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  1. Not sure why they'd shut him down if this was a fake injury. Surprised they're not playing him this week and at least trying for that wildcats spot. If foles had any contact left I'd say they were showcasing him for a trade but he's likely walking this year anyways. Horrible fa class and he's likely the #2 fa qb out there. I'd say it's more likely that Carson actually is hurt. Sucks. But hey, this many injuries happen to every team, can't talk about it.
  2. Interesting and good read. I still want him back to be honest. Maybe the Minny thing will be the humbling experience he needed. He would be a big improvement on Groh. Having him just in as an assistant for 3 meaningless games isn't worth it though unless they have a handshake deal that he'll stay as OC next year.
  3. Still. #4 of 32 all season in yards allowed. #4 in forced turnovers. And #4 in points allowed. Even in the playoffs we had the #3 scoring defence out of 12 teams. Defence was awesome last year.
  4. Huh? We had the #4 defense in the NFL last year.
  5. Deamon

    Your top 3 fantasy RB next year?

    Perhaps. But in 3RR next year, a late pick is huge.
  6. I guess so. But we did score 0 first half points and 23 2nd half points. So whatever adjustment Doug made seemed to work well.
  7. Wonder what it is about Groh. Does he just not have it? Or is it just a year 1 kind of thing? He probably wasn't very involved last year when he was 4th fiddle to doug/frank/john. Was talking to the coaches about him a bit and they said the staff really felt he was ready to take the leap instead of Duce. I really do think Defillippo would thrive here if given that OC role though.
  8. Seriously. I dgaf if he's been fired twice, hire Defillippo right now and get him involved. Groh seems lost. And Doug seems like he needs a smart right hand man to thrive.
  9. One thing to note about DeFillipo, is that every time he's been an OC, the HC has been a defensive guy. Maybe he's not ready to excel when given full autonomy to run the offense? Maybe he is best in a complimentary role where he can focus on player development, game planning, and some play calling. I think he'd be a good OC here, as him and Doug could work together to cover some of each other's deficiencies. It seems both of them are better when they can collaborate.
  10. I would say that racism does exist quite a bit, and that 99% of it isn't straight up verbally directed at someone. Just because you don't hear things said, doesn't mean it isn't an issue. You also live in Chicago, not other parts of the country. I do find it hard to believe that Fournette was a victim of it in this case though. There are witnesses who heard the whole exchange and state that nothing racist was said.
  11. I've got Thielen at #1 in PPR in my league, weird. But that whole top 3 is pretty much identical.
  12. Deamon

    Your top 3 fantasy RB next year?

    I'd be good with any of those 10. There's also 10 WR's I'd be good with in the 1st. This seems like one of those years where it's so deep at the top that it's good to pick late in the draft to get two of them. However, it's almost SO deep, that you want to be near the top again and could still get 2 top players by drafting 4th, and having a better 3rd round pick.
  13. It seems like every year we say it's deeper at WR, but there's 10 WR's I could justify taking in the first round. Insane depth at the top this year. Current PPR order of scoring: Thielen Hill Adams Thomas Julio Brown Juju Hop Allen OBJ Think it drops down a bit after that.