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  1. Ground game looks good. Rushing defense not so much. If Sanders keeps going though, PSU should win this going away.
  2. Didn't realize there was a game tonight. Settling in now.
  3. Not worried. Starting him where I have him.
  4. Wtf? Em stop changing names. I'm fairly certain at least 50% of the board is Eminence aliai.
  5. Probably already been post but this is hilarious.
  6. What do you think? It's pretty obvious
  7. DJax when he was Philly wore #10
  8. Sooooooo... Starting him this week?
  9. Send him to the Eagles. That'll teach him. ?
  10. The system is definitely different but the terminology is most likely the same. Makes it a little easier to come right in.
  11. People are dumb and panic