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  1. Fingers crossed! ? Suh signing and AD agreeing to an extension would put a nice cap to an amazing offseason.
  2. Has me as a moderate which is actually accurate.
  3. It does to other Trump supporters.
  4. And also the same people that believe Trump is honesty and looking out for their wellbeing.
  5. Unfortunately this is the script I fear will happen. This along with the fact that key Republicans have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they are spineless jellyfish gives me very little hope they ends positively.
  6. Fingers crosses this is not just tough talk and there is actual follow through when the inevitable firings comes
  7. His twitter rant this morning reeks of the set up to the firing, he prepping his base. Sessions has one foot off the end of the plank and Trump’s about to push....
  8. I haven’t smoked pot in 20 years but reading Dr Oadi’s post I would swear I’m high.
  9. Come on Matthias, clearly they were all corrupted by Obama, Hillary the deep state. Trump is the only one who is to be trusted and can fix all this!
  10. The issues I have with it is they (Ren, smellycat and the like) claim not to be Trump supporters but are just being rational and deliberate before they make their decisions on his actions. Yet they are giving the benefit of doubt, and time to prove, to a morally corrupt (pornstar cheater), blatant liar (something event his staunchest supporter's don't deny) and world class narcissist. But should even the hint of something nefarious be implied against somebody outside the administration and their stance is completely opposite. Any rational person understands and accepts that corruption is rampant in Washington and much change is needed. But to imply that Trump, the very definition of these shortcomings, is the person we should be giving the benefit of the doubt to and is the person who's going to fix it all is absolute madness. Trump has earned absolutely zero benefit of the doubt and anybody questioning his motives or tactics is only doing exactly what they should be given his character and history.
  11. The irony of this statement from a Trump supporter is the very definition of irony. Apparently denial really isn’t just a river in Egypt.
  12. Hey I fully realize your jumping in to the shark tank here, and I respect any true attempt at civil discourse. But in all fairness your replies often come across as more baiting then real attempts at conversion. Also I fixed your quote for you. ?
  13. Congrats on actually answering a question posed to you. Would love to see more of this in the future.
  14. If you are really a history teacher then you should already know history shows you will not be getting answers to the questions you ask of Bozeman
  15. Being as I live in SD I can assure all that we are not begging for the wall.