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  1. Sean Payton is the worst. That was even before all this. He's a a step below Mike McCarthy for coaching talent.
  2. That was an awesome story. I love the part where McMahon bashed his head against the wall, then looked around as if to say "oh ####, hope no one saw that." Then when he realizes no one's around he bashes his head one more time. Mike Lombardi is a tool.
  3. The Joe Douglas move was always a 2 year deal IMO. Joe wants to be a GM. He isn't going to be one here. He comes in, helps with personnel and in return Howie shows him the ropes of daily GM work. Joe's gone by 2019.
  4. All teams have that this year. Surprised you haven't seen it yet. They use it not just for confusion protocol though. They've checked guys for other injuries on the sidelines and it gives them some privacy. As opposed to walking all the way to the locker room.
  5. I don't think their defense is MUCH better than ours. They have better corners and LBs. We have better safeties and DL. Depending on the situation, each of these defenses could trade off the top D label.
  6. I love that the ref casually throws a flag out there for Diggs throwing his helmet.
  7. Not much to talk about. 2 best teams in the NFC all year. Both have huge pieces missing. Both have killer defenses. Either way, a long suffering franchise is going to get a shot at the Super Bowl when it's all said and done.
  8. Just heard. So weird to "die suddenly." Such a shame. She had an amazing voice.
  9. The Eagles have an analytics guy on staff that runs probabilities during the game. It's why Doug went on 4th and 8 against the Giants earlier this year. It's a big reason why Doug goes on 4th as much as he does. Punting is for suckers. Doug P very special guy.
  10. His momentum was going towards the sidelines. If Williams tackles him proper, he's going out of bounds. The most amazing part is that Diggs managed to stay in bounds after the whiff (just barely kept from stepping out).
  11. He was on the sideline. Would've been out of bounds stop the clock.