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  1. ayee - know you are busy but did you not get my super great sheeping?

    1. hagmania


      OH NO!


      Can you send again in a new message chain?

    2. GAlmgren


      says it sent. they are terrible anyways if you don't get them..

  2. Your permit should get you in the ballpark unless there were issues of some sort during construction. Many jurisdictions require the engineer to submit an as-built, the authority (county?) would have a copy or the engineer. If no luck there, look for a locator that uses ground penetrating radar for locating septic lines. If they can find it, they will probably get you the closest.
  3. My wife bought me one of these last year. Initially I wasn't thrilled with the blue color on the handle, but past that it has been great. Really light and stays sharp longer than any other knife I've had.
  4. Walking across a scale as you get ready to board would give a whole new meaning to the term cattle class..
  5. My kids used to have great fun dipping my toothbrush in lemon juice during the day. Once its dry, its really hard to notice until after you start brushing your teeth...
  6. When an amateur finishes in the money does the caddy just do it for free?
  7. Yeah that is what I was getting at. I'd leave some way for water to get out if the top of your wall is above the bottom of siding.
  8. Don't raise the level of dirt above whatever your concrete stem wall is, minus at least an inch or two. Might be the picture but doesn't look like a lot of room to go up there.
  9. $100 = $15.70 (-84.30%) Best, and only, positive return is Basic Attention Token (BAT) = 17.11% Worst return is VeChain (VEN) = -99.86%
  10. Looks like two shares is $8.52. 💸