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  1. Waiting till Christmas I think for the Switch. At the earliest.
  2. So they get your money early and earn interest on it. That was always the point.
  3. There we go. Crybaby Wall didn't get a call and Sixers run it out. Oh and now they foul for no reason. Eat it Washington.
  4. The last 2 mins of this game are a ####### joke. 2 Technicals against the sixers and the weakest fouls given to Wall have made it a 4 pt game with 21 secs left.
  5. And the sixers players and Brett Brown didn't get the memo from management to tank. Up 22 against Washington in the 4th.
  6. I'm ignoring everything from here on out. Actually I've been doing that since December. Just want to experience it with as little expectations as possible.
  7. Yea fans in Philly are not happy at all giving up on Noel. Especially for what we got. Then we're being sold he was traded for a first rounder. A crock of ####.
  8. Yea that's the vibe I've been getting since he's been here. And he only got this job because Lord Silver sent his dad to us and he couldn't be bothered to leave Arizona. So he sent his son, who also rarely is on site in Philly. Its starting to sink in that this Process will be have been for nothing with Collangelo. Only hope is Simmons and Embiid are both generational players.
  9. Stopped paying for that years ago. Completely worthless. It was just convenient. It's not even that anymore.
  10. It got rid of Noel. That's about it. I can't tell what else it acomplished
  11. Which wasn't really a nightmare at all because all the fans were onboard with the Process. They created this nightmare by listening to what national pundits thought of them.
  12. Yea I can't really understand the top 18 protected for this draft when the Mavs are sitting at 7th worst right now. You might as well ask for a magical unicorn too in the deal. Cause you have just as much chance of getting that. Did I mention I have no faith in Collangelo? I think I've stated that somewhere before.