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  1. About 260. Got into umstead and am going to actually train this year. Started around the beginning of the month. Benchmark mile time and 5k time were 10:16 and 37 min. The mile time has come down to 8:36 so that's progress. In the middle of a huge renovation so training will be challenging with two jobs. I moved 50 ft from my gym so no excuse for not walking across the street. Tonite was an hour walk at a 4.5 mph pace in low zone one followed by stretching and rolling. That aches and pains of being fat and inactive are starting to go away which is nice.
  2. Really need an explanation from this crazy man
  3. Yup. But slaves have zero free will. Several of your points are strong but I do think you downgrade total loss of freedom.
  4. At least those in poverty have a chance of getting free of it
  5. Forget to mention that my free Hayward makeup event hit for a $2 voucher
  6. Tonite = good 7 gpp entries, 6 cashed. 36 in, 67 out 4 cash entries which in use for overlay place holders. 3 hit. 4 in, 5.40 out $14 in satellite entries, $37 back in tickets total $54 in and about $110 out
  7. Harden 97 percent owned. Unless you think someone is going two sf will outscore him you couldn't spend the savings
  8. Fd asleep at the switch. No gpps available for the middle slates 10 min out. Wasn't going to play tonite and ended up with $53 in play
  9. We are coming up on the huge bye weeks. If you have a marginal guy not playing this week who will be on a bye in week 8 or 9, it's time to plan for that.
  10. I'm going to try to go that route since I have Prescott. I need 20 wins in the next 6 weeks or 3.3 per week to make the top flight. Just need a bunch of average weeks to finish.
  11. He will. Does -/+ win this?
  12. We share 17 of the same players.
  13. Missed Maclin being available.
  14. Tried of Crosby. Do I go for Bailey to pair with Prescott or Walsh to pair with Seattle D.
  15. FA of note QB - Dalton RB - Darkwa, Lewis WR - Ginn, Decker, Kerley, Patterson, Doctson TE - Sims/Miller, Griffin K - Succup, Bryant, Bailey, Walsh