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  1. Kyle Rudolph could play in the NBA and dominate. No joke.
  2. What the heck is going on over there? Did you hire Matt Millen?
  3. I've got a feeling Rodgers is on his way out. Sooner than later. Let's just hope Love doesn't live up to his Mahomes comps some have made.
  4. Exactly, I think Kubiak is having some input... and I'm happy about it.
  5. I'm very happy with this draft so far. Filling holes with very good players.
  6. More likely is they trade up for a 3rd 1st. Spielman loves his 5th year option.
  7. Oddly enough this was when RGIII was playing well.
  8. It's up:
  9. Pre-draft 100 was out Feb 19 last year? Not happening this year?
  10. Signed Tajae Sharpe: Interesting as I think he's decent but does not replace Diggs. Makes me wonder if they want to, meaning I doubt they draft a WR even though this class is stellar and we basically only have Theilen.
  11. It's very apparent he's not going to get a starting gig this year. If I'm the Steelers I'm on the phone with his agent today to see if he would back up Big Ben. He's better than Devlin or Mason and would get a spot with a decent shot to play at some point this year.
  12. This will be your favorite league is you join, I guarantee it.
  13. Might as well see what Perriman would cost if he's really flipped the switch. Then they save all of their draft picks.