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  1. All leagues are non-contract, non-idp, 12 team, ppr leagues. Many competitive, long term owners. Send me a pm with questions or interest so I get an email from the site and will get right back to you. Thanks for looking. High Plains Drifter $50 Killer Clowns $50 No Name $50 Max 2 $50 Motörhead 2 $100 New England $50 DLOA2 $75
  2. you can sign me up for both of your start can take the money i won from your other leagues and deduct it when you get a chance.

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    2. Lemmy
    3. elitzer


      comcast has been blocking my emails from leaguesafe so when you get a chance resend the invites.sorry.

    4. elitzer


      i received the 007 invite but not the james bond one yet

  3. Jabarony, sent you a pm
  4. I will delete openings here as they are taken and add any others that may open up. I appreciate all of the interest
  5. Guard Dog Dynasty $100 - FILLED Fort Worth $50 12 teams - no divisions - 1ppr - no idp - no contracts League will draft when full. Please send me a PM with any questions so I receive an email and can reply promptly. Thanks for looking.
  6. I am commissioner of a few dynasty leagues. These are all 12 team, ppr leagues. No idp, no contracts. Rules are mostly the same from one to the other. Please review scoring, settings etc before joining. Send me a pm here so I get an email notification and can respond quickly. All available teams are named Open Team. All American $100 Never Enough $100 Extreme Dynasty Addiction $50 Militia $50 High Plains Drifter $50 http://www58.myfantasyleague. DLOA2 $75
  7. Vegas123, I replied to your message
  8. Ill take team is still avaible

    Lock Mckinnon