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  1. oh cool, DT Kawann Short scored more than Aaron Rodgers based on 2015 stats. lol
  3. 31 Must Fall: Bucs, and Packers available still - This league is in year 6 Bucs, Packers, Jags (taken), Chargers (taken), Bears (taken), Raiders (taken), Falcons (taken), Cowboys (taken), and the Texans (taken) are the orphans this year Para Bellum: Packers and Jags available still - This league is in year 3 Packers, Jags, Eagles (taken), and Ravens (taken) are the orphans this year. RULE BOOK LINK My email is or leave a message in this thread. Thanks LEAGUESAFE with MAJORITY APPROVAL
  4. I think CB Cyrus Jones is going to be the primary punt returner for the Pats.
  5. Got a pick today in week 2 of the preseason and is handled two punts. Grab this guy in CB required leagues before its too late.
  6. Football guys ranks slot corners high on a weekly basis and I assume this is because a veteran quarterback will key in on them when they're rookies or the weak link. Just thought I would share since most of my drafts are done and I think he's capable of putting up numbers like Pacman Jones. Return yardage leagues are what I usually play in, should of mentioned that in the original post.
  7. Looks like he's slotted for a nickel corner role. The rookie corner rule applies here Special teams abilities are off the charts. Four punt return tds last year. Converted WR so there could be some two way action in the future Played for Nick Saban. Bill Bellichick and Nick are buds. His nickname is Clamp Clampington