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  1. American Gods is a very good book...reminds me of The Talisman by Stephen King. Stick with it.
  2. The problem here is his measurables and time don't add up to where he was drafted. I'm not sure if its because of his competition or if there is just a flaw in his game. My guess is the Packers feel they can fix the issue but I don't think we will know for a couple years. Definitely a project imo. I hope he is a steal. The highlights available show pretty clearly that he should have been playing division 1 but since we didn't its just a big question mark.
  3. People who have been frustrated with Carolina's running game can now switch to green bay. Both guys have every down back potential and mccarthy has stated he wanted a 3 down guy thisvoff season. Maybe one wins outright but I could see them splitting drives or one becoming the red zone guy. I am excited as I wanted the packers to get one of these two. For them to get both plus 9 other picks is amazing. I think ball becomes the 1.1 rookie pick now though.
  4. Missed the beginning, but how didn't Mike know they were tailing his lawyer if he was monitoring Hank with the bug and computer gadget? Also why was it removed?
  5. Stuck at about 40% complete of Reamde does the pace pick back up. Maybe just me but I got kind of bored. I enjoyed the beginning bit it just slowed down. Let me know how the rest goes and I may pick or back up. Ready Player One was excellent which is why I grabbed it. Similar premise.
  6. In leagues with set atarting and roster limits except for the last rb or wr. Ex...2qb,4wr,4rb,2te,2k,2d/st,1rb or wr Start qb,2rb,2wr,1rb/wr,1te,1k,1d/st How do you keep mock from drafting 5wrs and rbs? Throws off the end of mock. Anyone having this issue, im sure its an easy fix but im not seeing it.
  7. I didn't read everything in this thread, but here's some stuff that is missing: MPS basically get free reign over deciding how much money they want. No one, Milwaukee's mayor or the governor can do anything about it. Every year my property taxes go up directly because of MPS pushing for more and more money. Fine. I'd love it if the money was going to improving graduation rates and getting these kids to understand how to move on and get a good job. Sure, the parents have a lot to do with it, but a lot of MPS kids are raised by a single parent etc. Anyway, my kids attend MPS and my property taxes are over 5K. I live near Wilson Park if anyone knows the area. Anyway, I don't live in a mansion. But if I were to move to the suburbs and buy a house for twice what mine is worth my property taxes go down at least 2K. Now, my daughter is lucky to have a good teacher, however my son does not. The whole class is struggling and the teacher refuses to allow the kids to catch up to her. It's about filling in all of their curriculum. That's fine, I guess, but these kids aren't getting it yet and the next part needs the understanding of the previous part for the kids to start understanding that. It's a slippery slope, but the teachers don't care. However, don't miss a day of school or show up late otherwise they will threaten you with CPS. It's unfair, and ridiculous . The amount of money they make and the amount of children who lose out on a solid future is disproportionate and something has got to give. I'm glad walker is putting his foot down. He has to. Plus, if anyone thinks the union would just allow the concessions to be made they are fooling themselves. It's posturing and unfortunately for them no one really cares right now. We have jobs to do as well, and we show up for them. Except for those people that lost out on their pay or lost their jobs outright when they couldn't find/afford day care when school was canceled out of the blue for protesting. Teachers having their kids protest something they don't understand is shallow as well. If they did that with my kids that would be the last day that my child stepped foot in that school. Unfortunately, good schools and MPS don't go together so what can you do?
  8. I've thought about it, as there is technically nothing illegal about storing a pallet of empty PS3 boxes or laptop boxes etc...
  9. My sister works for Public Storage. I asked her about the auctions, here's some tidbits: Once a locker is overdue the manager comes and puts a new lock on it without opening the locker. My sister never has the opportunity to see what's in the locker. Also, the company just wants what is owed to them. If the storage unit auctions for more than what is owed, the renter gets the remaining balance of the cash made during the auction. If it is less, the renter gets the bill for the remainder of the balance. Since the shows have aired the amount of people showing up is up from about 20 to 100. It's basically a club and if you are new, the people that have been around will not let you just walk in and get a locker for what they would consider it worth. Say it's worth $300 to them. They will make sure and bid it higher if a "newbie" is bidding to try and get them discouraged from coming back after they lose money. One of her customers is Corey Hart, who stores his stuff during the off season when he moves back to Arizona (I think). He rents and apartment during the regular season. Sad story; one guy rented a unit one day and then sent out letters to his family and then killed himself in the unit. The guy was there for 3 days before his family members received their letters. This storage place is directly across from a police station and basically the entire facility became a crime scene for a day. I may be able to have her answer any other questions you guys have.