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  1. Manfred sent a warning to all MLB teams on Sept 15 2017 stating that electronic Spying will not be tolerated. The footage of the tunnel with the monitor being taken down was after game 3 of the 2017 WS from the Astros commemorative DVD. It looks bad for the Astros right now
  2. It's against the rules
  3. More pics / video of the Astros alleged setup Edit: it's so out in the open it's hard to believe they are trying to hide anything
  4. I'm not passing judgment yet, but the guy operating the camera in question is wearing an orange shirt (1st pic)
  5. This picture of the monitor being taken away after the game also looks bad for the Astros and corroborates the allegations.
  6. Look at all the pics. The camera is on a level above the 3 broadcast cameras next to the big coke bottle.
  7. Plus the guy's physique indicates it must be his first day at the gym. He's so soft and doughy
  8. Thanks for the input. It looks like Google is launching the Nest routers on 11/4. Any opinion on the Nest?
  9. I've been happy with my Apple Airport for the last few years, but I've maxed out the devices. I think it only allows 50 devices. Any recommendation for a router or a solution to add more connections? Thanks!
  10. oh man. In one afternoon there, when i was 17 years old, I; -got banned from the formula go karts -almost drowned in the tidal wave pool - had to be rescued -got road rash from the Alpine slide -lost 2 gold chains, $100 cash and my drivers license on the big water slide. Also got an enema. What a day!