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  1. Last Sunday, between the commercials and 2 DST touchdowns, the Eagles offense was not on the field for almost 2 real hours.
  2. Well, that's what Yahoo is for. Dropping Thursday players when they suck.
  3. I think the general consensus even with the FF pros is that kickers don't matter. So they get lazy with rankings.
  4. So, beat writers keep saying he's playing tonight but I don't see him activated still. What's the deal?
  5. I'm talking about if there's a Black Friday deal where the original drops to $180 or something.
  6. Grab those deals man. XB1 is awesome even without the upgraded S version. In fact, if they're not hardcore gamers they probably couldn't even tell the difference in the look. Just make sure you get the biggest hard drive deal you can. Don't get less than a 1TB for the HDD.
  7. Did this. We'll see what happens then drop city if nothing.
  8. And that dudes been a starting tackle for SD for like 5 years now.
  9. I'm grabbing if he clears waivers. Not wasting the spot on him.
  10. I actually think Vitai will be fine. They obviously had confidence in the kid to take over as the RT. So he must've been doing fine in practice. Otherwise they would have shifted Barbre over in the first place. Not everyone jumps into the NFL their first game and tears it up. I chalk it up to starting his first game on the road and the nerves got to him. It happens to the best of them. We'll see how he bounces back this week.
  11. My son and daughter are going as Batman and Batgirl this year. So I'm dressing up as Joker. Got the purple suit. The mask freaks them out too much so I'll just do some white face paint and green wig.
  12. "First episode date: January 6, 1973"
  13. Yes I tried to do it wirelessly. The connection with the cord from the 2nd router was worse than just using the wireless adapter on the devices. Don't know why but I just said screw it and went wireless for now. I'm getting 30-50mb/s (out if a possible 150mb/s) in the basement so it's not too bad.
  14. Meh, they're not as good as the Pittsburgh game and they're not as bad as the Washington game. They're probably a 7-9, 8-8 team like we thought before the season. Starting 3-0 accelerated expectations to unrealistic levels. Let's not get all doom and gloomy though. This week they have a really tough opponent but they have them at home where they've played well this year. They also showed that they really get up for the competition. If they can clean up some if the dumb stuff and luck out on not getting any untimely penalties, they have a shot to pull this off. Not going to be pretty but I feel a 19-16 Eagles win this week.