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  1. Now that those trolls are gone, back to how much we suck right now haha. I think I'm more worried about more knees getting torn up on that SF turf than winning the game.
  2. Haha I picked him up in 2 leagues with incredibly deep benches just to have him. But nope, not starting him anywhere. Never mix family and money.
  3. Remember when you said last week you were making an attempt to be more modest and a better poster? Someone fell off the wagon.
  4. Says the guy who runs into to forums to just post laughing emoji's and posts more in here than his own thread.
  5. OFF: LVR, BAL, SEA DEF: BUF, TEN, IND Week 4 Off: PACK IT!!!! Def: RAM IT!!!!
  6. Nice! That +31 Hawks/Jets did wonders for me
  7. Agree. Someone suggested this in my league and it seems dumb.
  8. That's good news. I feel like they should just push it to Monday anyways. Without any/many fans, seems like an easy switch and at least would give them a Saturday practice.
  9. IF this is the true number, then I feel like the best route is to take the "5 days" number to be safe. Assume that if someone hasn't tested positive by Friday afternoon, that they won't test positive. Allow all 'negative' players to practice Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Reschedule both games for Monday Night. Any downside to this?
  10. People on here can go in circles (and hopefully don't) about 'how many days after exposure it takes to test positive". This is what it ultimately comes down to, as the NFL will probably make sure they do a final round of testing X days after Sundays exposure... and I'm sure this "X" number of days depends on what their own intel and doctors suggest. I'm hoping that "X" is small, so that healthy players aren't held out of practice until Saturday.... which would likely cancel the game.