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  1. Werder Bremen (Sargent) have another almost must win game today at 2:30 on FS2. Bremen has won their last 2 which keeps their hopes alive to get out of the relegation zone. A win today and they move into a tie at 3rd from bottom (with all teams level on games played).
  2. With MLS finally coming back and Germany in full swing, we will be in a good positioned where a large amount of our players are getting back on the field.
  3. MLS PA statement
  4. thank god. If this went badly, it would have done irreparable harm to domestic soccer's future in the US ================================ Paul Tenorio @PaulTenorio MLS is coming back. The MLSPA approved a return-to-play plan in Orlando. A new CBA has been agreed to and ratified.
  5. This is where the friendlies would have helped. Pulisic was able to give the team a lift when he was the same age as Gio and I think/hope Gio could do the same if he could get some time with the team, but I think it is unlikely that he starts in a qualifier as his cherry breaker. But if he is good enough to come off the bench for Dortmund in a knock out round champions league game, he better damn well be the first choice sub IMO, no matter how green he might be. I am not a fan of Yuiell either. I would rather Swag and Adams be at the 6's together and let a more skilled player go in the middle in a more advance role.
  6. That is pretty much our best lineup imo, skill wise. (Brooks and Long will switch, as would probably Llanez and Gio). But, sadly I can't see Gregg doing this especially with no time to prepare. My guess, based on his conversation with the Athletic where he broke down each position, he is leaning towards this (which I like less, as it puts Weston in a spot where he is not suited IMO). Steffen Cannon Long Brooks Dest Yuiell Adams Weston Morris Jozy Pulisic
  7. One of the media guys on twitter was speculating that the next game we see the US play might be a qualifier, which is scary given how little any one has played together. Hopefully the time together on the youth national teams will help. I would love a friendly or two before the qualifiers start.
  8. Holy crap ============ Former United States national team player and current Red Bull Salzburg head coach Jesse Marsch is one of two potential candidates to potentially replace Lucien Favre at Borussia Dortmund this summer. Sport Bild reported about Dortmund's interest in the Wednesday issue.
  9. Taylor Twellman While things were very intense over the last few days, there has been a major breakthrough between the @MLSPA and @MLS league office. “Cautiously optimistic” as 1 more detail is being discussed and pending the new agreement/CBA being ratified, a lockout should be avoided. ======================= Jeff Carlisle Multiple sources tell me that #MLS owners have backed down on having force majeure tied to attendance. Will now look like NBA version. That is a major obstacle overcome
  10. This would be monumentally stupid for every one involved. I can't believe the league and players had the easiest CBA ever, all to see it possibly flushed down the drain in the worst way. ================== herculez gomez @herculezg I’m hearing @MLS has given @MLSPA till Tuesday noon to accept their final proposal. If they refuse the players would be locked out. I reached out to a high ranking official within the league who respectfully declined to comment
  11. Looks like MLS is getting close to returning. Here is the latest players union statement. It must suck that the first time ever the players signed a half way decent CBA, they now have to give back concessions. ===========
  12. Richards has scored 3 goals this year as a CB with his head so he has promise. I think Swag has some real strength in the air too. I am blanking on which CB you are talking about....I will list every one I remember as a primary CB for more than just a few caps... Balboa, Boca, Lalas, Pope, Dooley, Gooch, Cam, Doyle, Omar, Windischmann, Goodson, Besler, GGG, Brooks, Long, Miazga, Trittschuh, Vanney, Llamosa, DeMerit, Califf,
  13. This ties back to an earlier discussion we had about free kick takers. I really hope some one from the younger generation emerges (assuming Mendez doesn't) to be a free kick specialist because I think having players who can dribble like KDF, Uly, Pulisic, Dest, Gio etc, we are going to draw a lot of fouls.
  14. Ok, I put Swag last in this group (and I say that thinking he will have a good long pro career and 80+ caps). Pulisic is first for me, if and only if he finds a way to stay healthy. Dest is the most fascinating player on the list for me because a lot will depend on his team/coach because he is kind of a specialty player (not similar in style but similar in use to Alphonso Davies). Not ready to make a call on Reyna yet outside I love what I see but I need to see more. Hopefully this time next year I will have a better feel. Adams is going to have a quietly great career, some of the quiet due to his style and position.
  15. Great question! Before I answer, am a looking at career in total or just effect on the national team?
  16. While I don't think any conspiracy happened on this occasion, I do think we all acknowledge that Reyna is a hugely valuable commodity to Dortmund knowing their business model and how much they made on Pulisic. I am hoping this translates to many chances for Gio over the next couple of seasons. How long it goes and how many chances he gets will obviously depend on whether he can be effective or not. The fact that they have already played him in Champions League play speaks very highly of Gio imo, as we know those are not games to experiment in.
  17. FWIW , he was not healthy immediately. He missed 3 straight practices where he was shown separate from the team in practice working with the trainers.
  18. his hold up game and work rate should be just enough against an average Concacaf team since we know most of our offense is likely to be coming from our wide players but how he plays against a Hex level team is certainly a big question for me.
  19. I agree. As Floppo said yesterday he is clearly not the answer at the void we have at center forward. However, with the cub-bard so bare, he is actually the only striker we have playing in a big league and at just 20, I am thinking he is going to get plenty of chances to prove us wrong at the national team level. Unless a miracle happens and Jozy finds a way to stay healthy even though he is on the wrong side of 30 now.
  20. Looks like Sancho is finally healthy enough to start again. It is strange to think I am a little disappointed Gio is not starting over brandt/Sancho., which is kind of ridiculous. I am very much expecting a 16th straight sub appearance for Gio today, the consistency of which speaks a lot to him as a player at his age on a team so loaded with offensive talent.
  21. Future USMNT @FutureUsmnt In addition to Hertha Berlin, Ligue 1 clubs Monaco and Nice are interested in acquiring Konrad De La Fuente on loan from Barcelona, according to Mundo Deportivo. However, if Barcelona B are promoted to the Segunda Division, De La Fuente will stay with the club
  22. I don't think you understood what I was saying. Bayern 2 is not in Bundie 2, they are down in Bundie 3. I am pretty sure the Segunda Division in Spain does allow for reserve teams as Real Madrid Castilla and Barca B have been in the second division many times I believe. Bundesliga 2 does not appear to allow reserve teams from what I can tell (which is what caused the confusion to begin with). I was not referring to having a reserve team in the top flight, I was talking about a reserve team in the second division. I know all leagues have a requirement that reserve teams can't be promoted to the top flight. I just did not realize some also had the rule that you could not be promoted to the second division.
  23. Mario Gomez is another example, with if memory serves a choice between Spain and Germany.
  24. Dortmund plays Paderborn tomorrow. That seems like a game which might be good to give Gio his first start.
  25. I think I got confused because I thought some other countries have reserve teams in the second division (I may be wrong about this too).