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  1. Well It’s all part of the plan. Anything Obama did Trump wants to undo. 4D chess
  2. You know I find it so funny that these extreme right wing so-called tough guys who talk about freedom and strength of individuality constantly really just want an autocrat to tell them what to do. As long as they can have their guns and call him an Alpha they’re cool with it.
  3. While I understand your point why is this on the Dems to work out? Wasn't one of Obama's biggest failings his inability to get both sides to work together? Isn't it Trump who touts himself as the worlds best deal maker? Isn't he the roadblock here with his very specific demands?
  4. dkp993

    We cant let them change America

    Re the bolded: this is where you always go off the rails SC. You seriously just stated that you know the minds and motivation of 63 million people. Unbelievable.
  5. dkp993

    What are your Hobbies?

    Fantasy Football and watching football Woodworking - Furniture building Snowboarding, though my knees don’t allow much of this anymore. Poker Some Madden and Forza, though this is falling off as time goes by.
  6. dkp993

    [Dynasty] Todd Gurley

    More importantly he was guessing that the line wouldn’t move if Gurley was out this week. There is no such in or out line this week as he’s in. The Only game there was, was the 49er game where he was expected to play and sat at the last minute. And this line didn’t move is his case. But Gurleys impact on that game wasn’t necessary for them to win or effect the final score. In the Gurley in line Vegas could’ve very easily been factoring in an early lead in that late season game and Gurly getting sat. The point is who knows what factored in to Vegas is lines pre-and post Gurley for that specific game. One theory could be what he is proposing, but there are others.
  7. Unfortunately this is a distinct possibility, MT is a beast and Peters has been massively disappointing this year. But with Talib back the truth is Peters won’t be as exposed and likely isn’t covering MT the majority of the time.
  8. dkp993

    [Dynasty] Todd Gurley

    You’re struggling to understand my “regretting replying to you” part I see. It’s cool - I’m 100% certain I couldn’t care less about what you think I’m capable of. I’m done derailing this thread and I apologize to all for my engagement here. I should have known better.
  9. dkp993

    [Dynasty] Todd Gurley

    Not in the slightest. I’m just regretting replying to you as this is pointless. You believe what you do and won’t be swayed (as you’ve made it clear, you think you’re smarter then everyone) and I’m perfectly confident in mine.
  10. dkp993

    [Dynasty] Todd Gurley

    Don’t hold your breath. Or, go ahead....
  11. dkp993

    Tesla electric cars

    Have not found this to be true at all. Have owned an Audi (currently have a ‘12 A6), Benz and 2 Porsches. Every one has been rock solid.
  12. dkp993

    Tesla electric cars

    I’ve noticed this too as I’m in the market for a used one. I’m in Tesla land (SoCal) and there is still almost none for sale. A fair amount of S’s for sale but prefer the 3 all things (price primarily) being equal.
  13. dkp993

    USA Shootings

    No argument there. But to claim they are not dangerous would be incorrect. As it is with guns (or cars, or knifes, or table saws, etc etc).
  14. They’re the underdog no doubt. But I do see them winning. It’s a tough road for sure and if forced I’d have to put my money on N.O. But it’s far from a lock. 60/40 Saints imo.
  15. dkp993

    USA Shootings

    Attitudes like this are a part of why this discussion will never move forward. To even imply guns aren’t dangerous is lunacy, it’s a non-starter. If this simple fact can’t be agreed upon then nothing in this debate can. I guess nuclear bombs aren’t dangerous either. Unreal.