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  1. Anyone watching this thing? I feel like I'm the only one. Anyway, another opening flashback exposition dump where we advance nothing in the plot but add another character to the show. He uses a sword. In Star trek. I feel like that would have limited uses. So Picard basically side tracks the whole trip for an entire episode to get this kid onboard. Then the smaller more agile ship they are in is fighting an old klingon bird of prey on a space battle. Nevermind that the smaller ship should outmaneuver the bigger one but they end up losing until a mysterious 3rd ship saves the day with amazing flight skills. They then beam the survivor a board and oh it's 7 of 9. End episode. Also Raffi keeps #####ing at everything Picard says and calls him JL every sentence she utters to remind us that she's his best friend. Some stuff happened at the Borg cube that was less than irrelevant to the plot unless you like forced romance between characters you really don't have a reason to care about. Next week, Picard where's a pirates eye patch. No context on that but it's happening. We'll see where that goes.
  2. This is a guilty pleasure for me. Is it high quality writing? No but it is entertaining. My son loves it and that's good enough for me. When I showed him the teaser he said "I knew it, I knew he was in Russia." He's pumped again. Long wait but we'll be watching.
  3. I kind of feel bad watching him in this. He's 79 but the effort he has to put into each line makes you cringe. We know he's a great actor but age has really caught up to him in this.
  4. Well they didn't really break anything lore wise this week. Just really boring and generic plot with people that act like they've known Picard his whole life and that we the audience should care for them. Still no classic crew. Still no 7 of 9. Finally got on a ship. Then there's the magic girl plot thats supposed to be this big mystery but it seems to be getting dumber each week. Now the Romulan section 31 (or maybe just regular section 31 idk) wants to kill her because of a prophecy or something? But it has plenty of the modern action that people like. They had a 62 second fight scene that had 67 jump cuts. Very Taken Liam Neesan jumping a fence style action.
  5. Embiid and Ben on opposite teams for the All Star Game. Should be interesting.
  6. Seeing this now. I still think Simmons has MVP Calibur talent but if he never shoots, he'll never get there.
  7. Sixers seem to be regressing quarter by quarter now. I watched the whole 2nd quarter and Embiid touched the ball maybe 4 times intentionally. All horrible falling away shots. Until he wants to get serious, were a 6th seed. This team feels like last year's OKC. Lots of top tier talent, probably bounced in the first round.
  8. One things for sure. Tomorrow morning will have the highest rated first 15 mins of his show since the super bowl to hear how bad of an ### he makes himself.
  9. Booger: "That interception right there is going to make it really hard for the 49ers right now to win this game."