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  1. Jeff Carlisle‏Verified account @JeffreyCarlisle 8m8 minutes ago Andre Blake says it took 7 stitches to close cut btwn middle finger & index finger. Stitches out in 10 days. Day-to-day after that. #doop
  2. It is hard to develop players if he never wants to leave California. To be in charge of development, especially in a country the size of ours, you have to be on the road a ton, visiting every academy and club team in the country and seeing how to tie this massive web we have together. Unfortunately, the toxic relationship between him and MLS makes this a non starter. Sadly, no one in the league is ever going to listen to him.
  3. Here are the awards Golden Ball Award: Michael Bradley Golden Boot Award: Alphonso Davies Golden Glove Award: Andre Blake Bright Future Award: Alphonso Davies Fair Play Award: United States
  4. Some more Arena comments ============== Arena: "We have made progress, but we have a long way to go." Arena: "Dempsey is going to do whatever's nec for team to be successful...[He's] been fantastic in the role we gave him the last 2 games."
  5. I am happy to hear Blake's injury is nothing serious. I think he is 12 months or less away from a big move to Europe.
  6. Planet Fútbol‏Verified account @si_soccer "Anyone that hits me with Champagne has no chance of making the next qualifying roster!" - Bruce Arena
  7. This is the first time I have seen Arena say anything nice about Klinsmann ============================= Jeff Carlisle‏Verified account @JeffreyCarlisle Arena on Morris: "My predecessor did an outstanding job getting him involved in the program." #usmnt
  8. Pre tournament objectives and results: in no particular order * Get as many guys playing time as possible to evaluate for the full team - Solid A grade here, can't ask for much more * Improve in the tournament - Best two games came during the semi and finals, Solid A again * win the tournament - Solid A * play well through out the tournament - The US played a very dour 4 games in this tournament. This is a grade of a C+ * have Acosta make his stamp to be Bradley's partner - He had an overall below average tournament. I give this a D+ * See if Siaef is as good as advertised - Grade of incomplete due to the injury * Determine the #3 and #4 CB's - while Miazga played well in his one game, it appears Gonzo and Besler have locked this down for at least the qualifiers. Grade of a B (I am grading this lower because I was hoping some one could displace Gonzo). * See if Dempsey will accept and play well in a sub role - This looks promising on both counts. Grade of a B+. what else were you guys looking for?
  9. those three are the first three on the list for sure. After that, it depends on how Arena intends to use Pulisic. If he uses Pulisic as a withdrawn striker before Dempsey subs on, those three you listed might be the only 3 strikers on the roster. If not, it will comes down to Morris and Dwyer and the fact that he kept Morris seems to indicate he is ahead of Dom.
  10. whew, tough game. Jamaica's tactics were near flawless, but the US was so strong in that second half they really deserved the goal to win it. Of course all of this is meaningless if the US loses its next game but we might as well enjoy the crumbs now before the stakes sky rocket.
  11. If the majority of the tickets were purchased in the past few days, almost certainly so. I am unaware what the early sale was like in terms of which fan base was buying.
  12. If I am not mistaken this is likely Arena's very first game in charge where his lineup is identical to the previous game (at least for the players themselves not necessarily the formation.)
  13. I am interested to see the make up of the crowd tonight. If it was US Mexico, the crowd would have sounded easy 75-25 in favor of Mexico. But they are expecting around 60k there tonight. I assume some of those are Mexican fans who purchased tickets early?
  14. probably more like (with Acosta moving more forward than Bradley) ................Altidore Morris Nagbe .....................................Arriola .....Bradley Acosta Villafaña Besler Gonzalez Zusi ...........Howard
  15. Starting lineup (I think this is identical to CR game right at least for the 11 players?) Altidore Morris Nagbe Arriola Bradley Acosta Villafaña Besler Gonzalez Zusi Howard