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  1. BassNBrew

    2019 (18 season) FBG Playoff League

    Keeping Gurley and Michel. Will take the 2nd spot, although 4th was tempting.
  2. BassNBrew

    2019 (18 season) FBG Playoff League

    I tell my kids, Don't tug on Superman's cape. Sorry for the delay. Give me a few. Been renovating a home I just evicting the roaches from. Mouse crawled up into the 220 range receptacle Good times.
  3. BassNBrew

    Kareem Hunt and Left Eye and Andre Rison

    I once had a tenant call me from jail to tell me his rent would be late because he tried to burn down his mom's house in the rain.
  4. BassNBrew

    [Dynasty] Todd Gurley

    I for one was shocked to see "round, brown, and low to the ground"* out produce Gurley last week. Make me question how much of Gurley's success is system based. *Stealing this from a local AA radio host.
  5. BassNBrew

    Los Angeles County Teachers on STRIKE!

    It’s not my number. It’s the California Department of Education’s number. Why do you think they are lying? You're both wrong, it's $33,200
  6. BassNBrew

    2019 (18 season) FBG Playoff League

    LOL...We've had this argument in the past. From the original rules...Draft would be serpentine. WC weekend all draft spots would be picked randomly, but after that, teams would choose which spot they want - that order would be based on the prior week's scoring (so the high scorer would choose their slot first, etc.). Oz is correct.
  7. BassNBrew

    Philip Rivers Is Terrible

    0-3 vs. Brees, but 3-0 vs. Eli.
  8. BassNBrew

    Philip Rivers Is Terrible

    Maybe we need a Hall of Very Good. Putting Rivers in the HOF with 1-3 years of Brady is an insult to Brady. Even if you don't put any of the seven losses v. Brady on Rivers, you would think a HOF caliber QB would beat Brady at least once.
  9. BassNBrew

    Playoff Contest is LIVE

    The top teams this week are littered with guys that have 6-8. Beyond that... team 100: 6 team 200: 6 team 300: 6 team 400: 8 team 500: 4 team 600: 4 team 700: 7 team 800: 6 team 900: 6 team 1000: 6 team 1100: 4 team 1200: 5 team 1300: 4 team 1400: 4 team 1500: 5 team 1600: 6 team 1700: 5 team 1800: 4 team 1900: 4 team 2000: 0 team 2001: 6 team 2002: 3 I suspect a majority of teams will have 6 plus scorers.
  10. BassNBrew

    Philip Rivers Is Terrible

    Or a conference with a majority of hapless teams? Interesting post Bfred.
  11. BassNBrew

    Playoff Contest is LIVE

    15 above the cut with brees kamara foles elliot to go
  12. BassNBrew

    FanDuel Divisional Weekend

    LOL...Fanduel now has 4 quarter action only. They don't even pretend it's a game of skill anymore. Also be aware that they adjust the lock in three minute increments after the current time to start expires. You also can't cancel out of these contests if they are full and it's inside 15 minutes to the start time. I did a $2 entry that hit for $8.5 and a $9 that finished in second place and won $83 (I had tried to cancel this entry lol). Also had a $4 Saturday only that missed the cash by a couple of points. Working to much on a renovation to study or play or follow news. Good luck to the rest of you today.
  13. BassNBrew

    Philip Rivers Is Terrible

    For some reason I think today's game defines Rivers career whether good or bad.
  14. BassNBrew

    ***2018 Dallas Cowboys***

    Awesome...good enough year to lock up Garrett again but not good enough to sniff the Bowl.
  15. BassNBrew

    [Dynasty] Todd Gurley

    He's no Cmac, but still a first round consideration.