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  1. I vote for raising the rates of all the people on corporate insurance. The the other 45% of the country would understand what Obamacare is like.
  2. 132.55 Massive
  3. ####ers stole everything we did. We put a dummy marking into one of our mold designs and it was there on their product a year later when they were in full production.
  4. Very good chance that I'm up in weight this week despite being well below my calorie goal everyday and working out 5 of 7 days. Surprising considering my pants are literally falling off where I could barely squeeze into them before. I'm going to assume it's muscle gain as I struggled to bench 225 once a week ago and did 8 reps of 205 Saturday on basically fuel of a jar of pickles, 90 cal of lunch meat, and two beers over the previous 48 hours. Very frustrating.
  5. Why the empty seats at arsenal?
  6. Congrats Megla, really nice. On my end, $12 in, and $12 out.
  7. I avoided Kuz when I saw Porzingis was a go late and so much other value on the board like Gasol and Parker (vs. Denver). Of course I I have Mills in my late lineups and he has a 1/2 point. WTF.
  8. But where the heck did Hermangomez come from last night. I read nothing but Quinn and everyone had him projected through the roof. The big winners last night had him. Dumb luck or inside info?
  9. Chandler...the late scratch from a few nights ago.
  10. Quinn doesn't do #### last night and tonite Hermangormez hasn't seen a minute. Got burned on Parker scratch after lock and then Gasol. This crap is getting to the point that craps would be a better investment.
  11. Mattel - I'm seeing more plans available off exchange than on exchange. Is that right?
  12. Don't take this the wrong way, but you work 12 hour days and your wife seems to drink wine most nights and you have to get up in the middle of the night to feed the kids? Something is wrong with this picture. Do you have the subscription service for the Peloton? That seems like the way to go from a motivation standpoint. On the easy spin days I bet you could rack up a billable hour while getting in a light workout.