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  1. I don't think you understood what I was saying. Bayern 2 is not in Bundie 2, they are down in Bundie 3. I am pretty sure the Segunda Division in Spain does allow for reserve teams as Real Madrid Castilla and Barca B have been in the second division many times I believe. Bundesliga 2 does not appear to allow reserve teams from what I can tell (which is what caused the confusion to begin with). I was not referring to having a reserve team in the top flight, I was talking about a reserve team in the second division. I know all leagues have a requirement that reserve teams can't be promoted to the top flight. I just did not realize some also had the rule that you could not be promoted to the second division.
  2. Mario Gomez is another example, with if memory serves a choice between Spain and Germany.
  3. Dortmund plays Paderborn tomorrow. That seems like a game which might be good to give Gio his first start.
  4. I think I got confused because I thought some other countries have reserve teams in the second division (I may be wrong about this too).
  5. I hope you can appreciate the massive difference between these two takes, unless you are just continuing schtick where it is not really funny. 1) Sargent is not good at soccer. 2) I just don’t think he’s lived up to the hype.
  6. Marco Fortunato Lauro @GiallorossiYank I’ve been critical of Sargent this season. Sometimes it just looks like he’s in 1st gear. But if you can’t appreciate his last few performances, especially today’s you have some type of agenda. He worked his ### off non-stop, regularly beat his midfielders back on counters
  7. Just read on twitter that Bayern 2 can't be promoted to Bundie 2. Must be something in the rules that Bundie 2 can't have reserved Bundeslia teams. Makes sense I think.
  8. When Sargent was a pup he had the tag of not doing the little things but since he was a goal scoring machine, it was never an issue. Now things have flipped. He has found the best way to playing time as a professional is to do all the little things. Sadly his goal scoring has dried up but that may also just be the fact that he is a striker for a team in the relegation zone that creates only a couple of chances a game..
  9. Roger Gonzalez @RGonzalezCBS Impressive first half for Josh Sargent. Not getting chances, but his work rate is great, playing smart and pressing well
  10. Here is the winner. this goal keeps Bayern 2 in the promotion hunt where it is crowded. The teams in first and second have 47 points. The next 4 teams are all level on 44 points (This is the group Bayern 2 is in).
  11. Chris Richards started his 17th straight game for Bayern 2 today and scored the game winner in the 89th minute.
  12. Brooks, Sargent, and Weston starting today. Uly not on roster.
  13. Jesse Marsch is the first American-born manager to win a European trophy after RB Salzburg won the Austrian Cup today.
  14. GGG told the Athletic that he invited Chris Richards to January camp this year but Bayern Munich denied the request.
  15. yeah. Legend, Legend, Legend, Legend, Legend, Legend. Legend, Legend, WTF??