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  1. Finally saw the trailer. I'm getting a Force Awakens vibe from it already. Throwing familiar faces at us to pull us in. Nostalgia overload. The plot seems to be something that can end the universe. All revolving around a random girl that will obviously be more powerful than anyone can imagine. Why is Picard even in this? He's freaking 80. I would have liked an introspective, small budget old school sci Fi show that got into real sci Fi topics week to week but this looks like another flashy, end of the universe, all balls action movie in a the form of a show that just happens to have an elderly Picard. Weren't people railing on the new Star trek movies for doing that? I have zero interest to see this now and to be honest, it looks like a major letdown coming for all those getting suckered in by the nostalgia. I know that's how felt after TFA.
  2. Yea they tried to put Netflix original on Neon Genesis Evangelion, which is a hugely popular anime from 1995. The fans protested enormously to the point that they dropped it.
  3. He might be working on it then
  4. Cubs Bryant Keeps getting HBP no reaction; Rockies Baez shot by a thousand bullets
  5. Boyfriends at Disney - Scooter MaGruder The man is taking over the world.
  6. I'm kind of ok with it. I'd imagine Spiderman will be doing cameos in other movies to keep his face out there. We don't want Spiderman fatigue again. Besides we need a more mature Spidey to deal with the heavy #### that's soon to come. Especially if we have F4 level stuff brewing.
  7. Not really interested in any of that except the next Spiderman, when F4 comes in and X-Men. And of course how they fit Deadpool into all of this. I'll go to whatever my son wants to see though now that he's into it.
  8. I get Hulu free with Sprint wireless so I'm good. I like the move for the future of the show. Gives it more flexibility to get a season done coherently instead of rushing episodes to meet network deadlines.
  9. Not the retail I've worked. You have that do your job and go home a bit but if they see one guy getting away with stuff like not working weekends, that's going to piss people off.
  10. Tldr But in retail, if a guy doesn't work weekends and still sucks at his job, the other workers will start to resent management if you don't fire him.
  11. Btw here's every remake that's ever been made Apparently remakes have been slowing down recently. The 00's were the biggest decade for remakes according to the list.
  12. True Grit was a pretty good one. That was 2010 but still good. Star is born was ok. Didn't really do anything for me