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  1. Just finished it and I loved it. I really liked the grandparents relationship. It was touching.
  2. I tried a trail run this morning. Going up was slow as I was trying to keep my HR 150-155. Coming down I had a hard time getting my HR to 150. To many rocks and obstacles to worry about to really let loose going down. I had fun though. It was a beautiful day out there.
  3. I am going on the record as saying I did not like it. I had a freaking anxiety attack and about 20 mins into the film I wanted to leave. We were in one of those theaters that serves drinks and food so I stuck it out for my wife. When we left my clothes were soaked through with sweat and I was a mess. I have purposely avoided 99% of news for several years. It just causes me to much anxiety. Watching this film reminded me why I dont watch news very often. Mentally I cant handle people being so mean to each other. In case anyone is wondering I received 0 sympathy from my wife that night.
  4. No I only came across this because I like a Stephen King page on facebook and they advertised there.
  5. I am a big Stephen King fan. I just started listening to a new podcast called The Losers Club. They are going through all of King's books chronologically and discussing the book as well as any movie or tv adaptations. They start each podcast with a few minutes of what is going on currently in the Stephen King world. Its not bad but its not great either. As I listen to it I think I would be able to add to the discussion quite a bit. While they are all fans of S King they sound young and as if they got into King well into his glory days. Maybe I am being snooty but I was reading him from day one and I can tell these people weren't. I do believe this has to do with their age. I guess I would like it better if there was someone my age on the show. If your a King fan though it is worth checking out. I am listening to the second episode now- Salems Lot
  6. I did buy the tickets to see Queen in Glendale.
  7. I do back into parking spots. What's wrong with that?
  8. I am reading The Fireman by Joe Hill. I heard lots of good stuff about this book but so far I am not that impressed. I am halfway through and I doubt it will get any better. I will finish it though.
  9. Cerrone looked really bad from the get go. Zero head movement
  10. I have been treated as an independent contractor. After reading that article there is no way I am an independent contractor.
  11. My daughter wants to see this so I am going to check it out a second time. I like trying to find the clues now that I know the end. I dont think it was to hard but I had figured out where he worked and where the girls were kept fairly quickly.
  12. Has anyone seen Queen with Adam Lambert? Tickets go on sale 1/31/17 and I am thinking about it. I checked out some of it on youtube and I cant make up my mind. This would probably turn in to a pricey night if we go. Its a long enough drive that I would be looking at staying at a hotel within walking distance, meal,drinks etc.... It would be an easier decision if it was closer to home. I am just not sure the show is worth the extra cost.
  13. If you have not seen it dont read any further. The problem I had was the uncle. I wanted to see something bad happen to him. I really wished she had pulled the trigger when she was a kid. The end sort of leads us to believe she is going to turn him in but I wanted more.