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  1. Andrew Luck is owned by 5 folks. What do they know that I don't?
  2. Yup. But since it was the 1st week of byes.... I felt good about the risk, especially with only one other player on bye (Coleman). Unfortunately.. just realized I screwed up my TE bye week and my top 2 WR bye week.... #@ @#$^ *@&#^ !*&^#
  3. As usual.... waited to the last minute with changes. Here we go, 26 guy rooster. Looking at it again this morning, I actually am still fairly good with it. QB - Tom Brady - 11 QB - Derek Carr - 9 QB - Daniel Jones - 4 I had Brady in from the start as I like the value he has at 11 dollars. Felt pretty comfortable with his value to performance. Derek Carr as I didn't want to overspend, but I am a believer in the Gruden QB coaching. So I think he has a better year than expected. Daniel Jones has looked good and if they are out of it midyear, I think he has a chance to play. So he was more for the later weeks hoping he comes and adds value, besides for $4, I felt he was a nice value steal. RB - Alvin Kamar - 33 RB - Kerryon Johnson - 23 RB - Tevin Coleman - 18 RB - Devin Singletary - 8 RB - Alexander Mattison - 6 RB - Darwin Thompson - 5 RB - Tony Pollard - 4 Hoping that between Kamar, Johnson, Coleman, Singletary to get decent production. In addition, they have earlier bye weeks, when there is more room to miss. One of the goals was to have as much early byes where I could and have the pot luck shot in the later weeks. Really liked Mattison at 6 and I think he gets playing time this year. Thompson, I am thinking may have been a throw away after the McCoy signing, but we'll see what happens. I still like Pollard as insurance for Zeke behind that O-line. WR - Chris Godwin - 22 WR - Jarvis Landry - 18 WR - Dede Westbrook - 13 WR - DK Metcalf - 11 WR - Cole Beasley - 6 WR - Josh Gordon - 6 WR - Miles Boykin - 6 I wish I had another QB. This is a swing for the fences on guys that a lot of roosters may not have. I really look for the top 3 to be core. They should score fairly well as the opposing WR will be drawing heavier coverage. I like the upside with DK and Miles. I think both could have solid years. Cole has been under the radar, but with Josh Allen, I am thinking he could be a solid slot receiver and do a lot of damage. Gordon to pair with Brady. If they figure it out, I wanted to keep up with the masses. TE - Eric Ebron - 16 TE - Darren Waller - 8 TE - Hayden Hurst - 4 Wanted MacDonald for TE, but the bye week just created too many issues. So went with Ebron and hoping he can stay fantasy relevant. Always had Waller and Hurst from the start. Waller has looked good and with the Antonio situation, hoping he could be a good connection guy for Carr. Carr showed a tendency to TE with Cook and hoping some of that continues. Hurst was just because. Andrews is getting a lot of attention, but before Hurst's injury, he was a rising star in Baltimore. I can't imagine one injury has left him as a bust. I think we'll see more double TE sets here and that will make Hurst viable. PK - Chris Boswell - 4 PK - Jason Sanders - 3 PK - Daniel Carlson - 3 TD - San Francisco 49ers - 3 TD - Cincinnati Bengals - 3 TD - New York Jets - 3 Always go with the cheap 3 Ks and 3 Ds. Total value: 250
  4. I do fear the turk. 2.95 below the cut. Need a lot of field goals or Ridley magic
  5. Sweating the turk this week... Sitting at 132 with dalton (-21.1), Ridley/Ross (-9.5/-10), and Rosas (-8).
  6. 162 with only breida (-10) and goodwin (-8) left.
  7. Sitting at 168.7 with meredith -12.6. Should be enough I am hoping. Could really use olsen and fournette...
  8. On a side note, I'm one of three that still has fournette, Olsen, Jeremy hill....
  9. Bears on bye. This will only a single defense... Go bills?
  10. Holy schnikes! Derek carr is counting as my qb over dalton! I may pull this thing out!
  11. Sweating big time... sitting at 138.55 and pretty much done.... RBs were killer... cmc, fournette, carson, breida... have conner -4, Sanders-9 and that's about it...
  12. I have treadwell, so I'm in the same boat. Not a good start.
  13. Always interesting to see the lowest denominator of uniqueness... you can use the query form to determine how many folks are alive with a certain combo of players... about halfway through you can usually find a unique 3 on your squad.