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  1. That's two games where one more CMAC yard would have netted a win. Missed a golden opportunity to make up a game on NO. I don't think a WC berth is an option Seattle/SF and GB/Minny. Defense has been atrocious. Rivera must be pissed about the lack of tackling.
  2. That explains everything except if the issue is senility or waning eyesight.
  3. Diktaless wonders where the flag was on this tackle
  4. WTF Rodgers has ball in hand at 4 sec mark Ball comes out around 4.5 sec mark Mccoy is touching Rodgers with both hands before the 5 sec mark
  5. Damn you, you make some good arguments. All I know is that most every week I stated him last year, there were two guys on my bench who outscored him. Already did Dropped Newton when news of his foot not getting better surfaced and picked up Gordon when the rumor of him going to waivers surfaced.
  6. It could move rather sharply given 6 teams were on a bye if it's a high scoring game.
  7. Yeah...slumped from 28 ppg to 25 ppg. Of course he said they would fall off a cliff, not "slump". Hill had 13.6 and 26 ppr pts during Mahommes absence. The doom and gloom was overhyped by many in here and following the suggestions to trade Hill would have been crippling.
  8. That and the Panthers D allowing 10+ ypc
  9. This is what window maker said...I think the team doctors figured by the time it killed him, he'd be cut or retired, so why bother? Thanks for sharing the article. Sounds like malpractice i team doctors are responsible or this type of thing.
  10. I had him projected for a huge year. Luckily I missed out on him in all but one league. I don't understand how someone with this much talent performs like this. Yeah Mayfield sucks, but Eli wasn't any better last year.
  11. Congrats to the sane Packer fans. Game was closer than I thought it would be against an offense as strong as yours.