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  1. This Eli Manning guy isn’t very good...
  2. I agree....he also could have had a 2nd TD but was down at the day could have even been better
  3. BoltNlava - by no means do I mean to make fun of your post...I took it as a joke...and joked along with the thread. Don't take anything personal...its a chat will get all kinds of comments...up to you to ignore or read...but nothing personally against you...this is fantasy football remember
  4. As a Colts fan I can't believe they can't do a better job of drafting a RB. I picked up Michael at end of my draft with no expectations. He seems to start out ok then either gets hurt or does something else stupid....misses pass protection, misses holes...who knows. Hoping this year is different for the Colts sake...
  5. I picked Guice at 1.06...figured talent is there and will most likely have to wait on Chubb for playing time and not sold on Penny...
  6. 12 team 0.5 PPR full dynasty - rookie / fa draft 1SteinkeSaquon Barkley RB | NYG 0.0/0.0 2Mongolian GangbustersRoyce Freeman RB | DEN 9 sec0.0/0.0 3Redneck Rage RebootSony Michel RB | NE 1 min 23 sec0.0/0.0 4MarsellRonald Jones RB | TB 1 min 49 sec0.0/0.0 5PavDaddyKerryon Johnson RB | DET 37 sec0.0/0.0 6HanzandFranzDerrius Guice RB | WAS 1 min 20 sec0.0/0.0 7Bloodsucking Leeches Nick Chubb RB | CLE 1 min 16 sec0.0/0.0 8Toledo TensRashaad Penny RB | SEA 2 min 9 sec0.0/0.0 92 Gurley's 1 CupDJ Moore WR | CAR 58 sec0.0/0.0 10USFL Rules!Calvin Ridley WR | ATL 32 sec0.0/0.0 11Warrington WarlordJordan Wilkins RB | IND 49 sec0.0/0.0 12Brady's Deflated SmallwoodNyheim Hines RB | IND 2 min 43 sec0.0/0.0
  7. He is a unrestricted FA after this year...only reason I'm holding him
  8. I agree but they need to just pick one for a game and give them all the running down opportunities and see what happens. Their left tackle was a turnstyle last game and backs were litterally getting hit as soon as they got the ball in the backfield...
  9. 12 team dynasty - 0.5 point PPR - always seems to be RB Heavy Fournette Cook CMC Hunt Mixon Kamara Davis Ja Williams Perine Mack Foreman Joe Williams