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  1. just ordered the fight. I've wasted $73 on worse things. booze comes to mind.
  2. cool. so in response---- D5. hoping everything is on the cool wild side & if not go talk to my bromigo & ask him to do a little dancerino around the block & then talk to me about the move I'm about to make and take that to the bankarino. note: I'm a little out there tonight but wishing you the best!
  3. so you got my move for him & conveyed the same?


  4. so my opponent did D4.  I'm doing D5.  Is that correcto as I want my pawn fronting his pawn>  Just wondering about the numbers as I had White against you so it was easy.

    still can't believe you are this helpful.  new appreciation.


  5. golfing today but able to play a little tonight depending on the beer intake. Free all weekend.
  6. government-our elected officials don't know junk about entry level jobs or the willingness of young people to want in at any level to show they can work & succeed. Another socialistic overreach.
  7. pretty sure it is fake outrage which makes it fun. Guys are too smart here to get their panties in a bunch over a name contest. the politics forum, now that is a different story
  8. Nine won. WTF? 96% of our names were better. Nine??????????????????? It is Canada after all. {slump}
  9. just wondering how long it took. majority of moves in 2 days or smattering of moves over 4 days? Did you both ever play for a solid 2 hours or so?
  10. Any thoughts on Spence vrs mickey Garcia next weekend? Garcia going up in weight. Nice to be able to look forward to good fighters fighting each other. Will pull for Garcia but Spence has looked unbeatable.
  11. just sent my opening move which was P-Q4. Is this still viable in the chess world as far as the lingo? Let me know the new chessboard coordinates. like A5 or whatever. sorry, but I love the game & just haven't kept up with the mainstream.