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  1. Hell Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Curious where you would take this... If lots of people bang you wife and don't give up banging her after six months, then who would you blame for her cheating on you? 1. Your wife 2. You 3. The guys banging your wife. 4. Sex in general.
  3. Knowing FGILC's beliefs, he's going to lean towards the individual not be responsible for their actions.
  4. I don't think that would be very likely. Pretty close to what we are doing now. Keeps me back and forth on this issue. I like chip stuff as much as the next guy, but the something seems wrong about supporting illegal immigration to take advantage of people.
  5. Maybe you could get slavery reinstated too while you're at it.
  6. Yeah...7 hour moderate effort (a lot of walking expected). Probably 5600 cal burn. Should intake about 1500-2000 during the event and a heavier meal that night will mean around 3500 net loss.
  7. @Sand 247.2 Bit of a backslide week. Been sick since Sunday and haven't worked out. Loaded back up on water weight. Currently sitting at 150 cal on the day with an 800 cal dinner lined up so I'm doing well food wise. In reality I was down two pounds over last week's morning weigh in and would have likely weighed in in the 244s if I'd been able to work out today. I started with a night weigh-in so Woz is requiring that I maintain that schedule for our bet. Need to shake this funk as the Black Mountain Marathon is this Saturday. That should be good for a bonus pound lost this week.
  8. I have my doubts. If this was the case we wouldn't need gas or batteries to propel vehicles.
  9. You'll need to be at a 2300 daily calorie deficit to do this. Given a 2500-2800 base burn your talking 200-500 cal a day that you can consume (plus any exercise).
  10. You're so cute when you refuse to acknowledge institutional racism. You're so cute when you when you talk down to females.
  11. Well at least when he doesn't report the income and the feds seize the property and freeze everyone's bank account and give your #### the once over, you'll have a good laugh during the holidays.
  12. Yup, meant depreciate. The passive investments can become non-deductible depending on your income as I understand it. That's why many here have recommended that if you hire a PM, still have enough involvement to claim that it's non-passive. By cash flow positive, you need to factor in that if it's worth $500,000, that 5% is worth $25,000 a year. By taking days off, I meant that if you spend 5 days working on the place and just keeping tabs on crap, that's a chunk of your days off. I getting the impression that various family members may have an interest. If that's the case, I strongly urge you to either buy them out or have them buy you out. While your paths may be in tandem now, life happens and they may not be later.
  13. Just talk to several people a go with the most professional. Given you're background it will become apparent. Look out for hidden fees that are buried in the mgmt agreement and the opt out penalty. You've been to my vacation rental. If I had it to do over I would have bought another local long term rental property. Everything else cash flows and isn't upside down. Tell you wife that if you sell you will take her to x, y, and z the next three years. If you don't, her vacation will be to the beach property will be compromised deep cleaning and painting each of the next three years. The reality is that your biggest limitation will be your vacation time. Given that you only have X amount of days off, do you want to devote Y number of those to working on the property? You could farm that out, but that might impact whether this is a passive investment or active investment, hence deductibility. Also if this was acquired at a zero cost base, you may not be able to appreciate which means the income will be taxed hard. If by family you mean other adults that you don't sleep with, have them buy you out and then tell them stories about your great trips over Thanksgiving dinner while they discuss who's going to to the repairs at the rental property.