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  1. I think Betsy Ross. It's the shark move. Seldom used.
  2. Yea that's the vibe I've been getting since he's been here. And he only got this job because Lord Silver sent his dad to us and he couldn't be bothered to leave Arizona. So he sent his son, who also rarely is on site in Philly. Its starting to sink in that this Process will be have been for nothing with Collangelo. Only hope is Simmons and Embiid are both generational players.
  3. Stopped paying for that years ago. Completely worthless. It was just convenient. It's not even that anymore.
  4. It got rid of Noel. That's about it. I can't tell what else it acomplished
  5. Which wasn't really a nightmare at all because all the fans were onboard with the Process. They created this nightmare by listening to what national pundits thought of them.
  6. Yea I can't really understand the top 18 protected for this draft when the Mavs are sitting at 7th worst right now. You might as well ask for a magical unicorn too in the deal. Cause you have just as much chance of getting that. Did I mention I have no faith in Collangelo? I think I've stated that somewhere before.
  7. Seriously. He's really young. And while he'll never be great at defense, he can be the kind of guy to average 25 a night at some point. So you take the trade off. Hr just need a a spot where he can grow and be consistent.
  8. Official Combat Trailer
  9. And his agent will start at Tavon Austin money. He has more production and he's younger.
  10. Sign a guy on the outside for Big money? And then pay Matthews big money? I don't like it. Matthews is a slot guy. You don't pay slot guys big money unless they're name is Wes Welker and even then it wasnt $11m per year.
  11. Well if not Cruz, then Turner, or DGB or whoever. The point is, they can't pay Jordan Matthews. So trade him now.
  12. I agree on the surface. But looking at his stats in the limited time he played, I think he'd be a fine stop gap for a year. Plus he's be way cheaper than JMatt. If he gets hurt, we have other slot WRs. It's the easier WR position to fill and we don't want to invest huge into that spot.
  13. Here was a good what if scenario What if Episode 1 was good? What if Episode 2 was good? What if Episode 3 were good?