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  1. It sucks. Gonna to have to dip into my 401k plan.
  2. Since this now seems to be the PGA thread I'll ask this question here... Is everyone hitting their 8 iron 188 yards? What clubs do you hit from 70 to 170? Is it time to redesign a set of irons for the pros that gives them clubs to hit full swing at the yardages they usually encounter?
  3. Up there with Ap State beating Michigan at the Big House.
  4. None of us likely knew that this school existed. Which is what makes it so funny/awesome. Actually Virginia beat UMBC in the College Cup semis two years ago so tonight was pay back.
  5. OK, now I know why no one posts here...
  6. A Bear negotiating with the packers? Should be cut for treason.
  7. No signings today?
  8. That worked out well for the Ohio teams. Gonna be the same this year...teams will pass on Edge, Holt, Bailey for Akili Smith.
  9. I like the Poe signing. What does he cost us comp pick wise?
  10. 2015 JAC 16 80 1400 14 2016 JAC 16 73 883 6 Per rotoworld his last two full seasons