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  1. More likely because he thought he was bigger than the team and took the "look at me!" route too far. He wanted attention and he wanted to push his political agenda on the 49ers. No team wants that noise from their untalented backup and I don't blame them.
  2. ITT: People comparing the buyout amount to the amount they would otherwise make over their lifetime...completely ignoring the fact that there's a benefit to never working another day for the rest of your life.
  3. So illegals without an ID wanted to vote and weren't able to, right?
  4. Yes, the asking price to move up for a GOOD Qb will naturally higher than to move up for a mediocre QB.
  5. The Bears are the new Browns...laughingstock after that draft. Yikes.
  6. I'd take Gates instead
  7. Yeah that one draft pick went pretty well...
  8. Eh, I take back what I said. He's still a tool. Guess I watched on the rare good/sensible days?
  9. "the world is failing"
  10. Gonna take some heat for this, but have you guys even watched SAS in the last couple of years? I think most people remember how horrible he used to be and thus turn the channel as soon as they see his face on ESPN. He's actually pretty reasonable these days from what I've seen recently. I only know this because ESPN is often on in the gym and I can't change the channel. I've been forced to watch him a few times recently and was very pleasantly surprised at his viewpoints on most issues.
  11. False. More studies show the exact opposite of what you claim.
  12. Such stupidity. Say goodbye to all those lower level jobs. Machines will be making our food within 2 years after this nonsense happens...so hopefully it won't.
  13. Remove the idea of mandatory tipping, which is essentially what we have now. Still allow people to tip if they have very good service...like the service your daughter performs for those groups. Seems like a good idea to me.
  14. You do realize that income tax has already been paid on the money you used to purchase that investment, right? The "rich peoples" (lol) still pay the same income tax (higher actually) than what the middle class is "forced to pay"...then they pay the tax rate on distributions in addition to that. Such a simple concept, but so hard for some to understand.