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  1. Out of GE = Even Out of CHWY @ $52 purchased TSLA at $1630 :barf: Will be getting back into CHWY around $48 I hope
  2. Well. Someone read your post and agreed. CHWY down 6.5% today. Purchased another $1000 Will be buying more next week if it keeps tanking
  3. I see it as we are lazy. Once people get hooked on delivery, they stay with it. And the virus is getting them hooked imo. I need deodorant and am too lazy to go buy some, so im ordering from amazon
  4. Simply that I see them as the amazon of the pet space. I work with a lot of people who have pets and a ton of them use Chewy. Some orders have been screwed up and I think they have a distribution issue. Hoping Amazon buys them some day lol. Stock seems to go up even on down days.
  5. in for 200 more shares of CHWY @ $50. Total 450 shares
  6. Been Gone 10 years or so. So I missed the CYDY fun. Havnt been doing much stocks but... Old position im down in CRON. Like the day after I bought some company invested 12 billion in them. Tripled up, but I was hanging on for the grandslam. still holding 250 shares at $7.94. Just purchased... CHWY - I just believe in the company and think maybe amazon buys them someday. 250 shares @ $45.80 BRPHF - flyer 4000 shares @ 1.27
  7. Hello from Christmas past! Hope everyone's trading has been good. I received a letter in the mail regarding FEED settlement. Anyone else? What are we doing? I haven't looked up my beloved HEB in many years but it looks to be back down to where we started ahahah. Just to jump back in. DIS chart seems to have the 50 day and 200 day moving average about to cross. Any thoughts? Are all the moving averages bunk since everything just seems to be going up?
  8. Thx guys. Booked the wyndham, right near rental drop off and port. Gonna check out bourbon St tonight. Good spot to start off? Tipsy, well be hitting you up on next Sunday before the games start. See ya then
  9. all about the budget.....hundreds of rooms down that way. I'd go marriot convention center200 or less. Ok I'll check out there.Well see you soon!
  10. Hey guys. Need some last second help. Wife, son and I need to fly in and stay 1 night (sat) somewhere this weekend. Then too the cruise port the next am. Any recommendations?
  11. Went to camp last Friday. I think it was just2nd practice so take it for what is worth... Vereen good/very good Edelman good/very good Amendola not good. Just didn't seem to do anything well. I won't be drafting him unlessi start to hear great news. There is some gigantic new tight end. 88 I think. 42 on defense made some nice plays.
  12. I actually had to swiffer (wet) the walls. Some rooms it was just easier to repaint.