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  1. Whitewater went under. Maybe they didn't file for bankruptcy because they didn't have chet to go after or maybe because the they were tied in enough that they got a pass. Props to them for figuring out a better business venture and getting into an industry where being profitable doesn't matter. Regarding lawsuits, the Clintons have been nothing but a trail of lawsuits that far exceed Trumps days under investigation/oath.
  2. Only because he didn't head for the public sector after his first bankruptcy like Clinton did. At least in the public sector you can run an operation at a loss indefinitely. And for you to even bring up lawsuit protection means that you drank way too much Koolaid.
  3. His schtick isn't as funny when it involves the troops.
  4. At the moment I won't be voting for him. Regardless, I won't be among the imbeciles supporting expansion of corruption in this country. Just curious, are you getting paid to post propaganda here by the DNC? If FBG is still writing you a check to moderate, you may want to step into the SP and do some work. Follow Trump's lead and at least look like you are producing something rather than Hillary's example.
  5. I put it third behind the beat down you get in the Rams threads and the beat down Dodds is giving the morons in the DNC leaks thread.
  6. Good point. Blacks have lost employment versus whites over the last 8 years.
  7. The criminals and morons favor Hillary 5-1 but don't they always favor the dems?
  8. Explains why gangs are good at recruiting new members and Jim Jones got people to drink the Kool-Aid.
  9. Hearing reports that Armanti Edwards and Kerry Colbert look like the real deal.
  10. Hillary has never been involved before.
  11. Well done. Add Dodds value. Would surprise me if you can move back to mid 2nd from someone wanting to dump an OTC pick and keep one of those picks. I know some of the guys here aren't huge into trading, but if team FBG as a whole isn't winning the trade game then we're losing ground to the other boards that are. I can just about guarantee that no one will win an individual title drafting guys 2 rounds ahead of ADP. You may be able to do that in a standard 12 team league, but drafting "your" guys even if they hit isn't enough when 7 other copies of your guys are out there and people are getting them two rounds later.
  12. FBG should implement drug testing for all message board members. Soulfully would be joining Gordon on a 4 week suspension.
  13. If I give or accept more than $25 I lose my licensee. Interesting that the POTUS/SOS can take millions more than that.