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  1. The wrong end of the age spectrum for Yanks in Germany scored today
  2. My family are enormous Trekkies and have watched each series fully through numerous times. We all rank Voyager last among the series. Enterprise got off to a terrible start (arguably even weaker than Voyager) but the last two seasons were a lot of fun. If you did not find high enjoyment with TNG, I would personally not waste time on Voyager as I think you will likely be disappointed.
  3. My daughters enjoys sitcoms like Silicon Valley, Veep, The Office, Parks and Rec, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Superstore and The Good Place Would she like Schitt's Creek?
  4. Well that is one way to avoid wet and bumpy ===== [Duane Rollins] "Just had an interesting conversation with someone with knowledge of CONCACAF—suggested to me that “several” Caribbean federations are in danger of not being able to fund a World Cup qualifying campaign for 2022."
  5. His combination of just pure raw athleticism with fantastic touch on the ball is extremely rare. If he has a good head on his shoulders, he is going to have a whale of a career.
  6. I found on out reddit from Vancouver fans that he actually did play LB for Vancouver quite a few times over the years (they are rarely on TV so I never knew that).
  7. Sargent with another start for Bremen in another must win game.
  8. Very quiet sub appearance from Reyna today. He did not play bad but he had no effect on the game (which is very similar to all the Dortmund subs including Sancho). 15 straight appearances as a sub now.
  9. Uly makes the bench for the first time! Here's hoping he gets his debut.
  10. I thought it was awesome goal live but when I saw the replay I think Burki should have tipped that over the bar.
  11. Damn it, I hope this is not true. Wolfsburg is like the anti Dortmund when it comes to blooding young players =========== Roger Gonzalez @RGonzalezCBS There's obviously a lot of excitement about Uly Lllanez today as he's traveling with Wolfsburg and could make his senior team debut, but those close to him tell me that it is probably unlikely that he'll be included in the matchday squad
  12. It is like the meat knows The stall may be the most annoying thing in BBQ because it is different from cook to cook.
  13. The busy Bundesliga schedule looks to be helping Uly liked we hoped it would ======== Future USMNT @FutureUsmnt Due to the absences of Felix Klaus and Admir Mehmedi, winger Ulysses Llanez will be in Wolfsburg's squad for the 1st time tomorrow in their match vs. Leverkusen
  14. My daughter and I are in the middle of marathoning all 6 extended editions (the only editions IMO) movies in the LOTR/Hobbit series. We still are enjoying them as much as in previous viewings.
  15. I have watched this series twice through. It is one of the most consistent TV shows I have ever watched. Nothing specifically stands out as all time great for me but everything else stays at the level of "excellent" being the acting, direction, production and writing for the entire series. Even some great shows like GOT and Sopranos, which had arguably much higher highs, never stayed any where near as consistent in quality as Justified. I agree with the others, make it through season 2 before you give up on it.
  16. Jump on the Gio Reyna band wagon early. It will be crowded 12 months from now
  17. Really pulling for Dortmund on Tuesday in the game against Bayern, as an unbiased fan. If Dortmund can find the full three points, it will set up and awesome end run to the season for the Bundesliga crown.
  18. Tyler Adams subbed in at the 58th minute today. He went a perfect 28 for 28 in passing. It is the second highest amount of passes completed at a 100% rate in RBL's Bundesliga history (5th season now).
  19. A lot comes down to personal taste as well. If you keep the cut of meat moist, it can take on smoke but there is a thing as too much smoke in the meat for some people. For ribs, since I used a modified 3-2-1 method, once the meat is wrapped in foil, adding smoke does not really do anything so I usually only worry about the first phase of rib cooking. Same goes for pork shoulder.
  20. I only add mine at the beginning, usually 2-3 chunks. Meat typically only takes smoke some what early in the cooking process so adding wood through out the whole cook sometimes does not make a lot of difference.
  21. I don't recognize the hat but the rest is the entire Barca training out fit.
  22. The last thing they would want would be for a player of his quality to leave on his own so the new contract makes perfect sense because they retain control of him. Bayern rarely if ever sell young talent(like say Dortmund makes a living off of) but Real Madrid have supposedly already started poking around and RM might be one of the very small handful of teams that could make an offer BM can't refuse. I certainly don't see him leaving any time soon either but in 3-4 years when he is starting to enter his prime? Who knows....Of course much of this assumes his continues his rocket ship trajectory. There is an equal chance he may not. You can never tell.
  23. Dest cracks me up. I can't figure out if he is just taking the piss, or loves the rumors.
  24. Alphonso Davies has gone from never playing LB to being arguably in the top 5 in the world at that position (especially offensively) in just the span of one interrupted season. Holy crap is he good and at just 19 his next move is going to be a huge one if Bayern want to cash in. Davies is so good he is almost assuredly going to be playing for a top 10 team in the world for the rest of his prime years career which means he is almost always going to be on the front foot which plays to his strengths. It is probably going to take knock out round Champions League play to really see his defensive chops. I have no idea how Canada will best use him as it would seem playing him at LB would be a waste when he is by far and away their best player.