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  1. Official Combat Trailer
  2. Only better scenario would have been Cousins to LA. Guarantees 2 top 10 picks.
  3. And his agent will start at Tavon Austin money. He has more production and he's younger.
  4. Sign a guy on the outside for Big money? And then pay Matthews big money? I don't like it. Matthews is a slot guy. You don't pay slot guys big money unless they're name is Wes Welker and even then it wasnt $11m per year.
  5. Well if not Cruz, then Turner, or DGB or whoever. The point is, they can't pay Jordan Matthews. So trade him now.
  6. I agree on the surface. But looking at his stats in the limited time he played, I think he'd be a fine stop gap for a year. Plus he's be way cheaper than JMatt. If he gets hurt, we have other slot WRs. It's the easier WR position to fill and we don't want to invest huge into that spot.
  7. Here was a good what if scenario What if Episode 1 was good? What if Episode 2 was good? What if Episode 3 were good?
  8. The rumors persist but the company has been bought and sold so many times I'm not holding my breath either.
  9. Geoff Mosher laid out a decent plan that at first seemed crazy but it grew on me a bit. First Oline, if Peters doesn't take a paycut, let him go. Move Lane to LT. Cut or trade Kelce. Seomalu to Center. Sign Ronald Leary at guard. Sign a RT cast off to compete with Vaitai. Second, trade Jordan Matthews for a 2nd or 3rd rounder. Sign Victor Cruz to be the slot for a year or 2. Draft or sign outside WRs that can go deep. His reasoning is that Matthews is going to ask for a contract better than Tavon Austin's. So something like 5 yr, $50+mil. That's just not worth it for a slot WR. Seems crazy on the surface but pretty decent idea for the cap.
  10. I think his point is teams seem to push the cap envelope and still find a way to sign the guys they need. If there's one thing Howie knows inside and out, it's the cap. He has a plan for that I guarantee you.
  11. A couple of poor drafts combined with the Chip spending spree and there you go. We also resigned a lot of guys last offseason. Now a lot can change between now and then. I don't expect us to be down there forever. As for 2018, you'll notice it says we have 50 contracts that run through then. That's why the cap space is so low. There will be adjustments.
  12. Anyway, I feel like the "resigning" of Hinkie may ruin "the Process" a bit because of the lack of vision Collangelo has. Hinkie probably had a spreadsheet with 5 different ways he could have unloaded Okafor over the last year and the estimated values he could have received at each given time. Collangelo has no idea what he's doing it seems. Which is ironic since he was brought in to "save us" from Hinkie. I just hope this move doesn't cost us a championship.
  13. Yay so glad I had to delete a quote from January in here. FREAKIN board
  14. Cruz is done and Lacy looks like TRich 2.0. Hard Pass on both.
  15. To find the old map areas, you need to find a yellow lever. The others are pretty random. Just have to mess around in each area.