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  1. As are 99% of guns. But I’m done trying with SC. He knows exactly what he’s doing and the point I’m making. He’s shaping the narrative to suit his beliefs, that a gun is just a tool like anything else yet magically he doesn’t apply that logic to other killing tools like grenades or bombs or rocket launchers, etc.
  2. Not to jump into Tim’s discussion as I’m sure he’ll write a book in response to you but... There are also posters here, not in the PSF but in the forum, that would force you to accept Jesus in your life and walk the religious path they do too if they could. The point is there are extremists on both sides, neither represent the likely outcome.
  3. No you haven’t, you’ve added parameters, like “innocent people” . My question was.... Why do you continually dismiss the intended design and intent of guns?
  4. Good post. Some great points I hadn’t thought of here. Thank you.
  5. Do you lock up your bats? Or hands? Or pillows? (Just channeling SC here).
  6. With a dildo I suppose it’s how it’s being used is the important part.
  7. All that typing and STILL no answer. Unbelievable. Let me help you. The reason you won’t answer the question is because you know the answer. They are different then all the other things like cars and bats and whatever else you mentioned to justify. Because the are designated and intended to kill, just like bombs, grenades, surface to air missile‘s, etc etc. No matter how you dance around it that’s a fact. That fact makes them different and therefore they should be handled differently. How is the question (and one I don’t have an answer for).
  8. You’re amazing man. You still can’t answer the question. Unreal. So to follow your non answer/logic.... How many people died last year from grenades in the general population? And AGAIN I’ve never said ban guns, so me saying banning knives wouldn’t makes any sense in any regards.
  9. I don’t have an answer which is why I keep coming to this thread, to learn. It’s an incredibly complex problem in my opinion. Now please answer mine, which you haven’t yet despite my repeated attempts. Why do you continually dismiss the intended design and intent of guns?
  10. My wife hates sci-fi stuff, has never seen a Star Wars or Lord of The Rings movie and won’t even try. She likes GoT a lot. Give it a shot, nothing to lose but a bit of time.
  11. Now you’re getting it! What do those things all have in common that they don’t have with say, cars, hammers, knives, bats, toilet paper, etc etc? I’ll give you a hint, they are all designed to do the same thing as a gun.
  12. Yet the same people who own deadly weapons with anonymity want people to get an ID to voice their opinion. See it works both ways.
  13. Serious question (and for clarity sake I’m not anti-gun). Why is this a problem?