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  1. How am I doing tonight...let's look at the top value plays PG - Rondo , Schroder SG - Bradley , Allen SF - Ingram , Williams PF - Mirotic , Muscala C - Okafor , Turkic Any idea how we could play the opposite of the IVC recommendations?
  2. lineup of the season and get stung with Roddick out.
  3. Ironically enough, the only lineup that cashed was an main slate lineup where I used 8 players from the Hou/GS game.
  4. Not well. I down everything I've won in football and then some. My only recent winning night was when the Kings-Sixers game was cancelled and 20% of the field had exposure and I didn't have any and a Sat/Sun slate where there was no IVC for the overnight two game slate. I started out playing 2/3's cash and 1/3 gpp. The gpps were paying out at or just above the cash game lines so I switched to gpps only. I realize that means I'll have 4 in 5 losing nights. I'm fine being down the rake if it turns out that way. I'm in this for a 30 day trial period based on Devin's track record and what this site has sold about all the experts they have. What I noticed last night was the the winning lineups had low cost players that did very well and some of these players were definitely projected higher on a competitor's site compared to the hoops guys projections. I ran enough lineups that I had some Durant/Harden/Greek lineups that were in prime position to do well if the value play projections had hit.
  5. I works for football and worked very well for college football. That's because the projections were good.
  6. I get what you guys are saying, but here's what Hoopsguys is saying... I've been following this almost to a tee.
  7. I think it depends on where it was fed. I've had some excellent grass feed steaks and some that didn't have the right flavor. Lately I've been buying the grass fed whole ribeye when they are on sale at Earthfare for $5.99/lb and have them cut. They often offer a 25% off one item coupon and I get an add'l 5% off. For just a hair over $4/lb I get an excellent steak. Basically end up with 12 steaks for what one RC's steak would cost.
  8. 13 gpp lineups over 3 slates. Only 4 of them cleared 294 points. I'm assuming they wouldn't have paided in cash as I had 3 finish between 330-335 and didn't cash in gpp. I suspect I would have been 4 of 13 in cash contests. I switched exclusive to gpp this week after the lost some cash contests that had a higher payout number than the gpp contests.
  9. Top ten H-value guys were a coin flip. Problem was the misses were at the top of list with 4 of 6 missing the mark and 3 of those woefully so. The hits were widely owned and were minimal help, the misses outside of James weren't widely owned. James Harden Hit 54.8 LeBron James Miss 45.8 Giannis Antetokounmpo Hit 47.3 Hassan Whiteside Miss 42.5 Clint Capela Miss 33.6 DeAndre Jordan Miss 35.8 Stephen Curry Hit 41.5 Kevin Durant Hit 43.9 Chris Paul Miss 40.9 Gordon Hayward Hit 36.5
  10. And that's why I was 1 for 14 on the night.
  11. Top 15 Hoopsguys value picks for last night and how they fared... Justin Anderson DAL@CHA 3600 23.3 16.6 Troy Williams ORL@MEM 3700 23.5 15.9 Salah Mejri DAL@CHA 3500 22.2 19 Rondae Hollis-Jefferson MIL@BKN 3900 22.2 16.6 Clint Capela HOU@GS 5900 33.6 15.8 Jeff Green ORL@MEM 3500 19.7 24.9 Jarell Martin ORL@MEM 3600 20.2 19 Ryan Anderson HOU@GS 4400 24.5 33 Frank Kaminsky DAL@CHA 4500 24.8 6.6 Bismack Biyombo ORL@MEM 4200 23.2 16.8 J.R. Smith LAC@CLE 3700 20.4 9.9 Andrew Harrison ORL@MEM 3900 21.1 27.8 Dwight Powell DAL@CHA 3600 19.4 19 Patrick Beverley HOU@GS 4400 23.5 19 JaMychal Green ORL@MEM 4400 23.3 24.9
  12. That's good news and great to hear. Everytime you have a strong feeling you end up being wrong.
  13. Actually it really wasn't. He was ranked among SFs in value and 3rd in H-value. He was under projected by 14 pts and shouldn't have been in your lineup. Good call by you recognizing a poor projection and putting him in your lineup.
  14. Ouch..... 23291st / 23529 POSITION $0 WINNING 21