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  1. Been lurking but not contributing for quite awhile. I ran the Mt. Mitchell /Black Mt. marathon last year when FUBAR got sick and couldn't toe the start line. I hadn't run in 6 months and was weighing about 230-240 but I finished, although towards the very back of the pack at 7:2X. My knee didn't take too kindly to the event so I became a sloth and proceeded to get even fatter. Fast forward to Jan 2, 2017. I weighed in at 278.8 and couldn't even run a single mile. Decided to fire up the Broken Couch Potato to Marathon plan. Yes, I got so fat that my sofa broke in the middle. It took two weeks to be able to run my first mile without stopping. That was a 12 min zone 3 mile. I managed to work up to a 12 mile week with a 8 mile long run (actually walked about two miles of this). The bulk of my training was on the spin bike, rowing machine, treadmill, and stair climber. February 25th I towed the Mt. Mitchell / Black Mt start line in the upper 240's as I recall. Finished at the 75% with a time of 6:51 which was 30 minutes better than last year. Highlite was chugging a beer at mile 24.5 to the cheers of the folks throwing the neighborhood party. I really couldn't run the downhill trail section due to my ankles not being strong enough to support my fat ###, but I knocked out sub 12 min miles over most of the last 3 miles and passed numerous people. Actually bounced back from that event strong with minimal injury. I'm signed up for the Umstead ultra next weekend. I've been training exclusively indoors for the last 3 weeks. Laying a wood floor for 2 days killed my last week of training (soreness was worse than running a marathon) so my build plan and peak plan have been condensed into this upcoming weekend through Monday. I'll work in a four day taper. Plan is to attempt 50 miles and if I'm feeling good keep on going. Would need to do the 50 miles in 12 hours to even contemplate going further. That said, if they are calling for significant rain, I'm ####ing out. Primary goal is to give myself a shot at winning the Fatballguys challenge and drop 50 pounds in 3 months. I've been training most days on 800 cal. Although I've run virtually no volume, I've got my single mile time down to 7:11 and 5k time under 30 min in the last month so the unconventional training plan has been progressing at least a bit. So what could go wrong???
  2. Obamacare plans no longer cover labs under your co-pay visit. Emergency rooms services are now part of your deductible not a one time co-pay. Sinus surgeries are no longer a specialist co-pay. Between that and having very limited networks, they have become "badder" plans than the old "bad" plans that covered those items.
  3. Thanks Ned. He will be fine. Just sucks missing an opportunity to play for a pro team as those don't come around every day and the window to becoming an 18 yo playing in Europe is closing.
  4. Yup...grade 2, but maybe a grade 1, unless 3-4 weeks go by and it's not better, in which case it's a grade 3. The diagnosis depends on someone's interpretation of some type of movement and the squishiness. Went through this over Christmas, probably not enough rehab. Colleges are miles ahead of the academies in terms of PT and ST. Academies are about games and practice. Good bit of conditioning, but the strength and flexibility aspects are overlooked IMO. Kids need to do it on their own, but between games, practice, and school...any free time is going to be spent texting or chasing girls. I guess I can see the academy point of view, don't invest time in an athlete on anything but touches and conditioning because they are disposable and plenty more where they came from.
  5. Knee injury wiped out an appearance for the pro team v. Atlas FC. 6-8 weeks of missed opportunity. Sucks because time is a ticking at this age.
  6. Stewart signs a one year extension. That may have saved my bacon at RB.
  7. Stewart signs a one year extension. You can forget about Fournette at 8. Going to be a DE there.
  8. Single payer is the only answer. We need everyone on board carrying the freight and we need 90% of us to receive inferior care compared to what we get now.. The other 10% can still afford the cadillac treatments without insurance. The cost of treatment is going to swallow us up eventually whether it's Obamacare or Trumpcare.
  9. Nope, obviously they (Rs) are much more efficient at ####### things up. The Ds diddle around while in charge before ####### things up.
  10. My boss/owner was just diagnosed with ALS. Horribly sad about what the future holds for him.
  11. @Sand 236.2 down 3.8 from last week. Going to try to knock off 7.4 more which will be an even 50 pounds for the 12 weeks.
  12. Yup. Add 40 percent for the actual impact. Those numbers are also likely skewed comparing actual group coverage costs versus a product being offered for purchase. I only had two Aca plan choices this year. One was 800 a month the other was 1000. 1000 only got me the value network and 800 was for the local healthcare system network. Meaning one of the four networks available. The select and advantage networks weren't offered.
  13. I have used the report button when I'm trying to follow a game thread in the pool and Tim starts cluttering it with every other post being about how many yards his crappy player on his crappy last place team needs for him to get his first win.