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  1. We'll have to see if Carson's for real when they play a real team. I mean it's only the Steelers.
  2. Im just enjoying this as an Eagles fan. But adjust accordingly. Also Eagles defense is real.
  3. Defense baby. I'm loving this.
  4. Sproles!!!!!!
  5. Very good first half.
  6. 3 here would be nice. 7 would be glorious
  7. Loving this D
  8. For what? He was hit as he threw it to the guy right there.
  9. Wentz didn't force it. Waited and did what he could.
  10. Big Cox!!!
  11. Huge tackle Jenkins
  12. Solid tackle by Tulloch
  13. Beautiful
  14. Well done not fumbling Huff
  15. Solid first Quarter