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  1. Well then I guess Colts are in a bit of trouble if he's out there with the first team.
  2. Easy too. Against the 1's. He will destroy on the fade.
  3. Offense looking decent. With Romo down now I feel a bit more optimistic about this season. Might even upgrade to 8-8.
  4. Yea I would ask if that could be removed but probably not. Just uninstall it immediately.
  5. ESPN. That's cute. They evaluated all the Kings off season moves and said yea, this team is going to be better than last year. Watch out!
  6. I'm ready to jump back in.
  7. The big difference is that From Ashes was day 1 DLC. It was built into the game and they cut it out and sold it for an extra $10. All the others were worked on post release.
  8. Yep. Terrible practice cutting up a finished game and selling it in chunks.
  9. Gears 4 is coming. Manakin, Pablo and I have been grinding through a Gears 3 Insane campaign run (on twitch and YouTube for those interested). We hope to have it all done by the time Gears 4 rolls out time permitting.
  10. When everybody's trying to please me baby!
  11. You know aside from all the actual armed muggings and dysentery. Yea the American frat boy was the worst.