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  1. my god, people. You spend your free time on a football msg board yet you cant bother staying up to 10:30 to watch the single biggest football game of the year ? What's wrong with you?
  2. This is starting off well...
  3. just read through the prior few pages. The actual reason is just as asinine. "YOU MUST DIE!!!!!...oh wait, you have a mom? Ok, since you now seem a little more human, you're obviously no longer a danger to humanity and will no longer destroy the earth. Those hundreds/thousands of people that died due to your careless alien fight no longer matter." Anyone defending that 'plot twist' needs to stop. It was shoe-horned into the movie awkwardly just to give a reason to end the fight.
  4. Saw the movie for the first time the other day and laughed out loud at the climax. Spoiler............. . . . . . . . ::Batman on murderous rampage, about to kill Sups:: "Wait...our moms had the same name? Ok, you're now my best buddy. Let's team up!"
  5. You want Houston to take on Romo's huge contract after giving Osweiler a massive contract just last offseason?
  6. Not only starting him, I'm doubling up with Mitchell.
  7. Placing everyone who voted for Trump in a small, easy to define box, where you generalize and stereotype them and give them an insulting name...ironic and sad.
  8. This is already a band name. Someone was clever way before this guy.
  9. Discover It has had 5% cb on Amazon from June to December 31 of 2016...I've racked up a TON of rewards points.
  10. Those who make $57k/year and have 2 kids don't have anything left over because of those who make $0/year and have 4 kids, sadly.
  11. Then bump the income from $57k up to $157k as well if we're talking about NYC.
  12. Never been. I went to Morton's and it was terrible, so I assumed RC is terrible too. "Would you like a side with your mediocre steak? That'll be $8.75" I much prefer Longhorn if I'm going to be hitting up a chain. The steak is surprisingly better quality, more accurately cooked, and comes with multiple sides...all for around $14-15. That's 1/3 the price of Morton's which made me a barely edible medium-rare steak and charged $16 for my two sides. Screw that place. If I want a slightly higher quality steak than Longhorn and want to pay triple the price, I'll go to a local place that serves quality.
  13. Please post your sources from The Onion.