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  1. The political game has been practiced by everyone since they were kids on up. Coke vs Pepsi, Ford vs Chevy , etc. Pit half the people against the other half so they think the others are the enemy. Keeps us from finding out leaders should not be in charge. How do you change the laws when the only ones that can change them benefit the most from them?
  2. Vote for Cave Johnson
  3. He's still ot his cleats in Canton for 7td game.
  4. Ryan Mathews got hurt while on vacation. You just can't make that up.
  5. Is anyone giving up a draft pick for him? They would have cut him long ago. They kept him through all that mess. They must see something they like.
  6. But it was soooo good for morale and Sam. Won't someone think of Sam here ?!
  7. Would love this but Cleveland stuck it out this long for the guy. They'll wait one more year.
  8. Joker is not Jason Todd
  9. Was not disappointed.
  10. Flash Dream Sequence Explained
  11. No no it's clearly because Archie has Gooddell bent over a barrel as the NFL is beholden to the Manning family in a conspiracy to bring down the Pahts
  12. Should just start from he beginning