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  1. Definitely not good. Reminds my of legalizing pot but at the same time only allowing purchases through a single state approved vendor.
  2. I’d love to hear the scientists debate. Unfortunately they don’t create the content to draw a crowd like the mma game changer guy did.
  3. HGEN up a dollar. Might be the only thing I have open green other than BZQ and TZA.
  4. My biggest gripe about Cam has always been his lack of urgency in the 2 min drill. I would have thought Bill could have fixed that. Cam definitely left a couple of extra plays in the cupboard. Things should get interesting now that the NE staff know they can open up the playbook.
  5. Edelman running for yards like he never has before will catch up with him.
  6. Only 42.55 pts this week in my league. Can't wait for the Pats offense to get rolling.
  7. Cool, thanks for sharing your opinion. Yeah, that first hour was awkward at best. Rogan should have shut that down, but I do think he was erring on the side of giving Wilkes more leeway. I don't mind someone showing their bias if they admit it and give the other side time to fully explain their viewpoint. I guess the important thing is that I did learn a good bit from that debate and that wouldn't have happened without the long form format.
  8. Van Halen without DLR is like Thanksgiving turkey without gravy or a top 50 Rush list without Working Man. 😁