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  1. Again, for all you simpletons who don't understand... Trump isn't ruining his brand through this election. He's strengthened it 100x over. A third of America is about to vote for him to be the leader of the free world...tens of millions of people love him. Who cares about the other 2/3 that don't...they never liked him to begin with. He'll be worth 10x what he's currently worth in the years following the election. 1/3 of America is a heck of a lot of ties, classes, books, etc. being sold. For those that don't understand this (as you can see in the posts above), that's probably why you're not successful. Happy to help.
  2. It's true, he was very mediocre. With that many pass attempts and with Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb to throw to, most Qbs in the league could have done as well or better.
  3. Mike Rowe and Jon Huntsman. I realize this doesn't fit your criteria, but I don't care.
  4. Pretty much the exact same discussion and same participants. Might as well merge.
  5. lol...hover commissioner. Do nothing. There's nothing wrong with that trade. Then immediately disband this cupcake league.
  6. Imagine if Peyton had ended up in New England. 12 straight Super Bowls...over/under?
  7. It's more likely just a reaction to the meds. I had the same symptoms when I took a simple migraine medication.
  8. You don't remember it =/= it didn't happen
  9. Really? You don't remember it? Because it was definitely there. I couldn't even turn on a radio without hearing a song by pretty much every major artist talking about how stupid our president was at the time. The far left is just as bad as the far right. The only ones who don't realize that are the ones sitting on one extreme or the other.
  10. He's got 1/3 of the country ready to elect him as the most powerful man on earth. Yeah, I'm sure his brand is just worthless now
  11. Oh the irony. People who bash trump for being a jerk, then call people "###### morons' because they express a viewpoint contrary to their own, are simply pathetic.
  12. Funny how quickly SF can go from dynasty to the worst run organization in football.
  13. Yes, unfortunately they're due to regress back to the mean.