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  1. I'm sure I'll change stuff, but here is whee I stand now. QB -Andrew Luck, Ryan Fitzpatrick, RG3 RB - Devonta Freeman, Woodhead, Gio, Sims, James White, Barner WR - Watkins, Decker, MarvinJones, Sanu, Funchess, Matthews, Wallace TE -Delanie, Witten, Bennett 3 kickers, 3 defenses. I've made it to the final week or two the past couple years with a similar approach. One top Qb and RB, trusting my research and gut on RB and WR breakouts. Luck was a luxury when I had $4 left over without anyone I wanted to use it on, so I bumped up to him from another Qb.
  2. Robinson is the slam dunk. The value is far greater when you consider Robinson+2nd round guy vs. Miller+6th round guy.
  3. We start 2 RB and 2 WRs with two flex spots. Early season, I'll probably start three of each...but I'm fine with Floyd as my WR3. I could also see a scenario where I flex Witten some weeks, after I see if the Romo connection is still strong.
  4. I don't love the RBs individually, but I'm happy with the group as a whole. Forte, Mathews, and Gio are all weekly start level and I have the depth to account for injuries. My goal was Lamar Miller in the first, but it didn't work out. Then in the 3/4 turn, McCoy went off the board before me and he was The Foster pick is the one I regretted after taking him. I fully expected to go WR or QB when I took him, but the value wasn't there (Rivers and Tavon were the top of each on my board at the time, and I ended up with both anyway). I'm hoping he blows up in week one or two and I'll flip him. I also regretted Forte and wish I would have went with CJ Anderson or Jeremy Maclin in that spot. I'm not upset with having Forte, but if would have taken Maclin, I could have went Gio/Woodhead in the next two rounds.
  5. This is a ppr league with normal scoring rules (6 point touchdowns). I was at the 12 spot and the top 11 players on my board were gone when I picked, and I didn't have any great values slip to me throughout the draft. My team skews much older than I usually like, but I am looking for thoughts. QB - Rivers (10) RB - Forte (4), Gio (5), Mathews (7), Foster (8), Riddick (12), James White (picked up when Lewis news broke) WR - Marshall (2), Demariyus (3), Floyd (6), Tavon (9), Sanu (13), Wallace (14), Pryor (16) TE - Gronk (1), Witten (11) Rams (17) and Vinatieri (18)
  6. You should definitely watch/read Dave Gettleman interviews/press conferences when he decides to speak. He is one of the most transparent GMs I've ever seen, often saying things that seem unlikely at the time, which ultimately end up being true. He will tell you what draft grade they had on players, even when he says that they had certain guys rated ahead of them, etc. The problem is, everyone always thinks he's bull####ting about everything. For those of us that know otherwise, he's easy to predict.
  7. That's what we said about Kurt Coleman (and Mike Mitchell) too. Never underestimate this staff and their ability to find diamonds in the rough, especially in the secondary
  8. It's actually the opposite. Soliai was signed to be a Nose Tackle and Atlanta ended up swithing to the 4-3, which was a bad fit for him. That gives me some concern, but I trust that Gettleman and staff know what they are doing.
  9. There's plenty of money to fill those spots when you're shopping at the dollar store. Sign a couple guys in the 2 million dollar a year range, then the rest will be league minimum kind of deals for players that the scouts think can produce. You're really only talking about 4-5 players total to fill those holes. Just last year we filled a similar number of sports (OT with Oher, Coleman at Safety, Ginn at WR, etc) with quite a bit less money to spend than we have now.
  10. I think we should do like we normally do, look for values to shore up positions of need (which Gettleman is so damn good at). Then use the excess cash to lock up Short. I wouldn't be opposed to Weddle if the deal is right. Even at top Safety prices, he would only take 6million of the cap...and he SHOULD be lower than that. I don't think it will happen, but that's the one popular one that I would be ok with.
  11. Johnson may have lost a step, but at 3 million, his contract is nothing short of a massive deal. That's the kind of money you'd expect to pay for a good backup. Getting Tolbert back for relatively cheap is great as well. This is the kind of benefit that you receive when you have a team that players want to play for. The locker room, success, and coaching have put us in a position to make these things happen..something that never would have happened in the past. When the biggest loss on a 17-2 Super Bowl team is a punter (that frankly will be easily replaced), you're in good shape. Screw all of the big name free agents, I'm all for keeping the band back together.
  12. Good thing Carolina has a great defense too.
  13. I'll call him whatever I feel like calling him. Thanks for your concern.
  14. Even if the Broncos somehow pull out a miracle, Panthers fans have a lot of winning to look forward to. This is what I keep trying to tell myself. I don't want to be too overconfident in this game because I know the history of the Super Bowl and I know just how difficult it is to win. I remember watching Jake Delhomme play the game of his career, only to lose anyway. If we win, it will be amazing. If we lose, I feel great about the future of this team. Damnit, I really want to win though.
  15. Lots of things are wrong. Like going on Twitter and saying nasty things about people you don't know. I never said anything nasty. I said I don't like him and I think he's disingenuous. That is my opinion of him. That's all I've said. See, it's not the same as someone calling Manziel a drunk. Because no one will say, ''Have anything to back that up?'' Because there is something to back that up. We supposed to feel bad for you because people call you a racist for saying something with nothing to back it up? Maybe you're not a racist, maybe you are just unoriginal, and shouldn't regurgitate venom spouted by Nolan Nawrocki 5 years ago. Let me guess, you think his smile is fake too? Nawrocki used that exact word in his 'scouting report' on Cam. Google Nawrocki, see where he is now. Vanished. How does anyone call anyone disingenuous without meeting them? It's almost as absurd as calling someone a racist only because they said they didn't like someone. Do you really not get the irony in this? I have no idea who Nawrocki is and I don't expect anyone to feel "bad" for me. I'm just observing someone (Cam) that I think is not on the up and up. I think his motivations are for branding and to project an image. Fake. I see people in real life. Day to day life that do this. I see it in him. Again, my opinion of him. Again, has nothing to do with race which is my original point. I could be wrong about him. I could be right about him. But I'm allowed to have an opinion without being called a racist. Not hear to defend him because I know I can't change a person's mind/opinion. However, I will say this. If you think the Cam you see today is the one you saw at Auburn, you haven't paid attention to HIM. You've simply watched highlights on TV and fallen for the soundbytes by "commentators" on TV....which is unfortunate. Let me tell you a little story about Cam Newton. About two years ago I was working at an event where we brought in donated backpacks, supplies, and food products for less fortunate children across North Carolina. This was at a sweaty little warehouse in Monroe, NC, a little town about 45 minutes from Charlotte on a Tuesday morning in the early summer. I had decided to do volunteer work because a friend of mine was heavily involved in the project and there were probably about 30 of us working there that day. After I had been there for a few hours, I noticed everyone getting really excited, which was odd because we were all sweating and exhausted from putting this stuff together all day. It turns out, Cam Newton and Philly Brown had heard about the event and decided to show up to help. They brought a few dozen backpacks that they had picked up that morning, along with tons of supplies. They also stayed around a few hours and helped us complete the days work before taking photos with some of us as they headed back into the city. This was never reported. There was not a single camera there other than the cell phones that some people took pictures with. To this day, I've never seen this reported on, I've never seen video, and outside of a few people who have pictures on their cell phone of meeting Cam and Philly that day, very few people outside of that room even knew what he did. Prior to that day I was a fan of the football player Cam Newton was. After that point, I started to pay a little more attention to the things that he does outside of the game to make people happy. Things like showing up randomly to a fan party on one of his few off days to surprise people. Going to a pre-Halloween block party for a little girl who likely wouldn't make it to that day. Things as simple as photobombing fans who he happened to pass by while riding his hoverboard in Charlotte. Those are the little things, not the charity work and other good he does around Charlotte and the country. Does he have an image that he's trying to get across? Absolutely, we all do. Especially celebrities. But, does that mean that he isn't someone who seems to genuinely care about the community and his fans? Yeah, he made some mistakes in his life. I certainly did when I was young and dumb in college. A man is defined not by his past but by the person that he ultimately becomes...and Cam Newton has grown into a man. A man that loves to have fun, dance, and can be a little brash at times, but he's playing a GAME...and I defy you to find many people who love the game as much as he does. Edit: One more note. For those saying that they didn't like him or his demeanor, etc. since Auburn. You have every right to feel that way. Hell, his own teammates didn't vote him as a Captain in his first two years as the starting QB. That's almost unheard of in NFL circles. That's the past though...he has changed. His teammates have bought into the player and the man that's he's become. Sometimes growing up is hard and it takes time to develop into the person that you become, and he's done that. He's not just a captain now, he's a leader, the lifeblood of the team, and someone who has an attitude that is infectious.