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  1. Thanks. We were looking at that one. It looked pretty good but it's good to have a recommendation.
  2. I'm going to be in Dallas in a month. Any recommendations on courses?
  3. That's funny, given the leader of the other party uses ignorance and incompetence as a defense.
  4. You are completely dismissing the fact that there are some Bernie supporters who, especially now, despise Hillary more than they despise Trump.
  5. I think that proves the 22% is possible, not unlikely. If 13% view him favorably, he's likely to get their vote. Of the 86% that view him unfavorably, many also view Hillary unfavorably. It's not unthinkable for Trump to get another 9% of the 86% to get to 22%.
  6. He doesn't seek attention.
  7. I started with a watch, used it a few years, and have switched to a laser. It is just much more useful. I play the same course 90% of the time and found that I was just about as accurate by guessing the distance as using my watch. In addition to some of the uses mentioned for the laser, I find it most beneficial between 50-100 yards, where a 5-10 yard difference is meaningful. A watch may give you 90 yards to a middle pin, but on a large green, that could be off by 10-15 yards, depending on the pin placement. Like someone else said, I'd bet it might be worth a couple of strokes a round. On an unfamiliar course, it would be huge.
  8. 4 to rascal flats, 8 to Darius Rucker, both in Va Beach.
  9. Just redeemed 6 vouchers for 12 free tickets. Added premier parking passes to the last 5 vouchers and got those free as well. Added fast lane passes to the last voucher and those were also free. Not sure what those are, but hoping they're some kind of early entry. I'm surprised it actually worked.
  10. Mygolfspy came out with their driver testing results. The TaylorMades did well, specifically the M1. They have a table where you can separate the results by swing speed (high or low). I got to participate in the testing (under 100 swing speed). We hit 15 shots with each driver. It was pretty interesting to get the instant feedback after each shot. I hit the M1 and F6+ well, but my best results were with the Mizuno JPX.
  11. It's been reported all day that Seven Seas Lagoon is man made and it connects to Bay Lake, which is natural. About 5 years ago, when we were at Coronado Springs Resort, a gator got into the lake at the resort. It is completely isolated, with no other waterways connected to it. A gator still got in. Disney had a trapper from the wildlife service out there for 3 days before he caught and removed it. I can remember walking around the lake numerous times, always with an eye on the edge of the lake. "No swimming" signs were clearly posted at every sandy beach area. When I played a Disney golf course, they made it clear before the round to stay alert around the lakes. I think they do a pretty good job with the warnings.
  12. Hey, draft away, don't let me stop you. I'm just telling you you're wasting your time. Amazing how upset you people get when someone decides not to goose step to your way of thinking. ps. Let's be real and not put this guy with Gates, Graham and DJ. What part of FF is not a waste of time? Do you play dynasty at all or just redraft? It's not meant to be condescending, but it would explain your strong opinion.
  13. So how long are you going to give your politicians a pass on that one?
  14. You just don't get it. Every year, someone like you makes this post. Nobody is looking to draft these guys with their 1st round redraft pick. Nobody is even likely picking him in a redraft. People are looking for guys to use their late 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round dynasty picks on. Yeah, you'll miss on 90% of these guys. But 90% of the guys you pick at those spots will be off your roster by the end of the year anyway. Why not at least look at a guy with the athletic ability to make a fantasy difference if he ever learns the football skills? If you don't look, you'll miss out on Gates, Graham, David Johnson, and others.