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  1. One other thing I think this change might affect is that this season of MLS and the US Open Cup will not have any CCL places up for grabs. I think they basically need to skip a year in creating qualifying teams to get themselves realigned with the new schedule.
  2. I think this is similar to the path it walked last time: 1) Oblivion 2) Fallout 3 3) Fallout New Vegas 4) Skyrim
  3. jesus, that a is a lot to drink in.......... I am no specialist on these things but that is going to be a enormous proposal to get any sort of real approval in just one week in time for the bid. Sadly I fear while this looks very fair (especially considering how most other stadium projects have their hands out) that either politicians or NIMBY's or both are going to be looking for more. It would not shock me that if MLS feels like their is some momentum in SD but just not enough time to get even initial approval for something this big that they will extend the deadline. Hell, they have been extending Beck's Miami deadline forever now,,,,,
  4. @Sebowskithanks for all the info. Can you explain a little more about the Liga MX tie in?
  5. I should mention that kick ### was down for a long long time. The government shut them down but they recently ressurected under a slightly new address. I have not tried them since the resurrection
  6. I have never used them. I am a big fan of PIA. I think you will find most people on FBG are using PIA and most if not all have had good experiences with them.
  7. piratebay is still the biggest. Their new search engine is awful though. A new kid on the block with a very nice interface is A is still a decent site to search out other torrent sites.
  8. 1080p with dd5.1 sound is what I always torrent. When I tried out Kodi a few months ago, I found this very basic level of quality to be lacking and had to search for it which became much to big a hassle. But if it works for you, great! I will try again every few months to see if some things are better for my situation.
  9. If I am reading this right, CONCACAF just told MLS to go fornicate themselves with the new CONCACAF Champions League format. I will bold the two items that stick out to me: ============================================================ The process of naming a new continental club champion in North America has changed drastically. CONCACAF announced a new Champions League format on Monday to align with the schedules of the top domestic leagues on the continent. Starting in August, the new Champions League will feature 31 teams and it will only have a home-and-away knockout format. From August to October, 16 clubs from the Caribbean and Central America will compete in Phase 1, with the winner advancing into the 16-team Phase 2 that will include sides from MLS and Liga MX. The champion of Phase 1 will qualify for the main Champions League, or Phase 2, that begins in February 2018. Four teams from MLS and Liga MX will make up half of the qualifying teams. The 2017 Caribbean Cup winner, Canadian Championship winner and first-place sides from the domestic leagues in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama will round out the automatic qualifiers. From that point on, teams will be draw into home-and-away fixtures for the round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and the Grand Final, which will determine the CONCACAF representative in the FIFA Club World Cup.
  10. I think in Europe they went to court to block these type of boxes. I am sure this is a precursor of what will happen in the US eventually. In general the more popular and easier to access data that is copy writed, the more the copy write holders are going to pressure the government to plug the hole. The beauty of technology is that it is always one or ten steps ahead of the government for these cases. Much like with torrenting, no one is going to waste the time going after the user, the government will try and attack the distribution model, which is where the can get the most bang for their buck. In streamings case, they are going to go after the Kodi plugin people if they can't make a case against Kodi themselves for providing the platform for people to access the copy writed data.
  11. This is not technically true. While no one ever gets in trouble for streaming, it is certainly a gray area in terms of copy write and other issues. There is a reason it is called "Streaming Piracy" in the industry.
  12. yes, the plex computer would always have to be on no matter where you store the data. I use an external HDD connected to my computer to store all plex data. External HDD's are very cheap these days. Putting the ext hdd on the router will allow you to set up a network drive for everyone in house to easily access but if you only intend to put plex files on hdd, then it does not buy you anything. I would just recommend you get an external HDD, hook to your plex computer, store all plex files to it and then just tell plex where your library is and you are done for the whole house.
  13. most people use Kodi. There is a whole thread on it if you are interested. You would need to decide for yourself if would work for your family. I tried it and my wife gave up after the first few shows she tried to access were not available. Some people have no patience for this stuff, others love the free nature of getting anything they want. There is no one right answer. Find what works for you and your family and stick with it.
  14. personally I always choose to torrent over stream. It is more work but I am guaranteed the quality I want when I want it, with out worrying about internet issues I can't control when streaming. I do acknowledge it is a little more work but it is worth it to me.
  15. Yes, you can do that but it does not buy you anything. I find it easier just to designate one computer in the house as the plex server and store your plex files connected to that computer. Every device in the house can then access the plex server. =================== I have not used it but I think something like will work for you in terms of automatically torrenting shows based on name and quality.