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  1. 1.09 side and Crabtree side pretty easily
  2. Don't like it to get Allen. Even if a late first, would want a shot in 14 over Allen this year.
  3. Love a move like this in 13 rookie drafts
  4. so you got rid of all those picks and are still probably not going to compete?
  5. Thanks for the response Chad. But I am still confused a little bit, because the two points above seem to be contradictory. Unless I am misunderstanding (which is entirely possible, as I've only had one cup of coffee today), but any RB in the RB20 to RB30 range would EXACTLY fall into the RB2 or RB3 range. And I think that is what gives Ivory value, as nearly every single league starts at least 2. And at 25 years old, there is long term possibilities. Just my two cents.I was referring to Ivory's Upside. A low ceiling carries little overall value to me, pretty replaceable in a dynasty sense.
  6. Good luck getting Martin for AP straight up
  7. Got offered 1.11, 3.11 for Demaryius today.
  8. I didn't say finished or anything, but Brees discounted because of age. Nothing wrong with that.
  9. good deal for both teams I would MUCH rather have Brees. Pretty good return for an older QB. Tough to get decent pieces when looking to move one.
  10. Surprised Quizz returned 2.01 level value.
  11. Pretty cheap for Blackmon. Would easily be 1.01 this year and Hill does not make up the difference for me.
  12. Surprised Wells/Flynn can get half a Stephen Hill, let alone more
  13. WTF IS THIS ####? Seriously...why sell low on the 1.06 like that?
  14. Since Bradford/Mendy unlikely to become impactful, Nicks well-worth it