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  1. Neither were prs. Well the half was because I haven’t run one before, but I’m not counting it. Thanks for the props I’m very happy with it heck, I was happy not having to walk and not blowing up
  2. That beet root crap is the ticket. My half time yesterday was 2:20:45. Today I was around 2:21-2:22 but had to stop to tie my shoe. Duplicated that again for a 4:44 full time. Had to pull back 150 yards on the 4:45 pacer in the last 1.5 miles to sneak in under 4:45. The runners world calculator had me predicted to finish just under 5:30 so I’m happy with the result First place was a female just under 2:50 as I recall. She put 5 min into the first place male today the second half of the course took us onto the private grounds of the estate
  3. Still impressive to me. I might be able to hang with u for 200 yards. Your mom is amazing
  4. Beet juice fueled. Hope this after taste does hang around all day the tart cherry juice yesterday seems to have worked on the soreness dipping below freezing but the wind is only going to be 5 mph bill be on course long enough to see it hit the upper 40s
  5. 2h20m finish. Surprisingly enough that got me in the top half. Course was .15 long and I crushed the tangents. I suspect many people ended up well over 13.5 miles. First half was basically sweeping S curves. Dirt carriage trail was muddy so the course was slow IMO. Despite running into a 25 mph headwind for most of the second half of the event, I did manage a negative split. That said, the 8 min/mi pace over the last 1/2 probably accounted for most of that. Beautiful course. Running by the Biltmore House as the sun rose was freaking awesome. The temps in the upper 20s-low 30s and constant wind wasn't much fun. I was expecting a 2:30 to 2:40 finish so hopefully I didn't blow my wad before tomorrow.
  6. :finger: mid 30s and dropping with a 20 mph wind from the upper Midwest. This race is at the Biltmore estate. Had to be on the grounds an hour early to be able to rAce. Race starts 10 min before sunrise. Sitting in my truck figuring out what to wear. To glove or not to glove is the biggest question
  7. Wish it was like that with my properties. I have two on the market and can't move either.
  8. Was just itching to run fast today. Well a fast for a 240 lb overweight old dude. Shouldn't have done this, but knocked 2:05 off that number above for a 24:40. Again this was treadmill so I wouldn't sniff that outside. Half is Saturday and the Full on Sunday. Debating on a couple of race strategies: 1. Run like I had properly trained and blow up. Then walk and jog to the finish. 2. Run sensibility and blow up a couple of miles later than option 1 because i didn't properly train. Then walk and jog to the finish. Actually I was just happy not to have the knee barking at me today and the back and hip pain was bearable for a change. Hopefully they don't piss test a back of pack finisher because I'll be banned for life with all the #### in my system. Anyone know if beet juice serves as a masking agent?
  9. Moncreif could not have ended up in a better spot. Crowell will be cut and plummets down the rankings
  10. A babysitter’s boxer-pit bull mix dog killed a 6-month-old North Carolina baby boy on Tuesday after the sitter went outside to clean her car so they could go for a ride, Salisbury police said Tuesday. Jacari Long of Lexington died after he was flown by helicopter to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, according to a police news release. The babysitter’s dog bit Jacari after she sat the boy down in her living room and walked outside to clean the backseat of her car at about 2:20 p.m., police said in the release. The babysitter ran back inside her home in the 700 block of Wilson Road after she heard her mother scream, police said. Jacari was taken to Novant Health Rowan Medical Center before being flown to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, police said. Rowan County Animal Control took custody of the dog, police said. “Salisbury Police are still investigating and no further information will be released at this time,” according to the police news release. On Wednesday, Jacari’s grandmother, Avnah Long of Stone Mountain, Ga., started a Go Fund Me page to raise money for his funeral and memorial/burial expenses. “Anything left over will go to counseling for the parents as they are heavily grieving as we all are,” Avnah Long wrote. Read more here:
  11. It has some other benefits too...or so I'm told.
  12. Costisone shot added to the drug cocktail today. Chopping to roll