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  1. Maybe if they put it on a channel people could get more would be watching. I really want to see this but I'm not going to get Direct tv to do it.
  2. At times yes. I found myself looking at my watch which is not a good thing.
  3. I thought it was to long.
  4. I'm two episodes behind. I may be done with it.
  5. Bought Miranda Lambert tickets for February. It is right around our anniversary so the wife and I will get a hotel and make a time of it.
  6. I loved the movie. Great blending of baseball and music. I am glad I saw it in the theater.
  7. Good reading in here today. Congrats to all racers!!
  8. First run after taking the summer off. I decided I just cant run in the crazy heat anymore. So it is starting to drop in temps here and I went out. 3 miles at 10:59 pace, ugghh Good luck to all the racers!!!
  9. Parlay Army -23, Georgia -7 1/2, Alabama-27
  10. I didnt see any pre season commercials. Sarah Paulsons character is so annoying I am kind of watching and hoping she meets with some terrible demise. Her wife is pretty annoying as well. The only character I find interesting this season is the kid with blue hair.
  11. Get a second opinion
  12. Not even sure why I am still watching. I think its horrible but some in here are making me feel like I'm just not getting it.