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  1. Resident Evil has a special place for me and my friend, Manakin. This franchise is entrenched in our soul for better or worse. RE4 brought the series back from the brink. The over the shoulder gameplay was a welcome change at the time when they were ruining the classic style with games like RE:outbreak or just making it a rail shooter. You should definitely play it. My friend Manakin is streaming it on twitch every night since midnight 2 days ago. Https://
  2. Played Unfinished Swan either last year or year before. Nice little Indy game. Simple controls. Didn't finish it (is that irony?) Might go back some day.
  3. Everytime I post in this thread now, I have to delete whatever I posted last. Getting annoying.
  4. That would be hard since my roster is a figurative representation of a football team that cannot really be defined as a physical or corporeal object. So just the paper then.
  5. Howie will look like a genius. Moved up for the future in Wentz. Brought in a coach that revitalized Sam. Then flipped him for a first rounder. Executive of the year right there.
  6. Wonka was it for me. I watched that movie when I was 5 or 6 and it just stuck with me. This psychotic yet lovable lunatic that owned a candy factory will forever have a place in my heart.
  7. I know what you mean but QB fall off doesn't seem that drastic anymore till you get to the Bottom tier and even then you might get a nice spot start. I prefer my studs to be at WR and RB. So I'll take as many shots as I can to hit on 2 or 3 of those guys.
  8. Back on the starship. FLASH aaaAAA, King of the Impossible! Got him in the 5th yesterday to the the many snarky responses of "Geez early enough man" who obviously thought he was going to sit there and wait for their generous selections in the 8th or 9th round. Got DHop, Cooper and Kelvin Benjamin to go with Gordon. So I'm feeling ok about the first 4 weeks.
  9. Remember when Reid would throw that fake end around every other game just to keep it on film then he'd let er rip once in awhile. I'd think Huff would be an excellent threat against a blitz happy defense with that kind of play.
  10. Well I got Carr and Dalton in the 13th and 14th rounds. So I imagine I'll be Playing the matchups each week.
  11. Got the Carr Cooper Combo this year. Giddy up.
  12. Could it be Doug is a more creative coach than Chip?
  13. He does. BUT he has before. Like every preseason he didn't get injured he's looked like a perennial all pro. So hopefully that translates to week 1. I'm rooting for the guy because the better he plays this year the more likely we can get a 1st rounder for him next year.
  14. I'm not saying we should drastically adjust expectations for the year. Just that Doug may know what he's doing.
  15. I am certainly hoping so. His actual coaching has not really had any red flags that he doesn't know what he's doing. I keep hearing people ##### on the radio about the guy but it sounds a lot like the early years of Charlie Manuel where people just hated on him because they thought he was a moron. Never mind that Charlie has forgotten more about baseball then all the fan base combined. Pederson knows the game. He's played. He's coached it. Hell he's more qualified than Andy was when he got the gig. Let's see how this plays out