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  1. Is Tyrell still playing?
  2. Representing at arrowhead today with my son. Go birds!
  3. JJ Wilcox down for steelers
  4. Offense: Pittsburgh Defense: buffalo
  5. Sunday kick-off. Need to pick 1 at the local abc store: Titos Captain Morgan Crown Royal I think either will probably be a solid play, but open to a recommendation or a sleeper play here.
  6. Overall Strategy: After the shift of the MIA-TB game in a best ball format, I went heavy on studs in those areas. I figure no bye and a good potential floor for the bye weeks of other players. In addition, I looked for LOSING teams for WR/TE. My thinking is they gotta wing it a lot. So teams like NYJ, MIN, CIN seemed good to me. For RBs, I wanted guys that would be solo hits for the main gig and backups with potential to be key starters for down the stretch. Quarterback: Jameis Winston $17 Carson Wentz $11 Jared Goff $6 As much as I like having Winston without a bye, I couldn't pass Goff up for $6 to give me an extra outlay when Wentz has his bye late in the season. Runningback: LeSean McCoy $30 Jay Ajayi $26 Rob Kelley $10 Wendell Smallwood $3 Charcandrick West $3 Kerwynn Williams $2 Ajayi every week with McCoy on early bye week seemed a no brainer to me. Rob Kelley as a possible flex. Yes I know Perine is there, but Kelley is a bruiser and TD machine, so I see him in that capacity. Smallwood with the Blount issues. I took a gamble on West being in a full blown RBBC with Hunt. Williams for a cheap backup if Johnson goes down. I feel pretty comfortable that this group will carry me all season. Wide Receiver: Julio Jones $36 Mike Evans $29 Laquon Treadwell $5 Chris Hogan $5 Kendall Wright $4 ArDarius Stewart $3 Paul Richardson $3 Tyler Boyd $3 Cordarrelle Patterson $2 Two studs each week. Hard to go wrong with Evans not having a bye. To compensate for the other spots, I took some swings that will hopefully fluctuate flex plays week over week. Treadwell, he was a #1 draft pick two years ago and getting back into the fold. Hoping for a surprise. Hogan for Brady. Enough said. Wright has been quietly having a good preseason and camp and could be a steal in best ball. Maybe I'm a loner, but I have been liking AStew. With the Jets behind in many games and Robby Anderson taking the heat, I think the rookie could be the pick to have. Richardson promoted to WR2, cheap. Boyd a flex WR3. Patterson for a swing for the fences if he can figure it out. Tight End: Delanie Walker $15 Cameron Brate $9 Julius Thomas $8 Austin Seferian-Jenkins $6 So Walker for consistency and floor. Brate/Thomas with no bye... I think both have some upside at that price. ASJ. Jets and needing to throw a lot. I treated the TE group as potential flex play with the WR group week-in week-out. Kickers/Defenses: Whatever, no same bye weeks
  7. Bernard with non-ppr. Pickup: Rams
  8. Laquon Treadwell finishes Top 30 WR..... can be had with Mr. Irrelevant pick in almost every draft
  9. From the 1 spot: Strategy: Build solid core (1 RB, 1 WR, 1 TE quickly). Fill out starters, then all backups, choose upside. QB: Winston (10), Flacco (16). Flacco had best matchup in Week 11 for Winston's bye week. RB: Bell (1), Miller (3), West (7), Perkins (8), McFadden (11), Perine (13), K. Williams (17). Yes, went Bell over DJ. I live in PA. At 7/8 I couldn't pass up on starting RBs still on the board. McFadden gave me DAL starter if Zeke misses time, and Perine/Williams for all upside. WR: Bryant (2), Watkins (6), Wallace (9), M. Williams (12), A. Stewart (20). Weakest part of the squad, but also most easy to overcome. I think WRs are deep and I plan on swinging big for the FA that shows up. Really big on Stewart as I think the NYJ wing it most of the year. TE: Reed (4), Rudolph (5), Howard (15), James (19). I liked the Reed/Rudolph combo. Planning on starting both of them all year. PK: Lutz DEF: Minnesota Thoughts?
  10. Actually I had the latest version and I tried username and email to no avail. Ended up going back to the original MFL Import from Bruce and it worked fine. For those, having issues, here's the link for the older MFL Import: Old MFL Import App
  11. Add me to the issue list. When logging in, I receive the following error: "Run-time error - 1072898028 (c00ce014) Element content is invalid according to the DTD/Schema." I sent an email to Henderson but hopefully someone has a fix as the number of pick trades and keepers in a 16-team league in intense.
  12. Anyone know of any sites that deal with NFL Draft packages? I am looking to arrange a travel site to handle acquisition of tickets to get myself down to Philadelphia for the draft this year and I have been scrounging the internet looking for companies that handle package deals if I can get a bunch of friends to go. Has anyone done anything like this and if so, can you recommend any sites to look at? Appreciate it!
  13. Heya sig! 1/2 pt ppr. pick 2: t. williams/hopkins/diggs/coleman pick 1 flex: miller/crowell/or one receiver above. thank you!