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  1. NYG and MIN going hard for the #1 pick in 2021.
  2. So will Barkley run forward at some point tonight? Not watching, hanging with my daughters.
  3. I like that Zimmer is old school... but it seems he may be stubbornly old school.
  4. Sorry, I know I missed it somewhere but does anyone have a link to the live scoring app?
  5. Just goes to show how few people actually have time to read the threads every day.
  6. Now per ESPN. Just Wow, are they pulling a Miami and tanking?
  7. Looks to be true
  8. But was that tendency his own or was it attributed to Rodgers consistently doing his own thing?
  9. Kyle Rudolph could play in the NBA and dominate. No joke.
  10. What the heck is going on over there? Did you hire Matt Millen?
  11. I've got a feeling Rodgers is on his way out. Sooner than later. Let's just hope Love doesn't live up to his Mahomes comps some have made.
  12. As a Vikings fan I feel for you guys. Holy crap.
  13. Exactly, I think Kubiak is having some input... and I'm happy about it.