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  1. Round and round and round we go, where we stop everybody knows. Round and round and round we go, where we stop everybody knows. Round and round and round we go........
  2. Preet had a very interesting guest on last week named Anand Giridharadas, his premise disagrees with your statement. Not sure where my own thoughts on it are but his views were interesting.
  3. Honestly I’m disappointed in the game today. Don’t get me wrong I’m stoked about the win but ATL is an abject disaster on D and to me the score is misleading. We still didn’t look like the “Rams”, there’s no flow and it’s scary as #### we could barely (didn’t?) average 3 yards a carry vs that sad sack D. Our D looked good today for sure against a good O but our O line is a atrocious and McVay’s play calling this year still has serious question marks. Both of those are having some serious effects on Gurley’s game.
  4. I know huh, how dare he question the Dear Leader and not tow the party line. What does he think this is, a country of free thought and opinions? Unacceptable.
  5. Re: bolded. This year. He did the past few years and it was a big part of their game. TG3 dominated those check downs and broke off huge gains. This year Goff has completely forgot about him and I have no idea why. A few weeks ago I pointed out multiple plays that were wide open for Gurley underneath for big gains to continue drives but Goff throws elsewhere into tight coverage for a miss. Happened today again a few times but a big one early in the second half on a 3rd down when it was still a tight game. I really have no idea why he’s completely gone away from it, make absolutely no sense.
  6. The O line is a disaster. Even against a bad front 7 we couldn’t do much.
  7. I know we’re winning big but I absolutely hate McVay’s play calling this year
  8. Love the way JJ handled it for sure he’s a rare superstar these days, unfortunately the way RAMSey did is becoming the new norm.
  9. Julio is class but as long as Fitz is on the field he sits on the throne
  10. I’ll just put this here. Nobody succeeds under these circumstances. PFF rankings through last week.... LT Andrew Whitworth 32nd/75 OTs LG Jamil Demby 76th/77 OGs C Brian Allen 31st/33 Cs RG Austin Blythe 72nd/77 OGs RT Rob Havenstein 74th/75 OTs
  11. Sig- I have 2 banged up WR’s in my PPR to choose from... Dede Westbrook or Cooper? Thx!