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  1. Not too much. I have very high cholesterol in my family. It's always been between 330 - 430. I was on statins since my early 30s but had an episode where I was jaundiced. I stupidly quit taking the statins and tried to control it with diet and exercise. Specifically a low fat diet. Fail. I'm back on Lipitor and Zetia and my total cholesterol is now under 100. I've also reduced carbs - not keto or anything - just keeping carbs under 50g per meal.
  2. Glad you're OK Judge. I had a similar experience three years ago. Ended up with a quadruple bypass at age 46
  3. It always ends with raw dogging a juggalo in a porta-potty at an Insane Clown Posse concert
  4. This is the problem with the commercial. It's just bad acting or directing, but it looks like someone has a gun pointed at her off camera.
  5. I really enjoyed it. Watched it twice and appreciated it more the 2nd time. Pacino and Pesci were exceptional. I thought the scene where Pacino and Deniro are talking at the banquet was very well acted. Example: Right before Pacino says "They wouldn't dare!", he has an "Oh S**t!" expression on his face for a brief moment as he is told to back down or else. He quickly regains his bravado and says "They wouldn't dare!". His ego would not let him give an inch. 8/10 for me
  6. You buy games from the Oculus store. Most are $10-$20. Some are more some are less.