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  1. I have been involved in Krav Maga for quite a while and I have been an instructor for aprox 8-10 years? Today I went and helped pack the gym up into a self storage. The gym has gone bust and I am done instructing due to the Covid shutdown. Pretty sad day but I know I helped a lot of people through the years. Likewise I was helped a lot mentally and physically. It is an experience I will cherish till the day I day. Lot of sweat, blood and tears. I guess time marches on and on.....
  2. I am a pretty cool neighbor and I had chickens. I am looking to do it again but my wife was not a fan. The chickens were awesome to hang out with and fresh eggs!!!
  3. whoa No way do I have this person block me. That is some free entertainment right there. I s there a previous connection between Floyd/Chauvin ?
  4. We will be working again on Monday doing "elective surgery" There have been new protocols put in place. It will be interesting to see how this works. Name of the game in these elective surgeries has always been speed/efficiency. I am guessing with these new protocols we will doing 50% of the patients we were doing in twice the time. A lot of gone time now is waiting for virus killing spray to stay on surfaces and for the air in the room to turnover a set amount. I was given three N95 masks. I am to store them in my locker and put it on after changing into scrubs. N95 mask stays on all day and when in surgery a surgical mask is worn over the top of N95 mask. I am supposed to rotate my three N95 mask daily. They say if a virus gets on a mask it will die before I wear the mask again three days later. No more than two people in the breakroom for breaks. Other stuff I wont bore you with but the changes are coming. * Some of these changes worry me a little when it comes to my employment. I'm really good at what I do. Work very efficient and great under pressure. Some of these rules if they hang around will make that skill obsolete. Anyone can do it in 15-20 mins but can you do it in 5-6 mins? I can.
  5. How many kids do you have? Would you try this hard with your wife if you did not have kids? I remember before I had kids and I was much younger, hearing people say they stayed together for the kids. I always thought that was bs. Now that I am older and have more knowledge under my belt I get it. I have four kids and there is no way I would still be married if not for them. That goes for the mental stuff do, I believe the kids have prevented a divorce and possibly a complete mental one flew over the cuckoos nest breakdown. I have one kid left at home and he has three years of high school. A part of me worries about when he graduates. When he does I really have no reason to hold anything together and it's quite possible that is when I will lose it.
  6. I am returning to work today. I believe today will be a day of cleaning and kicking the machines to make sure they all still turn on. I have not been there since mid March. There is also a meeting scheduled, I assume this will be regarding new protocols. I am feeling anxious about returning. I called about my testing that was done 6 days ago. Antibodies are negative, no results from nasal swab test yet. They told me the system is really backed up due to the amount of testing.
  7. Thank you I may look at this once I calm down. Even after a nights sleep I am still at a pretty high level of being upset by this. I wish I never tried to get the help, I do think in hindsight I would be better off not knowing that I really can't get help.
  8. I just deleted a whole lot of typing here. I read what I wrote and was thinking it would really freak people out so here is a summary. Our health care system sucks for mental health. I wont be seeing any more doctors or therapists I am tired of trying
  9. Friday I had the nasal swab and the antibody testing. So far no results, how long does this usually take?
  10. I listen to Steve Earle's show he has called Hard Core Troubadour. He has said more than once that no one will be touring this summer. He say's don't let anyone fool you, there will be no live music this summer. I am not sure if he truly knows but he is in the business more than me. I have heard him say this on multiple shows.
  11. Everytime I play MLB 20 The show a baseball card comes up. It looks like maybe I am supposed to do something with it but I am not sure what. I just hit x and continue to doing The Show. Am I missing out on something? Looks like maybe a collectors card?
  12. My directors cut of Dr Sleep should be arriving today. I am a day or two late but I plan on celebrating the Shining anniversary. First the Shining followed by Dr Sleep.