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  1. Damn dude, you're winning everything. FBGs needs to just give you the keys to this place. Very impressive.
  2. I set up the four eliminated teams to auto draft from "my draft list" when they go on the clock. I loaded a draft list of scrubs/defensive players for each of those owners. You should be go to go.
  3. I think you are in pretty good shape. Not a lot of people were predicting Jax. There are a ton of dead entries that advanced on the strength of Big Ben. The max players counting for anyone is 8 so the cutoff will drop. With all of the wildcard teams gone on the NFC side, all the players people used to get through the first 2 rounds on that side are gone.
  4. Hold on, I've got Bortles, Dorsett, and Dwayne Allen and am only 700 its back.
  5. 8 teams. Basically the equivalent of a 32 team league during the regular season. Basically by round 4 you're deciding between Jax WR 2-4, Wright, Clement, etc. Added Gordon as joke and then faded every player on my roster in fanduel lineups this week and hit for $150 profit.
  6. With half the teams left, let's go with Wed for choosing your spot and keepers and start the draft on Thursday. The gives everyone an extra day to sort out any injured players.
  7. Championship upside. Damn this guy is the kiss of death. Added Gordon to my playoff team roster and my first place team fell to 5th and was eliminated from the league.
  8. $50 in $30 out to finish the rest of the weekend. My great Brady/White/Amendola/Gronk lineups got torpedoed by Big Ben. That last Diggs TD really helped as I was heavy on him and offset some of my Snead love.
  9. Catch and tackle would have done it by tenths of a point for you.
  10. Congrats one the last play win.
  11. Good news is that I advanced. Bad news is that I will only have 3 or 4 live players. Good chance I come in last place next week.
  12. I didn't bother with the guys who have a slot locked up.
  13. I knew better than to invite Holloway into this league. He wins everything.
  14. Looks like it's pretty much over. Congrats to those who advanced.