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  1. Anyone else digging the new Pedro The Lion album Phoenix?
  2. I haven't watched Osweiler too much in the past but it sure looks like he locks on to one target and doesn't go through his progressions very well. There have been quite a few throws into double or triple coverage where he hasn't even looked to the other side of the field (a couple of those times CJ has looked wide open). For those that have seen him more than me is this an Osweiler thing? Or is this more of a gameplan thing to get rid of the ball quickly so as to neutralize the Denver pass rush? If it's the former I worry about the targets CJ is going to see moving forward.
  3. Just watched Primer for the first time tonight. Holy hell. I don't even know where to begin talking about it except that there are a lot of timelines and there is no way to take in everything on the first viewing... which actually excites me because I get to go back (see what I did there?) and watch it multiple times to try and put the pieces together. Fantastic film though, especially for a $7k budget.
  4. Ran across this link of indie and foreign films released this year. Has anyone seen any of them? I haven't but wouldn't mind a good recommendation if one or two of these really stuck out.
  5. It is a really good space sim that almost borders into mmoish light territory. It is the only space sim on consoles worth considering really.Thanks... I've got a PC as well as a PS4 so I'm not only limited to console games. One of the problems I'm finding is that the genre looked just about dead until recently. Now it feels like there are 10-15 new games doing similar things and I have no idea which ones are better than others.
  6. Any suggestions on a good space sim? I've got an itch to fly a space ship in a world with a good economy. Is Elite: Dangerous worth it?
  7. Ouch, tough year eh. Nope, just a good Franz Ferdinand-esque song with a douchbag singing over it, which is fine for a song about cocaine.If it's cocaine you're looking for I'd go with "Can't Feel My Face" by The Weeknd.
  8. The new Baroness album Purple is going to be left off of a lot of year end lists because of how late it was released... But it shouldn't. It's phenomenal. Yep. Love those guys. hadn't heard of them before these posts.a bit too omg metallica for my tastes. but could be my mood right now. Their story is pretty crazy too. I think knowing what they went through (a survivor story of sorts with all kinds of perseverance) makes me really appreciate this album.
  9. The new Baroness album Purple is going to be left off of a lot of year end lists because of how late it was released... But it shouldn't. It's phenomenal.
  10. I read an article awhile back where Jeff Tweedy said he didn't even like the Star Wars films, he just thought the name captured the record. Or something like that. Wish I could find it. Not sure how they were able to name it that without some legal action from Lucas though. Was it released before or after the Disney purchase?
  11. I've had "January 10th, 2014" on my 2015 playlist for a bit but it was before the album came out. I kind of forgot about them but now I have to check them out more. Thanks for the reminder.
  12. I revisited some '15 albums tonight. Both "Star Wars" by Wilco and "Savage Hills Ballroom" by Youth Lagoon stood out as albums that I realized I like quite a bit more now than I did upon my first couple of listens. ETA: There's not really one huge standout track on Wilco's album but every song feels solid. "The Knower" by Youth Lagoon is a standout track to me.
  13. I was just thinking this the other day. I feel like I have a lot of solid/great singles on my playlist but have had trouble committing to full albums like I have in years past.