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  1. Normally yes, but these are two countries going in complete opposite directions. Since the 2018 WC Panama has been a mess. Panama has a record of 4-1-12 (W-D-L) since the 2018 WC. They even lost to Bermuda in Nations League play. Meanwhile Curacao in the same time frame has a healthy record of 7-3-3. This includes beating Honduras and drawing with CR at CR (you don't want to try and find the last time the US did this in the record books ). We hammered Panama 4-0 at home in the Hex but barely beat Curacao at home in the Gold Cup 1-0.
  2. These would be the 4 pots if they decide to seed into pots ========= Pot 1 Mexico USA Costa Rica Pot 2 Jamaica Honduras El Salvador Pot 3 Canada Curacao Panama Pot 4 Haiti Trinidad and Tobago Antigua and Barbuda Best case: US ELS Panama Antigua Worst case: US Honduras Canada Haiti
  3. [Rollins] Sources in Panama claiming that CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying will be three groups of four, based on the FIFA rankings (Mexico down to Antigua), with a Repechage tournament to determine who plays the fourth ranked team out of final round for the intercontinental spot ============ I don't know how they would break the teams up, but it looks like Mexico, US and Costa Rica will likely be in separate groups as they are the three highest ranked countries. We only got 1 point out 12 total against Mexico and CR last time so this should be good for the US but group size of 4 is so full of pitfalls. One bad game and you could get ####ed.
  4. This is good because I have a feeling Wagner will be getting sacked at Schalke in the summer ======= Brian Sciaretta @BrianSciaretta Today Sutttgart's American manager Pellegrino Matarazzo had his contract extended with through 2022. Today, 3rd place Stuttgart trailed 2nd place HSV 2-0 at HT. The game just ended with Stuttgart posting an epic 3-2 comeback win to move into 2nd (auto promotion). Big day for Matarazzo
  5. I saw an interesting stat that is making me reconsider my semi MEH thoughts on Weston. When he was the same age as Weston, Germany Jones had only played three Bundesliga.2 (second tier) games. Weston has already played in 70 Bundesliga games and 6 Champions League games.
  6. "I really have to prepare myself that the next time I put on the U.S. jersey, it's all or nothing, there's no more preparation matches," Adams told ESPN's Taylor Twellman. "It's either you go out there and win or we're not going to another World Cup." "It's unbelievably odd. For me it's even more odd because I haven't played with the national team in a year. So now as I mentally prepare for it," Adams said. Adams added: "I think for a lot of guys it's going to be different because you might see guys get called into a [World Cup] qualifier that I've never been into camp [with] before, but you have to find a way to get your best players on the field, so it'll be interesting."
  7. Schalke have scored 2 goals in their last 8 games and Swag has both of them. Yikes
  8. Even though the thread title is BGE specific, I welcome any type of smoking talk with any kind of cooking equipment. I love learning about other cooking methods and tools.
  9. Goal by Swag today
  10. From what I understand, very high temp hurts all gaskets, whether on Akorn, Egg or Kamado Joe. Maybe the Akorn has a cheaper version of the gasket material?
  11. I have said this before but Alphonso Davies would be the absolute perfect fit for the US. We would go from below average to near world class at LB instantly and unlike Canada, we can leave him there since we should have plenty of talented wide forwards coming through (Pulisic, Reyna, Uly, Weah etc). Outside of maybe Haaland at striker, I don't think there is a young player on the planet that could give us such an enormous boost in quality at a specific position as Davies.
  12. well he can play LB fairly competently so I guess that will automatically put him in a good spot to play but I wanted him to show GGG that he could lock down the RB spot (which I am more fearful of in case GGG returns to the idea of Adams at RB). I would prefer Dest at RB and some one competent at LB but I will take Cannon at RB and Dest at LB until the miracle occurs at LB.
  13. Here is today's cook: St Louis Ribs * Prepare (membrane removed etc), rub them with spice mixture and place in fridge to stay cold (cold helps the look of the smoke ring) * Egg set at 275 for the duration of the cook * Plum wood chunks (2) in the Egg after it comes to temp. * Wait for smoke to become light in color (some say it is blue but my eyes can't see it) * Use a 2-2-1 method. Start with 2 hours unwrapped * At the 1 hour mark, spray with liquid (I use apple juice but you can use anything, even just water) * At the 2 hour mark, pull ribs, and coat in honey and wrap (meat side down) in foil. I put a tiny amount of apple juice in the foil to help start the steaming. * After 2 hours are up, carefully remove the ribs (foil will be full of hot liquid). * Cook for 30 more minutes and then start glazing the BBQ sauce (I have some pre made sitting in my fridge that I will heat on stove). * 30 minutes later, pull ribs, and let rest for a short amount of time. Turn over so meat side down, and then cut. Touch up with BBQ sauce as needed * feast
  14. I can't compare BGE to others because I have only owned a BGE but once I find my temp in the Egg, it almost always locks in for many hours at a time.
  15. In the first of probably a 100 financial moves that will effect soccer in America, Banc of California has paid LAFC $20m to break their stadium naming rights deal. LAFC now needs to find a new sponsor in a market where no one is likely to be spending large marketing dollars.
  16. They got caught in both Covid and Title IX clutches. They whacked men's soccer, men's tennis and men's indoor track.
  17. I am not thinking anything. I am just reading rumors that Concacaf may rethink the whole structure, especially if a bunch of countries can't participate due to funds. The main country a big change would benefit is Canada as they just missed out on the hex.
  18. My big worry is that GGG will have no time to become comfortable with the plethora of young talent that may have broken through this calendar year and might just stick with the older players he knows. I wanted this year to see Gio, Uly, Paxton, Dest and few others all push themselves into the A squad.
  19. No idea. Both Concacaf nations league and World Cup qualifying have been pushed off. We may see a much different looking WCQing than we first anticipated if it gets pushed to next year.
  20. The wrong end of the age spectrum for Yanks in Germany scored today
  21. My family are enormous Trekkies and have watched each series fully through numerous times. We all rank Voyager last among the series. Enterprise got off to a terrible start (arguably even weaker than Voyager) but the last two seasons were a lot of fun. If you did not find high enjoyment with TNG, I would personally not waste time on Voyager as I think you will likely be disappointed.
  22. My daughters enjoys sitcoms like Silicon Valley, Veep, The Office, Parks and Rec, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Superstore and The Good Place Would she like Schitt's Creek?
  23. Well that is one way to avoid wet and bumpy ===== [Duane Rollins] "Just had an interesting conversation with someone with knowledge of CONCACAF—suggested to me that “several” Caribbean federations are in danger of not being able to fund a World Cup qualifying campaign for 2022."
  24. His combination of just pure raw athleticism with fantastic touch on the ball is extremely rare. If he has a good head on his shoulders, he is going to have a whale of a career.