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  1. Sent to kraused and jadams
  2. $50 League 100 League 25 player roster, non-idp, no contracts, bbid waivers, 4 player taxi, 4 ir spots, ppr PM me with any interest.
  3. I am a commissioner of multiple leagues. Every year around this time some owners have to drop out for various reasons. I have posted links to some available teams below. All available teams are listed as Open Team. Please check out roster, rules, draft picks etc and send me a PM if interested and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for looking $50 Roadkill Stooges 2 Salem Witch Any Which Way Boston Tea Party Extreme Ft Worth Maximum Security 2 High Plains Drifter $75 DLOA Lords of Dynasty DLOA2 $100 Massachusetts Maximum Security Motörhead Penthouse Pot o Gold James Bond Terminator AK
  4. Resent. Please check spam filters if you don’t see it
  5. That must be the temple/skin I used for the site. I’m viewing on an iPhone so I don’t see that on mobile
  6. Rock & Roll $100 Available team is Sin City Ramblers Team is paid for the 2019 season. I ask that you pay (at least) half of 2020 fees when you take the team so the league knows that you’re serious about staying. 14 keepers (already selected by outgoing owner) Draft starts this coming week. Please pm me if interested.
  7. Links? If you mean the Championship Plaques, they’re in the system. Just need to fool around a bit and figure it out
  8. Both teams FILLED Had an owner drop a couple of leagues on me last minute. Rookie draft already complete in both leagues. Teams are in great shape. Send me a private message with any questions or if interested. Thanks for looking Killer Clowns 2 $50 - Bullet Club USDL $50 - Bullet Club
  9. Rock n Roll League $100 15 Keepers - 23 player roster Open Team has 1.01 pick PM me with interest.