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  1. I couldn't care less about his tax returns. You guys are spending way too much of your lives whining over things that have no significance. Drop this worthless exercise and get back to the things in life that matter, like fantasy football.
  2. I honestly think it's more likely just grasping at straws. He keeps trying to find a new person to blame his conviction on. In my opinion, it's overwhelmingly likely that he committed the crimes and is rightly in prison for it. But him lashing out at his former attorneys is more of a headline grabber.
  3. Flawed thinking here on DMC vs Morris. DMC was running behind the best O-line in the league, Morris was in a system that didn't fit his strengths and behind a crappy running O-line. They're on the same team this year. Last year's YPC means nothing. The passing game is the only area that I think McFadden trumps Morris.
  4. So you say that company that folded says that an anonymous person said that someone delivered something to someone at or around Peyton's address? CASE CLOSED, THROW PEYTON IN JAIL
  5. Perhaps there was absolutely no evidence in the first place, and they realized that?
  6. Your line of thinking would have locked the Redskins into a long-term deal with RG3 after one very good season. How would that have turned out? Luckily, McLovin is a little smarter than the average message board poster
  7. BB never pandered to the lower tier of the audience the way GoT does from time to time. Don't get me wrong, Winds of Winter was a good episode with a VERY good 20mins or so. But it's simply not on the same level as the best BB episodes. Perhaps what is holding GoT back is the fact that the show goes out of it's way to throw in as much action, backstabbing, drama, twists, etc. at every turn. When these things happen in BB, it's much more real and unexpected. You can also only see so many heads being chopped off and main characters being killed (and sometimes re-animated) before it starts to lose its effect. GoT has great characters, but they're nowhere close to as developed as those in BB. The characters in BB slowly morph over many seasons and you can see both good and bad in just about all of them (except Walt Jr). GoT is much more cut and dried, to allow the audience to digest it more easily. Very few characters really develop or show both good and evil. BB is an incredible, nearly perfect show. It's a work of art. GoT is a very good show, with a ton of gore/violence/boobs/action thrown in to try (a little too hard) to keep its audience entertained.
  8. Says the guy ranting on a message board to make sure everyone knows his stance on an issue.
  9. You're like my mom...she cleans the entire hotel room before she leaves. Hard to tell how many jobs you're costing the cleaning crew. Shame.
  10. Based on the one team he's been "put on"...which has had an all-world defense? lol
  11. He should have fired a 5th arrow. If he's confident enough to hit an unpredictably moving target... from 300 yards away...through the heart...with a single attempt (he only tried on #4) then I'm sure he could have put #5 through Jon Snow's brain without any difficulty at all. But nah...he'd rather not.
  12. To be fair, I did reference you in my first paragraph
  13. They disabled the magical anti-white walker door on that little cave pretty easily.