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  1. I'll try to get back to this Ditka.
  2. It was a dark and stormy day and the rain fell in torrents except at frequent intervals when we were at ####### commercial break when key passes were occurring or the podium places were being determined.
  3. Love it but then again Metalurgy was my favor college class
  4. Fortunately with the flex they aren’t as valuable.
  5. My Dez pick was the nail in the coffin. Funny thing is that I strongly consider Watkins there. Thought he might slip through the turn if you took Mahonmes.
  6. Better than the tower....27 Right...sorry... 27 Left.
  7. SteelCurtain running in that crap weather was beastly. His determination and grit resulted in completing one of the toughest feats anyone here has accomplished. I would put it second behind anyone who watched the whole Boston Marathon broadcast.
  8. Who is responsible for this #### show? Boston Athletic Club or NBC Sports? With the number of runners in the US, someone is missing out on a huge opportunity to turn this event and broadcast into a monster.
  9. Looks like mfl is down at the moment.
  10. Fro and Ref had pre-drafts yesterday at one point in time yesterday that ended up going away. Maybe they can chime in and let us know if there weren't enough or they pulled them later.
  11. Thanks Gru...wouldn't have known this from the broadcast. Don't understand why there aren't fifty cameras out there capturing all the key passes and events. Watch a 130 mile bike race and they'll have gap times to the second and a camera covering a guy changing a flat while tracking multiple groups.
  12. A couple of gems in there...Hue's been sloughing off and is behind in the process. He has a lot of say in the process. He's having to work weekends for the first time (given the record, I'd assume that includes regular season too).
  13. lol...The Browns brass is either a bunch of liars or they might as well let Ghostguy pick the QB. If all four are really still in consideration, they should just take whoever's left at 4.