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  1. Not sure how much it affects keepers per say but Belgium today is likely a far stronger league than MLS was back when Timmy played (this was when MLS was entering its low point and almost shut down and stopped spending on any players) so that should be good for Horvath.
  2. being only 22 (young for a keeper) and getting consistent playing time in a decent league like Belgium is perfect for his development curve.
  3. The Cincy Red Bull Open Cup game was the second highest rated tv program of the night in the Cincy DMA.
  4. It will be interesting to see how he tracks. Howard was only 2 years older than Horvath when he moved to Man United and was voted the keeper of the year by the PFA in his first season.
  5. Horvath starting in Europa League today vs AEK Athens.
  6. Looks like Andre Schurrle is out for a month for Dortmund. With Dembele's situation still not resolved, there should be a ton of minutes for Puli, if he is healthy, in the first month of the season.
  7. Looks like the PR battle to get MLS and FC Cincy to use Nippert Stadium(to avoid a tax hit on a new stadium) if they get into MLS is starting to heat up. Here is a TV news show on the issue. If they can upgrade the stadium and get grass, from a sporting perspective it seems fine to me but the obvious issue would be lack of revenue control which is huge in balancing the books for MLS teams.
  8. I don't have all the information so take what I say with a grain of salt. I think the format seems to follow the idea of the League of Nations that is starting to form in various Confederations in which teams are separated by rank and play teams at their "level. I don't know for sure but I have to think the organizers wanted to avoid 14-0 type games which can happen at this age group where the quality difference between a US/Mexico and a minnow is massive and can be exploited so much easier than at an adult level where even a huge pounding is something like only 6-0 The gap between the US and the other non Mexico teams even at the top levels seems pretty high. The US has played 4 games against the supposed strongest at this age group and has won all by 3 goals. Mexico has been running rampant as well.
  9. This picture gives a good idea of how small Yankee stadium field size is compared to a regular field
  10. It was complicated because every one was invited since there was no qualifying for something like this: *10 groups, 4 teams per group, except for 1 group which had only 3 teams (39 teams total). *The groups were roughly segregated by "rank" (how ever they do it at that young age). *Groups A and B were separated from the rest of the other 8 groups. *Group A: Mexico Panama Honduras Jamaica *Group B: US Canada CR T&T * Top 2 teams from each group (US/Canada and Mexico/Panama) advance to semi finals * US Mexico will play in final, Canada Panama in 3rd place game * The other teams in the other groups also have extra games beyond the group stage but I don't know how they work it * Here are some standings that are not fully updated click on "standings"
  11. I think it is tomorrow at 11:00am but the schedule is not filled in yet
  12. Yes that was Gio Reyna. These two seem to be the offensive stars in this age group.
  13. This kid is a having a huge tournament scoring wise. From Sporting KC's academy
  15. NEW YORK (August 17, 2017) – Major League Soccer today announced that a fourth substitute will be available to teams during the Audi 2017 MLS Cup Playoffs and 2017 MLS Cup for postseason matches that require the two, 15-minute extra time periods.