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  1. Well that's two nights in a row. Kudos to community leaders getting this right and the state for providing resources. Hopefully other mayors learn from the initial mistake and get help in place immediately the next time this happens.
  2. Good news and props to police for taking this thug off the street if he's the person who gun down the black protester.
  3. Well either this was a justified shooting or police are going all in. Based on my experience when I was pulled over by Charlotte police, it very well could be the later.
  4. This the same wife that asked you to up you life insurance policy?
  5. Look up systemic corruption and you see your avatar.
  6. Of course she's not a leader. She's a crook.
  7. As a leader you don't uncut the process in public and you don't stir the pot
  8. You don't have enough people to go that route. You're basically a slight cut above us individual schmucks. Very nice of you to offer insurance. That said, do the employees want it or would they rather have a pay raise? In some instances people are better off when their employer doesn't offer insurance (spouse has it or subsidy eligible).
  9. Dang...she's becoming as reckless as Trump.
  10. Yes on the notice after cancelation. My understanding was they were set up for a $700 subsidy and billed by BCBS monthly based on that but the gov't was only sending $200. I suspect the later was the case but the deficit was so much that it made more since for them to go with a short term junk policy
  11. Have you all considered self-insuring where you pay them to handle the paperwork and the claims are paid out of your kitty?
  12. Mattel, have you run into anyone who lost their ACA policy when the subsidy was reduced after their enrollment (which they weren't aware of)? They were paying what BCBS was billing (albeit late) and the shortfall ended up giving them a cancellation notice. They are being told they are SOL until next year.
  13. On a different subject, who does your hair Samantha?
  14. This will be the most corrupt administration ever by the time the oath is completed.