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  1. Remember when the Sixers we're giving up 10, 26 and Fultz to move up to 3 to take Porter?
  2. I know but in a thread like this can't be too serious.
  3. I keep hearing a lot more talk this year than ever before about how fundamentally wrong the draft is. How these college players should be able to choose teams like free agents. At first the idea seems ridiculous but then I try to equate it to Fantasy. Draft vs Auction. Obviously everyone still has a cap so the best teams couldn't just buy all the good players every year. Also the best players can demand big pay from teams but guys just wanting to get into the league would still have to go to teams that had space and could pay them. It seems ludicrous but not sure how far off we could be from a system like that especially with players denying medical records and such to certain teams or just threatening to sit out if they get drafted by a different team than they wanted.
  4. Is there a facepalm emoji? I meant if it was a male teacher and female 13 year old. Then you feel justifiably creeped out instead of it being "hot."
  5. Reverse the genders and you'll feel better about the PC side.
  6. Also Dwight was a force when the big man still meant something down low.
  7. There's about a zero percent chance the Spurs trade him to the Lakers. So what kind of deals will they get for a 1 year rental? I'm thinking Covington OR Saric and #10 gets it done.
  8. He's seeing some shot guru that is supposedly well known amongst NBA players and execs. He's spending 3 months rebuilding his shot from scratch. So he probably won't be in the summer league.
  9. I kind of see Gabe's point though. This bullpen is garbage. If he saves Seranthony for the 9th, he'll never use him.