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  1. Insein

    Week 16 superbowl waiver wire

    Slim Pickens for DST right now. Going dolphins at home vs Jax. Seems about as good a bet as any right now.
  2. I hope Foles wins back to back Super Bowls personally. Maybe that's just me.
  3. Doesn't really matter. Just keep winning and the rest will either sort itself out or it won't.
  4. Insein

    Chris Carson - RB - Seahawks

    He got me here the last couple weeks. Let's bring it home.
  5. Insein

    ***Championship Week Thread***

    Rode Mahomes and Lindsay all the way here. Carson and Cook have picked up the slack. If I can just get them all firing on all cylinders for one more week....
  6. Insein

    Kill the 9-5 work schedule

    I've skipped a day here and there. I don't have terrible BO though. So my wife doesn't seem to notice.
  7. Insein

    Kill the 9-5 work schedule

    This is usually what I do during most meetings. Especially ones where I'm not really needed.
  8. Insein

    Kill the 9-5 work schedule

    Oh my God yes. My previous job literally had meetings to set agendas for other meetings. And those meetings were things that could have been discussed through email. But not only was it a topic not worth meeting for. They'd spend hours in these meetings instead of like 15 mins. I'm glad I got laid off from that place. Unfortunately my old job is one of my clients at my current job. So I still get hour long pointless meetings with them like 3-4 times a week. The only bonus now is I'm on the phone at home in my comfy chair. So if I nod off while they're talking, no one knows.
  9. Scooter MaGruder reacts to the Colts game
  10. Insein

    What do you need on MNF

    Thank God Cam hit him early cause it got ugly late. In the championship game for the first time in 4 years. And it was just some random league my friend needed people for, lol.
  11. I always thought the ball could not advance on a fumble. Keeps the old fumblerooski play from happening. These plays should be one of two things. A TD because it broke the plain or a fumble out of bounds and the ball returns to the spot where possession was lost. It's really that simple.
  12. Insein

    Kill the 9-5 work schedule

    At my old jobs, that's exactly what they were. Still get them every now and then at my current job but not nearly as much since it's all on the phone and we're wasting each other's time by getting on the phone for something that could be handled in an email.
  13. Same reason players don't get credit for catches on that play. It's an untimed down.
  14. How sustainable are these numbers though? Eventually they'll get out weapons in that offense or teams will key on him. I'm going to ride these next 2 seasons but I don't expect 2000 yds every year.