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  1. Those posts from a couple weeks ago from so many constantly saying "I'll re-buy when things inevitably drop"...."aaaaany day now! Drop happening soon"... "I'm sure of it, we're about to drop and I'll re-buy"....etc. are hopefully learning a good but painful lesson this go-around. They are now looking at the ship that set sail without them. It's miles away and heading in the wrong direction. Inevitably there will be a small drop and they'll hop back in, 15% higher than where they hopped out.
  2. CYDY anyone else's worst performer over the last couple weeks?
  3. 1990 sports cards were for kids and collectors. 2020 sports cards are for degenerate gamblers.
  4. This thread has called 37 of the last 2 corrections.
  5. ...because they were hit hardest...
  6. Don't worry, a handful in here keep guaranteeing a big second drop. I'm sure their crystal balls are still working, just sit tight.
  7. Lol. 1% minus full income taxes...until you're wrong and you lose 15%.
  8. Dude, it's not rocket science. JR is one of the biggest podcasts in the world. If you don't get/like it, just don't watch. You have an unpopular opinion but it's valid. Not everyone has to like everything.
  9. Literally 0 people think this and it is in no way reflected in their stock price.
  10. Silly to compare to the stock market. Compare to a full time job.
  11. Saying DIS overvalued here because of the P/E is missing the point. Using 1980's logic in 2020. Best of luck with that.
  12. This is common knowledge. I'm pretty sure that literally everyone, or at least the vast, vast majority realize it. However, if servers don't think they're getting paid enough, or the owner takes a cut, I would recommend they quit and work elsewhere, otherwise there's no incentive for change.
  13. 🙄 If you can't tell the difference between this situation and an actual depression, your perspective is seriously out of whack.
  14. Not really. Take a look at what Brock Lesnar earned per fight. You're cherry picking.
  15. Isn't that the entire point of a deposit? To ensure that you lose your $500 unless you follow through?
  16. Not sure how this makes sense. For restaurants to open and servers to be re-hired, they need customers. For theme parks to hire back workers, they need guests. Etc. Etc....
  17. Good point. But since they're still on the hook for payroll (albeit half the size), and business is still slow, I assume they'll be back in the same level of debt shortly. Seems crazy not to want to shrug off the payroll burden and have someone else pay your employees for a couple months while you throw any and all profits at the debt. Can't help but wonder if something very shady is going on behind the scenes. Would really help to quell speculation if they shared some details with employees rather than just saying "yeah, you know that PPP that most companies are using to pay employees with free money? Yeah, we decided we didn't want that, so just continue working at a 30% discount!"
  18. Sometimes we must draw conclusions on which we base our actions when the details are few and far between. "Hundreds of thousands in free money? Nah, we would rather take a loan that we need to pay back in full" ...yeah, nothing wrong here at all.
  19. Yes, I understand. That's why I'm saying that by choosing not to use the money for "free" payroll, they gave up a massive , massive benefit. And I can't imagine why they would do that unless they're in dire straits.
  20. Admittedly, I don't have many details (they aren't sharing much), but what I know is that they turned down the option to take the forgivable money that would cover 100% of payroll (8 weeks) like you mentioned. Instead of the forgiveable/free $ for payroll, they took the option to receive a loan that is not forgiveable. I mean if someone offered to give you a free ("forgiveable") $500,000 house, or you could otherwise choose a $500,000 1% loan (that you have to pay back) that you could use for any other purposes, you'd need to be VERY hard up for cash to take the latter, no?
  21. I would have to be under serious pressure to consider taking, say, a $500,000 1% loan rather than taking $500,000 in free payroll money that I don't need to pay back.
  22. Yeah, though I think it's safe to assume that they could have used that money to not only cover their current payroll for months, but also re-hire everyone they laid off and increase everyone's pay to 100%...all of which would have been fully paid for. Now that they've chosen not to do that, they turned hundreds of thousands in free $ into a 1% loan. So that makes me think they REALLY needed that money for some reason. Can't think of any way in which this isn't a HUGE red flag that her company is heading under. If they preferred a loan over free $, they must be really in debt and haven't been able to negotiate with their creditors. Start hiding PTO?
  23. The company my wife works for cut about 1/3 of the workforce about 3 months ago. Those remaining (including her) got a 30% paycut. About a month ago, they received their small business support from the government, in whatever form they applied for (I'm not fully clear). They are using $0 of it towards payroll. Hiring back 0 workers and continuing with the 30% pay cut for everyone. Can someone help me make sense of this using limited information? They have a chance to have payroll fully paid for and forgiven for months, and to hire back the fired workers, all paid by the government. Instead, it seems they are using their loan for other purposes (I haven't been on the calls but I don't think they've told the employees many of the details). What could they be doing/thinking? Initial thought is that they're so close to closing and are deep in debt and with business down across the board (they are a print marketing company), they are using the loan to pay off other things, thinking that rather than having a fully staffed workforce sitting around without much work to do, they'll instead use the money to dig them out of other holes so they can stay afloat? It seems crazy to me that they would pass up all that essentially free $ to instead take it as a loan to be used for other purposes (and hence not forgiven). Any other thoughts on why they would refuse the free $ they could use to fully pay for their workforce?
  24. Let me check my crystal ball. Yep, currently priced correctly by the market.