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  1. Steam is a digital service that provides a range of games from the smallest indies to the biggest AAA titles.
  2. I meant to add that I also sent two thank you emails to the two teachers who wrote recommendations for my daughter. I have no idea what they said but I assume it was positive. They were both very appreciative of the thought and both said it was rare to receive a thank you for doing a recommendation from a parent.
  3. Gonzo is the only American to have won MLS Cup, Liga MX and the CCL
  4. Awesome video of Gonzo celebrating the CCL Championship he won last night
  5. The east is really weak this year imo. The one big surprise in Orlando is almost certainly going to sell Larin this summer and no one else looks good at all. I see no reason why Atlanta can not go pretty far this year.
  6. I know Carleton is the big name at this age group, so it is probably a very good thing from a team perspective that the US has had 2 very good wins and Carleton has not stood out much.
  7. here is the 4th
  8. US has now advanced to the next phase of qualifying and the last game in group stage is only for placement so they can rest and or sit players with yellows and work some other players in for the last game.
  9. US ends Mexico's 25 game unbeaten streak at this level. Great that this comes on the back of the U20's doing the exact same thing recently to Mexico.
  10. squeeky bum time. 4-3 in injury time!
  11. #### yes! 4-2, perfect counter attack and finish by Akinola on a feed from Sargent!
  12. Here are the three US goals
  13. that is how all these youth games are unless the home country is playing.