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  1. There won't be a steam roll. I mean Eagles may be the best team in the league and they needed a last second 61 yard FG to beat the woeful Giants. Division games are different.
  2. For guessing who gets the TD it is. Dion seems to be the lead back right now though. They leaned on him to close out the game.
  3. Look at this official thread hours before kickoff. Nice!
  4. Nope ESPN made that standard now.
  5. KC was a poor choice but mainly because Oakland has ended their preseason finally and started to play. This week, idk. I'll have to look.
  6. Huge game tonight. I need Wentz to go nuts in fantasy to have a chance but I think this is a closer game then they've been playing lately. 26-22 Eagles.
  7. Awesome article. I think they had something similar in the spring but it was easy to ignore then. Now we see the results. Other teams will copy this.
  8. Got it. You don't like it from behind. But you could maybe get used to it.
  9. Gonna be 2-5. 4th most points in the league. Been losing to the highest scorers so far. This week. Going to lose to the team that hasn't won yet by scoring probably the lowest score of the week. He'll have maybe the 2nd or 3 Rd worst. I hate this game.
  10. It was one of Mad Cows posts yes. I didn't see much dissent from it. Is he like the Lhucks if OSU?
  11. Did we give Ed Wade too little credit? He built the foundation of the 2008 Phillies and his finger prints are all over this Astros team. Guess he's not so bad at building up.
  12. One could extrapolate that having a running game takes the pressure off of their below average QB, thus making the offense more efficient.
  13. Games where CJ gets 20 carries, they win. When he gets less, they lose. Pretty simple correlation there coach.
  14. Sigh. Should've sold high. Denver has no clue on offense.
  15. Not nuff splosions