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  1. this is an all to common and lousy point of view. I don't negotiate with someone that just offered 5 cents on the dollar. Do I need to counter with something equally outrageous just to get us back to reality in the middle? You aren't looking to negotiate, you are looking and hoping to take advantage of someone. I commend the guy that posted that ####. You should be outed sir as a trade predator.
  2. worley
  3. so I bought in this off season after reading how he was beasting and seemed fully recovered. so far I've been pretty unimpressed, today's output nonwithstanding. any input on this would be appreciated.
  4. is he done? I can't help feeling that he may end up in Dallas at some point
  5. I'm crazy to ask this?
  6. I'm assuming this happens. any insight?
  7. Gene, no Gerald Hodges?
  8. not bad selections by the OP, #2 and #9 DT in my league
  9. I for one appreciate your information as it comes from such a different place than my own thinking. this is tough to do, but you have to simply ignore the posts or responses that infuriate you. it messes a person up and gets you focused on the wrong stuff. unfortunately, just as in society, the silent masses are not normally represented by the loud minority try to remember that and keep posting
  10. Who are you guys targeting? Lamin Barrow, Jordan Tripp, K Fortt, Chris McCain, Devon Kennard are a few I'm looking at. Anything to see here? What guys are you stashing?
  11. any Kiko's or CJ's out there?
  12. this was answered in the subscriber forums where are the subscriber forums?
  13. He did look good on the INT. He looked great.He also looked bad covering when matched up on the TE Chandler who left Ryan in the dust on a move. I thought with Shazier's speed that he would have easily recovered but Chandler had him going forward and then juked him to the point Shazier was still going forward after Chandler had made the reception and gained decent yardage afterwards. You can see from the box score he gave up three smaller receptions so in a lil-under a half the TE he was matched up against caught 4 receptions for 40 yards. If LeBeau wants to conceede 8 receptions and 80 yards to the opposing TE so long as Shazier is in position to make a nice looking INT then fine but I don't think he would be open to that. He is still a big part of their special team coverages. And Spence is coming back from injury. Add it all up and it looks like the plan would be to keep him on teams and probably not expose him so much in coverage. Least it looks that way to me especially since he plays in the AFCN where he's got to basically Pro Bowl TEs in, Gresham/Eifert, Cameron, and Pita, two times a year and they are all better than Chandler. Chandler is like 7 foot, that's a though cover for Shazier. He looked fine to me. He slipped on one of Chandlers receptions.I think last night was a perfect example of what could be. He has high end cb athleticism. If you keep trying him then you could yield a turnover. If that's how Pitt decides to use him then he's going to get ints. He's just to gifted not to produce. Scott Chandler is 6'7 and Shazier is 6'1 but Gresham and Cameron are both 6'5 and Cameron is a former basketball player. Last year Scott Chandler only had 3 games where he caught more than 4 passes and yesterday he caught 4 in less than a half matched-up against rookie LB Ryan Shazier. Dick LeBeau doesn't lke to play rookies if he's got any reason and it seems he's got a reason to sit his prized rook till he shows better pass coverage. I don't think that is a slam on Shazier or an outrageous statement. Seems pretty reasonable and logical considering how Dick LeBeau has historically favored veteran defenders and has typically waited till his rookies prove themselves. I've never seen him put a rookie on the field if he struggled unless he had no other options and with Spence coming back it seems he has that luxury. EDIT: Oh and I'm only talking about sitting Shazier on obvious 'passing' downs till he shows improvement, not on running plays where he is already their best playmaker/producer. the bolded is pure fabrication. Spence is as much of a rookie as Shazier. The guy got hurt his rookie preseason and is just now getting back on the field (many thought he would never play again) He has spent his entire career rehabbing not practicing.
  14. Bracie I have a hard time understanding your post. He looked pretty good in coverage on that interception play. It was a thing of beauty. Why would you think they would take him out on passing downs rather than just coach him up? Also how in the world do you come up with he isn't destined for full time role just because he also happened to be on special teams? Is their method to your madness? trying to keep the price down haha.