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  1. Not sure if this has been posted yet but this is awesome:
  2. Deamon

    Ito Smith, RB, ATL

    I was thinking more. This could be a potential starting rb for the rest of the yaer for you. Those don't come up often.
  3. tough call on those 3. Stafford safest. Mayfield a bit more boom/bust. Trubisky the most boom/bust.
  4. Deamon

    Ito Smith, RB, ATL

    How much FAAB are we blowing on this guy? He's available in one of my short bench leagues.
  5. Not sure how Winston or Ryan are available?? Ryan should be picked up immediately.
  6. Alright time for me to get excited for this weekend, I've held it in too long. Flying into Philly Thursday. My buddy doesn't fly in until Friday morning so if anyone is in downtown Philly area Thursday night and wants to grab a beer, send me a message! Friday afternoon we are heading to the Novacare complex right around the end of their practice to get let in. Hopefully will get to see the tail end of their practice but not sure what time it ends. After they're done, the whole D-line gathers together and has lunch that my friend makes for them every Friday home game, and we are going to that! It's just me, my buddy, and the whole defensive line so going to be an amazing experience to meet and hang out with all of them. Will do my best to stay composed, but I'm sure I'll be a little in awe. Still trying to decide if I should wear Eagles gear or just normal clothes.... don't want to seem too "fanny". My buddy has never been to Philly so we'll do some touristy stuff Saturday, eat a lot of cheesesteaks, then we're heading to the Sixers game that night. Should hopefully be a win. Sunday will be an early one, as we have field passes so need to be on the field around 11am. Have never been to a 1pm game in Philly, anyone know what time tailgates start? We're hoping to get at least an hour of parking lot festivities if possible, but not sure how early they get going there. I'll be sure to yell at Cam and CMC and try to throw them off their game during warmups. We got club seats for the game, but not sure which section they're in. They're the players tickets they can purchase for friends/family, so I'm sure they'll be be pretty good. They were pretty reasonably priced too compared to what club seats are going for on stub hub right now. After the game our passes get us in the family room and the Touchdown Club. Apparently most of the team goes out for dinner after the game to a local bar/restaurant in sectioned off area and we're apparently able to tag along for that too! I feel like I'm about to go on a make-a-wish trip or something. Nonetheless, 3 days until I'm hanging out with the team and hopefully witnessing a win!
  7. Deamon

    Alfred Morris, why is he rated so low

    Needed 2 and 4 points from him in 2 leagues. Obviously kept him in. So upset.
  8. Deamon

    Eric Ebron Thread

    He's been awesome. Just keep milking the cash cow for all you can get out of it until Doyle/Hilton are back. He should still have value even after that but I'm loving having him out there as the top receiving threat on a passing team.
  9. Nope. Very rare this happens exactly like this where these 2 just perfectly fall to those exact two draft spots. Also unlikely they move up for a wr. Dallas/Buffalo have slightly better odds than other teams to land those guys, and still depends where they draft from. No way buffalo spends a top 3 pick on one, nor is it a guarantee that they move down.
  10. I've done it before and it worked out. I did see one guy do it in a league once when he was up .5 and a stat correction made him lose. And are tie breakers points for/against? Assuming only negative points for over 35 allowed, I think the odds of that are pretty slim.
  11. Pick is still the same tho. Atlanta o and Houston d
  12. Ugh ignore that line. I copy paste from last week and change the teams out and didn't delete that line.
  13. Ugh, wanted to use the Pats this week but forgot to post. Such is life. +65 Used Offense: NOS, LAR, MIN, PIT, LAC, Defense: BAL, LAR, MIN, JAX, TEN, Week #6 Offense: Falcons Defense: Texans