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  1. LOL...made a waivers move for NE Def and forgot to start them.
  2. There's really only one correct answer to the OPs question...reload your bank account.
  3. Pm shuke and ask him to email you
  4. Not about fireworks. It's about ownership percentages
  5. Double the ads for you and none for me work?
  6. You guys are killing me. Point me to this NFL ownership support of Trump ps a black dog killer which turns off every demo was sign asap and played until his suckiness was obvious to everyone.
  7. You really want to make that bet? Ill wager up to $1000 that over 19 weeks dodds wins a head to head series versus you.
  8. I understand the concept of overlay and I seek it out when selecting games, but I don't follow that last sentence. Would you mind unpacking it for a newb? Could should have been couldn't. 35% overlay and 53% overlay.
  9. Tons of overlay on the satellites tonight. Wish I'd gotten more in. I know they are usually a losing proposition but could resist $259 in entries, $400 in tickets and $83 in entires, $175 in tickets.
  10. Cut Smallwood for NE Pats D. In theory it's not smart to carry two defenses (have Seattle too), but their schedules mesh very well. Maybe pennywise, pound foolish. Feel like I got off to a lucky start with DJ and Edelman gone and sitting on 13 wins. 50 gets you to the Championship tier, 43 to the next tier. That leaves 37 wins (4.3 per week) or 30 wins (3 per week) as a bogey. This just feels like a team that will need to steal a win or two to sneak into a tier. eta - The talent on team BnB is watery tier.
  11. I may make a play for Rawls too and ditch Jamal Williams. I've been merry-go-rounding backups that are basically worthless without an injury to the starer.
  12. Some interesting names on the wire. 6-8 weeks is a tough hold but Olsen is a must add for anyone who doesn't have injuries.
  13. Already paid for itself when 15 or 16 of my 18 cash lineups it built hit last week