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  1. Griffin can have ROY, I'm fine with Wilson winning Super Bowl MVP.
  2. Got owned in week 5 or 6 last year, first time in contest. Hoping I learned a bit with this squad, time and luck will tell. QB Matthew Stafford DET/5 $26 QB Andrew Luck IND/4 $11 QB Jake Locker TEN/11 $9 QB Tim Tebow NYJ/9 $6 RB Darren Sproles NO/6 $23 RB Stevan Ridley NE/9 $16 RB Robert Turbin SEA/11 $6 RB Bernard Scott CIN/8 $4 RB Mike Tolbert CAR/6 $4 RB Lamar Miller MIA/7 $3 RB Evan Royster WAS/10 $3 RB Taiwan Jones OAK/5 $2 WR Calvin Johnson DET/5 $29 WR Julio Jones ATL/7 $23 WR Randall Cobb GB/10 $9 WR Jerome Simpson MIN/11 $7 WR Leonard Hankerson WAS/10 $4 WR Andre Roberts ARI/10 $3 WR Eddie Royal SD/7 $2 WR Ryan Broyles DET/5 $2 TE Jimmy Graham NO/6 $29 TE Evan Moore SEA/11 $3 TE Dwayne Allen IND/4 $2 TE Tony Scheffler DET/5 $4.00 PK Jason Hanson DET/5 $4 PK Dan Carpenter MIA/7 $3 PK Matt Prater DEN/7 $3 TD Seattle Seahawks SEA/11 $4 TD Cincinnati Bengals CIN/8 $3 TD Kansas City Chiefs KC/7 $3
  3. Flynn isn't a fraud but he's done close to nothing in terms of moving the ball and putting up points so far for Seattle. Throwing out his one possession that ended with him kneeling to kill the clock before the half, here's a full games worth of drives for Flynn with the Seahawks' 1s. Time TOP Started Plays Yards Result12:08 9:17 SEA 15 15 62 Field Goal14:35 1:55 SEA 6 4 28 Interception11:04 3:38 SEA 16 6 7 Punt06:17 1:21 SEA 39 3 6 Punt13:23 1:52 SEA 25 3 -9 Blocked Punt10:43 5:34 SEA 36 11 39 Field Goal15:00 1:31 SEA 20 3 5 Punt12:14 3:37 DEN 46 9 28 Field Goal08:11 5:32 DEN 44 8 19 Field Goal And then Russell in 3 quarters with the starters (some of the third was with the 2's actually but let's not pick nits). Time TOP Started Plays Yards Result12:54 5:25 SEA 41 12 41 Field Goal04:55 3:00 SEA 20 7 59 Field Goal00:59 3:15 SEA 36 7 37 Field Goal10:29 0:46 SEA 38 3 62 Touchdown02:00 1:30 SEA 20 7 80 Touchdown15:00 1:46 SEA 20 4 80 Touchdown09:38 2:59 SEA 13 7 54 Missed FG Everybody keeps talking #### about the KC defense but they absolutely shut down the pass over the last half of 2011, I realize they were down some starters but they'll be a sneaky good fantasy D this year and a team to avoid starting your borderline players against. A much better test than Denver or Tennessee D's IMO. Scientist, your schtick is old and played out and frankly, you're embarrassing the rest of the PNW with your behavior, learn some decorum.
  4. If you're right, we'll know early. Seahawks secondary looks like legit elite unit this year, front 7 shouldn't be too shabby either. If he's getting it done against them in OTAs and TC, I'm buying.
  5. Next week, after playing another top 5 rush D, is when I'm going to start pumping out hawk offers in all my leagues.Who is this top 5 rush defense you reference? Packers were 18th last year.9th in rushing yards, 3rd in rushing TDs allowed. 4th in points allowed to FF RBs. Should have been more specific.ETA: I'm still wrong, Bears were 7th last year in points allowed to FF RBs. Buy now!
  6. Next week, after playing another top 5 rush D, is when I'm going to start pumping out hawk offers in all my leagues.
  7. Nailed this one, who wants my predictions for the weekend?
  8. GB run defense top 3 last year, as well as scoring defense?I look for a similar opener to last year, when they beat Minny 14-9. Both offenses are elite but both defenses should be borderline elite (for the NFC) this year as well.
  9. I turned down his Lloyd for my Harvin + 1.04 (PPR) saying I could get a better WR in another deal for that pick, he responds with Lloyd for JSTew + 1.04...not the worst, just the most recent in an unending run of poor trade offers.
  10. Yeah, he sober'd up, we did some back and forth and I got Hillis, Bradford and an early second rounder for my 1.02, 1.04, Sanders. Good example of why not to get pissed off at ridiculous initial trade offers.
  11. Just got this one last night, although he PM'd me this morning with the "I was drunk" disclaimer: Get: Reggie Wayne Give: 1.02, 1.04, Emmanuel Sanders 14 team deep rosters talent is at a premium league.