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  1. donnie baseball


    Big trade, 1 ppr dynasty barkley and lamar miller for kamara and r. Penny
  2. donnie baseball

    $40 Orphan Team

    We have an opening in a $40 1 pt PPR dynasty league. The team has the second overall rookie pick. Here is the roster, let me know if interested or for more info. Beathard, C.J. SFO QB108.80-FA Manning, Eli NYG QB261.92-FA Palmer, Carson FA QB137.56-FA Watson, Deshaun HOU QB (Q)237.04-FA Allen, Javorius BAL RB166.10-FA Ekeler, Austin LAC RB114.90-FA Forte, Matt FA RB120.40-FA Fournette, Leonard JAC RB253.10-FA Johnson, Duke CLE RB220.20-FA Prosise, C.J. SEA RB (Q)17.00-FA Amendola, Danny MIA WR140.90-FA Doctson, Josh WAS WR127.20-FA Funchess, Devin CAR WR203.00-FA Golladay, Kenny DET WR100.60-FA Inman, Dontrelle CHI WR65.30-FA Kearse, Jermaine NYJ WR186.50-FA Parker, DeVante MIA WR130.00-FA Westbrook, Dede JAC WR66.90-FA Brate, Cameron TBB TE145.10-FA Ebron, Eric FA TE136.40-FA Zuerlein, Greg LAR PK (Q)154.00-FA Lions, Detroit DET Def187.00-FA 22 Total Players Taxi Squad Foreman, D'Onta HOU RB (Q)59.00-FA Hill, Brian CIN RB
  3. donnie baseball

    League Openings

    Filled. Thanks.
  4. donnie baseball

    League Openings

    I have two openings in separate leagues. If interested in either please send me a message. The first league is a TE premium PPR, with multiple flexes and no kickers. This team was in the process of a rebuild and has a lot of picks. League Dues are $55. Here is the link to the league... Here is the roster... Bortles, Blake JAC QB 414.12 8 Trade Tannehill, Ryan MIA QB 324.40 5 Trade Ball, Montee FA RB - - Trade Cunningham, Benny RAM RB 65.00 6 Trade Dunbar, Lance DAL RB (Q) 49.20 6 Trade Johnson, David ARI RB 211.80 9 Trade Langford, Jeremy CHI RB 147.60 7 Trade Polk, Chris HOU RB 72.30 9 Trade Riddick, Theo DET RB 181.00 9 Trade West, Terrance BAL RB 29.20 9 Trade Amendola, Danny NEP WR 150.34 4 Trade Baldwin, Doug SEA WR 268.90 9 Trade Benjamin, Kelvin CAR WR (P) - 5 Trade Brown, John ARI WR 209.50 9 Trade Cotchery, Jerricho CAR WR 107.10 5 Trade Diggs, Stefon MIN WR 149.30 5 Trade Hartline, Brian CLE WR (P) 110.30 11 Trade Hurns, Allen JAC WR (P) 227.10 8 Trade Janis, Jeff GBP WR 9.90 7 Trade Matthews, Rishard TEN WR 133.60 4 Trade Stills, Kenny MIA WR 89.00 5 Trade Cameron, Jordan MIA TE 109.10 5 Trade Reed, Jordan WAS TE 291.70 8 Trade Bengals, Cincinnati CIN Def 132.00 7 Trade Picks... 1.02, 1.13, 2.02, 2.11, 3.02, 3.03, 3.04, 3.05 The other league is a 1 ppr and the team is a playoff team with a decent roster. Has all it's picks 1.07, 2.07, 3.07, 4.07, and 5.07. Team is called Men of Steel. League Dues are $40. Cassel, Matt TEN QB 71 4 FA Trade Hasselbeck, Matt IND QB 107 10 FA Trade Luck, Andrew IND QB 175 10 FA Trade Osweiler, Brock HOU QB 141 9 FA Trade Lacy, Eddie GBP RB 139 7 FA Trade Mason, Tre RAM RB 44 6 FA Trade McCoy, LeSean BUF RB 179 8 FA Trade Sankey, Bishop TEN RB 53 4 FA Trade Starks, James GBP RB 163 7 FA Trade West, Charcandrick KCC RB 132 9 FA Trade Benjamin, Travis SDC WR 203 10 FA Trade Decker, Eric NYJ WR 252 5 FA Trade Hurns, Allen JAC WR (P) 243 8 FA Trade Inman, Dontrelle SDC WR 94 10 FA Trade Janis, Jeff GBP WR 9 7 FA Trade Patterson, Cordarrelle MIN WR 0 5 FA Trade Tate, Golden DET WR 201 9 FA Trade Wilson, Marquess CHI WR (P) 81 7 FA Trade Kelce, Travis KCC TE 185 9 FA Trade Rudolph, Kyle MIN TE 129 5 FA Trade Crosby, Mason GBP PK 100 7 FA Trade Jets, New York NYJ Def 151 5 FA Trade 22 Total Players Injured Reserve Charles, Jamaal KCC RB (Q) 100 9 FA Trade Warning! Possible IR Rule Violation Above. Allen, Keenan SDC WR (P) 170 10 FA Trade Warning! Possible IR Rule Violation Above. 2 Total Players Taxi Squad Agholor, Nelson PHI WR 56 8 FA Trade Conley, Chris KCC WR 39 9 FA Trade Dorsett, Phillip IND WR 42 10 FA Trade Perriman, Breshad BAL WR (Q)
  5. donnie baseball


    David Johnson and 2.03 for Randall Cobb and 1.05
  6. donnie baseball


    A. Cooper and 2.10 for T. Lockett, Diggs, 1.09 and 1.11 ‚Äč Big overpay, but had to have Cooper.
  7. donnie baseball

    Is this too much for Cooper? Dynasty Deal

    I ultimately accepted the deal. I know I gave up way too much but ultimately took the deal only because Diggs and Lockette wouldn't have started for me and I now have Dez, Watkins, Evans, Demarius and Cooper as WR's and can start up to four. Should be set for years to come. Kind of had to overpay to grab Cooper as my WR are so stacked. I think it was a win win for both parties.
  8. Been trying to acquire Amari Cooper and just received this offer. Is it too much to give? I give Diggs, T. Lockette, and 1.08 and 1.11 for Cooper 2.10 I love Cooper, but just concerned I am giving up too much value. My team is a definite contender next year as I lost in championship this year. Should I jump on this?
  9. These two beauties happened today in one of my leagues. Causing quite the uproar. Truly made me question my lifelong believe of no vetos... Team A received: Jeremy Langford and a 2016 3rd for Matt Forte Team A then received: Bortles, Riddick, Abbrederis, and a 2016 3rd for Marshawn Lynch and Nick Foles
  10. 12 team PPR dynasty Odell Beckham Jr for Carlos Hyde and 1.01 Working on a rebuild and really killed me at RB, but couldn't resist OBJ
  11. Team A: Gronk, Lacy, and 2.12 for Team B: 1.02, 1.03, 1.05, Davante Adams, and Jordan Reed Both teams are title contenders with A winning the title last year and B the year before.
  12. 12 team PPR 1.06, 1.08, 1.10 and Sanu for 1.01 and Terrance West
  13. Haven't seen any, but curious what kind of offers you're getting (I'm assuming fairly low-ball tire kickers). I agree that it's difficult to value him- I could see a range of anywhere in between what he did last year in Pitt and what Decker did last year in Denver. I'd lean towards the lower end myself. I've been mulling over an offer of 2.01 for him in a 12 team PPR. Probably not going to do it.