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  1. Bummer I loved that Candy-O album and as a young fellah I also loved the album cover. I remember getting an iron on decal on of that album cover on a t shirt . Those were fun days!!! I did see them in concert and they were not very good live. Very wooden.
  2. I saw Tigers are not afraid. I enjoyed it but it's not great. I kind of liked the interactions of the kids. Its a retelling of The Monkeys Paw in a different time and place.
  3. I think this is part of why I liked it. It was not full on Natural Born Killers but the vibe was there. Springsteens song Nebraska has that same vibe. Sometimes there is no motive, rhyme or reason for evil. It just happens. It is a subject I find interesting. I also liked/disliked the prop and camera work with Dunaway's first scene. I really wanted to see more of her but I do like the tease as well.
  4. I never did like cracker barrel I always called it the crapper barrel when the kids wanted to eat there. I was always the only one who thought that was funny.
  5. I just finished Bonny and Clyde. This was the first time I had seen it so I was not sure what to expect. I of course have seen the final minute before. I'm not sure how anyone could avoid seeing the ending. I liked it quite a bit. Dunaway is mind blowingly gorgeous. I had no idea. I will wait to say more until the 9th. I believe this was the date set? I will say I saw some of where Natural Born Killers may have borrowed some themes. This movie here is what I was hoping for. A gem I had not seen and may have never bothered with except for this club.
  6. There was some crazy propaganda regarding marijuana when I was a kid. Young folks today will never know the struggle.
  7. So sorry for your loss that is a horrible. I do believe there is some good advice in here. Especially the advice about saying hi and being kind to people. Letting people know that you care that they exist and they are a part of your life. Just checking in with a "How are you" is so important to some. It may sound silly but sometimes the smallest acknowledgment can make a giant difference. As a guy who struggles I can attest to the importance of these moments. I also feel it is important to let people know when they have done or said something that may have swayed you from a course of self destruction. I wish you peace and love my friend.