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  1. When an amateur finishes in the money does the caddy just do it for free?
  2. Yeah that is what I was getting at. I'd leave some way for water to get out if the top of your wall is above the bottom of siding.
  3. Don't raise the level of dirt above whatever your concrete stem wall is, minus at least an inch or two. Might be the picture but doesn't look like a lot of room to go up there.
  4. $100 = $15.70 (-84.30%) Best, and only, positive return is Basic Attention Token (BAT) = 17.11% Worst return is VeChain (VEN) = -99.86%
  5. Looks like two shares is $8.52. 💸
  6. We have been getting these:,-100-OneCup.product.100381432.html Coffee is good and it makes me feel like i'm destroying the environment just a little bit less than I could be.
  7. Make green chili. Or in my case, ask my wife nicely to do it.
  8. Any problem with freezing pulled pork? I’ve got dinner for a group of 15 after a long day of rafting and want to have something ready to go ahead of time because folks are going to be hungry. Assuming you all don’t see issues with freezing it, any tips on reheating? Would be using a camp stove and skillets/pots. Two 7-8 lb shoulders enough? Thanks!
  9. Turns out I wasn't quite as far as I thought, doing pretty well now. Also have barely fished, and most hunting consists of fighting off whatever random animal is trying to eat me for dinner. I tell you the people of Montana are apparently very brave to live in an area where every bear, wolf, wolverine, skunk, and eagle is out to kill some humans.