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  1. I agree!!! I forget what I was on to help me sleep. The generic sounded like it was valium but it wasnt. Any way after being on it for a bit I had big time suicidal thoughts. Even at work i would have to find places to hide where I would breakdown and I did not want anyone to see me. At one point I at least had the sense to call my doctor from work for an appointment. They asked what was up and I told them I am feeling like killing myself right now and I need help or I may not see tomorrow. I got off that med and things improved dramatically. I still have my low moments but not like I was having on those meds. I think I know exactly how Cornell felt. I was just lucky enough to pull through it. Be careful with new meds and call the doctor if at any time things seem funny.
  2. I bought this one. 14 carat gold
  3. Like others have said, this one stings.
  4. I enjoyed it but I like the first one better.
  5. Thank you
  6. What is CBT?
  7. I love Sturgill Simpson and his show I saw was awesome. I know his guitarist left and struck out on his own. It will be interesting to see how the band is now. That guitarist was really good and there was lots of chemistry. I was sad when I heard he left.
  8. Justin Townes Earle was good but I wish he played longer. There were also a lot of songs I wanted to hear that he did not play. We got 3-4 songs off his new album which comes out this month. He has the Sadies (?) open for him and as his back up band. They are decent as well. I would go again but I would hope he would play longer. I am not sure how long he played but I feel like it was under 90 mins. He has so many great songs I would expect him to do 2hrs +
  9. Justin Townes Earle tomorrow night in Tucson. Playing in a venue I have never been in. From online research its a pretty small place which is cool with me.
  10. Wore them today and felt fine doing it. I will continue to wear them.
  11. Rings my father had bought. Silver,turquoise,southwest stuff. I like them. My father passed away about 2 weeks ago.