't mind getting flooded with junk mail for the rest of time. My email said that I'm interested in this specific car, this trim, this year, this color. I had already found the exact car listed on the websites for all of these dealers, so I knew they had one. I told them that I was contacting a number of dealerships, wanted to buy the car in the next couple of weeks, and would go with which ever dealership offered me the best price, requesting their lowest offer. To keep the story short - the lot that had the lowest (by far) initial price was out of town. Based on reviews and looking at their other listings, they were clearly making their $ on volume, by undercutting their competitors online and bringing you in the door with a fantastic starting price, then hoping to make up for it with up-charging/financing. I played the dealers off one another and got them to come down another $1,500. None of the others would even match that price, but I told them (i.e. lied) I was going with a local dealership that matched it and this prompted them to knock a final $500 off at the last minute. This put them at $1,000-$3,000 lower than the best price of all of the other lots. After one more round of "I'll be buying from your competitor tonight if you don't beat this price", I made the trip. At this point, I hadn't even mentioned a trade-in, since I didn't want that aspect to muddy the negotiations. Given that I was driving the trade-in out of town, I knew they would try to screw me on the price, since I couldn't drive 2 cars home. I came prepared by bringing my girlfriend with me to drive the old car back home. I wasn't in a rush to sell the old car anyway, and I let them know that. Sure enough, they offered me $2,000 for my trade-in and would not budge over $2,500, which I promptly dismissed and told them I'd just sell it myself in a few months. Signed all the paperwork, with no extras or up-charges, and we drove both cars back home. I continued to drive my old car around now and then. That was the plan all along, as it was in good working condition and I could keep the miles off the new car while also driving it to places like Costco where the metal carts have a way of finding my doors. It had also been recently inspected, so I didn't have to worry about that. I eventually brought it into CarMax, where they offered me about half of what it was worth ($2,500 or $3,000, can't remember). Ended up selling it right away with no problem on Craigslist a couple months later for $5,500 cash. Allowing the lots to compete with one another is definitely the way to go! The guy I ended up buying the car from seemed like a total weasel, so I'm glad I didn't have to interact with him for the negotiations, other than a bunch of "no thanks" responses to all of his up-sell questions when I signed the papers.
  15. Fire the people that allowed their clients to purchase something they wanted? Why? JPM didn't invest in BTC, they just allowed their clients to make a purchase.