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  1. Yeah, you're drunk. Yeah, that guy is ####ed
  2. Facebook posts/tweets that start with "That time when..." or "That feeling when..."
  3. Someone tell me if something cool happens in The Sober Thread
  4. Not to harp on this, but I am curious as to what I missed here.The writers were trying to drum up some empathy for Nucky so jdoggy would like the show more and they missed explaining it.But I kinda missed that too. On the Boardwalk Wikia page it says that Purnsley back to the beach to recruit an army. Since a bunch of Chalky's men and Capone's men showed up at the same time I think it's implied that Eli found out that way.
  5. So yeah, it looks like a weak offense with very little talent will be catching up with Bo Ryan this year. .500 if they're lucky