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  1. Meh. Very under-whelmed. Was expecting an incredible movie, but it was pretty disappointing. Will watch again tonight, with lower expectations.
  2. 3) Keep the house and take out a loan.
  3. They already paid income taxes when they earned the $, taxes on any additional $ earned from investments, taxes whenever anything was purchased with that $, property taxes for owning property with that $, etc. etc. et. Not sure they should have to pay taxes AGAIN on the same $ when they pass it on.
  4. I stopped playing this a few weeks ago. It was a BLAST for the first week or two, and I very quickly lost interest. Am I missing any huge improvements?
  5. High reward? I'd say it's more likely a low risk/no reward move that PHI made. DGB is most likely going to be cut shortly when Philly sees what they traded for.
  6. Every pass isn't going to 100% perfect, right on the money accurate. He needs to be able to catch passes that are "a bit high"...
  7. I'm drinking the Kool-Aid. Guys like Jonathan Stewart and Ryan Mathews aren't any less likely to get injured than Foster this season. I would take Foster just ahead of both of them, along with Matt Forte.
  8. One more note before I head out...Vanguard must be set up over the phone/internet. With Fidelity you can sit down with an agent and take care of everything in person. That's why I'm probably going with Fidelity, despite the fees being a liiiiiiiitle bit higher. Good luck.
  9. If I were an intelligent first round draft pick, I certainly wouldn't want my employer telling me how to spend my $. If I blow it all, that's on me 100%. Would you like your employer to pay you 40% of your salary in year 1 and not allowing you to see the other 60% until subsequent year? You know all players have this option personally right now, right? They choose not to do it.
  10. Like I said...drama. lol. The chargers have a very good reason for not wanting to pay more $ to a guy they may cut in 3 seasons. Anyone telling you otherwise is either biased or doesn't know business.
  11. I've been told that your best bet is to find a financial/investment advisor that you can pay a couple grand as a one-time fee to lay out a plan for you. The ones that charge annually end up being a bit too much of a drain on your returns. That's the route I would advise, but this is just third-party information that makes sense to me...your situation may differ from mine.
  12. Chargers aren't doing anything wrong. Bosa isn't doing anything wrong. They're both just trying to use leverage to get a better deal. The media and most people posting here will just create as much drama as possible, but no one is at fault here...it's just business.
  13. Best ones are Vanguard, Fidelity and Schwab, in that order. At least that's what you're going to hear from the forum. They know more than I do about them, so I'll let others jump in.
  14. I couldn't care less about his tax returns. You guys are spending way too much of your lives whining over things that have no significance. Drop this worthless exercise and get back to the things in life that matter, like fantasy football.