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  1. any update on Green?
  2. Potential Bug. I play in a keeper league and sometimes we trade draft picks to be able to keep multiple players in the same round. When adding keepers, I cannot override to add more than 1 player in a round, even if I have multiple draft picks in that round. I get the message popup, and select [OK], but the keeper is not moved to the list. In addition, in the player pool window, can you list the player's bye in ( ) next to the player's name, rather than in the grid. Then it would be the same view when looking at the players drafted. I am finding myself having to hunt for it as they are listed differently between the two views. Thanks!
  3. I love the 16 team leagues. I enjoy the draft challenge that it involves, however, I do think you need to flex your lineups more. For us we start 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D. Then we have 2 flex (RB/WR/TE). That allows for variation in lineups with position scarcity. We also employ PPR (.5/1/1.5) similar to FPC. Not a fan of superflex, prefer traditional, but our league has nice variability each year and any team can be successful with the additional flexibility.
  4. Can the new DD use customized ADP? Been hunting around in the new app and getting used to the interface, but can't seem to find a way to customizable adp. Anyone know?
  5. Have to admit. I do like Wentz and I think the trade was not that bad to move up. More concerned the Rams are throwing a smoke screen and going Wentz. Not a big fan of Goff and would rather have Wentz.
  6. I have to think we are going to try and trade Daniels or Bradford now. I can't see many teams taking the Bradford contract, but maybe Daniels may be worth something to CLE/NYJ/DEN to get us another pick.
  7. Switch gears for a moment. I'm working on framing a throwback jersey and I am trying to find some authentic 80s throwback patches where the embroidery doesn't look like crap. Anyone know where I can find some to acquire? I hit the usual websites, but the quality looks bad. I wrote a note into Mitchell & Ness, as well as the Eagles shop,but figured I would ask. Thee are the logos with the flying eagle looking toward the left. If anyone knows a place, I'd be forever grateful as they will look fantastic in the frame with my Cunningham jersey.
  8. Well I guess I'll be pissed,. I think Alonso had talent and he was on a rookie deal and was 2-yrs removed from Defensive ROY. Not a huge cap hit with upside. I'm fine with dumping the other two, but would have welcomed keeping Alonso and letting him compete.
  9. I agree with offloading Maxwell, don't get me wrong. But the scheme for Demarco was just terrible. Wrong guy, wrong scheme. I still don't understand the usage of Murray/Matthews last year. I think Demarco will continue to have success in a power scheme and TEN is probably a good fit for him. Definitely not a fit in the Reid/Pederson scheme. Now I am happy we off-loaded the contract, but I have to think we are now in the market for a less expensive power RB. As for Alonso, I wanted to see another year from him. The kid was coming back from a major ACL tear the previous year, the defensive scheme was atrocious for philadelphia, but he had moments where he flashed. I think he had a bunch of potential and would not be surprised if he excels as he gets experienced in the league. I know we are all happy about the offseason moves, but for what? I haven't seen any pics or comps yet. If all we're getting are late rounders, I'll be pissed. We need to walk away with at least a 2nd or something in some of these moves, especially since we gave our 2016 2nd away in the Bradford deal last year.
  10. Embarrassing. Bring in the next qb. Sanchez is horrible.
  11. WK Game Date Opp Result G GS Att Yds Avg Lng TD Rec Yds Avg Lng TD FUM Lost1 09/13 @ WAS W 17-10 1 1 13 53 4.1 17 0 1 22 22.0 22 0 -- --2 09/20 @ JAC L 20-23 1 1 10 14 1.4 6 0 5 28 5.6 12 0 -- --3 09/27 BUF L 14-41 1 1 7 38 5.4 8 0 3 27 9.0 16 0 -- --4 10/04 NYJ L 14-27 1 1 7 26 3.7 13 0 1 10 10.0 10 0 -- --5 Bye -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --6 10/18 @ TEN W 38-10 1 1 19 113 5.9 22 1 2 5 2.5 4 0 -- --7 10/25 HOU W 44-26 1 1 14 175 12.5 85T 1 3 61 20.3 54T 1 -- --8 10/29 @ NE L 7-36 1 1 9 15 1.7 8 1 5 19 3.8 8 0 -- --Lamar's game logs. I correct myself where he had some good games, but he's had some fairly terrible ones. Lamar is in the final year of his contract, but I would think MIA wants to see what they have in their rookie. So I am kinda interested in any reports from the homers.
  12. Been quiet. Any word on how his practice has been? The fact they activated him was a good sign that they wanted him on the field this year. Wondering if he can get some significant playing time this year? Outside of 1 good game from Miller, I don't think MIA run game has been lighting it up.
  13. Fun while it lasted...
  14. Ugh... my team had major fail at QB, RB, TE, PK, and D.... Unless Ladarius Green puts on a 3 TD, 10+ catch night.... Not looking good for advancement. So basically, there's hope!
  15. Wonder how the Julio TD recovery will count. Does that count for him?