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  1. Atlanta announced today they broke through the 30k season ticket mark.
  2. US U20's in cruise control tonight, already up 4-0 in the first half. Looks like US, Mexico, ELS is all set for the next round. Top 2 from that group will advance to the WC. As Scooby mentioned above it will likely come down to the ELS vs US game to decide who moves on.
  3. I feel like there is something else in play because from what little was announced today, it does not make much sense. I feel this is a piece of bigger plan not yet clear. Here are some random comments * Turner is paying $60 million a year for just the English rights (Univision won the Spanish rights). The $60m for the English rights alone is said to be a SIGNIFICANT jump in rates from the previous number Fox was paying for both the English and Spanish rights combined. * Turner is going to have a create their soccer infrastructure from scratch since they have none. The last real soccer game they showed was in the 1990 World Cup from Italy. * When Turner enters the game, that gives 5 major broadcast players a piece of soccer as Turner will join Univision, NBC, ESPN and Fox leaving I believe only CBS as the loan major player with out a significant soccer property. * Fox supposedly only offered a token bid to retain the rights. That seems to indicate to me that they know what kind of revenue they can expect and that the Turner bid is so outrageously high, there has to be something else related else this is almost certainly going to be a money loser for them. * MLS I am sure is paying close attention to this as they are about to enter year 3 of a 5 year TV deal and if Turner is getting ready to expand their soccer properties, they may very well get involved in the next round of bidding which should be in late 2018.
  4. If the U20's advance out of the group in second (which looks likely), the next group is already set. It will be US, Mexico and El Salvador. The US caught a small break here as ELS's upset of Costa Rica has kept the host team out of this group
  5. Dallas kicked off their season with a big 4-0 win in the home leg of the CCL Quarter Finals tonight. Acosta started off the season in grand fashion looking the dominant player on the field and scored 2 sweet goals as the holding midfielder. With Jones well past his due date and concerns about Bradley, it would be an awesome sign if Acosta had a break out year this year at age 21. Here are the two goals
  6. My avatar does not like this topic
  7. It is as much or as little work as you want. The simplest way for me is to set it up once at the beginning of the season (maybe ten minutes) and then check once a week on a Friday (just looking for the obvious stuff of a guy hurt or suspended etc). Probably 3 minutes a week total. If you want to be good at it and scour the transfer market you can spend as much time as you want but with no money on the line I don't think any one gives too much effort.
  8. that was my first hope but it is real.
  9. you would think as much as I know about MLS I would be halfway good at this but I suck. Still, I am in! Thanks for setting up. Should be plenty of time by next Friday to put in another bad entry
  10. no need for the pics. your explanation was clear, thanks!
  11. Short MLS returning hype video
  12. The reason I asked because when I looked into this last summer, you could not use your Sling credentials to log into the NBC Sports App, but that certainly may have changed since this stuff moves quickly. I think you can log in with PS Vue though if memory serves.
  13. There is one thing I never understood with Sling and PsVue. How do you access the NBC Extra games? Is there an NBC Sports Extra app you can download on your device (Roku, Amazon Fire etc) and access via your sling subscription?
  14. Do you have access to either Fox Sports South or Fox Sports Southeast? Atlanta just announced their tv package which has the widest distribution in MLS
  15. I thought he was talking about streaming specfically. Does the EPL have a stand alone streaming package for cord cutters?