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  1. Rudolph @ JAC Brate vs. NO Leave a link and I will help with yours. Thanks.
  2. Ryan @ LA (without Sanu and probably without Jones) Palmer @ Miami Thanks... leave a link and I will help with yours.
  3. Thanks for the opinions. I think I am actually going to roll with Thomas. The Lions give up over 12 PPG to opposing TEs. I figure Thomas can get a TD and somewhere between 20 and 40 yards for an 8-10 point day. Plus he got 10 targets in last week's game, so he's in the game plan. Arizona on the other hand has not allowed a tight end TD this season and is giving up less than 3 PPG to opposing TEs. And they have faced some decent TEs to date. So I doubt Rudolph breaks through that ceiling.
  4. Thanks. I currently have Rudolph slotted in, but my concern with him is that ARI is #1 against TEs. I am hoping that Peterson will blanket Diggs and that they will be forced to feed Rudolph. I can dream, can't I?
  5. Gronk owner playing against Martellus Bennett Owner. Double jeopardy. Ugh. Non-PPR league, standard scoring. My choices: Rudolph vs. ARI Thomas @ DET Davis vs. GB Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks, guys. I went ahead and included Kap in the trade as he was expendable anyway. Trade is done, and I now am a Matty Ice owner. And to answer wlwiles, yes, I have plenty of WR depth to fill my flex position for the ROS.
  7. Standard ESPN non-PPR 10-team dynasty league. I am hurting at QB (Palmer, Taylor, Kaepernick) and have been offered Matt Ryan for Mark Ingram. It will hurt my depth at RB. I would still have D. Johnson, C. Michael, McKinnon, Rawls, Smallwood, Henry, Peterson (IR), and K. Williams. I am growing increasingly frustrated with Payton's use of Ingram. He's not seeing many goal line chances, and Cadet is vulturing a lot of 3rd down work. If he keeps up his hot play, Ryan could get me an additional 5-8 points a week. Pull the trigger?
  8. Fortunately I sat Gronk tonight and will play Thomas on Sunday. Big fat zero tonight.
  9. I decided for J. Thomas over Gronk. As much as I would love to roll him out there, just too many negatives. I don't mind some risk, but this is tipping the scales... Of course if he puts up 20 tonight, I'll kill myself.
  10. I would prefer giving up Gordon for Robinson myself. Bell and Miller are more proven and get a bazillion touches every game. I expect Robinson's productivity to return very soon.
  11. So it looks like Gronk vs. Houston is going to be active tonight but reports say he will be on a snap count. Then there is the fact he is playing with the 3rd string QB. On the plus side, I am guessing they will need to throw the ball a fair amount to stay in the game with Houston. My alternative start is Julius Thomas vs. Baltimore. Thoughts?
  12. I think Dixon will end up being the guy, but it might take until mid-season. I like the idea of trading him if you can get something decent in return. Maybe wait until he has a decent stat line to shop him.
  13. Thanks, guys. Appreciate the input. Actually, this isn't a 6-team league. It's a 10-team dynasty league in its 7th season, and I have worked hard through drafts, blind bid waiver pickups, and trades to build this team. Admittedly, some of the members are not too savvy, but there are probably 6-7 other decent players. I drafted D. Johnson last year well before anyone knew he was a sure thing. I picked up Beckham off waivers when he was hurt his rookie year and overlooked by everyone in the draft. I grabbed Peterson off waivers when someone foolishly dumped him during his legal issues. My QB is my weak spot (Palmer/Mariota/Taylor), but I have managed to win the championship 3 out of the 6 years the league has been in existence. As stacked as I am, I lost by 11 last week and sit at 0-1. AP got me 3.1 points on 1.6 YPC, and Beckham only managed 7.3. While I normally ascribe to the "don't bench your studs". mindset, I do look at everything and am not afraid to make the tough calls. Just wasn't sure for tomorrow, though, so wanted a second opinion. I appreciate everyone's opinions. I will think it over long and hard tonight. Scooter
  14. I would go Coleman myself. Please see mine:
  15. Lot of good chpices, but I like Fuller and Benjamin. Please see mine: