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  1. That's the point. Make it legal and have regulations. Hell they could even form a union then for better working conditions. That will make it harder for these trafficking parlors to exist. They'll have more than just police coming after them. They'll have the IRS wanting their cut.
  2. It's not a bad idea. Top tier teams might be able to stack talent but then they'd have to guess right and couldn't pay everyone forever. Talent would still spread throughout the league because there's only so much money per team.
  3. Insein

    Apex Legends. The fortnite killer

    Most of the people watching are gamers though. They want to watch what they enjoy playing to see others enjoy or suck at it. Twitch is usually a good barometer for what the popular games are. If Apex falls down in viewers by next month and Fortnite is back up, then the fad will have passed. Some games withstand the fad though like DOTA2, League of Legends and Counterstrike. Fortnite will probably be fine because it's still different enough unless all the kids that enjoyed Fortnite now need a new drug to scratch their itch.
  4. Insein

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    That they managed to bring it down to Thor on a quest and made it fun. He was an established charcter through 4 movies at that point. So people knew what to expect from him. Green Lantern never did that (DC writers). They tried to be too big too fast. You never got a feel for why I should care about GL and how important he was. Captain Marvel looks like it's trying to be more epic than fun but it is marvel so we'll see. if they can do a decent job establishing her character, then it will be more believable and likeable when she does the Superman thing.
  5. Insein

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I would love a feature length Punisher movie with Bernthal and that style of punisher. Make it R rated and just go for it. I know it will never happen but fun to imagine.
  6. Yep. Just assume someone is watching everything you do all the time and then you can feel less paranoid because your life is pretty boring.
  7. Oh Yea. He's too young to remember that.
  8. Insein

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Damn. That's impressive. Civil War and Ragnorok are my favorites. You got those coming up.
  9. Insein

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Not that I think the political message is their aim so much as it is getting more people to pay to see the movie, but they haven't really hid that female empowerment is one of their themes with this movie.
  10. Insein

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I do t think people are boycotting the film. I think people are just not that interested but the entertainment media is trying to drive up interest with this nonsense that people are out to get the movie. There are multiple articles suddenly coming out about "review bombing" the movie on RT by internet trolls but you can't even leave a review until the movie is out. They are saying the people that are "not interested" are blatantly bombarding the movie with bad press but there's only 100 or so responses. Of those only about 40 are not interested and about a dozen of them have made comments saying anything about Brie Larson. Most of which say she's not a good choice for the lead role. Is this really internet trolls bombing the crap out of this movie? A dozen people that write quasi angry posts about a movie they don't want to see? This sounds more like Disney damage control already. Just like Last Jedi.