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  1. New air conditioner/heating unit being installed tomorrow. I am not doing it but I will be here making sure everything is cool. Thanks to ChiefD and his help in selecting a company and quote to go with. They will also be cleaning and repairing duct work. I also have them disconnecting and removing my swamp cooler. I think this may have been how the Jeffersons felt when they moved up to the east side. It has been over 20 years that I disconnected our air because we could not afford the electric bill. I am pretty happy to be getting air conditioning. I bought a bunch of gatorade and water that I will put in a cooler for the workers. I also bought some snack stuff for them if they get hungry. Anything else that would be cool to have for these guys? Was going to get beer but decided that is probably a bad idea.
  2. I am enjoying the show. It seems to have found a balance of total brainlessness and keeping me interested.
  3. I really liked Brandi Carlile when I saw her. Was funny because I went to see Old Crow Medicine Show and I thought Brandi Carlile was opening for them. Turned out it was the opposite although they both played full sets. During the break my wife and myself started noticing that we kind of stood out in the crowd. We stood out as one of the minority heterosexual couples there. I knew about Carlile and her sexuality but I did not realize that the entire lesbian army of Arizona would be there. This was a night I promised my wife I would not drink so I was stone cold sober and I was again very much in the minority. I almost got in a fight with a pretty good sized girl. She accused me of kicking over someones drink. I didn't and I was being super polite but she would not stop. I eventually just asked where she thought this was headed and I swear I thought she was gonna start swinging. A bunch of girls pulled her away and came back to apologize. It was really pretty funny. I felt I was in a no win situation. I could beat up a girl or I could get beat up by a girl. Neither one of those scenarios is good for me. Brandi Carlile was awesome though. I love the twins she has playing in her band.
  4. This was an awesome show. It was not as packed as it was 10 years ago but he still has it. It is so easy to lose track of how much I am drinking at shows like this. I was stumbling when I left and that is something I try to avoid. I guess it's ok every once in a while.
  5. This is probably where I fit in. I am the best of the best at what I do but I am pretty much a one trick pony. In my defense I will say I have changed that trick up a few times and I do feel capable of changing it up again. I feel that time slipping away is more of an issue than my smartness.
  6. I looked at this but the cost was to much for me.
  7. I am using Valspar porch,floor, and patio latex paint. Yes I am in the desert. Humidity is usually less then 10% here but we do have a monsoon season. I do believe most damage comes from the sun. This is what was recommended to me by the guy at Lowes.
  8. Yes, and I believe you are correct it was 20x2x6.
  9. Now I know. The other mistake I made with the plywood was using nails instead of screws. I am sure this was an economic decision at the time but nails is not the way to go. I am now replacing all the nails with screws. The only upside to this is that it is really easy and my wife thinks I am hard at work on the deck. In reality I am just drinking and listening to the radio. Sometimes a neighbor comes over to check things out and we have more beer.
  10. This is the first I have heard of this. I probably wont watch but it will be interesting to follow how this goes.
  11. I tore up the plywood that had rotted in places on my 240 sq ft deck and replaced it with 2x4x20 boards, I think? I know they were 20' long. I am almost done with it. I have some more railing repairs and the final pain and I am done. The plywood was a good idea but it cant handle the weather here and I had some spots where people stepped through some rotted areas. Construction is not my forte but I am happy about how it came out. It's much better. I also added some shelves for plants on three corners of the deck. Should look nice and add stability to my railings. I would like to replace the railings but can't afford that right now. I am about $850.00 into this project right now.