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  1. So similar to the D mandate to oppose Trump, Bush, etc. I guess Bear's fans hate for the Packers would be racist if Aaron Rodgers was black.
  2. Outside of Benghazi (which was more of a Hillary thing), how many prosecutors and special hearings were held? Which R politicians opposed Obama based on his skin color and not his positions?
  3. Probably the same way they've responded to Trump, Bush 1, Bush 2, and Reagan. If you give them an opening to attack, they will.
  4. Well Obama was technically right. If you like you plan you can keep your one likes their individual plan anymore.
  5. While I agree Bill was at the receiving end of R antagonism I disagree a) it was in the same ballpark and b) it was of the same roots. Obama had a walk in the park compared to Bill. Both had it really easy compared to Hillary. It's called politics and both sides do it. For ages it's been about winning and improving your status, not about the country.
  6. Tri-man - Steal some thunder. At least tell us about your trip outside of the event.
  7. I'm not sure if duck motivated me or the dream of Triman rubbing my feet