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  1. Don't kill your perfectly healthy dog just because it's an inconvenience to you. Put the dog up for adoption.
  2. Is this any different than grownups that post on fantasy football message boards?
  3. Because there is 1 person on this earth capable of being a professional athlete for every 50,000 capable of teaching. However, FAR more people would rather be the professional athlete. Why is this so hard for some to understand? It's simple supply and demand.
  4. I think the question is how big of a celebrity they are. How famous.
  5. I played on a trampoline daily as a kid. My friends came over all the time to do wrestling moves, all sorts of things on trampolines. I've seen 0 broken bones, 0 dislocations, 0 cracked skulls, 0 lips bitten, no head conks, no anything you listed above. I've also been to a few trampoline parks with the same results.
  6. Has nothing to do with the water. These people are getting sick (and dying) from the alcoholic drinks, including from the mini bar.
  7. Just cancelled our 8 day trip there yesterday. Booked in January for an August trip. Spent an extra $1500 just to go somewhere else. No chance I'm going to an all inclusive in an area where the drinks can poison you.
  8. I'm not terrible at driving, so I can avoid the two parked cars. And it takes me roughly the same amount of time to back in as it does to pull in, because, again, I'm not terrible at driving.
  9. You'd be letting go of the most intelligent employees. Perhaps you should be the one at the top of that list?
  10. They'll all back in if they're programmed correctly.