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  1. Unemployment isn’t that high. Plenty of open jobs. Once the $1000 benefits run out it will fall like a rock. Speaking of which, you are now competing for beach homes with couples making $100k on unemployment and that have nothing to do
  2. Drink it to cure covid then pee on the coils. Two birds theory
  3. I know everyone hates UAL and AAL and loves LUV and DEL. AAL was up over 40% today.
  4. LOL...Most of my stocks are up and my tza is up.
  5. Airlines crushing it today. Not sure anyone is left on that train but me.
  6. SAVE into the 20s for a 105% gain. May sell the last bit off. I told someone earlier to hold for the double, now is the time to sell.
  7. I don't know, but I got 4.5 miles out at a 14 min pace and had to walk it back in. I may not see an 11 min avg pace until Sept.
  8. Based on that (depreciation asset), I'd by him some GE stock to even things up.
  9. BUD up 10% today. GB these growth stocks. Took some profits on DFS, Comcast, AAL, and Singapore airlines.
  10. One did. Fed Sarge a donut. Nightmares of Morris continue to this day. Now you see him, now he's five yards behind you.
  11. More people will die from the spread of COVID due to the protests than the number of people who have been killed by cops in the last decade. And while I thought the people upset and gripping about church being closed were morons, it's really not that different than getting together to protest.
  12. With all the high praise of Gio around here, I'm really looking for forward to seeing him play on the USMNT.