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  1. I agree with you Doc, my only hope is they draft Garrett with the 1st pick.
  2. I am sure the Browns where not the only team that he sent It too......but they were the only team to react and drafted him.they didn't "react" and draft him.
  3. I am sure the Browns where not the only team that he sent It too......but they were the only team to react and drafted him.
  4. Could the club hold on little for this Season...but how would have help his development has well the development of other WR's on the team? I hope by the team cutting hin, he can wake up and work hard to have the same HOF career as CC.The fans base here were not going to support his development any more....we all wanted "win now"...I wiah Little the best esle where, just not with my team right now.
  5. IMO, just another Average Joe filling the hole created when they cut Average Mo. Nelson may be average, but Mo is nowhere near average. Definite upgrade. Disagree. I think people still lump Mo and Robiske together. Mo was way better."Way better than Robo" is still nowhere near average. Nelson is an upgrade. Not to mention missing half the games.Ding ding ding, Massaquoi was adequate when he was on the field, but he was rarely on it. Mediocre, unreliable players are end of the bench types. I think Nelson is a little bit better than that.Thought Nelson was injured, no?Momo was never really a big factor for the team...Nelson never has been a huge factor in his career. So I like it, but I like 6'5" wr's.
  6. Love this deal, we are getting something for nothing. Hardsty has been ok, but not good enough maybe Lewis can push him?
  7. Campbell, in what sounds like a 2 year deal. Yep and here is the linkCampbell signed Campbell, 31, is entering his ninth NFL season and is only two years older than Weeden. If Campbell beats out Weeden, he would become the 19th starting quarterback for the Browns since they returned to the NFL in 1999. My god, just trade for Mallett already.Latest out of NE is that the Pats want a 1st for him. Might just be positioning for a 2nd, but either way – price is too steep. Avoid. I agree, I would be willing to trade a 4th or 5th for a untested backup but that is about it
  8. Uhh, by the end of April?Even then is that really an answer? I like Weeden, just think this team needs to give at least one more year...
  9. Who will be the QB to complete with Weeden? When are they going to answer that question?
  10. Thank god......I want him get that ring, the man deserves it.
  11. I also think the team is looking to trade down, if they can get a 2nd round pick. I would be ok with it, just don't think it will happen.
  12. The free agent I really want the browns to sign, Jared Cook
  13. If I am the Browns, I would take a pass. The team need a player that is hungry, and I think Keller is the player that makes sence.