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  1. Bringing back some serious memories there. That refuel was a #####.
  2. Not being a tool, but if there’s one thing this thread has reinforced to me is that people choose what they want to see.
  3. Drafting at the back half of the first is tough this year for sure. It all comes down to one’s personal philosophy but me I try to get an advantage at every position possible (even K and D). While you may be chasing a position a bit none of the guys you’d draft at that spot will give you the advance Kelce will. I’m personally OK with being a bit weaker at a deep position like WR vs an extremely thin position like TE. Your chances of finding replacement level talent at WR is infinitely higher. I’m sure others will chime in and counter what I’m saying but that’s the best thing about FF, the ability to construct your team the way you want. Also on a side note it’s also why I much prefer auctions vs snake. Can eat my cake and have it too!!
  4. I would say it helps his value. If defenses are forced to worry about Tyreek busting a big one over the top, they can't defend the middle of the field as well.  If Tyreek wasn't there, defenses could put all their focus on stopping Kelce in the passing game. Yeah I think there are cases to make either way, but with Hill in the lineup he was outstanding again last year. Regardless he gives a fantasy team as big of a positional advantage as one could hope for.
  5. Where was Val in the trailer? Watched it multiple times and don’t see him?
  6. Having run a restaurant/bar/nightclub in downtown SD for 15 years I can’t say I miss comic con. Though the days of people insisting to order their meal in Klingon was interesting....
  7. Had Obama received 1 once of help from the GOP this problem would have been solved 8 yrs ago. Unfortunately due to good ole partisan politics we still got jack ####.
  8. I’d expect no less in the thread for the law and order President. Unbelievable. Just unbelievable. People take this foruming thing way to seriously.
  9. Stupid as it is to say I’m actually excited about this movie. How they do the flying scenes with today’s technology looks awesome
  10. Not being a smart ### or trying to argue just trying to understand... but isn’t the same true for the percentage that won’t vote D? Still not sure how that answers my original question. TIA.
  11. Thanks. I really hope the bolded is true no matter who wins (Trump included).
  12. Thanks for the response. Can you please expand on the bolded?
  13. Honest question for the Trump supporters ( @GoBirds, @HellToupee, @knowledge dropper, etc)..... If (and it’s a big if IMO) Trump loses the 2020 election to what is clearly a wreck of a Democratic Party and the massive advantage of the incumbency will that change your mind on how he’s viewed in the “real world”? The reason I ask is I know a lot of the thoughts here from the pro T crowd are that out in the “real world” away from this “echo chamber” (which is clearly pretty anti-T) the economy rules all and people don’t care about Trumps flaws. Thanks