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  1. Looking for one more owner. As a reminder, 18 franchises. Two teams will be eliminated after week 1 and two teams after week 2. 19 draft rounds. one flex position has been added, RB/WR/TE
  2. Checked in for the day, will check back late tonite.
  3. Congrats duck
  4. Dude, you're behind on the talking points. It's now call Republicare
  5. Not finding any duck tracking
  6. 20 hours Orc for the current pick. Time for Calvin
  7. We need a timer turned on. Current pick has been Orc for 15 hr really can't blame anyone not checking in anymore when you pick every 4 th day
  8. That was not a good dress rehearsal.
  9. I get where you're coming. That said, do you think the 5% of the county currently taking it up the tailpipe work any less hard than you do? Why should they be absorbing 40% yearly rate increases and not allowed to pick their pool like you are?
  10. Wsls do
  11. Better Don't mail it in again or Yuds is going give you Jamarcus Russell.
  12. A majority of Americans voted for Obama so a majority of Americans should get to feel the impact of this bill. It's easy for the people in employer sponsored group plans to be all about pre-existing conditions being covered from the comfort of their relative clean insurance pool. The concept of insurance does work when all the high risk expensive people are in one pool and the low cost people are in another.
  13. Should have told him Serious Business going on here. Just looked at you team. I'd take a hard look at Ladarius Green / Jesse James combo somewhere down the road. Also RG3 is going to either crush it this year or be on the bench. Great pick in this format. If he's back you have a top 3 QB. If he gets hurt you have a great candidate to cut for the weekly hot FA pick up.
  14. Saw you there and then you were gone. Never saw you back. Will give it until 10:30.