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  1. Joique is going to be the first handcuff monster of the season it looks like... Tate likely the 2nd, but has standalone value, regardless.
  2. Being #### on by way too many people not to have a nice game
  3. He's going to be a very important player for the Giants this year, and will do well statistically. End it there. No Peterson comparisons
  4. LOL. more like "do you think your friend is stupid"?
  5. on NFL network Bush said he also tweaked his groin in the 2nd quarter. Didnt look to do a thing to slow him down, but a groin can go at any moment.
  6. fixed for you. obviously if his fumbling continutes, he'll be seated. as would any RB in the league. not even AP would be bench exempt if he had a habit of 2-3 fumbles a game. common sense
  7. YGTBFKM.... Can't believe im typing this, but if its serious bump Jacobs? Jacobs said he's weeks away from being in game shape, fwiw
  8. Actually, it's probably worse that he did it right off the bat since it's not like he had a bunch of great, fumble-free games and then coughed it up a few times. It was same time, last year when the team was on national TV, and it seems to have put doubt in Coughlin's mind that Wilson can handle the big time. Agree that Eli sucked too, but it's night and day. Eli has as much leeway as anyone in the game considering what he's accompished. Im not saying Wilson has Eli;s leeway. at all. the point is, game 1, even the best and mos experienced can suck. In that regard, youre early enough to correct the errors
  9. Giants should force feed him the ball Sunday, see what the kid can do. And to keep P Manning off the field. Test the kids cojones.
  10. Maybe it's just me - but the fact that this happened in Game #1 of the season,, I believe, gives him way more leeway. I mean, Eli sucked. Lots of great players had bad fist weeks, fumbles, picks etc. Shake the rust off and go... If this were weelk 8, Id be way more worried
  11. Coughlin will do everything he can to make Wilson succeed. He's their only chance. Just hold on to the ball, young one
  12. Except that he was specifically referring to practice. Or maybe not, hard to tell. Either way, he fumbles again, he's basically irrelevant for the rest of the season except as a flex play. Im sure he can fumble again. just not for another 70-80 carries at least
  13. people need to improve their reading comprehension why would your own player "be a marked man"? he clearly means opponents have him as a marked man. lol
  14. Giants are working out scrub RBs as backup? Seriously worrying about Wilson's numbers.