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  1. good work gru i did the same workout today except at 15 incline and 10 mph 15 sec intervals
  2. Very strange. Olympic distance that was suppose to start at 5:30. Really you're only talking about 10k of running in heat before 10am. Good luck OZ and Triman.
  3. Corners looked good, but looked like crap otherwise. I think his recent stint with Bradley rubbed off on him.
  4. Plus if he moved to Europe he would become a good player.
  5. Double yesterday. Morning - 30 min bike, 30 min stretching / yoga Night - First run after dark. 80/73 felt great. Knocked out 9 at a 10:57 pace, so at least I kept up with the turtles for a change. There were signs of a break through. Finished that up with a mile walk. I had forgotten how much I hate running with a headlamp. Also tried my new XXL thigh sleeves which turned out to be to tight I'm managed to work off 10 pounds over the last 3 weeks to get back to my spring racing weight. Hoping to shave off another 3 in the next week
  6. Thanks for the update. Race director posted that road shoes should be fine based on current expected conditions.
  7. Very interesting. I was the reverse, biking didn’t translate to running gains but running did translate to the bike
  8. Less than a month and we find out his role and see Chelsea jerseys all over the US.
  9. This is the best wireless printer I've ever had. Everything connected easily including phones.