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  1. What a fing disaster this week has become
  2. Generally 8 but it moved about 15 last week. Depends on the ownership %s left.
  3. No way the Cowboys overcome their best three players being out.
  4. Coleman?Coleman?
  5. Had two offers for Cam and I don't know what to do. Lamar Miller and Tevin Coleman. Pretty much the same as Woodhead and Duke johnson per fbg top 200 forward. Tempted to grab Coleman to try secure wins this week in place of Ginn/Maclin. FBG says that will net me 6 points. Talk me off the ledge. Dan is my starter.
  6. Up 22, late in the fourth. Smart play is to run the ball and take time off the clock. Trees wanted the record on Monday Nite Football. He'd play of the Browns if he had to in order to secure the record.
  7. Not only that, NO will want that to happen in NO.
  8. Some great first round games. Presbie gave Wilmington a run. It lost one of my rooting interests as State went down. Va Tech advances and looked good. 16 games today as the big boys take the field. Games start at 1pm EST and last kickoff is 10 pm EST.
  9. I live here and don't think it's a great sports market. St. Louis baseball blows it away in terms of fans. Basketball - We drove off the Hornets 1 much in the way that St. Loius ran off the Bidwells. Attendance was great as it was the first pro franchise. The Hornets owner also wanted a new stadium. He also was doing something inappropriate with the cheerleaders. The residents voted down the stadium and spending tax dollars on it. The Hornets ran off for a bette offer in New Orleans. The stupid Democrat city council and Republican mayor McCorey told us our vote didn't matter and that we were buying a stadium for billionaires and millionaires to make money. The NBA brought back basketball and attendance was horrible just like the product. About the best thing to happen was Jordan buying out Bob Johnson. Jordan sucks as an owner, but less so than Bob Johnson. He did get back the Hornets name. Somehow that brought attendance back. During the bob Johnson years I had season tickets and couldn't give away tickets to a game. Football - Love my Panthers. Just realize that this is a transient city. Maybe 1 in 10 people were born here. Every time a NFL team with tradition comes to town, the stands are filled with jerseys of a different color. This is starting to get better as our kids who grew up when the franchise was young are becoming ticket buying age. It will be 50 years before the fandom can compete with most NFL teams. NASCAR - Used to be that if you wanted to be successful here you kept up with NASCAR. Those days are long gone and no one talks about NASCAR anymore. It used to get a lot of radio play, now there's rarely a mention. It's a dying sport. We do have the NASCAR HOF thanks to the local Democrats and Republican mayor feeling that's more important than parks or high school sports or students being in a brick and mortar building rather than trailers. College sports - None here to speak of. Yeah everyone here has an ACC basketball team that they root for, closest one is Wake which is 1.5 hours away. The big boys (Carolina, State, and Duke all are 2.5 hours away). Decent place to live, but the sports market isn't in the top 30 in this county.
  10. That would be Raleigh which would be like St.Louis claiming the Cheifs.
  11. Assuming dynasty. I'd trade Coleman for Holliday and 2nd in ppr.
  12. 7 ELI MANNING 50,307 8 Warren Moon4 9,325 9 BEN ROETHLISBERGER 49,411 10 PHILIP RIVERS 48,096 The HOF debate for these three should be awesome. Not sure if any of them are first ballot HOFers, but it could be impacted based on how many retire the same year.