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  1. Ok so maybe an owner of a team should not lower himself to this level, but I like it KC's owner comparing Cups to Seattle
  2. I was very impressed with the ref in that case. There was one point after the game where you could see the ref looks at the other Seattle players as if to say "is someone going to contain this lunatic?"
  3. The non emotional answers were perfect for this I seriously thought he was going to kill the ref after the Alonso play. I don't think I have ever seen him so jacked up.
  4. The Benny run was a highlight of the game. He was fully enveloping the bad guy role and had everyone in stadium booing his every touch and he lifted his game to match. I thought the goal was good in real time but in slow mo he did look half a step offside. But as a guy who wants more scoring, not less I am more than happy that the AR kept his flag down in such a close call. You should check out some of the South American qualifiers. Loderiro (Seattles number 10), has been very good for Uruguay. I have no idea how he ended up in MLS instead of a big Euro league.
  5. The second half of the Sea KC was really intense. Benny doing everything possible to get himself suspended by all but physically attacking the ref twice.
  6. This is a pretty cool story about the father of soccer analytics and how his misinterpretation of his hand written data from the 50's and 60's led English teams to adopt a route 1 style and arguably hurt their development for a couple of decades ================ How One Man’s Bad Math Helped Ruin Decades Of English Soccer
  7. Not that Landon needed any more records to hold but he got one more last night. He now holds the record for most assists in MLS playoff history after picking up an assist in the RSL game. He was tied with old timer Mauricio Cienfuegos, the little El Salvadoran who tore up MLS back in the early years. Cienfuegos has a high position in the LA Galaxy academy system now.
  8. is an update on Ben Lederman that someone posted on reddit: =================== He came back and lived at IMG residency with the U17s but wasn't even making rosters for games with them. From there he was either cut from IMG or chose to leave. I heard he was headed back to La Masia as recently as today on USAprospects on twitter. If he was cut from IMG it wouldn't put too much on it, countless of eventual stars including EPB were cut from IMG.
  9. Looks like we are not the only ones who have noticed David Villa working his ### off. Even the Spanish National Team coach chimed in with some positive words: =================== "I went to New York with my wife, I took advantage and watched Villa play," Lopetegui told Spanish radio station Onda Cero, as translated by Adriana Garcia of ESPN FC. "The truth is that I saw him very well and playing with a lot of intensity." "Villa continues to play at a very good level and in the future we will see if he can return," Lopetegui continued. "We don't close the door to any player and we always have consideration for players that can help the national team. "Villa is well, playing with a lot of rhythm, scoring lots of goals and showing a great attitude."
  10. Connor Casy has retired from soccer today. Perhaps the prototypical American striker donkey style, he worked hard and created a nice long pro career for himself including 19 US caps and one very memorable World Cup Qualifier where he scored 2 goals in a critical 3-2 win in Honduras. Here are the highlights of that win (fantastic game if memory serves)
  11. To facilitate the possible bad ### turn for Maggie, do you think they will have her miss-carry? I believe she is only 2-3 months into the pregnancy. Unless they add in a time gap, waiting for her to give birth might be too long for any sort of payoff.
  12. 627 days to be exact from the first break out. Roughly 20 months. Note that Rick wakes up 59 days after the break out in Episode #1.
  13. Looks like Marvel may have another hit on their hands. After 52 reviews, Rotten Tomatoes is running at a 96% score.
  14. I have no doubt this might be an upgrade for some teams like NE and Chicago If you could automate the sw, even better
  15. How the hell did they find out how much teams spend on scouting? There is no way that information is public. Whether it is true or not I can't say but I bet they are just speculating. The only number they has been publically mentioned is the amount they are spending developing players in the academies, which Garber has repeatedly said is north of $20m a year. I am sure some of that is related to scouting.