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  1. Why is it unreal? Good TEs all over the league and moving regularly via trade and FA.
  2. Why. Might as well broadcast it to the whole world and say out bid me if you were going to give up half your draft to take him.
  3. NFL nailing it once again. Props to Goodall and crew.
  4. Maybe John Fox is going to win a Super Bowl in Chicago...
  5. That said, if Clev uses these picks for Cousins or move back up into this draft then it could be a good move. At some point in time you have to add talent and not draft picks.
  6. Not really...Houston is a typically a back half of the first round type of team.
  7. So your team does win games?
  8. Yeah...if they move back up then it was a good move. I shouldn't be so harsh this early.
  9. Maybe you guys can trade for Bortles and get another 20 picks in five years.
  10. wonder this franchise never wins.
  11. It means you could have sat tight and had the same bad QB or traded down and had the better QB and a boatload of picks.