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  1. Pre-draft 100 was out Feb 19 last year? Not happening this year?
  2. Signed Tajae Sharpe: Interesting as I think he's decent but does not replace Diggs. Makes me wonder if they want to, meaning I doubt they draft a WR even though this class is stellar and we basically only have Theilen.
  3. It's very apparent he's not going to get a starting gig this year. If I'm the Steelers I'm on the phone with his agent today to see if he would back up Big Ben. He's better than Devlin or Mason and would get a spot with a decent shot to play at some point this year.
  4. This will be your favorite league is you join, I guarantee it.
  5. Might as well see what Perriman would cost if he's really flipped the switch. Then they save all of their draft picks.
  6. They now have a ton of draft capitol in an unprecedented WR draft. My guess is Diggs will be replaced with a rookie or two.
  7. Anyone trying to read into Diggs tweets is barking up the wrong tree. He LOVES to post random tweets just to see what people will say.
  8. Not only that but they have to do something to get that D line out of their game. That matchup is the only thing that really worries me. If their D line is allowed to run wild against our O line, it's game over.
  9. Context is everything.
  10. I think everyone's brackets are crushed at this point.
  11. The ex NFL referee they asked during the game said there was not enough to call it. Also, earlier in the game on a third down play Rudolph was interfered with way more than that. It wasn't called either. Don't give me "crucial point in the game" every third down is a crucial point in a playoff game.
  12. CBS already trying to start a no call controversy. Claiming Rudolph should have been called for offensive pass interference. Give me a flippin break.
  13. I hope they don't. I hope they talk about the Saints letting an inferior team beat them so the Vikings have that "Us vs the world" mentality next week as well.
  14. What nearly lost us the game was the conservative play calling and defense in the 4th quarter. Drives me nuts. I told my wife it was going to happen. Zimmer would have them playing that soft bend but don't break defense and let the Saints back in it. That's exactly what happened. Down by 3 with just over a minute left and your playing close to a prevent defense? Luckily they went for the score on the first drive in overtime. But it should have been over in regulation. Hoping Kubiak sits down with Zim and says "Look, that almost did us in. If you want to win a championship here you have to go for the throat and put teams away." Hopefully none of the analysts give them a chance next week either. That's when they play their best. When it's them against the world. As soon as people start saying they are favored or they should win this game it's over. They come out flat and play conservatively. I hate thinking like this but I've been a fan since the 70's and I see the same thing over and over. It's time to break out and bring a Lombardi home. If making them the underdog with little chance each weak is what it takes. I'm all for it!
  15. 4th quarter. Where Zim makes them play conservative with a lead and let's the other team back in the game. Like clockwork.
  16. Cousins... meh maybe. Not saying hes great but this game was not all on him. The defense can't stop anyone right now. Teams drive down the field at will. If they don't get a big play, a fumble recovery, interception, sack etc. They give up points. Zimmer hand picked these guys and the free agants got paid to keep the defense intact. Yet there has been an obvious an inexplicable regression. The offensive play calling is horrible against good teams. Monday it was run up the middle, run up the middle, pass deep. Little to no short passing game to keep the defense honest, even with Thielen back in the game. I am becoming more convinced every time we play a decent team that Zimmer gets way to conservative and afraid to lose big games. They come out flat and play not to lose. In reality they play not to win by allowing teams to stay in the game even if they get a lead. I hate to say it but they are going nowhere in the playoffs unless Zimmer learns to coach to win the game.
  17. This is the Zimmer Vikings. Play well against bad teams and ultra conservative play not to lose (or to win) against anyone decent.
  18. I agree on this 100% I still subscribe for whatever reason but I delete them without reading them every day because of this exact reason.
  19. I just want you to get rid of the popup asking me to get on the email list every time I log on. I've been on it for years, extremely annoying.
  20. I agree it's impressive. But prior to that stretch the media and fans were pretty hard on him for his play in clutch situations. So he did have a major chip on his shoulder during that stretch which he even admitted. If they are going to keep him that's fine but do we have to keep ripping on him to get him to play at his optimum level? Or can he sustain it even when being praised? I know that sounds ridiculous but it seems to be what motivates him. Heck thinking about it that's what motivates this whole team imo. Whenever they have a good stretch and "Superbowl" talk starts they come out and lay an egg in a big way, usually in the playoffs. After the "Minneapolis Miracle" I thought maybe they had finally turned the corner in that respect... until they laid an egg against Philly. I guess my point is I would like to see him have that drive to win no matter what. Quite frankly I have not seen that from him yet. On a side note they also need to continue to strengthen that O-line. For him or for whoever. This year has been better but there is still a lot of room for improvement and if that happens it could very well solve a lot of issues. Even with a decent but not great O-line the offense seems to be trending towards being the strength of the team while the defense is faltering. Understand I'm not ripping on him or the team because I don't like them. I am simply stating what I believe needs to happen in order for them to be serious contenders. As a lifelong Vikings fan I've seen it time and time again where they are favored heavily in a critical game and simply are not up to the challenge.
  21. I'm not sure I want this to happen. I would love to see them draft a QB this year and have him sit a year under Kirk. I like Kirk but I'm not sold on him being able to take this team all the way. He puts up good numbers and plays great against weaker competition and even decent teams when he feels like he has to prove himself. But when it counts against the teams he needs to beat in the playoffs more often than not he struggles.
  22. It would be nice if the Vikings Vaunted defense could stop at least one team this year. Heck I'd even take one drive.