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  1. I was under the impression he had to be activated to practice. Apparently he may practice while still on IR. So yes week 8 he may be activated.
  3. So they cut one first round bust and sign another.
  4. Fortunately people are not convicted on the merits of public opinion. The Chiefs made a strong moral stance with Hunt and now he's in Cleveland and all anyone is talking about is how Hunt will affect Chubbs stats. The Chiefs chose to wait and see how this case unfolded rather than give away a great "player" to another team for nothing. Right or wrong in the view of public opinion it was the best course of action for the team.
  5. This is a big assumption. If the reports coming out are true the probability is that he did nothing wrong in this instance. Edited to add: I am in no way defending Hill here, simply pointing out the evidence and reports pointing towards the probability of the Chiefs handling this correctly.
  6. A move like that would make Mark Cuban a prophet.
  7. Vikings considering contract extension for up and coming DE Stephen Weatherly. How is this possible?
  8. Jaylon playing MLB or SLB this year? FBG has him listed as the SLB, does that hurt his value? If so how much?
  9. It's more about him as a person I think, he has never been dominant but he is a good TE. Front office, coaches all love him and he is involved in the community to a point that there would be legitimate resentment from some fans if he were just let go.
  10. I highly doubt they cut Rudolph. They want him to retire a Viking. They didn't even ask him to restructure this year. If I had to guess, hate to even say this but looking at team history, they let Everson go and draft a DE in round 1. Then hope to hit on O-line later in the draft. Letting Everson go is not a huge deal with his problems and declining production last year. Drafting D high again when there is a glaring need at O-line is.
  11. That's what I was saying earlier when I said they should wait. If it works great but where is the cap space coming from?
  12. They need O line help in the worst way. TJ. can block but he can also play like a WR which fills the 3rd WR need also.