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  1. Oh I like the trade. Still do talent wise. But I also wouldn't care if they cut the guy if he purposely injured an elderly, wheel chair security guard. Which is kind of weird to have for Super Bowl security right? That's not really securing anything.
  2. I was willing to believe that Bennett did bad and it's finally coming to light but that press conference by the last police chief was really weird. He mentioned entitled football player thinking he owns the world like 3 or 4 times. Someone clearly with an axe. It was very unprofessional.
  3. Yea well now we know why Seattle took so little. They had to have an inkling this was coming. Honestly, I get this guy wanted to be with his brother but he could have done like a dozen things better in that situation. It's a weird law that's making this a felony. Seems more like a civil case here to settle for damages but dems da breaks. It was a character risk taking on this guy and we're seeing why. He'll miss at least 2 games possibly 4 depending on Goodells mood.
  4. Yea and I haven't played it since I beat it. Was just too bummed about it not being supported anymore.
  5. I mean these QBs could still get hurt during a pro day between now and April. Having the 3rd pick then would kind of suck.
  6. Big risk trading this early to only get to #3. Could be left with the 3rd rated QB.
  7. No but just the fact that they are crying over a first round loss.
  8. The Virginia fans in tears makes this so much more epic.
  9. He's talking about 2005. And even that's wrong. It was 7-7 at half.