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  1. You could do this all day... Pats only scored 10 points in a loss @ Pittsburgh, we all know what the Chiefs O did to the Steelers D @ Pittsburgh. Pats lost by 11 to the Jags, we all know what the Chiefs did to the Jags. Chiefs lost their 4 games by a combined 14 points, 3 losses being on the road. Pats lost their 5 games by 52 points, all being on the road. Stats are stats and while it is fun to debate, I dont know any of them make a difference other than BB playoff record vs Andy Reid playoff record. Unfortunately for my Chiefs, I think BB puts the Pats over the top again. Either way, I cant wait for Sunday night.
  2. As a Chief's fan, I have been saying all year that this year is not going to be a Super Bowl year. I think it will only be a stepping stone and probably ends this week. I don't like the idea of seeing BB a second time. I believe he will scheme enough to slow the Chiefs down and the Chief's D will not be able to stop the run like they did with Indy. I hope I am wrong about this week but the future is bright with almost $40m in cap room for next year.
  3. About 12 mil a year for the next 3 years and not responsible for any of his bonus money. That is a steal for the production you get from him. Would have a lower cap number than Hopkins, Beckham, Landry, Julio, Evans and plenty of other established #1 WR. I think they can still get a first round pick, even with the drama.
  4. Ballard has been a HR for Indy. Wish the Chiefs still had him. Let's remember he was also responsible for the 2017 draft that netted Marlon Mack in the 4th along with a couple defensive starters and some key reserves. Not out of the park good but solid none the less.
  5. I am not sure if you are making a positive predictor for KC or negative. 4-1 in the playoffs after the bye seems like a pretty decent sample size and a positive 80% win rate.
  6. Media and critics are really high on pointing out: Chiefs playoff record Chiefs home playoff record Chiefs playoff history vs Indy Andy Reid playoff record What I haven't seen is anyone talking about Andy Reid coached teams record after the bye. So the question is: which historical data do you think is most useful in predicting the outcome of this game? Half of me says it is a huge advantage having Reid coming off the bye with a career record of 17-3 (I think?) The other half says the most important factor is that Andy Reid has a poor playoff record of 11-13 (1-4 with KC) The rest is irrelevant IMO.
  7. Does anyone know how many teams from the wildcard weekend have made the Super Bowl or better yet a list of those team? Not wildcard teams but teams that have to play 3 games to get to the Super Bowl. Thanks.
  8. Disappointed. I have been waiting all morning to get on and check this thread, I was sure we would have hit 500 pages by now.
  9. IIRC, West used to get a lot of 3rd down work in his last tour with KC. I remember him being pretty good a pass protection. It wouldn't shock me if he got a higher snap percentage than most anticipate. HAven't seen enough of Williams to know how he is in PP
  10. In one league I am in if the H2H record isn't decisive where one team swept, we go to the next tie breaker (points). In the other league, it goes by win %, so team B would get it in the scenario above. Although I agree it is unfair, I would lean to this one since Team B did "win" the head to head match ups. Either way, the rule should be written in such a way that there is no interpretation. I know that doesn't help but the real advise is next year to define what each of those terms mean.
  11. I think what is happening is people are not seeing the alternative view. It looks much worse. At first glance of the first video, I agreed it didnt look bad. The other view is worse. it is weird though, the body cam showing her certainly doesnt look like she was seriously injured.
  12. Disclaimer: Chiefs Fan He shoves her. She close fist punches him. He tries to get at her and possibly shoves someone into her and she gets knocked down. She is trying to get up and kicks her to make her lose her balance. Maybe that kick is hard enough to leave a bruise, maybe not. It wasn't bad in my opinion but it was still wrong (if that makes sense). My guess is that the media attention will pressure the NFL into taking some measure even though the already reviewed and determined none was necessary 9-10 months ago.
  13. Question for subscribers: How do you use this tool? In general, I have always leaned towards Sig's views on projections because his views most closely mirror mine. As I have gone through the year, I wonder if it should be used more as a contrary point of view rather than a confirmation of what I already think I know. For instance, in my main league I have the choice of Brandin Cooks or Bredia in my flex. Two of the rankings say Bredia while Sig says Cooks who I was already decided on starting. It isnt so much that I want anyone to tell me who I should start but without knowing WHY Tremblay and Dodds rank Bredia higher, I just find myself using Sig's projection as confirmation rather than taking a deeper dive. Any thoughts on how you are using this data in a way that I am not considering it?
  14. Monster day this week. Pick up in targets and now Kupp is unfortunately done for the year with an ACL. Does the Kupp injury elevate Cooks into a WR1? He is #18 already ppg in my scoring system so not too far to go.