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  1. Arriola may be getting good soon! Roger Gonzalez @RGonzalezCBS Sources tell CBS Sports that numerous teams in Europe, including the UK, want #USMNT winger Paul Arriola.
  2. all comps refers to League, Cup and Euro competition games. No friendlies or no national team duty
  3. The European season. More like late August to some time in May.
  4. This is pretty good. I would love to see your guesses (The last one is a riot ) =========== USMNT Videos Let’s see a prediction thread for this season (all comps) Christian Pulisic over/under 15g+a Tyler Adams over/under 2300 minutes Timothy Weah over/under 10g+a Josh Sargent over/under 800 minutes Sergino Dest over/under 700 minutes Weston McKennie over/under 5 positions
  5. It is also worth remembering Dest's age. At his age, Pomykal was still struggling to find himself as a player and 12 months later he may be the best 2 way midfielder in MLS, of any nationality. Who knows what type of development curve Dest could take in the next 12 months. I just hope he is cap tied before it is realized, in any outcome.
  6. ok I maybe need to pump the breaks on how many minutes Dest may get this year. I also found out that in addition to @Moe.note above, the regular Ajax left back is Nicolás Tagliafico who has been on vacation after being the Copa America with Argentina. So that puts Dest behind two international level players on both sides. However, with both players still not in camp yet, maybe he does get a chance to play in the Shield game on Saturday against PSV.
  7. I also value his ability to play both wing back spots. I feel like a roster spot can be used elsewhere (you know on maybe a 3rd striker) if you have this type of flexibility. I have no idea if GG values it though.
  8. I can't get over how deep he gets offensively compared to what Berhalter has Ream doing. Berhalter has to see how much harder it is to play against the US if both wing defenders can get forward. The only thing he appears to be lacking on the left is a driven left cross. He crosses appear to be accurate, but of the softer variety. If he can develop the skill and or confidence to start driving his crosses with his left foot, he should do very very well in Concacaf. If he makes the starting squad at Ajax, hopefully it will light a fire under Berhalter to call him even to the Mexico and Uruguay games, even if they can't cap tie him, to show their interest level.
  9. The Bruce Arena effect
  10. Yeah it would be incredible but like you said almost impossible. With the size of the loan army, who knows how deep he is buried on the depth chart. As a side note have we ever had two US players playing (actually playing) on a Top 20ish type team together? I can't think of any, probably because we have had barely a few even play for that level of club.
  11. Nice! I would have preferred a transfer but this is the next best thing ======== Jonathan Low Understand Miazga to #readingfc is a done deal. Season long loan. Medical passed earlier today
  12. Here are the Dest highlights. Lots to like here
  13. Am correct in saying that all of the MCU series are going to be more like minin series of ~6 episodes and then done?
  14. Season 6 of Shield has been all over the place. They may have walked down a rabbit hole they can't get out of but I am still enjoying it. With that pack you mentioned, will you be getting Hulu Live with it as well or just regular Hulu? That seems like a nice combo and I hear the prices may be good.