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  1. I enjoyed episode 1. I am not a real big fan of Chris Rock acting. I love his stand up and I may be having a hard time differentiating the two.
  2. I still can't get in and no response from Shudder. I am having withdrawals.
  3. Not suggested. While the movie played with some of the facts it was based on real life serial killers. Very disturbing stuff
  4. Heard some stuff from John and George that I liked, nothing that I really loved yet.
  5. Lots of driving this weekend and this thread has me listening to the Beatles channel on Siriusxm. I feel like I am doing extra credit.
  6. Anyone else with trouble getting on Shudder? I have uninstalled and reinstalled but this has not helped. I get an error message telling me to check my connection every time I try to use it. I have sent an email to them but they have a really bad reputation for customer service. Its frustrating I read they had an update. I do not see any where on the app to install an update. I am using an Amazon smart tv but I bought Shudder directly from Shudder. I have had Shudder through Amazon in the past and it was not good which is why I went directly through Shudder.
  7. I lost a friend to suicide last night. It's so very sad when someone loses the battle of mental illness. I am so thankful for all the help I received and continue to receive.
  8. I to liked One Cut of the Dead quite a bit. If you watch it again I would suggest watching it on season two of Joe Bobs Last Drive In. He had some pretty cool behind the scenes and trivia stuff on it. Have you watched the prequel to Train to Busan. At least I think its a prequel, I have not watched it yet. It is also on Shudder and is animated.
  9. Just finished a book called White Out which I do not recommend. Just started The Haunting of HG Wells by Robert Masello. Only two chapters in but it is wiping away the abomination that was White Out from my mind. Both of these books were free with Amazon Prime. I do find these monthly first read books to be hit and miss.
  10. Finished the series last night. I thought they nailed the finale. I loved it, as much as I loved I am glad it's done. It felt a little like work trying to keep track of what was what.
  11. I have been going through all of Joe Bob's stuff on Shudder. It is fun and something you can watch and stop and pick right back up the next day. He has some good guests and interesting trivia that he shares intermittently during the movie. Some of it is pretty interesting. All of it is entertaining. I watched season 2 first, I am now on Society in season 1.