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  2. Williams, Fisher and Hill not practicing today, no surprises.
  3. Not sure how reliable this guy is guy but Bloom retweeted this today: Chris Allen @ChrisAllenFFWX Noted: Announcer in CIN/BUF game mentioning a Week 6 or Week 7 return for A.J. Green.
  4. I'll add: I am somewhat disappointed with the scheme to date. I imagined more of a Jim Johnson, constant pressure from all angles type plan from the D (not just in this game but overall). If they give up some long TD early in the games, it would be ok. The O has enough fire power to overcome. It may just be that the defensive backfield is just too over-matched to allow this. That being said, the D looks to be closer middle third instead of bottom to me which would represent some improvement. I dont think Ingram's dominance in the run game in the second half is that worrisome. Why not let the team down 3 scores run the ball? Shady definitely has something left in the tank. Could be a huge addition and I think eventually when healthy he ends up with greater than 50% of the workload. I posted this in another thread but I think the loss of Hill will help the team ROS and in the long run. These reps for Robinson and Hardman are huge. Watkins is going to get cut next year to free up money for Chris Jones and PM. Hopefully they can re-sign Robinson to fill that role at a fraction of the cost that they would have for Watkins ($21m).
  5. Slight Hijack: Robinson seemingly stepped into Hill's role while Hardman's snap % has stayed about the same (little decrease this week). I think for ROS and long term that these weeks without Hill are actually helpful for KC. I will not be shocked at all when Sammy gets cut next year and Robinson gets an extension and moves into Watkins outside role opposite Tyreek.
  6. Didnt practice today. This is the first I have heard of him not practicing this week. Anyone know more? NEvermind. Just read a follow up tweet and I guess this has been the case the last 3 Fridays too.
  7. How does putting pictures of someone's kids illustrate someone is broke again?
  8. This was my line of thinking, especially with the owners being 0-2. What type of value to you think it takes to get him?
  9. Williams will not practice today, per BJ Kissel. Shady again expected to practice.
  10. Circling this back to fantasy football, the Gordon owner in 2 of my leagues is 0-2. How long do you think it takes for the current Gordon to de-value Gordon to the point they will part with him at an low cost? It seems like we are too close to the draft and the owners are still stung by the sunk cost of a 4th or 5th round pick. Wait too long and they start look at the rumors of when he will come back and "I might as well keep him now since he will be back soon (by week 8/9)". The fact that Eckler is killing it has to help those that are looking to acquire Gordon. Any thoughts of acquiring Gordon? Optimal timing and cost?
  11. . IIRC, he did take on the blitzer low and there was a comment about how his technique needed to improve. I guess my point was that he is a willing blocker but maybe not technically sound. One can be taught, the other is all attitude. Guess we may see how much he has learned. Edited: Found the link^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1160760030938980352&
  12. So maybe Shady isnt able to go... Adam Teicher @adamteicher Neither McCoy nor Damien Williams are working in early portion of Chiefs practice
  13. She said she knew someone in the Cowboys organization, maybe a relative? She announced the Zeke signing before it happened too but there were tons of indicators that was going to happen. The AB news was out of left field and 100% accurate. That's why I say that the Pats knew what they were getting into and didn't care. If some random announces it on Twitter via the Cowboys, one would think the Pats would have the same info.