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  1. 2 great points here. His BUDDIES were mad at him for it, but strangers should give him more credit? 2nd point is even better. Everyone is excusing everything he does because he is a 'good guy'. So what? Also, he has done some shady stuff. i don't think Brees is a bad guy, but I think he's less likable then a lot of people do. He's had his good and bad moments in life. I think the way he responded has been pretty good though. Whatever his motives are (really believes it or wants to gain back respect), he's now saying the right things at the right time.
  2. Have you guys chatted over PM? I know he said he wrote you on there and you hadn't written back but maybe you can hash it out, or maybe he can tell you why he did it? I think he said there was a serious issue he wanted to chat with you about which was the reason he hid them all.
  3. Both are your opinion and not universally accepted. I don't necessarily believe either of the above.
  4. The comments on Drew specifically are necessary here I think. Any non Drew posts certainly are not.
  5. So that it doesn't happen again. Pretty messed up when someone can find that information and try to damage your career.
  6. Agree. I have no real reason for it either but something just feels off about this season for him.
  7. Is it possible to be proud of your kid winning first place in a race, and also sad that your neighbour died? Yes. But maybe don't bring that other thing up at the funeral.
  8. He had to backpedal for the sake of his NFL career. And how do yo know he has integrity? He's done some shady stuff too, he's not just this perfect model citizen.
  9. On the Mac version it wasn't doing this but I've been chatting with the developer over email and he made the fix
  10. 1. I think talking about what he said and the reactions definitely belongs in this thread. That being said, the comments on the whole issue, and posts that don't really pertain to what Drew said, or the reactions to Drews words, should maybe be put in the thread discussing all this stuff. 2. He has definitely not dug himself out.