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  1. Gonna have to sell some AMZN for the AIRBNB ipo, hopefully it has an up hour or 2 in that time 🤣 Airbnb is planning its market debut next week, with its shares scheduled to begin trading Dec. 10. On Tuesday, the company said it plans to sell 50 million new shares at an offering price of $44 to $50 a share
  2. Is no one in pot stocks? I'm up 40% on MJ and that was a pretty safe bet as its an ETF.
  3. I wonder if a big boy is selling. Keeping the price down, then when hes done, it can grow
  4. WISH is also having an IPO. They have the name recognition (at least according to my FB feed) but I think they are scammy and staying away. Also think NKLA is a scam and I dont care if it goes up. Some day it's going to burn and I'm not risking it.
  5. The facebook debate was very interesting. If I remember, It dropped quite a bit in the beginning. One of the things I like is a brand name. IE you "AIRBNB a stay" You "order an uber" I'm not sold on doordash as most people I know use competitors. That why I like the AIRBNB ipo. Will it go down? Dunno. I'll buy 300 shares and average down if that's the case.
  6. LOL. I was in this thread 10 years ago. Started with $2K. Wish I could say I was successful, I kept going for homeruns and would sometimes buy and sell within minutes. I had no patience and still struggle with that. I cashed out my stock options from work and decided to give it a go but with a different outlook. I still jump into some plays here, but again, I usually get frustrated when they go down and lose. up 30% over what I would have been if I kept my old work stock, so happy. Been in and out of AMZN quite a few times and am in the green overall. My strategy now, which it should have been years ago, is to only buy stocks I dont mind holding a long time. Hence, I keep adding to AMZN to lower my cost. but not selling it for quite awhile, hopefully over a year for tax reasons. Maybe forever. My goal this year is to have AMZN AVGO MJ CHWY PLTR RBLX ABNB and hold for a very long time. edit - (I remember when facebook was highly debated in this thread if it was a suckers bet. I think it opened around $30)
  7. Agree. I'm pretty pissed. I have 70+ shares and im in the red. I coulda played darts and made more Better not see "christmas was already factored in" after they blow away earnings.
  8. I would only invest a small $$$ amount. like 5% as a learning/play money for most of the stuff in this thread until you feel comfortable. It's been a great market for a long time which makes everything look gravy. 2. be more patient than me
  9. Glad you waited. I originally got in about $18 and even though I bought more yesterday, still in the green 8%. I just think this is a cpmpany that in 10 years, you say, duh. The biggest name data company with all the GOVT contracts. So, I'm very long term on this buy.
  10. Also going for 300 shares. If it drops like Facebook did, double down.
  11. A Bit of a different play? ULTA will have pop up stores in targets. I can see this going very well. $279.53 12/01/20
  12. ABNB IPO will be between $44 and $50/Share