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  1. Went in to buy a paper. Came out & drove off.
  2. oh sure, actual clarity to the situation. I've headed out twice with the nozzel in my gas tank. i should have been paying more attention, but I didn't. shoot me.
  3. was a thread before the season "D. Cook with the 5th pick". If you like your guy get him.
  4. good summary. I dislike this movie with a passion because, well just because. The knife that protrudes from the guy's cowboy boot was the last straw for me. different strokes & all that.
  5. Get a nice wooden barrel to put on the stump & fill with flowers.
  6. thanx for getting this out early in the week. appreciate it.
  7. Adrian Peterson has been outstanding. His effort should be the benchmark for everyone, but of course it isn't. that dude is just amazing!
  8. it's really too bad as Wash has just a storied history in the NFL. can say the same about Chicago.
  9. good post. very informative. appreciate it.
  10. Looks to me that they are tanking. This based on the play calling. Also big caveat: IMHO
  11. really like your style, G. you are trying to make this work and that is good.
  12. Good fight, although Kovalov's jaw has been shot for a few years. Canelo not a busy fighter. That bugs me. Dazn is $20 a month -cancel anytime. They do have some good cards coming up.