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  1. The hispanic and Cobi combo seems to be for the Mexico games. Hopefully we get Strong\Holden which is more than good enough. I don't even know if I get Fxx. I need to check.
  3. Ask any questions you might have, I should be able to help. I never played Diablo 2 but POE was better than Diablo 3 in almost every possible measurement, and I really enjoyed Diablo 3. In case you are unaware, POE is about to release a MASSIVE expansion which is going to change the flow of the game significantly. The expansion is in Beta right now.
  4. right. Friendly against Ghana is on ESPN. Panama on Fox Martinique on FS1 Nicaragua on Fxx
  5. It looks similar to US in terms of relative strength. Roman Torres, Blas Perez, Jame Penedo, Felipe Baloy are some regulars that are missing.
  7. in a sport where it is ingrained in players to cheat the refs, it really takes someone of high character to do this because you just know his teammates and coaches behind closed doors are going to give him a ton of #### for possibly costing them points (and more importantly money if they are on win bonuses).
  8. During the recent Philly DC game, Acosta for DC fouled a Philly player and was shown a straight red card, which seemed harsh. But then the Philly player who was fouled told the ref that he was only pushed and not kicked. The ref then rescinded the red card, and did not even issue a yellow. Tommy Smyth was doing the color and he said that after calling 1000's of games in his career that was the first time he ever saw a red card rescinded on the spot.
  9. From reddit Here's a rundown for those just tuning in: Feud started on May 24th as a regular Twitter beef. Shallowking buys a plane ticket and says he will fly out and meet Cody at his gym to fight. Shallowking immediately sets up a website where people can purchase a live stream of the fight. Twitter nonsense back and forth for a month. The day comes. Shallowking has landed in Sacramento. Cody is waiting at the gym and no signs of Shallowking. A few hours later, (after Cody has left the gym) Shallowking arrives. From the livestream, Shallowking walks into the gym asking for Cody. Front desk asks him to have a seat and offers him a towel and water. Shallowking says he'll take a water. Shallowking waits around for what seems like less than 5 minutes. Starts to get clowned by a member of the gym then decides to leave. Cody is on his way back to the gym. Also tweets a message. Shallowking is nowhere to be found when Cody returns. Various livestreams get posted. Team Alpha Male goes out to search for Shallowking. Shallowking is found at a nearby Starbucks and nearly kills people driving down a one-way street trying to get away (according to a tweet from Cody). Shallowking was able to escape. Shallowking livestreams himself emotionally talking about how he was there to fight Cody....not Team Alpha Male. Team Alpha Male is not Alpha at all. They are Team Beta Male. "A lion doesn't live in the jungle with a bunch of other men lions. They live one, with a bunch of #####es, and that's me." Shallowking: "Fake ### coward fake champion lied to his fans and now the world will see the proof video coming. Done with your coward ###."
  10. I love Maisie. If this is odd looking then so be it.
  11. Dempsey with a 94th minute goal to get a draw with 10 men against Portland.
  12. Turn on ESPN2 if you are around. Seattle is playing Portland tonight at 10:00pm eastern. Roldan is starting in the middle of the 3 in a 4-2-3-1. Also of note is that a healthy Dempsey is not starting as Seattle continues to try and get things going this year.
  13. Atlanta might want to rethink this Watch the celebration closely
  14. yikes. Timmy Chandler would not like this. =============== Portland Timbers‏Verified account @TimbersFC Thanks again to @MLS and @espn for moving #PORvSEA kick to help ensure safety of players, supporters + staff. Current field temp 168 #RCTID
  15. A 3-4-3 might be interesting with this group .........................Guzan ............Miazga....Hedges......Besler .Lichaj........Acosta......Roldan.......Saief .....Arriola.............Swag.............Dwyer