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  1. Finished 2nd a few nights ago in this GPP. Was sitting in 5th and needed Marisnick to get another at bat. With Houston leading, and 2 outs in the bottom of the 8th, the batter before him hits a HR, giving Marisnick one more at bat. He singles, steals 2nd, and scores on a Bregman HR. The 12+ points put me in 1st. Twenty minutes later, Valbuena hits a 3 run HR in the late game and someone from page 4 shoots past me. Held on for 2nd. Obviously my best finish in my frst year of baseball. I've gotten better each month and it's been a lot more fun than basketball.
  2. This may be a stupid question but, is there any content yet? I can't seem to find a DFS "page".
  3. I just found this thread and can't believe nobody mentioned the senior bowl. Did anyone watch it? Watching a game in real time gives a much different impression than watching video cutups. On the final drive of the game, everyone in the stadium as well as the tv audience knew where the ball was going. But they couldn't stop him. He's one of those players that have "it". The fact that he tested so well athletically is just a bonus. I think it's also interesting that the Bills drafted his senior bowl teammate, peterman, later in the draft. I don't know how he'll turn out but Jones made him look like a star that day.
  4. Had I known my individual costs would more than triple, I would have gladly volunteered to double them.
  5. Don't you have more than one dish?
  6. From week 1 or after week 2? Week 2.
  7. I just went through the top 50. There were maybe 5 teams with more than 3 players from a team.
  8. ouch Good thing I can't add. Had 148.90 and slipped by. Still have NE and GB as my SB teams but that's it. Going to need a lot of luck next week.
  9. 144.7, but done. Hopefully enough, but will be down to only 4 for next week.
  10. I think you're too high. Add 4 or 5+ more zeros before the 1. I have all of his NE/GB players covered. I'm sure there are many more. His only chance would be that his players account for not only every point in the Super Bowl, but also every yard. There is probably a better chance that I'll be the Super Bowl MVP.
  11. NE-GB. Tough week will be this week with only 6 players. Need big weeks from Rodgers, Brady, and Wilson. Seth Roberts $4 Clive Walford $4 Golden Tate $9 Marvin Jones $6 Russell Wilson $29 Doug Baldwin $20 Aaron Rodgers $33 Aaron Ripkowski $5 8.20 Ty Montgomery $18 9.80 Davante Adams $18 26.50 Randall Cobb $5 Geronimo Allison $4 1.80 Richard Rodgers $3 0.00 Tom Brady $34 Julian Edelman $21 Malcolm Mitchell $8 0.00 Martellus Bennett $13 0.00 Stephen Gostkowski $15 0.00 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOTAL 150.90 CUTOFF 91.90
  12. Why do the projections not match the IVC projections? Is the IVC updated and the projections page not updated?
  13. Did McCoy get hurt?
  14. Did you have Brady/Mitchell in all of those or just the 133?
  15. I've been playing 3 lineups in the main slate, doubles and triples. Mostly, they don't vary much. In general, I haven't felt like it has hurt, but I did notice that my loser this week was my #3.