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  1. Not going to spend the time searching for it. You were in some airport bar popping wood over dsotm. It happened. Good thread anyway. Just was curious if you remember doing this before.
  2. already did this thread a few years back
  3. Lol but that’s why it took so long. David had it in the original email but I got the on the clock email first and didn’t check that
  4. Please clarify...days in jail, NA meetings, TDs, AA meetings, games suspended, cars sold, sets rep'd?
  5. If he could run between the tackles he would be pretty good...
  6. 20 Ff pts in a half on 9 touches. My calculator doesn’t have enough digits to extrapolate that to 25 touches
  7. Well it is the Browns
  8. Practice is over Rated - AI
  9. You're right. I'd sit on my ### and collect the 13 large and live off of that. With that comes the likelihood that you never play again.
  10. @Anarchy99 Ref would like Safari-Jenkins. He's driving a U-haul in the mountains and can't log in. Can you please pick for him?
  11. Every little edge helps. Though in the big scheme not many really here and many of those don't comprehend.
  12. 5.1 4.4 5.2 4.9 5.1 5.6 5.1 (me ) 5.2
  13. Let's assume 4 and give 3 catches because he's the greatest WR in the league ever. That should be good for roughly 3-200-3 a week or 48-3200-48 on the year. I'm going to temper down those numbers to 42-2800-42 because I think he has a recovery meeting on Thursdays and probably won't travel to LA.
  14. I went RB/RB/WR/Guice/ so 5 had to be a player capable of being a stud and covering for the drop off between Guice and whoever I draft(ed) in rounds 8-10 to replace him. If I had two WRs already rostered from the first three rounds I probably would have done things differently.