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  1. Yeah, the entire article is just pure "feel good" fluff. No actual advice or sage wisdom to be gleaned, other than "you'll be happier if you're not a jerk to people".
  2. Of course they say that. What else would you expect? It doesn't make it true.
  3. No...there really isn't.
  4. This thread is about adding weight to a dog, totally unrelated to the topic you're referring to. No need to derail.
  5. Wait, what? It's literally called non-alcoholic. How can they put alcohol in it (legally)?
  6. Really sorry to hear that. Stay strong, I'm sure this is incredibly stressful for all involved.
  7. Pitts are more like owning a chainsaw that randomly turns on.
  8. That's not how it works...that's not how any of this works. :facepalm:
  9. Anyone with an understanding of how this works would choose to receive the money now rather than later. If you disagree, you're turning down a 0% interest loan just to have someone else hold onto your money for a year. With that said, I recognize that for some people there's emotional value in giving someone $, forgetting about it, and then being 'gifted' it back to you the following year. I don't agree with it, but I get it.
  10. "I'm not talking about people like myself. I only want it to affect those that make more than me." -This entire issue in a nutshell.
  11. ITT: A bunch of otherwise very smart people who somehow think that a tax refund is some sort of gift from the government that should be cherished.