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  1. Sometimes it is just best to laugh at the situation I posted this last year but it is making the rounds again today. Listen when watching but with headphones on if in work. I some how feel better after realizing how true this was right down to Pulisic crying...
  2. Vermes was very critical of US Soccer after talking to them. You don't need to read between the lines much to believe he thinks the organization is directionless. Here is a snippet from an interview he did: SOCCER AMERICA: You recently discussed with U.S. Soccer its openings for a general manager and head coach, and decided instead to extend your contract with SKC until 2023. During those discussions with USSF what did you learn or glean regarding what it intends to do in the future? PETER VERMES: I wish I could. I don’t know. I don’t have any idea of what those steps are. SA: So how can a search be conducted if the federation doesn’t seem to know what it is looking for or what it wants to do? VERMES: Honestly, it’s hard for me to answer that question. I’m really serious. They want a coach and a GM but I don’t know what their plans are beyond that. I really don’t know. SA: What do you think should be done? VERMES: I truly want us to take advantage. We can talk about what happened but to me it’s irrelevant at this point. I want to see what the plan is going forward. If our only objective is to qualify for the World Cup, I don’t even know why we’re in this. We should be doing so much more. We need to create a complete system from the grassroots up, and I think the responsibility for the leadership should be U.S. Soccer. We have to be much more specific about who we are and what our model of play is, what our culture is when you go to the national team. I look at it as a gift. There are moments in life when you’re given a chance to hit the reset button and this is one of those moments. SA: How does that process start? VERMES: I don’t know the answer because I’m not there. What I want to hear and you want to hear and we all want to hear is, what is the plan? What are we doing? I would agree that you don’t have to blow the whole thing up and start all over again. But you do have to realize there have been some major failures and you have to evaluate it and come up with a plan. And to come up with a plan you have to have a goal. I want to know what the goal is. The goal has to be something more than to qualify for the World Cup. There’s different goals. I’m a big believer in that to build a team you need a model of play. In all sports, all teams want to win. Why do some teams win? They have a way to play and they use certain players and build their team in a certain way. There’s a reason they are consistently competitive. If you don’t have a way to play, I’m gonna tell you the only way you’ll get results is because you were lucky that day everybody was on form. But when you know how to play, results are a byproduct of knowing what you’re doing, what your model of play is. We need to get to place where we have a plan on the field, a plan off the field, a plan for recruiting players, a plan for identifying players. I just want to hear what the goals are and what’s the plan to reach those goals.
  3. I am really enjoying lower league soccer in the US more than ever before. Check out this ridiculous scene. Look at score and time when starting the video
  4. Looks like JK is finally getting back in the game. Super interesting spot as well ====================================== @JuanG_Arango Being confirmed to me by multiples sources... @J_klinsmann is going to be announced as new coach of @FEFecuador Yes, it was reported before that talks fell through, but they were back on track and he would be “announced in the next couple of days”.
  5. you mean from US Soccer? I don't think we will hear anything one way or another until it happens. The fans and and media are unusually united that something has to change soon to give a new coach any hope of getting things sorted before the hex.
  6. Is it ever going to end? ================= @tutulismyname With the loss against Canada, the USMNT Elo ranking dropped below 1700, ranking us #43 in the world. The last time our ranking was below 1700, was in Jan 1999. This is literally the worst our team has been this century
  7. Nodding my head furiously at this. I know it was a "lower" technical brand of soccer but I miss the US teams that played hard and tight defense and then said "catch Landon if you can" a few times a game ============= @_jameshill The ball-playing DMs are a classic "too clever by half" move. Ball-playing ability is great, but you need the DM to provide the D. We've also made tiny increases in our ability to build through possession in exchange for a 75% decrease in our danger on the counterattack.
  8. A) Jesse threw some of the money out his car window and then left the rest in the car when he had his semi mental break down in the park. The DEA claimed the money from the bag (this was the $5m). If he had any other money, it is not far fetched to think Jack tortured the location of it out of him. B) we have no knowledge to be sure but one would assume that those dead drops disappeared the minute either end heard that Gus died. And more than a full year passes between Gus dying and Jesse escaping.
  9. Does anyone else hate the term "flu like symptoms" ? In his interview after the game Pulisic basically said he was fighting a minor cold the last two days and was feeling fine during the game. I sometimes wish anyone who uses the term flu in any way should actually experience it for just a day and they would never again use that term for a cold.
  10. Of the top 40ish ranked countries in the world, how many teams have their manager make it through the next day still employed after this string of results? I think less than 10, maybe even less than 5. I bet 15 or more countries fire the manager last night and not even wait until the day after.
  11. Another sobering tidbit that makes me The team that started the most MLS players tonight won
  12. With Canada and El Salvador both winning today, that is now a must win for Panama to stay with in shouting distance of the Hex. It will be one of those three teams that claims the last spot in the hex next summer.
  13. more than a bad ending IMO. The team fell apart in 2015. That Gold Cup was an abomination and turned out to be the key harbinger of the cycle. I would not call JK a failure in the 2014 cycle but that was a different group of players at different ages. His 2018 cycle was a failure IMO.