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  1. Yep. Pretty much stopped watching baseball. Haven't watched a world series since the Phillies won. NBA I'm down to only watching the finals. NHL not even that any more. NFL is the only thing I still watch each week but even that is waning. I didn't watch a single Thursday night game last year and maybe 2 SNF and 1 MNF. And those were Eagle games. So yes sports have declined greatly in my life. I still follow my teams and I'm sure if they were any good, I'd be right back in there. But who has the time to invest 2-4 hours to watch a game any more.
  2. Yea. It's easy to see why he paid them because it was his first draft class. So he's doubling down hoping they prove him smart. As the years go on though, they are painfully average at best so far. They still have time though.
  3. I agree. Bit of hyperbole but Ritchie was a player. So he knows how a locker room can react. I guess it's a matter of whether today's type of player cares. Again if Fletch comes out and gets double digit sacks, no one will care. But this is up there with sconces as far as the lame meter goes.
  4. Another thing to point out was Fletcher's greeting to Barnett via Twitter. He didn't say welcome or congrats. He said I like my steaks well done. Jon Ritchie was pointing out how he just thinks of himself as above the team.
  5. There are some unwritten things in work places. When preferential treatment is given to one person over another, people notice. It causes unrest. The guy that gets paid the most on the team and is supposed to be a leader on defense just said nah you guys gut it out while I go chill on the beach. I'm sure that will sit real well with the rest of them.
  6. Yea. You gotta wonder. Most of the time you see a big guy go down this young you think heart attack. But with a pro athlete you have to wonder how much steroids played a factor.
  7. Goodell showing he can get Jiggy with that.
  8. Lol if there's ever a guy that shouldn't be skipping it's him. But no one will care except in the hope he was cut.
  9. Speaking of Too many games anyone in the Philly area, this expo is back.
  10. So Cox is taking the voluntary at it's meaning and skipping OTAs for the Caribbean.
  11. Let's hope so. If he gets double digit sacks this year, it won't matter.
  12. It is kind of funny that the last year has been a giant waste if time just to get back for round 3. That's why Lebron and company didn't give a #### about #1 seed vs getting well rested for the rematch. They know they need to be 100% to repeat. Can't wait for June 1st. Just another 11 days till the NBA season truly begins.
  13. When do the finals start again? June 2nd? These series will be done by Wednesday.
  14. My bad. I originally just told him to come here from the sixers thread to ask how great a destination LA is for free agents.