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  1. Dang. The ideal specs are beast. That's not even for VR either. Just buy the best one you can afford. GPU is usually the limiting factor. 2080 Super or 2080ti gpu or wait for the 3080
  2. I'm a subscriber to this guy. He provides a lot of insightful info.
  3. 4:30am. Just make sure your mower has a headlight.
  4. Just went to my PCP. Said I thought my testosterone levels were low. He prescribed labwork with my routine bloodwork.
  5. Since I have close to wifi 50 devices, my Apple airport router was struggling to keep up with demand. For instance, I could not play music through all of my Alexa speakers, I had to break them down into subgroups. I ended up buying this Deco Wifi 6 mesh system which can handle up to 150 devices. I also upgraded my modem to one that is DOCSIS 3.1 compliant which allowed me to take advantage of my Xfinity gigabit service. I went with an Arris SB8200. So far so great!
  6. OK. I've been injecting testosterone for a little more than two years now. The results have been pretty fantastic. I'm about to turn 50 and I feel better than I did when I was 25. I'm as strong as I've ever been and I haven't worked out in years. My body composition has changed. I'm leaner. My arms have veins popping out all over. I look like I lift a lot of weights. I've slowly lost about 20 lbs over this time and gained muscle. I could only imagine the results if I bothered to work out. Improvement to my libido is off the charts. The Mrs and I did it 3 times one day two weeks ago. Before, I was lucky to do it 3 times in 3 months. My insurance covers it - Costs me about $20/month. I inject myself every two weeks. The only apparent downside is that I basically can't stop taking it now as I'll revert to Bruce Banner pretty quickly.
  7. Gas chainsaw. The noise alone should be enough to scare them away.
  8. this place exists on reddit, we should use it to revive all the dead topics
  9. I'm almost embarrassed to type this: I count 9 55" 4k TV (6) 75" 4k TV 175" 1080p projector 100" portable projector
  10. are all the same
  11. Very very sorry to hear this. Thoughts & prayers for your family.
  12. I was really surprised by how cheap they are. I should pick up a few