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  1. Tim's not that small.
  2. You claimed it was a success and working in the Clinton thread. Another lie.
  3. It's been over. Polls are shifting trump just to pull in numnuts viewers like you
  4. Pretty simple. The dirty pool was absorbed by 8 percent of the population. The establishment kept them out of their pool
  5. No. we've been right and you've been wrong on yet another subject
  6. I feel bad for him and costs should have been addressed so this wouldn't happen. That said, ACA had minimal impact on group coverage.
  7. For as bad as ACA is, I doubt Obama had anything to do with this. Is your company self insured?
  8. BATthew D'AmBoOosio™ ‏@drmattdambrosio 2h2 hours ago .@WalshFreedom
  9. maxedgar • 3 hours ago My small community does mail in ballots - got ours today - tomorrow will be dropping off my better half and mine
  10. Attila_the_hun • 29 minutes ago At this point anyone who's planning to vote for EVITA rotten. Is either part of corrupt system and doesn't care to destroy his/ her own country for their his/her benefit. Or s/he is a brain death zamb
  11. William Dolesh • 20 minutes ago Hillary Clinton is as ugly as sin.
  12. Dang Son Rick Jones (Deplorable) • 28 minutes ago Exposing the FRAUD of CROOKED HILLARY'S feminism:
  13. Not factoring in the Zika Or his Zimas.