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  1. Would love to get $500.00 for it.
  2. I found one on Amazon for $377.00
  3. I have one of these picture discs unopened. How do I find out what its worth? It has Purple rain on one side and God on the other.
  4. I am glad you liked it but , seriously? Best you have seen? * I feel like I have to keep telling people I didnt hate it. I just didnt love it.
  5. Oh yeah it does its job with the social commentary. I would not argue strongly with someone who loved it. I guess my biggest issue was the predictability of it. I kind of figured it all out super quick. The social commentary is also very heavy handed. If you saw the previews you already know what the social commentary is.
  6. Get Out- Was meh, not great but not horrible. I would disagree with its high rotten tomatoes ratings. Once it starts rolling it is very predictable. I felt like they thought they were going to surprise us but it falls short. Not bad for a rental though.
  7. I would disagree with this. He lived how he wanted. Pissing his life away would have been doing the status quo. Part of me feels like going to college, get a job, have kids, get the house, get the car, work like crazy so you can get a 2 week vacation is pissing your life away. I did like the book much more then the movie. I felt the movie made him look more selfish.
  8. The hell with that. I am never using another band again.
  9. Went to the gym last night and the band that broke was still there. I took it and threw into my gym back for a reminder. I did some mit work but sat out on the sparring which sucked. I still have a shadow in my upper field of vision in the morning.
  10. I did and that is what made it even worse. I was literally thinking how bad it would be if it broke when it happened.
  11. Working out the other night I was using some resistance bands. Arthritis in my hands makes it very difficult to do pull ups. I had a short resistance band with two handles thrown over a pull up bar and I was simulating pull ups with this band. Pulling the handles down to my waist and then back up. Pretty much a revers curl. As I was pulling down I was looking where the band was looping over the pull up bar. I was thinking this seems like a bad idea if that snaps I am gonna be in troub......... thats when it snapped and blasted my left eye. Hurt like a mother and I lost the superior half of my left eye vision. I was worried about all sorts of stuff including a retinal detachment. I saw two doctors and was told I have bleeding and swelling in the retina. When I first get up in the morning I have a shadow in superior vision which does improve as day goes on. I am told this will improve when blood and bruising go away. Stay away from those exercise bands. Dangerous stuff. I was really frightened I lost an eye and I feel lucky. * I probably couldnt do 4 pullups even with out the arthritis.
  12. Just finished it and I loved it. I really liked the grandparents relationship. It was touching.
  13. I tried a trail run this morning. Going up was slow as I was trying to keep my HR 150-155. Coming down I had a hard time getting my HR to 150. To many rocks and obstacles to worry about to really let loose going down. I had fun though. It was a beautiful day out there.