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  1. Hunt for Red October but his most memorable to me is from Glen Gary Glen Ross
  2. Oh yeah I'm seeing this.
  3. This is one of the best sprawling sci fi games I've ever played. The fact that's it's Mass Effect is why it's been criticized to death. If this was a brand new game, there would be a lot more leeway given for the size and scope of the game.
  4. Ketchup only but I rarely eat hot dogs Mustard is disgusting
  5. Yea I didn't get that at all. Doesn't really matter much after you level up high enough but early on not saving is annoying as hell.
  6. Yea but Jax from Son's of Anarchy was the main character. So it can stay.
  7. Guy killed 2 other people in the last 5 years apparently. He confessed to that today.
  8. Here you go
  9. I wonder with WW2 being less than 30 years old at that point if that played a role in the critics judgement. Sill too much resentment towards Japan.
  10. Crazy how the critics killed Tora. I love that movie. One of the rare films that showed the Japanese POV back then.
  11. Still haven't watched a single preview. Don't want to be over hyped going into this time.