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  1. Dest is close but not a Barca player yet, at least last I saw. I think he had his medical today and still needs to sign the contract. I am hoping he will start training with the team this week, likely after tomorrow's game which I think he will watch in person.
  2. Steffen starting again for Man City today. Reyna moved to a sub role as Rues and Brandt are both starting today against Bayern in the DFB Super Cup game.
  3. Dembele is rumored to possibly leave. That should work in Konrad's favor and may be why he is staying so close to the first team.
  4. preach on Ronnie ======== "It's good for American football that you have players like Dest, like Konrad here in Barcelona. Both players are still young. SergiƱo last season in Ajax first team, in the Champions League, that experience will help the player & also the U.S national team." -Ronald Koeman
  5. This is for Barca's La Liga game today.....
  7. Any update on Pulisic? The last I heard from Lampard was that he was still considered in the "recovery" stage which does not give me hope that he will dress today.
  8. Here's to better times...
  9. You love to see a Mexican manager saying this: "We can't deny what is happening with players that the United States have playing in Europe and in the best clubs, it is a reality," Martino said on Monday.
  10. 2021 Gold Cup draw US, Canada, Martinque, MinnowToBeNamedLater GGG already giving strong hints he will be using many players in the squads next summer: "You know whenever the release date is -- maybe June 28 -- you know the clubs are obligated to release the players to us. This represents more than that," he said. "It represents relationships and we're in communication and really talking to the clubs and trying to piece together what makes most sense for the player. If I asked you, 'Is it reasonable for a player to play a full season. Then go to Nations League, then go to Gold Cup, then start preseason again without a break?' You know, it's probably not reasonable for that. "So we're gonna have to juggle the squad a little bit. We're going to still be competing for trophies; but there will be a certain amount of juggling we need to do."
  11. some of that is due to MLS overpaying players like Jozy, Bradley and others which causes those veteran minutes to drop in Europe.
  12. This is a cool graph of the % of minutes of Yanks playing in Europe, delineated by age groups.
  13. Soto got his debut for Telstar today and already has a brace in the first half!
  14. The Lille-Boavista connection continues to be interesting. If Cannon is sold to Lille, Dallas retains their sell on fee and can then cash in, if and when Lille sell. The general idea is that Cannon will stay at Boavista for one year and the move to Lille next season.