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  1. So the place I'm living at in Melbourne right now, right across the street from my window is the hospital Ben Simmons was born in. I was pretty excited when I found that out haha.
  2. Looks like they just put them up on the team website Breiner is the "Pass Game Analyst" Scangarello is the "Senior Offensive Assistant"
  3. Lots of cooks in the kitchen: OFFENSE (overseen by Doug) Taylor- Passing the Ball Deuce- Running the Ball Moorehead- Catching the ball Breiner- Behind the scenes offensive guy Scangarello- Behind the scenes offensive guy DEFENSE (overseen by Jim) Burke - Stopping the Run Manuel- Stopping the Pass
  4. I was just going to ask this, hoping he didn't pull an offensive/defensive roll like Juan haha. Well the coaching staff strategy is certainly interesting and unprecedented. So many people doing so many different things. If they can all co-exist and get along drama-free, I think it could work out nicely. Am fine with no OC as long as Doug is fully open to letting Scangarello and Breiner take the reins and get creative together in the game planning.
  5. I hate it. The ONE thing Doug needs is a smart, fresh, up and coming guy to game plan. He's an A coach in terms of play calling and motivating, but has become a C in terms of being cutting edge and planning things out. Hope he either hires an OC or let's this plethora of voices in the offensive room scheme up some cool stuff for him to work with on game day.
  6. Awesome, nice and easy to navigate. Here's the SB winner's preseason 'ranking" the last 20 years: Makes our run look even more impressive, as we're the only sub top-12 team to win it in 13 years. Also crazy how low the Pats and Rams were ranked heading into the season. Those Eagles, Pats, and Rams teams bolded all had a different QB lead them to the title than their preseason starter. Wild. KC # 2 in 2019 Pats #1 in 2018 Eagles #14 in 2017 Pats # 1 in 2016 Broncos #6 in 2015 Pats #3 in 2014 Seahawks #3 in 2013 Ravens #9 in 2012 Giants #12 in 2011 Packers #5 in 2010 Saints #10 in 2009 Steelers #8 in 2008 Giants #15 in 2007 Colts #1 in 2006 Steelers #5 in 2005 Pats #2 in 2004 Pats #10 in 2003 Bucs #5 in 2002 Pats #25 in 2001 Ravens #11 in 2000 Rams #26 in 1999
  7. Brown's, Raiders, and Chargers seem like awful values. Kinda surprised those 3 teams are ahead of the Texans, Titans, and Bills. I guess the Brady potential boosts them a bit but still no way those 3 should be above the bottom 3.
  8. SB odds are out. We're 10th. Chiefs 6-1 Ravens 7-1 49ers 8-1 Saints 11-1 Patriots 14-1 Steelers 15-1 Packers 18-1 Cowboys 18-1 Seahawks 22-1 Eagles 25-1 Rams 25-1 Browns 25-1 Vikings 25-1 Chargers 30-1 Raiders 30-1 Texans 30-1 Titans 30-1 Bills 30-1 Bears 30-1 Colts 35-1 Falcons 40-1 Buccaneers 50-1 Cardinals 60-1 Jets 60-1 Jaguars 75-1 Broncos 75-1 Dolphins 100-1 Giants 100-1 Lions 100-1 Panthers 100-1 Redskins 200-1 Bengals 200-1
  9. Awesome thanks for keeping score. Playoff one was fun. Congrats on the win.
  10. Yes you have the opposites of arodin so one of you should win by a decent margin. If kc wins the first half 20-0, that's +20 for you and -20 for him. Gonna be interesting!
  11. John Harbaugh: 27 votes Kyle Shanahan: 14 Matt LaFleur: 3 Mike Tomlin: 2 Sean McDermott: 2 Sean Payton: 1
  12. Yep Neil needs kc to score 7 more points than SF in the first half. Will be interesting to see zwk's pick.