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  1. I think he wants to help the country more than Clinton. I think Bernie wanted to help the country far more than both of them combined.
  2. I typically watch the whole dang thing unless it's a totally flat stage. I that case I watch it at 3-4x until the peloton gets serious about chasing the break. I'm a numbers geek. It would be nice if they had more rider cameras and more real time data from the riders power meters. I really enjoyed how Froome rode in a few of the stages. That said, the mountain stages were the most boring ever this year. The best stages now are the ones with just enough hills at the end to make it a challenge for the sprinters to hang but enough hills that most of the riders are in contention for a win.
  3. Yup, although I really like how they do it now. The interest in the intermediate sprint is awesome.
  4. We were talking about DWS.
  5. I'll agree with this. Hillary made him her #####. Many around here have been promoting how the progressive movement gained traction and will just continue to grow. The reality is that you got 8 years of Hillary and then 8 of Kaine locked and loaded. There's not going to be a progressive getting a sniff of power unless he/she works for a drug company.
  6. 1. Founded in 2008 by George Soros and Hillary Clinton’s campaign director John Pedestal. Must be good. 2. Timmy doesn't care about Jews dying as long as you don't make a Hitler joke. 3. Timmy supported the Iran deal which most Isrealis were against. 4. Zeus is going to smite 8 supreme court justices so we must vote Hillary. 5. NATO is the most important issue in this election bar none. 6. Everything's OK if it doesn't interfere with his cheap labor picking his veggies or indentured servants making his 4k Ultra HD TVs so he can flap to Hillary.
  7. When she's making 7 figures at Goldman Sachs we'll laugh at his foolish ###.
  8. One of my employees did this upgrade and it killed the hard drive. To be fair, it was likely on it's way to the it's death bed anyway. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it's broke, buy a Mac.
  9. Hillary Clinton
  10. Doh....Brady busted cheating and Manning found to be clean. At least Brady can still hang onto being the 2nd greatest of all time until Wilson, Luck, Winston, and Cam pass him by.
  11. Not eating your donuts this year.
  12. Maybe we need to give them some more uranium???
  13. Congrats to Hilary and the establishment for putting the nail in the coffin on the same day it comes out that the establishment was trying to do that all along.
  14. Which explains why this county has gone to hell.
  15. The black people in the audience don't look as happy and the long haired hippie dudes.