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  1. Send invite to Richard at
  2. Take team 2. Send invite to Richard at
  3. You should have done a ROD on the two teams. The replacements need replacements.
  4. No thank you. I’ll pass you will have to sell it with significant discount, and no I am not interested, even with discount
  5. He is not paying year one. He is only paying league site fee, which is probably about six dollars
  6. Don't think you will get much response until: 1) Show the league number so people can see the league 2) List Price
  7. Thought I sent about 3 days ago. Don’t know if it took

  8. Oh, the team is not as bad as it looks. Biggest weakness is at running back position. The free agent pool offers nothing so it needs to be built via draft. You could probably sell team at full price or with a slight discount if you include a supplemental 1st round pick at 1.13. That makes the team maybe not a winner but competitive. I see a previous prospective new owner traded away Dave Johnson just 9 days ago. Question whether that trade and the Golladay trade should be voided.
  9. Lots of luck filling this. Almost half the league leaving and the talent pool for 5 teams is nothing special. $250 for this? I pass
  10. Interested in dispersal draft. Thanks for putting info public. Long time player

    1. poorrichard


      Send invite to this is my ff email

    2. poorrichard
  11. Interested. Send info to
  12. This has nothing to do with my abilities. It is a case of paying retail plus a $25 premium when others are offering a better product at discount. Wake up to the fact, you are going to offer a significant discount to sell these teams.
  13. And the “Clue” here is “No 1st Round Picks” and extremely weak running back group for a 12 team league
  14. Like I said previously, u need to find 2 ppl for dispersal draft. Probably only way to salvage those 2 teams. I am full up so I will not join
  15. Might suggest a dispersal draft for those two teams.
  16. well you can start by fixing total number of starters in settings