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  1. 1.1E looks good for team Ref
  2. Why are they speaking in French but do the rider names in English?
  3. I think this is what Charlotte is being punished for (copied from the Charlotte website) Sec. 12-59. - Prohibited sex discrimination. (a) It shall be unlawful to deny a person, because of sex, the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations of a restaurant, hotel, or motel. (b) This section shall not apply to the following: (1) Restrooms, shower rooms, bathhouses and similar facilities which are in their nature distinctly private. (2) YMCA, YWCA and similar types of dormitory lodging facilities. (3) A private club or other establishment not, in fact, open to the public.” The bill didn't say the bathroom they identified with with. I think the compliant was that if I was at the All-Star game needing to take a dump and didn't want to wait in the men's bathroom line, I could just mosey into the women's bathroom. It also looks like it put an end to things like women's only fitness classes. I didn't vote for McCrory after he and his democrat buddies defied the referendum results of the public on the stadium and built a stadium for millionaires and corporation to profit off of. Both sides screwed the pooch on this one.
  4. Read more: Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook
  5. Well I am still undecided. Right now I'd lean 40% don't waste an hour in line, 40% Gary Johnson, 10% someone else, 10% Trump. The convention didn't move the needle one way or another for me. Waiting for the debates to determine which direction I'll go. That said, I can admit that the convention should have moved the Trump % up, which it didn't.
  6. Just as long as we don't have to drink to it.
  7. Of course next week... “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” - Benjamin Franklin
  8. No, makes me sad the establishment prevented Bernie from being the president. Gary Johnson is looking a little better now and will look a lot better next week after the lying crook screeches for an hour
  9. I take the first team that's misses that times out during the draft twice as a replacement owner.
  10. DOJ cited higher rates as the reason. Do they even realize that the law doesn't allow for this?
  11. Cav dropping out is going to hurt a lot of the top teams in the veto contest.
  12. That's only because she exercises her 5th amendment right more often.
  13. Lack of endorsements didn't hurt him in the primary.
  14. I would say not getting Cruz's endorsement is a plus.
  15. If that's your opinion then pro-Iraq Hillary is a slam dunk dunk choice for you.