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  1. None of your poems rhyme...
  2. How about next time you burp, I come to your office and fine you one hundred thousand dollars? See how stupid that sounds?
  3. I hate this excuse. "It's the O-line's fault" This is Adrian Peterson we're talking about. The great ones (which he's not anymore) find a way to churn out the yards despite not having ideal blocking. Peterson did this every game during his almost record-breaking season. Stacked boxes, inferior O-line, no passing game. Face it, ADP is done.
  4. OOoooooo sweet McCain burn!
  5. I like how you waited until after week 1 so you could cherry-pick your top 3 RBs...leaving Gurley out because he looked bad in week 1. Even despite the above...great read.
  6. Sept '16: Promises to donate $1M. Dec '16: Actually donates $1M. 2018: Files for bankruptcy. Count on it.
  7. If their sales went down 90% from the peak, they could still probably sit at #1 on that list quite comfortably. Most 'casual' Go'ers like me left long ago.
  8. Nobody. He's not building a wall. He's just promising it to get certain votes. The same way Hillary is promising tons of things she never intends to carry through on. That's how politics works, guys. Get with the program.
  9. Nah, he'll be going in the 6th round soon, so I won't be "reaching" any higher than the average drafter for him.
  10. Then I guess it would be a very flawed analogy from the get-go.
  11. As if Matt Jones is some monster who needs the job taken away from him. Newsflash: Matt Jones is TERRIBLE.
  12. Meh. Very under-whelmed. Was expecting an incredible movie, but it was pretty disappointing. Will watch again tonight, with lower expectations.
  13. 3) Keep the house and take out a loan.