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  1. Told my kids I was thinking of going to the clown lives matter event. They were horrified. My kids are buying into this hook line and sinker.
  2. Anyone having trouble watching movies with Kodi? My wife says she gets about 1/2 hour in and it resets to the homepage. She feels it is something wrong with the Kodi app on our firestick. I have not had any problem but I just watch network tv shows and the occasional UFC thing.
  3. I loved St Anger, there I said it.
  4. It was horrible.
  5. I am really digging this show.
  6. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  7. Fish oil Curcumin Glucosamine/Chondroitin Multi Vit
  8. Just returned from our Disneyland trip. It was awesome. Color the night was spectacular and I got a little misty when they made it snow during the fireworks. That kind of stuff gets me. Loved the change to Magic Mountain.Goofys kitchen was awesome. Everything there was just perfect. Crowds were bigger then I was used to but with fast pass and planning I never felt like we had to wait for to long.
  9. World of Color was amazing. After a day of California Adventure yesterday we will concentrate on Disneyland today. I feel like I am putting on some serious pounds here. I destroyed Goofys kitchen last night. Eating like a pig.
  10. Waiting for world of color. Got great seats.