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  1. I had 5 offers for that pick. May regret passing on Parker or Rudolph. Hoping a better RB falls in G.
  2. Bass sends 7.4 H and 11.3 G to Cyguy84 for 7.3 G and 10.09 H Would someone approve for me at Fantasy Sharks to make it official.
  3. get 6.8g, 18.8g, for 7.4h, 14.9h offered to me.
  4. We can start 4 wrsWRs
  5. Early 2nd in two leagues with a 12 week regular season and only top 25% make playoffs. ?
  6. I have an offer of ware and 11.1 for 7.4 and 9.3. This copy of ware went at 7.1 but he went early 6th in the sister draft. Other option is to take woodheads old ### or roll the dice with Parker as wr4 and deep dive for rb in the 8-9 rounds
  7. H. Parker looking enticing
  8. Ware gone...need some insight.
  9. Davonte Parker hanging out there if any team mates need a WR and have a RB to move.
  10. Don't think I'll get lucky enough for Ware to fall so West or Woodhead if I have the choice? Should I be considering Perkins, Coleman, or Lacy instead?
  11. You did but no problem. clipped - I'll pm you and adonis so I don't offend anyone else.
  12. I can agree with this for the most part. I'll apologize for heading down a different path with this. I found matttyl's and CdL's conversation interesting and headed down the Civil War path in a thread devoted to the statue issue.
  13. Where was I arguing? I took in one of your responses to my posts and it spawn some questions so I asked them. Generally that's how a discussion works, but then again I'm in the politics forum where laws of civility are suspended.
  14. Because I thought one of the posters here that's into history might know the answer off the top of their head. Why didn't Joe look up how many people were at the Charlottesville rally?