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  1. I do fear the turk. 2.95 below the cut. Need a lot of field goals or Ridley magic
  2. Sweating the turk this week... Sitting at 132 with dalton (-21.1), Ridley/Ross (-9.5/-10), and Rosas (-8).
  3. 162 with only breida (-10) and goodwin (-8) left.
  4. Sitting at 168.7 with meredith -12.6. Should be enough I am hoping. Could really use olsen and fournette...
  5. On a side note, I'm one of three that still has fournette, Olsen, Jeremy hill....
  6. Bears on bye. This will only a single defense... Go bills?
  7. Holy schnikes! Derek carr is counting as my qb over dalton! I may pull this thing out!
  8. Sweating big time... sitting at 138.55 and pretty much done.... RBs were killer... cmc, fournette, carson, breida... have conner -4, Sanders-9 and that's about it...
  9. I have treadwell, so I'm in the same boat. Not a good start.
  10. Always interesting to see the lowest denominator of uniqueness... you can use the query form to determine how many folks are alive with a certain combo of players... about halfway through you can usually find a unique 3 on your squad.
  11. I am the last man standing with these four guys: CMC/Fournette/C. Ridley/D. Goedert.. .. wish I would have sent the $3 from Jeremy Hill on Antonio Callaway... just got a feeling he's going to produce down the stretch with Baker.
  12. Team is continuing to produce, which is good and glad to be one of the 29-team roosters still alive. Team stats to date: QB ($6 used / $12 unused): Used: Dalton Unused: Carr/Darnold. Never thought I would see the day where Dalton has been carrying the team, but he's been solid the first 3 weeks. RB ($49 used / $32 unused): Used: CMC/Carson/Breida/Conner Unused: Fournette/Hill. Need Fournette to come back to feel better this week. Hill is dead money at this point. WR ($54 used / $35 unused): Used: Sanders/Nelson/Ridley/Cole/Godwin/Dorsett Unused: Goodwin/Meredith/Gallup/Ross/Treadwell. Welcome back Meredith and Goodwin! TE ($20 used / $26 unused): Used: Rudolph/Goedert Unused: Olsen/Gesicki. Not feeling good on TE and really need Olsen back to this group. PK ($5 used / $3 unused): Used: Hopkins/Rosa Unused: Lambo TD ($5 used / $3 unused): Used: Da Bears Unused: Da Bills All in all, I've used $139 of the $250 or 55.6%. Only 1.2% of dead money (Hill).... Now the bye weeks begin... Hoping Fournette is back to offset the loss of CMC.
  13. Funny. I diversified and took jags, Houston, and new England... didn't work so well.