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  1. I did. Jamaal Williams was out there for some reason after waivers ran so I snatched him up. My Wr depth is pretty good though.
  2. Dallas -3, which basically means pick em to the betters. Doesn't matter though. It's all about what teams show up. I'd imagine both teams get their #### together this week and play hard. Going to be a close game as always. Hopefully we make less mistakes than they do. (And hopefully the refs don't get involved too much).
  3. Grabbed him in one league. The other I held off cause I had depth. Now I'm wondering if I'll regret that.
  4. My prediction. 0 to -3 at the half and then 48-45 final. That negative 3 is gonna cost someone.
  5. And just the nature of the flag itself. The sack happened. The whistle blown.... And then a flag fell. After the play was over, the ref behind the play decided, yes this is a good time for a hands to the face DEFENSE! (get that thunderous applause going). Detroit gets the ball back there, they eat up another 3-4 mins of clock at least if not score another FG.
  6. Questionable Calls lead directly to Packers Comeback
  7. They tried. Should have fake tackled the RB and carried him to the end zone next time. I don't think there's a rule against that.
  8. That's his position. He knows what hands to the face looks like.
  9. No we ARE supposed to win this. 3 point road dog is standard for even in betting circles. This is a game Vegas considers can go either way. Eagles better win this or this will be a long, pointless season with a lot of questions at the end.
  10. Like seriously launch in early and Bobby Boucher Crosby into the turf. Oh sorry refs. Didn't hear the whistle.