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  1. By the way, Landon said he would consider the role of being GM but admitted there are a lot of people more qualified than he is.
  2. WikiMLS‏ @wikimls Source: @landondonovan, @MiaHamm, and Tab Ramos are actively contacting delegates and advocating for Kathy Carter. #USSF ============================= Note that this tweet above is basically calling Landon a liar who just said yesterday he has no horse in the race (see below) Landon Donovan‏Verified account @landondonovan Dec 14 I’ve read a lot of misinformation regarding the USSF Pres. Election lately. I’ve had numerous conversations with the candidates, people in power, etc. and will happily answer all your Qs. I have no “horse in the race” and just want people to know the facts. Ask away.
  3. I thought Serkis was really good in this movie. I was actually a bit bummed Snoke died. I would have enjoyed hearing about some of his back story.
  4. The Quakes signed 15 year old Jacob Akanyirige to a home grown contract. He has been in their system for a while, playing up the whole time (last year as a 14 year old he played on the U19's). He is the 3rd youngest player in MLS, behind only Busio and Bello.
  5. For some reason RT is an excellent site to get an overview of what critics think but it is an awful place to get the fans feeling. IMDB always has a much bigger vote base for what fans think about movies than RT. It is still very early with 60k IMDB votes but it is sitting at a healthy 8.1 rating. That number will reduce a bit over the next two weeks.
  6. I think that was the point as well but Star Wars has never hid the fact that there were powerful beings all over that were not Skywalkers.
  7. I was surprised to see on the way out of the theater a poster for Solo with a release date of May 25. I had assumed they would be running these every winter.
  8. I enjoyed it very much. The force move of the broom at the end was very nice. I am of the opinion that Kylo was tricking Rey when she said she was no one important just to show her that he cared about her even to get her to join him. I think her parental lineage will be revealed in 3. With Obi Wan being lined up as the 3rd Star Wars Story movie, I would not be shocked to see her be his grand daughter.
  9. To further illustrate the massive differences between how Atlanta does business and how the Revs do business, comes this tweet from Atlanta. Watch this tweet and then consider that the Revs typically send an intern in one of the team vans to get new signings from the air port.
  10. Lille officially cut ties with Bielsa today. It would not shock me if he at least gets interviewed for the US head coaching job.
  11. ==== After capturing Erik Palmer-Brown earlier this year, it appears that Manchester City is set to loan out the young American star as he transitions to Europe. Metro broke the story in the fall that Palmer-Brown had signed with Manchester City, the club that currently is topping the English Premier League. The 20-year old center back has created some buzz in recent years as a future starter for the United States national team, something that has been validated by his limited appearances with Sporting Kansas City in MLS. And now with his arrival at Manchester City fast approaching, Metro has learned that the English giants will be sending him on loan to a club in Holland. According to a source, PSV Eindhoven has emerged as the likely destination for Palmer-Brown. The source tells Metro that PSV is the likely landing spot right now for Palmer-Brown once he arrives in January.
  12. Adam Darowski‏ @fussballtwit 13h13 hours ago Christian Pulisic leads BVB in successful dribbles (in the Bundesliga) with 43. #2 through #6 (Yarmolenko, Philipp, Götze, Dahoud, Zagadou) have 44 combined
  13. it is an issue on the PC as well.
  14. not helping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
  15. The article has the ultimate click bait combo of "catchy title", "unnamed single source", and "can't even use a quote from the unnamed single source" It would be nice to hear some one say something a little more official like "we talked to Jonathan and we agreed that it would be better that he remain in Mexico for the playoffs similar to what we decided for the MLS players"