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  1. I played DD: Dark Arisen back on the PS3 and loved it. Did they ever release a DD 2?
  2. I am familiar with this deck as I see it all the time being played on ladder and by the streamers. But I am missing 4 of the legendary's and only have enough dust for 2 of them. If I acquire a little more dust I may try to craft 3 of the legendaries I am missing and just try and replace Xaril as that appears the least important of the 6 legendaries in the deck. Would you agree Xaril is the least important of the 6?
  3. I heard they had a fire in the upper decks yesterday but got it under control. That poor old stadium. They won't be moving into the new stadium I think until next summer so they either need to find a temporary home like Atlanta did, or they will be playing away for like 12 straight games. Will RFK still be standing next spring?
  4. oh and one other note about the DC game. Mullins was the first player in MLS history to score 4 goals in one half.
  5. the combined distanced on his first three goals was like 7 yards The 4th was really nice. I noticed the crowd was much bigger than normal, I think they listed it over 25k. Was this the last game ever at RFK or was there another reason for the crowd?
  6. Jozy is sitting out his 3rd straight game.
  7. My favorite line this week ================== "An NFL team could not sell out an MLS stadium, but an MLS team sold out an NFL stadium"
  8. Wynalda has announced he will run for the presidency of US Soccer. ======================================= “I’ve stood back for two decades waiting for things to get better,” Wynalda told Guardian. “What I’ve realized is that there is not a whole lot of people who are willing or even wanting to invoke change. Out of moral obligation, I think I’m finally at the point where I’m asking, ‘What can I do to help?’ I don’t want to tweet something or write an article or start a fight. I want to roll up my sleeves.” “I don’t think it is healthy unless there is a clear vision or a plan,” Wynalda said, though many programs directed as specific issues – such as the U.S. Soccer Development Academy and competitive youth teams run by MLS clubs –- have been initiated during Gulati’s tenure. “Right now, it is just one guy who not only professes to be the smartest guy in the room and has an answer for every single question you throw at him but he has an agenda and that is why there is a lot of people saying enough is enough. His agenda is to stay in power and that is it.”
  9. found this on reddit. There seem to be some concerns about his knee and general mobility from other posters... Solid 73 minutes. Pros: picked the easy passes in order to keep possession and helped shield the backline. Had beautiful vision on a pass where he split 3 defenders (unfortunately Harit slightly mistimed his run and was offside) Cons: partially at fault on the first goal. needs to make better/quicker decision in the final third (this should come with experience)
  10. hmm, my schedule shows fs2. Nascar is listed on FS1. I will have to check both.
  11. Gooch drew, took and converted the PK for Sunderland today.
  12. I think a lot depends on your expectations. The critics and fans are a little spread on this movie. Critics hate it because it is the type of movie that is easy to hate from their point of view, but the IMDB vote (fans) is a solid 7.4 right now. Just keep your expectations in check and you might be surprised. It is not Shawshank, but its not Battlefield Earth either.
  13. I missed the Schalke game, how did he look?
  14. Article on how Jonathan Gonzalez went from relative unknown to one of the hottest US prospects not named Pulisic =============================================
  15. I went with my daughter tonight. We both went in with lower expectations but both of us enjoyed the flick. Neither of us liked it as much as the first one but that was inevitable when you lose some of the originality factor.