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  1. Based on links from other posters previously, Bernie Bros didn't stay at home. In fact, they came out stronger for Hillary than Hillary Hose did for Obama.
  2. Gave serious consideration Murray over Ryan. Was hard to do with Drake on board.
  3. I considered Gallup but I’m terrified of what might happen at QB. Last year I felt comfortable until the mid 20s. This year uncertainty becomes an issues in the mid teens. I expect some people to get some late steals at QB. This is Ryan’s every other good year. Considered 3-4 others, but 30 tds and 4K seems to be close to a lock. Damien Williams was also a consideration but with Drake and Ingram already rostered, I couldn’t burn a fifth on a bench spot
  4. I was referring to the people not getting a US taxpayer subsidized company plan. Maybe some wants to self insure but doesn’t have that option
  5. Pete is more likely to be wooed by the military industrial complex than Bernie
  6. Now that's funny. Neither have I or the president of the student counsel down the street. You really should run for office. You would excel at political speak. We'd at least be getting a decent human being out of it (not a shot at Pete).
  7. Taxpayers aren't paying for Obamacare, but they are subsidizing private insurance via the payroll tax exclusion. I guess that statement isn't totally true because taxpayers funded the co-ops which all went out of business. And if you are going to use the argument above, Bernie is much less likely to be lobby bombs are Syria that Pete.
  8. You do realize that Gold plans and Silver plans have essentially flipped under Obamacare. And yes that's an argument to do something, I just think like roads and military, we all should be contributing.
  9. I'll have to think on that further and read more of the details. Generally not a fan of programs that dis-incentivize work or promote cash jobs. Do you know who is paying for these subsidies? The downfall of Obamacare is that the cost burden was shifted to a small segment of the population.
  10. That's not an option. I also see he's still running the same scenario's as Obamacare where it offer makes no sense to work. I did note this...."The United States spends more than $10,000 per person on health care, which comes to 18 percent of our GDP—more than twice as much what other high-income countries pay.25 Despite spending more on health care per capita than any other country in the world, we don’t have better health outcomes to show for it. Today, we are dying younger and are less healthy than we used to be." He makes the argument for M4A right in his own plan.
  11. Sort of like when the police say you have to option of coming along quietly. End result is the same destination.
  12. Who changed the league name? I like it!!!😀