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  1. And I'd be quite surprised if the GSW finished above the LAC in the reg season. Minny and OKC both over Portland and San Antonio seems crazy too.
  2. I dont think Clement is a lock at all. I think we take 5 and 2 of Clement/Smallwood/Sproles make the team. Adams/Pump are out.
  3. Your patience paid off for sure this time. Other times it doesn't. I had a friend close to the Lions organization a few years back that told me Calvin was gonna retire and there wasn't even a sniff of it anywhere. I posted it in here and got scolded and mocked and ridiculed as much if not more than you did in here. So I get where you're coming from. In that case though, those who were 'patient and waited for the real news to come out' got burned. A few people traded him and were HEAVILY rewarded because they weren't patient. I suppose you are right that people who threw the book at him right away should have been patient... and yes I fully agree with you that they shouldn't have traded him for peanuts... but from a fantasy standpoint, all I'm saying is that sometimes 'waiting for all the details to come out" can hurt you and you have to act preemptively to win this fake football game we all play. So I don't blame those who ultimately lost out, but got a decent return for him at the time. Sucks for them and didn't work out but patience can be a good or bad thing in fantasy football/the stock market/etc.
  4. Move up. 2nd is quite nice over 10th this year. Just do the swap and you'll likely have to throw in a pick, like a 7th rounder or something. Start negotiations with a 10th and see how it goes. Highest I'd give up for that one swap would be a 6th.
  5. no clue how to draft this guy. he's going to win or lose a lot of people leagues this year.
  6. If he doesn't make it then that's good, those other guys proved it. If he does, that's also good because he's still got enough in the tank to beat them out. Win/Win. Also think he'll be a great mentor for Sanders, especially in his pass catching game. I think there's a good chance we keep 5 RB's this year.
  7. I think we keep 5. I think we did that once before a couple years ago, didn't we? With the special teams factor of Scott, it justifies 5. Howard Sanders Scott Sproles Clement/Smallwood/Adams can battle it out for the final spot. We don't need multiple of these guys.
  8. I like the signing. No downside. Really hope he can work a ton with Sanders in camp, especially on some pass catching stuff. I think he'd be an amazing mentor for that part of Sanders' game. Everytime people count him out and say he's done, he still shows burst. Injuries obviously a gigantic concern but we're so deep at RB that having him as the 5th RB is fine with me.
  9. Well said. I personally don't play dynasty so wasn't affected at all by this, but I really can't fault or throw people under the bus who sold him and are at a loss because of it. The poker analogy is right, and it sucks that human nature is to obsess over being 'right' to the point of judging a decision based on how something unexpected played out. Obviously those who sold for 2 5th rounders shouldn't have done it, I'm not saying give him away for nothing. But if someone like yourself or Octopus made an assumption based on the news, and a calculated risk by gaining some assets for them, then I applaud those moves even if it didn't work out. Again, everyone takes risks in fantasy by over drafting a guy, taking a risk on an injured player, starting a guy you have a good feeling about, etc. Even many of the good decisions at the time, don't work out. This result was a surprise to the majority.
  10. I get that. But for every time waiting for the facts can increase a guy you're trying to sell's value, there's a situation where it can decrease it. The odds were against him, people played the odds. I can't really fault them for that. The shark move is usually to try to make the right call about a players situation before it happens. If a guy goes down and is scheduled for an MRI, and you get a sense that it is an ACL tear, then waiting for the facts might hurt you. We're all here trying to 'make the move before the others' so I don't always agree on waiting it out. In this case those who did prevailed though, yes.
  11. This was a very interesting read and definitely provides a good possible explanation for a lot of things. I do find it hard to read just how many anonymous sources the author has though. And it really seems like he is trying to make a big splash and a big name for himself. Seems way too "look at how important I am and how good my research is" to take overly seriously. I do agree he could be right, but the writing style is suspect.
  12. If the result was what the majority believed would happen (lengthy suspension), than it would have been a good move. So many people around here love to criticize people's choices only based on the result. No one expected no suspension.
  13. He likely 'should' be taken in between the pumpers and the bashers. I see him right around WR5 but it seems there's going to be the "told you so" people who gamble on him at wr2 or wr3. He won't be a 'value' pick this year but I agree he is going to likely be drafted at his ceiling. He does seemingly have a high season-long floor too though so it wouldn't be a league losing pick.