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  1. The RBL coach must be pinching himself that they got Adams for only $3m =========== “It was a brilliant assist,” Rangnick said. “The way he won the ball and then played it directly to Poulsen highlights why we wanted to get him in the winter.” Adams, in particular, benefited from the small adjustments Rangnick made throughout the game. Modifications that are, however, not always easy to complete on the pitch in a tough Bundesliga battle. It highlighted Adams’ ability to quickly adjust to new situations in an extraordinary environment for the 19-year-old adjusting to a new country, culture and league. “Perhaps that is because the philosophy at the New York Red Bulls and RB Leipzig are very similar,” Zirk said. Said Rangnick: “Tyler Adams ‘only’ has to get used to life in Germany. On the pitch, he has to continue from where he left off in MLS. I can only confirm that, and have already said it after the last game, it feels like [Tyler Adams] has been with us for some time.” “He is an excellent kid with an incredible mentality, which was registered from the very first day and was taken up with open arms,” Rangnick concluded. His ability to quickly win over the media and fans, however, was another important aspect in his integration and highlights his positive mentality. “From the very first day, it was clear that Tyler Adams would have success in Leipzig,” Zirk said. “But that isn’t just due to his talent but also comes from how he tackles things. Little mistakes don’t face him. Quite the opposite, he is willing to learn and improves his ability sometimes within one game. That is very impressive.”
  2. NewlyRetired

    UFC wagering: 234 goes from bad to a hernia.

    I have a little too much WWE in me but damn, give me Gracie vs Ryan Hall with a stipulation that neither can go to the ground It would be like watching ducks out of water.
  3. Here is a look at Zyen Jones playing against the Dortmund U19's (Jones plays for Schalke U19's). Obviously really far from the finished product but you have to admire his all out attacking style.
  4. I don't think so. I think the corner was based on his cross that drew the corner but I am not sure.
  5. Weah responds about his out burst with jawing at the opponents
  6. I hope so. He is in a weird spot right now. Every sub appearance he has had has been above average, but both games he started were below average. He needs to grab hold of a starting game and just kill it.
  7. A couple of those touches were eye opening. There are only a handful of US players who can take a ball out of the air like that and kill it in stride.
  8. NewlyRetired

    ***Official Soccer Discussion Thread***

    I have no idea what is going on here but we need more of this in the sport
  9. Weah highlights from today. Only 15 minutes as a sub but he was active and displayed some real nice skill on a couple of plays
  10. I have been wanting to start this for a while. In this thread we can discuss tips, tricks, techniques and recipes on our home cooks. This thread should be dedicated to indoor cooking since we have two good threads for outdoor cooking in the Grilling thread and the Big Green Egg thread. When posting, let us know how often you cook and what types of food you enjoy cooking.
  11. We have been pouring our thoughts into the Rock thread but we might as well have a single home for them here. Post away.