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  1. Thanks for the response Chad. But I am still confused a little bit, because the two points above seem to be contradictory. Unless I am misunderstanding (which is entirely possible, as I've only had one cup of coffee today), but any RB in the RB20 to RB30 range would EXACTLY fall into the RB2 or RB3 range. And I think that is what gives Ivory value, as nearly every single league starts at least 2. And at 25 years old, there is long term possibilities. Just my two cents.I was referring to Ivory's Upside. A low ceiling carries little overall value to me, pretty replaceable in a dynasty sense.
  2. Good luck getting Martin for AP straight up
  3. Got offered 1.11, 3.11 for Demaryius today.
  4. How is Dez on the bench in that group?
  5. As an example, look at Fitzgerald's catch rate. That brings a lot of QB influence into equation. Use QB accuracy% to see quality of targets for a receiver, then drop rate for WR.
  6. His catch rate on the season is now 66%. Reggie Wayne's - who also played flanker in this offense - in his final 3 years with Manning, was 63%, 65%, and 58%. His deep % was right around Decker's too.I just don't buy that he has below average hands and poor body control.Catch rate is an archaic stat. Drop rate for a receiver far more useful to isolate the receiver.
  7. Collie to Denver would be juicy for FF.
  8. We must be thinking of different scoring/formats as the VBD I use has the top-10 RBs a similar value structure to the top-10 WRs....outside the actual no.1 RB which would be difficult to predict for a singular spot. I am using AVT for the average VBD for that projection. That would change as future years shift those numbers one way or another.
  9. A month ago, I would have had Foster much higher. His sudden decline in effectiveness is worrisome. Wilson and Miller are guys who are out of sight, out of mind. Guys like them make for good buy lows- think Rice, McCoy, and Charles. I don't think they're as good as any of those guys, but in a weak RB crop, I think they're smart gambles.I meant both those guys are far too low.
  10. You are going to catch hell for foster rank i think, but i agree. Wilson, Miller most glaring for me.
  11. He had 745 yards in his last 9 games with Tebow, and that includes a 0 for 0 game when he was still finding his footing. He has 1424 receiving yards in his last 16 NFL games (including playoffs). He is on pace for 1552 yards this year. If you're tempted to attribute all of that improvement to Manning, bear in mind that Thomas is just 24 and has played less than two full seasons of games. He is still learning and improving.To add some metrics to the conversation, Demaryius Thomas obviously suffered through Tebow last year (only 57% of his target were accurate). Now with Peyton, 80% of his targets are accurate, which is one of the highest in the league. His targets are generally shorter FWIW. Now, the argument that Demaryius' targets are more efficient than the other top WRs is correct. Julio, for example, is in the mid-60s for QB accuracy as well as Reggie Wayne just to pick two receivers. Harvin's QB accuracy is around 80% as well, but his targets are shorter than everyone's in that tier. So yes, Demaryius and Decker are benefiting greatly from Peyton playing as well or better than he left off in Indy.
  12. Wait until he is healthy, then complain
  13. To put some metrics to this Darren McFadden debate going on.... His yards-after-contact (Yco/Att) has only been elite in 2010 and 2011 (one of the metrics that is considered to eliminate the OL contribution to an RB's production to some degree). They were mediocre in his first two seasons and by far the worst of his career (just 1.6 Ybco/Att) so far in 2012.
  14. I agree 100%, can get a huge haul right now and all his metrics point downward the past two seasons. Also, I don't like what I see on gameday as much either. Get the ransom now and spread the risk.
  15. Wow - really? I am happy with our deal, but surprised you got all that. By free ST, you are referring to the $299 package, right?