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  1. 12 team, PPR DMac 2015 2nd (mid) for Reggie Bush
  2. I've scored 9 points all season from DEF/ST in a league I'm 4-0 in by streaming defenses. Finally, by grabbing GB it pays off when I'm playing the other 4-0 team. Almost picked up the Giants. PS. My opponent is starting Blair Walsh and CLE D/ST.
  3. I'm leaning towards Green Bay, but the Giants are tempting after Atlanta lost 2 linemen last week. Sacks and pressure could create turnovers and opportunities for defensive scores.
  4. Best Ball dynasty: 2 QB / 2 / 3 / 1 / 3 FLEX (Max 2 per position) scaled PPR (0.5 for RB) Steven Jackson (4-0 owns Ball, TRich, Asiata/Mckinnon, Mathews/Brown, Hill, JStew) for 2015 3rd round rookie pick (belongs to 0-4 team) (2-2 owns Bradshaw, Kniles, DMartin, Mason, DMC)
  5. 12 team ppr, 1/2/3/1/1 Flex Team 1 gave: Wilson, Russell SEA QB Bryant, Dez DAL WR for Team 2 gave: Luck, Andrew IND QB Smith, Torrey BAL WR Team 2 (2-2) has Roethlisberger and P Manning Team 1 (1-3) was deep at WR (Tate, Hopkins, Watkins, A Robinson, Hunter) and Wilson was starting QB
  6. Asiata, Matt MIN RB Year 2015 Round 3 Draft Pick from non playoff team For Year 2015 Round 2 Draft Pick from playoff team
  7. The same thing happened in a draft I'm doing right now, where I had a specific guy targeted for the late second/early third. In my case, it was Ka'Deem Carey. I don't want to turn this into a Ka'Deem Carey discussion; I happen to be high on his long term prospects, and I needed a developmental RB, so I wanted to make sure I got him. I can totally understand people being underwhelmed with Carey's speed, but I'm a big believer in Trestman, and I like absolutely everything about that kid except his 40 yard dash time and some hopefully minor character issues. So for the sake of this discussion, imagine that you like Carey and don't want to miss out on him.I had two 2015 second rounders, both projected to be fairly late, and a 2015 fourth. As we approached the talent dropoff in the mid second, I was offering both 2015 seconds for the current pick. Once the last guy I liked was gone, I offered each team their choice of my second round picks and also a future fourth. Nobody bit. But towards the very end of the second round, when we were two picks away from the Forte owner, I noticed that the guy before him had autodrafted, which meant that if I didn't get Carey now, the draft would jump right to the Forte owner, who might pounce on him as their backup, and I'd lose my chance. So I offered two future seconds for the current pick and a future third, and ended up accepting two future seconds for the current pick and a 2014 4th rounder, even though that was by far the highest offer I'd given any team up to that point. To me, that made logical sense. Up until that point, there was no reason to overpay for a pick. If this guy didn't want to take a future second and fourth, I'd just ask the next guy and the next guy until it was too late. Even if someone took Carey, I could offer them two future seconds for him and have a decent chance of having the offer accepted. But when it got down to the last guy before an autodrafter and the Forte owner, I had to overpay or risk losing a guy I thought was worth more than two late future seconds. So the guy with the best position got the best offer. But to the guy who picked right before him, it must have seemed like I had been lowballing him. To use an NFL analogy, the team with 1.32 this year got paid handsomely for the right to pick Bridgewater before Houston, and to control a player for 5 years instead of 4. To use a fantasy football analogy, if you see a dropoff around pick 17 this year (which is roughly the consensus), then you might get more desperate owners making bigger offers for 2.5 than they did for 2.1. It's an interesting case study of supply and demand. I understand what you are saying but this trade was accepted when pick 2.05 was on the clock. If it was made when 2.11 or 2.10 was on the clock I might understand. Thus, the new owner had to wait until 2.12 to see who he traded his 2015 1st for.
  8. Team 1 gave up (#8 of 12: 2013): Year 2014 Draft Pick 2.12 Year 2015 Round 2 Draft Pick from team 1 Team 2 gave up (2013 champion): Year 2014 Draft Pick 4.12 Year 2015 Round 1 Draft Pick team 2 Kinda disappointed that I didn't get the same offer from team 2. I had a better 2014 2nd.
  9. 12 team PPR 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX Jarett Boykin for 3.08 Darren McFadden
  10. I still don't get this. On more carries than TRich had, the other Colts running backs averaged 5 ypc to his 2.9ypc. So, you can either say it was luck, but that was close to 200 carries and only the Eagles did better as a team at 5.1 ypc. If the Colts OL was so bad, how come everyone else did well? And by well, I mean in 172 carries, they were the 2nd best running team in the NFL in ypc. We are going in circles here. How many of the Eagles were aquired in the middle of the season or any YPC leader? I'm sure any player aquired would have a negative impact to their YPC. Let's gve TRIch another few games to prove himself. If he can't do it with Nicks (new addition), TY. Hilton (increased role), Wayne (coming back) and Allen (coming back) then I'd say he's given up if a fringe 1st rounder can rush like D. Brown did last season.
  11. Smokescreen? Just to draft a WR in the 2nd or 3rd? They probably will draft a WR somewhere but does not make Boykin any less loved by the coach or less talented. Comments like this is exactly how people over think some stuff. I'm only wondering if he can beat out a 2nd-3rd rounder. A smokescreen would impact more of a 1st or 2nd round receiver. I know Boykin would be destined to be replaced if they drafted a first round WR which is why I didn't include that.
  12. So many quarterbacks rostered for a 20 max roster league. Don't think I would give up 1.01 alone for ARod although I don't play non-ppr in Dynasty so maybe it's more even than it seems.
  13. Man, I just wonder if that's some sorta smokescreen. I don't think anyone questioned them not signing Jones to the contract he received. But with so many highly touted WR's and as a holder of Boykin in dynasty I wonder if he could beat out a 2nd-3rd rounder from this year even with his knowledge of the system. Hope he's the Packers Lance Moore. A FA spending 8 years in a prolific passing offense. Maybe this is just a preemptive strike on them not drafting a WR early.
  14. Team A gave up: 2.01 3.01 Team B gave up: 1.11 Draft includes 1.13 Team A has 3 firsts and 2.09 and was looking to consolidate picks