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  1. Not a fan of this, but the extreme alternative appears to be worse. Our local government purchased the cable system when Adelphia went belly up. They now offer Slower speeds at higher prices and fewer Channels than the competition one town over. They also accomplish this at a huge loss. property taxes have be used to support this boondoggle rather than Schools or affordable housing
  2. Crap, now you've Keerocked him to sub 60 yards.
  3. Only so much you can pay attention to. There was prize $ overlay last night. Only so many things you can enter in a minute. At times I've seen them fill quick.
  4. NBA ticket contests were only 20-30% full. Wish I had gotten more in play.
  5. Sorry dude. Here's the other team... Non factor at 163.6
  7. Big-time bummer. I like Wentz A lot. Was hoping to get a second shot at beating you guys in the playoffs
  8. How do you know I drafted a weak squad? Never mind, it's obvious I have a weak squad if I'm starting Gordon. I missed your final ranking this week. Did the WR Whisperer have Tyrell Williams, Kendall Wright, and Goodwin ranked ahead of Josh this week?
  9. Do you want to win?
  10. Late September when everyone thought Jamaal was a bust. Churned him multiple times so two of Moncrief, Smallwood, and Gallman. Obviously he's doing better than those guys. Don't play dynasty. If he stays cleaned the dynasty guys will be rewarded. As a re-draft guy, two weeks left for him to put up game changing numbers.
  11. No, it's my fault for falling for the hype and starting him over superior options.
  12. If you meant shouldn't have, you would be correct.
  13. Huge win. Needed that as we lost ground to our closest pursuers for the wildcard fro a tie break standpoint. The crowd was amazing. After the Vikings scored to tie it up, the keeping pounding chant was drowning out the announcers on TV. Stewart looked reborn and that leap into the end zone was unreal. He out jumped most of the guys on the Hornets. Back to the read option. Cam is a magician with the ball.