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  1. The correct answer is "pretty much any other investment."
  2. Obviously. That in no way refutes the point that these can permanently affect your body & body chemistry...
  3. This. Don't turn your liquid savings into a literal rock sitting in your house.
  4. Likely because it's a useless strawman statement with no basis. Nobody ever claimed he would get 200 touches. It's not even worth discussing when you pull it out of thin air.
  5. He's probably assuming that what happened to their dog was the same thing that happens to many dogs of the same breed. Best not to bring up terrible, traumatic experiences.
  6. Alexa is intolerably stupid. The amount of basic questions that result in "...hmm, I don't know the answer to that" made me ditch Alexa years ago.
  7. oof. you're 100x better off saving and investing that $. Permanent LI is a terrible ROI at best, and a scam at worst (and more often than not).
  8. Don't kill your perfectly healthy dog just because it's an inconvenience to you. Put the dog up for adoption.
  9. Is this any different than grownups that post on fantasy football message boards?