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  1. Rafa Marquez is finally hanging up the boots. One of the few, if not only player, in my life that I out righted hated.
  2. I thought Rooney looked terrible. DC better hope this is just rust because if not, yikes. We figured he was going to look slow but I assumed his passing would allow him to be some what effective but he kept giving the ball away all half.
  3. Antonee Robinson starting for Everton tonight against Lille.
  4. his first MLS start ever I believe. Grab them horns young man!
  5. Vancouver Whitecaps‏Verified account @WhitecapsFC Alphonso Davies is not playing today with the club’s permission. The club will provide an update with any further details when relevant
  6. Weah on his less than elegant celebration after scoring
  7. I am unsure how the teams are going to afford this but if they can this is really good news if this comes to pass. MLS teams alone can not cover the country. There are 23 American USL teams with no MLS affiliation. ========================================= USL Academies LouCity VP stated on SoccerCity Radio Show this morning that in the future USL will be mandating that clubs have academy structures. Glad to see USL continue to push development throughout their footprint.
  8. AndyS‏ @realswiftandy N'Golo Kanté's last 26 months: May 2016: Crowned EPL Champion with Leicester City May 2017: Crowned EPL Champion with Chelsea July 2018: Crowned World Cup Champion with France
  9. You have to remember what type of game this is. It is a meaningless friendly between two teams not at full strength that also featured 17 subs. There were players who played who likely won't see one minute of action all season. It is really hard to have any sort of energy in a stadium for that type of exhibition.
  10. Weah was not the only American to play in the PSG Bayern game today. 18 year old Chris Richards who is on loan from FC Dallas subbed on for Bayern in the second half. He is suppose to be with the Bayern U19's but I assume they are digging way deep into the roster for some of these games with many players missing.
  11. I did not recognize that stadium. Looks like it is in Austria. Weah is getting a good run today with so many players missing. Even in these games with 12 thousand subs he is still on very late in the game.
  12. There is a series of 11 of them. Link is here to all of them. They are very good.
  13. Looks like Bayern is going to buy 17 year old Alphonso Davies from Vancouver according to reports. Fee appears to be $12m. The article said several EPL teams inquired but there was concern he was not going to be able to get a work permit. I believe that fee would be the highest an MLS player was ever sold for. The record may not last very long as Almiron could come close to doubling it if Atlanta ever decides to sell.
  14. LAFC got written confirmation before the game from US Soccer that Kaye would not count as a foreign player. Five foreign players are allowed in the Open Cup. The problem was that US Soccer did not understand its own rules. I think they mistakenly saw that Kaye was considered a domestic player in MLS but their rules are different due to the Canadian domestic players. Kaye put them over the limit. Portland complained and US Soccer decided since they screwed up, they could not rightfully punish LA.
  15. The Timbers have withdrawn their @usopencup protest. U.S. Soccer says: “It has been determined that the inclusion of additional foreign players was a result of a good faith misunderstanding among U.S. Soccer, Major League Soccer and Los Angeles Football Club.”