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  1. this is an all to common and lousy point of view. I don't negotiate with someone that just offered 5 cents on the dollar. Do I need to counter with something equally outrageous just to get us back to reality in the middle? You aren't looking to negotiate, you are looking and hoping to take advantage of someone. I commend the guy that posted that ####. You should be outed sir as a trade predator.
  2. worley
  3. so I bought in this off season after reading how he was beasting and seemed fully recovered. so far I've been pretty unimpressed, today's output nonwithstanding. any input on this would be appreciated.
  4. is he done? I can't help feeling that he may end up in Dallas at some point
  5. I'm crazy to ask this?
  6. I'm assuming this happens. any insight?
  7. Gene, no Gerald Hodges?
  8. not bad selections by the OP, #2 and #9 DT in my league
  9. I for one appreciate your information as it comes from such a different place than my own thinking. this is tough to do, but you have to simply ignore the posts or responses that infuriate you. it messes a person up and gets you focused on the wrong stuff. unfortunately, just as in society, the silent masses are not normally represented by the loud minority try to remember that and keep posting
  10. Who are you guys targeting? Lamin Barrow, Jordan Tripp, K Fortt, Chris McCain, Devon Kennard are a few I'm looking at. Anything to see here? What guys are you stashing?
  11. any Kiko's or CJ's out there?
  12. this was answered in the subscriber forums where are the subscriber forums?
  13. the game was in PIT
  14. If you prefer DTs in your scoring, then I like the ones you have chosen very much. I am in leagues that do break out the DT and I have these guys in lots of those leagues.
  15. ppr special: mini breakout Dexter McCluster reprising the Danny Woodhead role this year.