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  1. I closed mine on Wednesday also. Same deal. I'll send you a PM in 30 years when we pay these things off and we can grab a beer.
  2. I don't like how heavy these phones are getting. 226g for the 11 Pro is 20g more than my already too heavy XS max 6s Plus was my favorite iphone
  3. I checked on a 20 year. Same rate, but more fees. Didn't make sense for me.
  4. $436 is only the lender fee. It does not include the FL doc stamps, taxes and other prepaids that would need to be paid in any refi. For comparison, I went to my Credit Union first. They gave me a rate of 3.75 (LenderFi is 3.375) Origination Fee of $800 plus points of $1,332. LenderFi does not charge this fee and no points. Credit Union wanted an appraisal for $500. LenderFi said no appraisal. I'm now certain that the Credit Union can be beaten by just about anyone. Regardless, the LenderFi deal is good, if not great.
  5. I locked in yesterday with the LenderFi guy (Thanks @shady inc and @skycriesmary!) Had a great experience so far. Guy answered my first call 3.375% 30 yr. No appraisal. Only $436 in fees.
  6. Hey Shady - can you PM me the contact info please?
  7. I'm good with the Smirnoff ICE, Bros
  8. Astros just became 2-1 favorites to win it all. Great move by them