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  1. Finally started playing Ori and the Will of the Wisps. This might be even better than the original game. Both games are just sheer masterpieces. Anyone that enjoys the Metroidvania style of play will love this but the game itself is just so beautiful. The music, the artwork, the backgrounds are all amazing in the level of detail and care they were given. Seems like it's about 20-30 hours of gameplay too so worth the run through.
  2. Yep. I mean from a business standpoint I get it in the short term. Keep ####### the customer because they're stupid enough to keep paying thousands every year for the same thing. Why would you ever stop that gravy train if you're a soulless corporation? My obvious question is who are these idiots that keep paying thousands every year on their Ultimate teams just to do it all again in 12 months?
  3. I'm the biggest Foles fan there is and I still would choose Wentz 100/100 times after 2018. Younger, more upside.
  4. Saw an interesting article that proposed for season 5 releasing 1 episode a month. This would keep the show relevant year round and allow for the long production cycle to catch up. No idea if they'll do that but it made me think that for these established animated shows that do take awhile to make, this might not be a bad idea.
  5. Hilarious and sad at the same time. That's when the show is at it's best.
  6. It could be done but would need actual leadership and management to pull it off. You keep the barebones team to manage a version like you have been for the next 2-3 years because that's what you would have done anyway. Then you spend money and resources into a new platform for the game. Build it from the ground up that can be sustainable for 7-10 years and allow for growth year over year without a total rebuild. You properly schedule the next 3 years of development and hold people accountable for deadlines to avoid last minute crunch to launch. When you have the title 95% ready (presumably 6 months from launch) you ramp up the ad campaign for a brand new Madden. You pour money into testing like you never have before to grind out the glitches as much as possible before launch. You have one shot for the next 10 years to show the world you've heard the cries of the public and have created something worth reinvesting your time into. It would require a lot more up front capital than EA is used to spending but it would sustain the franchise easily for the next decade with goodwill and playability. Not sure the execs and the bean counters will see it that way though since they make a stupid amount of money from a small portion of the customer base on the Ultimate team mode and microtransactions. It's not sustainable because eventually those gamers will realize they keep buying the same thing every year and then it all goes up in smoke. But they'll look at the returns and say it's not worth the investment when things are fine.
  7. I think it should be Dillard's job unless he is just awful in training camp. You brought the guy in for a reason. To be the next starter. It's his time now. If JP comes back, it's for leadership and depth. He only has enough left to be the spot starter now anyway. The page has been turned.
  8. Vat of Acid was a proper episode. Giving you that classic mind#### right at the end.
  9. I won't say the leaks but I've read what they make you do. You get no choice in the matter on what happens.
  10. You have to use the Mako on the main missions but the path is usually straight forward and you can drive right past enemies if you want to. On Therum to get Liara. On Feros on the sky highway. On Noveria, driving up to Peak 15. On Virmire, approaching the clone lab. On Ilos, escaping to the mini mass relay. All in total about 15-20 minutes of driving if you just blow past all the enemies. For each of the planet exploration, you can look up the maps online to see exactly where each item is to help avoid driving around blindly looking for things. Still, that's where most of the annoyance comes in. The terrain is not very forgiving on some of the planets. @STEADYMOBBIN 22