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  1. Jozy, Bradley, and Brooks are carrying yellows. Jozy getting a yellow would be ugly for Panama.
  2. Jürgen Klinsmann‏Verified account @J_Klinsmann 2h2 hours ago GOOD LUCK tonight vs Honduras and get the 3 points !!! GO USA !!!
  3. That is amazing. Thank you for sharing.
  4. one thing I have learned is that the competition among-st white American girls seems to be incredible. So many of them have amazing educational stats.
  5. thanks for the info. It really does make sense since the numbers can make the kids all look similar at that level. It makes you wonder though, how does an elite student pass in a crap essay? Average I could see but do you really see garbage from a 4.0 student?
  6. I thought this was really dumb until I read this comment on reddit and now it makes much more sense to me. ===================== Allowing your fans to vote for "Footy McFooty Face" is just a clever marketing scheme. There's absolutely no way the club will be called that, but it's clever and funny enough that news outlets across your region will pick it up and get a laugh out of it. Just look at what this has done, a UK website has written an article that's going to get a lot of clicks. This is brilliant from the San Diego perspective, not sure if they meant to do it but it's spread the cause.
  7. from what I have read, it looks like FAFSA is every year but not the CSS Profile. At least from the schools I looked at.
  8. thanks. My wife is in shock as we never planned on even a dime so even the wonderful numbers presented us by Wheaton blew us away from a merit stand point much less what Trinity did. I am trying to emphasize to my daughter how impressive what she pulled off is but I don't think she can appreciate it as she has VERY low self esteem (she is the exact opposite of what one pictures as one of these smart high school girls).
  9. I can't tell you of how little importance I considered the essay. That was the engineer in me I guess. I never considered it could be used as a differentiator for things like scholarships. Good for her for nailing it. I know next to nothing about writing but I can see how it caught the eye of some of these admissions people.
  10. I wanted to quote this to emphasize to parents looking at this process for their kids. Do not underestimate this piece like I did. When I called Trinity to ask about the Presidential Scholarship, they transferred me to the lady who ran the program. After asking my daughters name, she mentioned the essay she wrote.
  11. possible good news for Atlanta fans as there was some worry this was much more serious ================= Dirty South Soccer‏Verified account @DirtySouthSoc UPDATED: Josef Martinez's injury doesn't appear to be serious. Venezuela manager says 10 days of recovery is needed
  12. damn, sorry to hear that. What is the injury in the knee?
  13. oh #### yes! so many great schools! It is going to be interesting to see how you guys ending up choosing between them. congrats!
  14. I might have been unclear. I believe when they said that they were referring to the normal FAFSA and CSS type aid, not outside scholarships. I am unsure how those would be affected. It may not matter though as if we get the same Federal grants from Trinity that we got from Wheaton, that will eat nicely into the room and board leaving just a small amount to deal with out of pocket.