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  1. My expectations were met. This guy is fantastic live. Really good show. If you get the chance I recommend seeing him. The openers were pretty good as well, dude rocking that bass.
  2. If you enjoy violence they are awesome. Personally I love them.
  3. I think it depends on where you live. I do not think that is an odd topic for some folks. I know more about my neighbors "arsenal" then I do about them. I'm not saying that is a good thing but that is how it is in areas where people are gung ho about guns. Sounded like a small war going on out in the desert west of my home. It's where many go to target shoot and they were out in force this morning.
  4. I really liked their vocals and musicianship but they need to do something about stage presence.
  5. I am going to see Gary Clark Jr on Monday. I have high expectations for this.
  6. That Farley song is part of Adam Sandlers recent netflix special. I had very low expectations of Sandlers standup on Netflix but I ended up liking it a lot. Much funnier than I had anticipated.
  7. Rescue or bought? I just put my buddy down and I am starting to get the itch. I really like a dog in my life.
  8. My first morning without him. He would always run out pee,poop, and check the perimeter of the yard. There is a permanent path worn into the ground where he would check the fence line. I always said he was paw patrol checking for walkers. Gonna be a rough one today. Today was our yard work,drink beer, watch baseball, and end the day with Game of thrones. I guess I'm on my own today.
  9. It is over. All done at the vet. I am not sure that is better for the animal and I don't want to debate that right now. I miss my buddy and the following week is going to suck ###.
  10. We have an appt with the vet in a few hours. They say they can come to the car and give him a sedative if he gets real agitated. We are watching baseball, kids are saying their goodbyes and I feel like a piece of me is dying.
  11. I have called some vets. Waiting on a return call. Meanwhile I'm digging a grave. He's a big dog and I am not as young as I once was. Feeling sad and old. Thanks for the advice in here. Who ever pointed out that I asked for advice but wasn't taking it was correct. I'm really upset and probably not thinking clearly. I left three messages on the last vets machine because I was sure I left the wrong phone number. They probably think I am insane. My dog who has been refusing dog food is apparently ok with deli slices of turkey and left over pork roast. Back to digging 😥
  12. I really am not looking for a debate in here. I was just looking for some magic Kevorkian recipe that would help. I am calling different vets to see if one would come out here. I am pretty rural out here. I would say that bringing him to a vet would increase his anxiety by about 1000% and would make it worse for him. I would even argue that going to a vet with any animal for the end is worse then a quick shot to the head. This in my opinion from what I have seen and tales I have been told by people in the vet field is true from the animals point of view. I break it down like this: Trip tp vet, dog is terrified, smells all the vet smells, will be fighting me as much as he can to go in, once in it may take three people to pin him down and put in an IV, Now scared and wondering what is going on he will look at me blubbering and get more freaked out as he slips away vs The dog is walking in his backyard that he has ruled for many years and spent the happiest days of his life, there will be some good food there if he wants to eat it, suddenly the lights go out. To me the at home death seems preferable to the dog. Preferable to me and my psyche? No, I will be a complete wreck for a good week. Like I said I did not come here for a debate at this time. I know everyone in here means well and I thank you. * I am calling some vets to see if they will come out. I do want the understanding that if the dog starts freaking they will just leave and I will deal with it. At home is the only way I would let a vet do this. Going somewhere is completely off the table. I may feel differently if the dog had a different mentality. I can't express how anxious this dog got with a vet or even strangers. I doubt I could even easily get him in the car. If he was a dog who did not mind the vet, car, strangers etc.. we would probably already be done with this but thats not what I have here so I am dealing with it best I can.
  13. He also likes Game of Thrones. I would say the dragon show is on and he would go right to the tv. I think he even knew the schedule of it being on Sunday nights.
  14. This is how I usually handle it. While I can and have done this I was looking for another way. It's one of the most difficult things I have done and leaves a mark on your soul. Shooting your best friend even when you know it is the right thing to do is not easy. Right now the best outcome for me would be that he pass away tonight while we are watching the baseball game. That is one of his favorite things to do with me. Chill, watch baseball, eat some snacks,nap. I'm really hoping for a natural passing here.