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  1. Well I know who shot JR, but I don't spout off about his fastball being a product of vaseline hidden in his fro.
  2. BassNBrew

    Wealthiest Fictional Character

    Ted Dibiase Talk about some overt racism.
  3. Lead the league in points scored with Ginn as his WR1 and rookie Funchess. Defense was ranked 6th, Seattle 1st.
  4. BassNBrew

    Ran a 10k - Official Thread

    Good luck. I wouldn't be so focused on a negative split. This course will dictate it regardless, so saying you negative split it really won't be accurate. Similar to running Boston with with a 40 pound pack for the first 13.1 at an 8:00 mi pace and then dropping the pack running the second half at a 7:50 pace and saying you negative spit the race. I wouldn't go crazy at the start, but I wouldn't hold back to the point that you get stuck behind people on the trail where it might be difficult to pass and force you to run at a slower pace than your comfortable. If you're an 8:00 min guy slow down to a 9:00 pace at the start, your going to get stuck behind all the 9:30 guys "sanding" the start and have to pick your way around them on the trail. Looking back at the Umstead results run on a loop, the top finishers don't negative split. They don't go out and fall off a cliff, but the pace gradually erodes.
  5. BassNBrew

    FanDuel Week 11

    Yeah, this is horse do-do.
  6. Congrats Bears fans...Trubisky seems to be legit. Should be a great battle down the stretch.
  7. Broader like Jabba the Hut? Well you thought Hillary was attractive so there's that...
  8. That's not what you said... Maybe you should have said...
  9. So you are saying Trump is photogenic. 😙
  10. Or innocent until proven guilty.
  11. Thanks to you @Just Win Baby and @Maurile Tremblay for posting some great material.
  12. Very good chance of this. If the economy is still ticking along, he claims he accomplished everything he wanted to and is handing over the reigns to someone else to follow the blueprint.