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  1. I’m sure the mild temps all year round have absolutely nothing to do with it. 🤔
  2. Really? So how do I and virtually everyone I know do it? And why are these freeways so damn crowded? That sure is a lot of people not affording it.
  3. Have lots of similarities, very long running 12 team league (1999), most been in the league the majority of the time and most all are sharks. The only real difference from what you describe is we’re an auction league. Having said that I’ve faced what you were saying many times. I’ve won three of the last five years and in almost every year I make a big trade to swing for the championship and sacrifice future keepers (did again this year). Trust in your ability to draft, work the waiver wire and in making trades when necessary.
  4. All other valid reasons aside this is THE reason.
  5. They did just play there on Sunday. Yes. Was fine.
  6. As long as the 12pts is the Rams I’m good with it.
  7. Can not wait. Going to be so much fun to watch. Likely a last team with the ball wins type game The fist Vegas O/U line out is the highest since 1986. 64
  8. dkp993

    E.Washington WR Cooper Kupp

    Left before too. Bad news.
  9. dkp993

    2018 Elections Thread

    In all fairness your statement here could be true if only 1 person flipped thier vote to Trump. Not exactly a high bar.
  10. dkp993

    Seahawks vs Rams - Week 10

    🤷‍♂️. Looks like the same ole Gurley to me.
  11. dkp993

    Seahawks vs Rams - Week 10

    Jags, Rams and Minn we’re all expected to be top 5 D’s. All look mediocre so far. Crazy.
  12. dkp993

    Anyone playing Maurice Harris today?

    Yeah likely. Got me thru my bye need.
  13. dkp993

    Anyone playing Maurice Harris today?

    Yeah for sure. What wasn’t bizarre was Smiths complete unwillingness to throw the ball further then 10yrds down field.
  14. dkp993

    Anyone playing Maurice Harris today?

    5 for 52. 10pts PPR. Ok but expected more against TB.
  15. These days some would just call that Saturday.