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  1. a year ago walked away from the craps table at 2:00 AM with an extra grand in my pocket. woman, about 21 yrs old & stunning(assuming working girl) asked me on the elevator on the way up "you married tonight"? I was & I said so. it was very hard to do. [slumping]
  2. Non PPR-Gore. He has a very nice match up.
  3. Not in his shoes but with the kind of money he was going to make maybe you pay the settlement money & go from there with the idea you will never get involved in situations like that again. I don't know whether guilty or innocent but with today's culture you can barely comment on how good a woman looks. sad situation all the way around. peace out.
  4. go to Assistant coach thread. Lot of help there, but not here. good luck.
  5. [And also a version that let me forget all the embarrassing crap I've done in my life that I tend to constantly think about at3am while laying in bed trying to sleep . "Why did you tell Heather you liked her in front of everyone at recess in 2nd grade? So stupid. STUPID!" ] I was thinking I was the only one, sheik. I'm the same. I have to leave the TV on all night as dead silence induces way too much thinking about stuff like this.
  6. gotcha, but I can't believe you are not a 22 pt. favorite. I'm o-2 in two long running friends leagues. man do I need a win or I get the snark big time.. good luck!
  7. no snark but how can you be in a close one when the games haven't started this week?
  8. & opponent's roster including bench players.