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  1. season long schedule but no where near the amount of games NBC shows, which is absolute perfection IMO.
  2. They have shown every one of those over the years going all the way back to the 1994 World Cup, with the exception of the Bundesliga. They were the first to have the EPL, the first to have the Champions League, the first to have MLS, the first to have Euro Cup, first to have Gold Cup, first to have Copa America etc etc. Basically NBC and Fox only jumped in to the pool after ESPN made the sport viable in the US (for English language stations specifically). As with all sports rights they move from station to station over time. Turner is the latest to jump into the soccer pool, spending a ton to get the rights for the Champions League.
  3. Like many others in this thread, soccer is the main sport I watch. I still watch some NFL on DVR and check in on other sports as back ground noise but really only soccer keeps my interest now a days. IN the past, I was a voracious NFL and NBA watcher.
  4. What do you mean too late? ESPN showed soccer well before anyone else did and showed a ton of it. They still have a bunch of soccer properties right now. John Skipper has always been a big fan of the sport.
  5. Fox Sports did.
  6. If I was starting a team today, I think I might very well consider Alli over every one else listed so far.
  7. I know he does not fill up traditional stat lines but I would take Kante over most of those listed.
  8. That is brutal. But I might be misunderstanding the article, specifically this part: Ajax (67,212) would have joined Spurs in Pot 3 if they won at the Friends Arena Why would Spurs be in Pot 3 if Ajax won? I thought the point of the article was that Spurs moved to pot 3 because Man U won.....?
  9. Adams looks like is is at least 15 years younger than The Old Man instead of just 15 months.
  10. Looks like Kitchen's time at Hearts went poorly after a good start ======================== Perry Kitchen’s Hearts career is all but over after he was told he will not play regularly next season. The American internationalist will now seek a new club having been replaced as captain at Tynecastle by new arrival Christophe Berra. The Evening News has learned that Kitchen was informed of the decision before Berra signed and is now likely to continue his career elsewhere. He would prefer to remain in Europe but also has a long list of suitors in the United States, where he was previously voted Most Valuable Player with DC United. The midfielder’s Hearts contract runs until May 2018 but club officials will not be difficult to deal with regarding his transfer. He left DC United for Tynecastle in March 2016 and was appointed captain six months later. However, he has fallen out of the team since Ian Cathro replaced Robbie Neilson as head coach last December. Berra’s arrival as the new skipper leaves Kitchen on the fringes of the squad and he needs to play regularly to keep his international place with the USA. Cathro was reluctant to speak publicly about his discussion with the 25-year-old but the player is expected to leave before the new season begins. “That’s something for us, naturally he’s not had a great time personally having not been in the side as often as any player would have liked but that’s a personal thing,” said Cathro.
  11. That has been the rumor (along with Schalke). As someone else mentioned, with every goal he scores, more and more teams are going to be interested. Hopefully he has a good person giving him advice, as this would be near impossible for a 17 year old to figure out. Certainly going to Germany seems to make sense since we have so many over there now. I don't believe he has a passport though, so if and where ever he lands in Germany, he can't play until 18 (next February).
  12. I agree. My comment might be misunderstood. I was in no way denigrating his play for the U17's which I thought was very very good. I was making a positive comment that even based on that level of quality, and against SIGNIFICANTLY better competition, he looks even better. I hope he makes a good decision for his first team.
  13. When you watch club soccer, especially when you follow one league, the teams start to normalize a bit. While there are quality differences between the teams, a lot of times the teams start to look very much alike in terms of tactics, team make up, formations, style of play etc. What makes international soccer so entertaining for me is the incredible differences you can see game to game. The difference between Ecuador and Senegal was stark in every way imaginable. It must be both tough and fun to try and prepare for such huge differences in such a short space of time.
  14. I think Lennon has looked great the first two games. He was the best player on the US against Ecuador IMO, and had another solid day today.
  15. Just finished watching the entire game. Lots of comments. Team Game related: Goalkeeper: Even though Senegal pressed for much of the second half, there was very little to do for JK. I don't remember anything other than simple token saves. He had one weak punch and it was clear his blunder was on his mind as his distribution was awful, simply booting it as far as he could almost every time he got near the ball. I don't think any of his balls found a US player even once. Defense: Strong and solid all game. CCV and EPB looked good together in the middle. The Old Man looked particularly good in the air, having many headed clearances in the box. The wing backs did well over all defensively but neither made too much impact going forward. The best part of the game defensively was I think Senegal got behind the defense only once and that looked to be a blown offside call. Midfield: Adams was just awesome for the first 70 minutes. Absolutely every where, breaking up passes in the defensive end, making combo plays in the midfield, and that touch on the goal, so pretty! Jones was no where near as physically dominant as in the first game (which makes sense seeing the size difference between Ecuador and Senegal) but he still got his big body in the way plenty of times. His feet are not great but they seem good enough that you could see the path to improvement technique wise. I think today was clear why Luca is not seeing time in the rough and tumble Championship. He was physically moved off the ball many many times today. The few times he got some space, his passing was good. Lennon played his game, tons and tons of energy and looking to get deep and put in dangerous balls. For the right coach, his game is going to translate at the full Nats IMO. "Loan" Striker: Easily my least favorite position on the field but Sargent did well again. He is not in any way a physical player but his hold up play today was excellent. His runs continue to be smart and instinctive. Senegal clearly focused on him, keeping two players near him at all times (which was easy due to the formation) but he still got involved. I am not sure how, but he actually looks better at the U20 WC then he did at the U17 Concacaf Championship. Coach: No complaints about the starting lineup but I think Tab was too slow getting subs on in the second half even though it worked out. The US I think has two players on a yellow but with them not yet advancing, he might not have the ability to sit these players in the last game. General Comments: * If some one had told me 15 years ago that Tab was going to be coaching the U20's and knowing the direction our melting pot country was headed in, I would have strongly guessed the team was going to have a high latino flavor. It is really the opposite as the African American players look to be the dominant players with this current age group. * This team is pretty easy to like. They have an interesting mix of grit, skills, size and speed. And as always we have to acknowledge that there are many top players missing. * The players that look like they have the best chance to move on to the full national team are Sargent, Adams, CCV, and Lennon. Unlike other U20 teams, I think this one is going to be full of solid pro's, giving them a chance to improve as they age.