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  1. Jesus christ is this sport a mess. WTF were his teammates thinking? Walk off the park with him.... ==========================
  2. I believe he will be 33 for Qatar (Qatar is a winter world cup so it is 6 months later than usual).
  3. I agree, Altidore is our best striker (by a long ways) but I just have kind of given up hope that he is ever going to be healthy. If he can some how stay healthy, he should absolutely be the starter in qualification this fall. Jozy is not that young any more either. He is going to be 33 by Qatar so we may need some one to emerge even if he is healthy come end of 2022. I think Morris will likely start in qualification. My roster showing Uly starting was projecting out to the winter of 2022 (which is what TripItUp asked for).
  4. This would be mine as of today with a little projection for a couple of players (this will likely not be the qualification lineup this fall). .............................Steffen Dest...........Long.........Brooks............ItNeverEnds .........................Adams.............Swag Uly.............................Pulisic................Reyna .............................Weah Weah is a long shot at striker but we need some one to emerge if the Ginger does not. The strength is going to clearly come from the 5 midfielders. And as always we need to find a LB that won't be embarrassing. At the very worst, Dest can play over there and Cannon can start at RB.
  5. his dribbling is wonderful in tight spaces. Yedlin can only dribble by trying to push past and out run.
  6. he probably has more assists from crosses in that package than Yedlin has in his entire career, and those highlights are just from this season.
  7. it is probably player to player dependent. We have an excellent example of a player who developed basic skills significantly after 20 years old in Jordan Morris.
  8. I think, at least in GGG's eyes, Cannon's continued improvement outweighed Lima's solid but likely finished product. Cannon I think still has some room to improve and he already may be our best 2 way RB even saying that. Dest is by far and away the best offensive RB we have. He may have the best feet in the entire team outside of Pulisic.
  9. I don't think we need to hope any more.
  10. So many years as a pro now and he still never improved this skill. What a shame too because you would think this is something that could be practiced in perpetuity until you got it right.
  11. Is Yedlin hurt or suspended? I noticed he did not dress today for Newcastle...
  12. Well this goes hand in hand but it looks like Miami/Becks have signed largest sponsorship deal in MLS history with arguably the worst sponsor in MLS history.
  13. Your second sentence is very true. And as @TLEF316 alluded to, sending a player like Nips to away Concacaf games is something we could be confident that his form and effort would stay consistent. The variables in those games are so over the top, that it is sometimes a coin flip on whether any particular player will be able to handle it. Our young kids have plenty of experience playing against the central american teams in their youth nats game but we know it is a night and day difference playing in Florida vs going to the away game itself.
  14. Lets hope a miracle happens and the trio actually plays together. I am not sure it has ever happened yet where all 3 were healthy at the same time for a senior Nats game.
  15. I like Nips. Can never fault the guys efforts, but his upside was limited imo. I think he has peaked as a player but he was also some one I thought would have been very reasonable to have on the roster, just not as an automatic starter as he has been. I think this injury would have sucked if it came this fall, but GGG should have the time now to figure out if either Uly or Gio is ready to be a starter instead of having to do it in a qualifier. We have a handful of friendlies and the Nations League games to hopefully do some testing.