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  1. I rather keep Woods and Kelly. so no.
  2. I wouldn't trade Davante Adams away, they still might do it, if there record is worse than most. But again If I were them I'd want a top tier RB for Adams.
  3. Hunt/Hollywood side wins imo, and even more so if DJ Moore is what is dealt.
  4. I would consider Trade 1 out of the 4. The easy read is that this move creates more Risk/Reward for your team, If you are fine with going down in a blaze of glory then I'd say you make the trade and try to get the superior player Derrick Henry. If the titans continue to test positive they will continue to damage your team to the point its all over. I would weigh that into the trade and make a decision. Also I would make the OBJ trade and give up Will Fuller. Good Luck!
  5. I rather have the CEH, Gibson, Hines side and would rather deal Crowder away and keep Johnson, if I can but it is still a trade I make if I did deal johnson..
  6. By my reports looks like Michael Thomas is back in, from the 4 WRs you mentioned I rank them as MT, Diggs, Moore and then Justin. also start all those RBs. Robinson>DJ>Gibson would be my order if it helps.
  7. Loved that game, classic Bears. Strong D wins it and competent QB play is all we needed. I can have 2006 vibes coming again for this team. You have the electric returner Patterson who just has so much confidence to return the ball no matter what. I expect they will improve as a team. Foles is no slouch, he may be streaky but his calm focus is what makes him. Best balance I've seen on the team in a while. and Allen Robinson I love you, but keep your feet down when you want to catch! (That INT assist)
  8. Got him rostered and TBH I felt off guard by this guy. After some digging, I think he can thrive in the system and could be a flex worthy + going forward. I think the most popular argument against him and his impressive debut is that they wanted to save Hunt, but when someone gets production like that, it makes the next game's plan more compelling to keep the script the same. We observed he can fill in for the Chubb's role and this keeps Hunt fresh for a stronger push into the season via using the same script of 1a and 1b running backs. With Chubb out for extended time, I think he becomes more likely to stay in there since the system is working. I got him for cheap and I have seen him go for 23/100 and 41/100 FAAB across my leagues. And he may be still available. If he is avail he is a guarantee burnable lotto ticket that you will know what you have after the next game, based on his usability and the schedule softens a lot after Colts and Steelers. Also I hear he is a good receiver too. Per the article above it cites this saying, "He finished as USF’s career leader in all-purpose yards (4,186), receptions by a running back (73), and receiving yards by a running back (909). Johnson’s claim to fame for many of us came when he joined the Orlando Apollos in the Alliance of American Football. There Johnson and De’Veon Smith formed the most formidable duo of RBs in the league. Even though Johnson stood out more as a receiver than Smith, Johnson still finished with the second-most rushing yards in the league, according to No Extra Points. He also finished as the overall RB2 in the league behind the check-down king, Trent Richardson."
  9. Through the years, I've learned to start your studs in spite of bad matchups. Since the pain is too great when they go off. Also realize that everything is probability and even though you didn't start the best player after the fact that you still put yourself in the best place to win logically. You can't get around the luck factor. I also look at multiple sites for info and just monitor practice reports if there is a lingering injury for my players and weight that in too.
  10. I would trade whatever gave you the best player. Side on keeping Lamar though.
  11. Baker is more likely to have more points.
  12. This is prolly too late for your exact situation, but FAAB in general has two strategies that conflict with one another. The early season big spender or the saver for later in the season. The early big spender is good if you hit on a league winner which is rare. (If your team is below average you should take shots to make your team better than average.) The late season saver has less impact on your team, but you can make critical moves late. (If your team is above average you should save and spend the money later.) If you feel that there is a great player available then feel free to spend your FAAB, but remember the goal is to get to the playoffs if the player is a luxury maybe you should save. Another point to keep in mind is to look at others spending balances if, you have a bunch of savers or spenders in your league then, do the opposite and you will have a higher advantage. Good Luck also $50 isn't too much if you believe that player will help your team get to the playoffs.
  13. In general, I like having the lotto tickets/that double as handcuffs- Which looking at your team both of them are just that, but this Hunter Henry is too valuable and should be picked up. I would drop Snell since he had the fumble and has fallen out of favor. Once the bye weeks are up, you can go back to getting handcuffs for your studs. Good Luck!
  14. OBJ has the advantage still for ROS, but I would not be surprised if Diontae did end up better, but my bet is still on OBJ.