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  1. I for one am not worried about what's his face. It'll work itself out.
  2. Jaws and Tre Thomas were just discussing. Tre says he thinks Warmack is a leaner and will need to prove he belongs in there.
  3. Not a lot of interest. Seems like a good counter point to the current hysteria.
  4. Got him for free to back up Gronk.
  5. When does Snead come back? Or maybe Coleman can step up.
  6. They looked a lot better at home. I'll keep starting him. Too talented to fall off for the whole year.
  7. Someone actually claimed the Dolphins this week. But Steelers were left alone. Grabbed them for free.
  8. Starting him over Ingram this week. Let's see what happens.
  9. Gronk fine. He smash again soon. Chill
  10. Also, the Giants are going to be super desperate this week. We need to bury them.
  11. This is awesome. He doesn't hold back on Gargano at all.
  12. Of course it is John Fox. So that is always an x factor.
  13. That's exactly what it was. He was different and he didn't fall in line. So the hosts hated him. So nobody had his back.