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  1. Jeter times out at midnight. I won’t be around to skip the pick. If you log in as commish go to setup then draft then skip pick.
  2. So like the year chambers came back to life and won people the league from the late rounds? May have been Heartline but some fins wr most wrote off
  3. Had to revert the draft. On phone. Looks like I skipped several picks
  4. Sinrman skipped
  5. Not to dwell on Maclin, but I think his injuries and Flacco missing the preseason and that being his first year in Baltimore really hindered him. Talent - check, Relatively young - check, Pedigree - check. Just seems like one of those guys who can throw up a 60-800-6 season and at the end of the season you say why didn't I draft him?
  6. I would have coached the team out of the World Cup for a tenth of that.
  7. Mariota, Marcus TEN QB301.1-6.10 Rivers, Philip LAC QB394.0-5.07 Reached a bit for Rivers, wanted his consistency. Marietta was drafted last year in the qb10-12 range as I recall but disappointed. I expect a bounce back and he did perform better in the playoffs this year. Overall two solid starters with no job threat. Abdullah, Ameer DET RB126.4-14.10 Cook, Dalvin MIN RB (Q)67.4-1.07 Royce Freeman RB--18.10 Powell, Bilal NYJ RB147.2-9.07 Prosise, C.J. SEA RB (Q)17.0-15.07 Williams, Jamaal GBP RB142.8-8.10 Not sure what to make of this group. A lot riding on Cook. If he performs then a bunch of darts at RB2. On paper Powell and Williams are currently at the top of the depth chart on their teams. The NFL draft will change this, but both should get plenty of touches this year. Prosisie is the best back on Seattle's roster but always gets hurt. Abdullah will get a shot somewhere. With a good combine I could see Freeman jumping 8 rounds in the SSL Adams, Davante GBP WR222.5-2.10 Benjamin, Travis LAC WR124.3-20.10 Cooper, Amari OAK WR158.4-3.07 Decker, Eric TEN WR116.3-16.10 Fuller, Will HOU WR (Q)113.2-7.07 Maclin, Jeremy BAL WR102.0-17.07 Williams, Mike LAC WR20.5-10.10 I think many won't like this group. Adams should be Rodger's #1 this year. Maybe not huge yardage upside, but good for 10 TDs. Cooper has the talent and should bounce back with a health Carr. Really like Fuller in this format. Won't score often but his long TDs should post a score 6-8 weeks. Williams was basically drafted as the equivalent of a rookie TE. Missing the whole preseason set him back so I'm discounting 2017. More talent than any of the rookies coming out this year. Feel like Decker and Maclin were excellent value in rounds 16 and 17. They'll be on a roster this year and fell like one will land in a good spot to bounce back this year. Benjamin was a Williams hedge. Worst case he posts 3-4 scores this year. Cook, Jared OAK TE188.8-11.07 Graham, Jimmy SEA TE226.0-4.10 A lot riding on Graham ending up in a good spot. NO would be ideal. Cook shouldn't have been there at 11.7. Gostkowski, Stephen NEP PK156.0-12.10 Cowboys, Dallas DAL Def115.0-19.07 Eagles, Philadelphia PHI Def154.0-13.07 Went with one PK. Wouldn't do this in a total points leagues, but after having 6 WRs on the same bye last year I like having more RB/WR. Defensive pairing should be above average. Looking at this roster I understand why I don't win many titles but have never been eliminated in week 1. Just looks like too conservative of a roster to post big weeks late in the year.
  8. The men could take lessons from the women on how to score on a penalty shot.
  9. Interesting... Not sure that I agree with that. Pulisic wouldn't be the stud he is if he hadn't been willing to accept bench time and compete for playing time in training.
  10. Spent half the afternoon yesterday negotiating via text on a car that was already sold. I assume this is grounds to ask the manager for a new sales person.
  11. The US missing 5 straight penalty shots.
  12. Not that it's make or break, but I'm pleasantly surprised to get Dallas D as Def30 off the board. I had them solidly in the middle of the pack.
  13. And this is exactly why people support the NRA and ammo has been hoarded for years.
  14. Ref will pull his groin.