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  1. Hi CB!

    In 2008 you wrote an article concerning college workload and correlation to NFL success. 

     I wonder if you still have the article, since the link is broken

    1. ConstruxBoy


      Hey there,

      You can find the article here:

      Put I can't find the excel spreadsheet that is linked in the article with the raw data. Must have lost it somewhere. But the conclusions and some data is still in the article.



    2. Cipherchris


      Thanks so much!

  2. love reclamation projects

  3. Did he do anything in the pre-season? I'm officially worried about Greg Little's sleeper status. Weeden is indeed a 29 year old rookie, and it shows
  4. Take the trio of Bennett, Cook and Kellen Davis and quickly dump the one that's not seeing targets you'd have something IMO.Thats a lot of slots reserved for TEs