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  1. Interesting Twitter thread by "an attorney" reviewing the 2014 court proceedings. @horsepire is the handle.
  2. You asked the question "I dont know where you getting I said 6 games". I just gave a plausible explanation of why your posts were being interpreted that way. Whether they are your words or someone else's words, it is your post. Maybe your question was rhetorical and I missed that. If so, my apologies.
  3. Not trying to stir the pot, just minimize the confusion: base·line /ˈbāsˌlīn/ noun noun: baseline; plural noun: baselines 1. a minimum or starting point used for comparisons It can very easily be interpreted that you were saying minimum 6 games whether you intended that or not.
  4. This from another article on Yahoo. Interesting that he would bring up and deny the original incident with her when it was an unknown recording. Florio on ProFootball Talk is spinning it that NFL and the public will take this as he still has no remorse. Lots of interesting takes. Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill pleaded guilty to domestic assault and battery by strangulation after a 2014 incident with Crystal Espinal, who was then pregnant with his son. But in a recorded conversation with Espinal, Hill denied the incident and accused Espinal of lying. After their son suffered a broken arm this year, authorities launched a child abuse investigation. No charges were filed, but Hill faced renewed scrutiny over the incident, as well as the recorded conversation, in which Espinal said their son was terrified of him and Hill replied, “You need to be terrified of me too, #####.” Now a fuller version of that recording has been published by 610 Sports in Kansas City, and Hill shows no remorse over the 2014 incident. “You f–king ruined my life and you lied on me in 2014. I’m still not over that. I didn’t touch you in 2014,” Hill told Espinal. “You lied on me in 2014. If you want to rewind that night, we can rewind that night, too. You was in my house. And did I pick you up and slam you? Hell no. I picked you up and put you out.” Espinal then asked, “Where did the bruises come from, Tyreek?” Hill did not answer. Espinal also said, “You had your hand around my neck,” to which Hill replied, “No, I did not.” Hill has rarely spoken of the 2014 incident, although in 2016 he said that people “have every right to be mad at me because I did something wrong.” Given that statement, and Hill’s guilty plea, his denial in 2019 of his actions in 2014 are likely to be seen by most as a refusal to show remorse and accept responsibility for his actions.
  5. I put this in the other thread but they are replaying the entire audio again at 330 and 5 on 610 AM in KC.
  6. Recap/excerpts of the audio that was played.
  7. Full audio of the recorded conversation is being played at 330 and 5 on 610 AM for anyone who is intersted.
  8. I am in a friendly draft pool where we pick some prop bets and everyone throws in $20. A question I am stumped on that I thought someone could help. At what time will the final pick of the draft be made? Anyone have a clue what time this usually ends now?
  9. You could do this all day... Pats only scored 10 points in a loss @ Pittsburgh, we all know what the Chiefs O did to the Steelers D @ Pittsburgh. Pats lost by 11 to the Jags, we all know what the Chiefs did to the Jags. Chiefs lost their 4 games by a combined 14 points, 3 losses being on the road. Pats lost their 5 games by 52 points, all being on the road. Stats are stats and while it is fun to debate, I dont know any of them make a difference other than BB playoff record vs Andy Reid playoff record. Unfortunately for my Chiefs, I think BB puts the Pats over the top again. Either way, I cant wait for Sunday night.
  10. As a Chief's fan, I have been saying all year that this year is not going to be a Super Bowl year. I think it will only be a stepping stone and probably ends this week. I don't like the idea of seeing BB a second time. I believe he will scheme enough to slow the Chiefs down and the Chief's D will not be able to stop the run like they did with Indy. I hope I am wrong about this week but the future is bright with almost $40m in cap room for next year.
  11. About 12 mil a year for the next 3 years and not responsible for any of his bonus money. That is a steal for the production you get from him. Would have a lower cap number than Hopkins, Beckham, Landry, Julio, Evans and plenty of other established #1 WR. I think they can still get a first round pick, even with the drama.
  12. Ballard has been a HR for Indy. Wish the Chiefs still had him. Let's remember he was also responsible for the 2017 draft that netted Marlon Mack in the 4th along with a couple defensive starters and some key reserves. Not out of the park good but solid none the less.
  13. I am not sure if you are making a positive predictor for KC or negative. 4-1 in the playoffs after the bye seems like a pretty decent sample size and a positive 80% win rate.
  14. Media and critics are really high on pointing out: Chiefs playoff record Chiefs home playoff record Chiefs playoff history vs Indy Andy Reid playoff record What I haven't seen is anyone talking about Andy Reid coached teams record after the bye. So the question is: which historical data do you think is most useful in predicting the outcome of this game? Half of me says it is a huge advantage having Reid coming off the bye with a career record of 17-3 (I think?) The other half says the most important factor is that Andy Reid has a poor playoff record of 11-13 (1-4 with KC) The rest is irrelevant IMO.