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  1. Won a qualifier to the $250 WFFC earlier in the month. Literally had the money line score going into the last play of the slate. Rams lateralling around only to have Phili return it for a TD knocked me out of the money by 0.1 behind the $400 min cash. One f'n yard away. #badbeat
  2. Gut feeling Cook will be the best of the bunch. Better team, will be ahead more grinding clock.
  3. Rodgers - DJ/Coleman - Nelson/Rogers/Kearse - Kelce - Doyle - ARZ $100 left.
  4. Mariota - Johnson, Gordon - Evans, Jeffery, J. Matthews - Kendricks - Lambo - JAX This is where i'm at
  5. anyone play a lot of h2h? ive been seeing its good to reduce variance as opposed to just all 50/50s, but do you just open your own for anyone to join or are you supposed to join open ones hoping to find less experienced guys?
  6. id rather have crab and lacy. woodhead is the rb to have in sd and old man fitz may not last the season or could fade. i like what oakland has going on and lacy is in a contract year.
  7. can't decide between forte at bills or ware at houston nonppr. what does everyone think?
  8. In over Hill, Gio, Dez, J. Brown, Barnidge, and Langford at the moment. 10 man league.
  9. Currently have him in over Langford, but I've been flip flopping. This will drive me nuts all day.
  10. That's kind of my dilemma (Barnidge or Eifert). Right now I have Barnidge starting as I believe Cinci will be run heavy this week, and Cleveland will likely be behind passing most of the game. If he's been a stud with McCown then he can be with Manziel.
  11. got him in over mathews nonppr. hoping for a goalline look
  12. thats how i feel. his best games are SD blowout wins, which won't happen thursday. what are we gonna get?
  13. starting in my 12 man, benched for roddy in my 8 man