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  1. Perfect time for Musah. USMNT is on the verge of that big break through and there are still seats on the bus. In 2 years that window may close and you may be a back-up on some crapppy England team while the US is making a deep WC run.
  2. It's a good position, but I would want that guy with the ball as much as possible based on that video. There were Messi-like moments in there.
  3. I remember that debate. Bought in the low 20s and sold in the 180s. Keep pounding Amazon. Bezos will eventually get off his #### and make you some money.
  4. Dude...that's not cool. Even with the wink.
  5. He really should/could be a midfielder. Looks like he's been learning a thing or two from Messi.
  6. Hasn't done diddly in 4 months. That's plenty of time off. GE was a great stock back in the day too. Now that I mentioned it, even GE has about doubled during the last 4 months. Freaking department stores like Kohl's and Nordstrom have doubled in that time. Companies that don't even have a product like RIDE and NNOX have doubled in that time. Floating petri dishes are punching him in the nose like they are a young Tyson. It's like he's running an inverse ETF during a bull run. Dude needs to take some lessons from Elon, he doesn't take time off and neither does his stock. Stonks go up, get with the program Jeffrey.
  7. It's all good. Your initial post didn't have much info so I was like WTF? Appreciate the follow up explaining why you changed your mind.
  8. Just poking at how much you change your mind. You held some pretty firm convictions on DKNG so I was surprised how quickly you changed your mind here.
  9. Why does it matter, we won't be around to see what happens. You have a coalition of 90% of the country that has no vested interest in helping out the 10% getting buried.
  10. LOL literally just thought that. Has to be right? Maybe Bezos should have been doing some work rather than sitting on the couch eating chips and letting his company go down the toilet.
  11. Down the rabbit hole. How can this even be real...
  12. Yeah, total dog still holding and looking for an exit. Why did your opinion change? I added more this morning. You were pretty bullish a few days ago.