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  1. Every jump in price is well deserved and valid. Every drop is a short attack and is an anomaly that doesn't mean anything.
  2. Sold some on the way up around 5.50, more around 7, more around 8.50 and finally at 9.98. Wishing I had offloaded more but can't complain. Might buy a little back now.
  3. Because they think they "earned" the 900% but the 40% drop was clearly someone else's fault
  4. Sold some this morning @9.98. Not enough it seems.
  5. ...same can be said the other way. What fundamentally causes the quick increase from 5 to 10?
  6. In killing it, GB. Not sure what you mean? I'm at all time highs with solid, smart investing strategies. Not WSB-level speculation.
  7. Csb.How about the other x times you pulled your $ out of the market to avoid the "obvious crash" that didn't come and missed out on huge run-ups? This thinking always ends up destroying portfolios in the end. Only the successes are trapped about. The whiffs are conveniently forgotten or intentionally omitted from stories and they are far more costly than the rare successes. But congrats on hitting that inside straight on the river!
  8. You're already "investing", just do more of that. If you instead want to gamble, buy whatever suggestions you see here.