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  1. I don't think any one thinks it is a step up. It is very difficult to compare leagues that never play each other but I don't think I am far off when I guess that the basic Denmark domestic player is probably only slightly better than the basic American domestic player and I think the foreign players in MLS are likely much stronger than the foreign players in Denmark.
  2. Steven Goff‏Verified account @SoccerInsider Second source says Bill Hamid is going to sign with @fcmidtjylland in Denmark
  3. This weekend will very likely see the last soccer game ever played at RFK stadium. RFK not only was home to DC United since 1996, it also holds the record for most games hosting the US National team. They hosted 24 US national team games over the years. And this is a record it might hold for a while as the stadiums in 2nd, 3rd and 4th are not regularly used by the US. Only the Stub Hub sitting at 14 games has a chance to break this record if they continue to hold January camp there.
  4. Pulisic is only tied for second in terms of the least amount of games to get to 9 goals. He is tied with Willy Roy at 20 games but both trail Peter Millar who did it in only 13 games. There is a statistical oddity between Roy and Millar though. During a game against Isreal in in 1968, they both struck the ball at the same time and it went it. Various reports credit the goal to Roy and others to Millar.
  5. I find it quite sad that so much of my US Soccer entertainment is going to be wrapped up in this election.
  6. WikiMLS‏ @wikimls 3h3 hours ago Source: @EricWynalda has spoken to @FOXSoccer and will be taking a leave of absence from TV.
  7. From just a fan of the US national team point of view, the two most important items are the president hires the coach and the TD.
  8. The choices seem to be Sunil vs Various Lawyers vs Ex Players
  9. Steven Goff‏Verified account @SoccerInsider Bill Hamid will not return to D.C. United next season, won't say what is next. Story to come
  10. Wahl dropping another bomb today. I don't know how I feel about this though either way outside of "wow, that is interesting!" ============== The nominations for U.S. Soccer presidential candidates are due on Dec. 12, and has learned that Landon Donovan is seriously considering running for U.S. Soccer president. Donovan, who had no comment, has been asked by a number of respected figures in American soccer to contemplate running. They’re concerned about Sunil Gulati continuing to control decisions on the technical side—including hiring head coaches—and think Donovan is better qualified to handle the soccer aspects of the job. If Donovan were to run, it would be a game-changer in the campaign to become the elected leader of U.S. Soccer.
  11. Have you given Z Nation a shot? It is on Netflix. It is much different in tone from Fear (and significantly more self aware) but I find it superior to Fear in most cases.
  12. I just finished catching up last night. I have a really HIGH tolerance for trash tv as I can usually find some good in most drek shows but dear god this show is bad. Almost every non Daniel character is written so poorly. Madison might very well be the worst written character I have ever seen. They took all of the horrendous character traits from Jack on Lost(in terms of trying to be a god of everything) and amplified them 10 thousand fold.
  13. The FC Dallas U15 team beat the USWNT 5-2 yesterday. Typically the women train against U17 boys teams, but it is good to see that a really good U15 club team can now play well against a top women's national team. The younger the boys get, the more the athleticism levels out vs the women and it becomes more a game of skill
  14. The more I read abut Precourt the more I am forced to admit the Krafts are not the worst owners in the league.
  15. That seems a bit harsh to the 99.5% of players who are not good enough for an academy but want to keep playing while they are in college.