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  1. Anyone trying to make this about Trump just needs to stop. Can we have one Thread that isn't about it him. The issues at play here are SO much bigger. Let’s not pollute this extraordinary important situation with the same ole pro/anti Trump BS. Please.
  2. Pure bravery right there. Holy ####. That dude is my new hero.
  3. 1000%. My wife, who's was born and raised in Minnesota, showed me a similar picture. It’s great to see and thank you for sharing it. There’s no question the number of good people out there far outweigh those causing the trouble. She also was showing me pictures of a bunch of people (easily over a 100) that were sweeping up and cleaning the areas ravaged. It’s shameful the media isn’t showing more of that side. Between this picture and the successful SpaceX launch today it was a nice injection of some much needed positivity.
  4. Congrats Elon and SpaceX. Thank you for a much needed win in 2020!!!
  5. Sure. And if David acquiesced he made a choice. This is not complicated guys. David is a smart grown businessman. If Joe ask him to stop and he did he made a choice to stop. Plain and simple. Again I do not agree with it and wish he were still here, but that doesn’t change the choice he made.
  6. Yes. 100%. Please go back to my first post today on that topic.
  7. I don’t (and I don’t think any of you do either but could be wrong) know the ownership relationship between Joe and Dodd’s, be it a 50/50 thing or some other percentage. But I’m assuming the 50/50 type thing. If it’s skewed in Joes favor then its Joes choice (as it should be) if not then Dodd’s made a business choice/decision.
  8. I’m not at all arguing this point. Lots of people were not happy with what he was saying. This is not in dispute.
  9. I remember, I was defending him. But he still had a choice. It’s his business and he could have chosen differently, he didn’t. This isn’t a democracy here, it’s a private business and Joe and David own the decisions they make.
  10. He made a choice as a business owner, every business owner does that everyday. He could have made a different one. I miss his posts too (even if some were a bit “off”) and liked having his voice around as well but that was his choice. The run off narrative is BS.
  11. This is Joe’s board, he can run it any way he likes, fair or unfair, bias or unbiased, Pro or Anti Trump, or all things in the middle. I just don’t understand the need to cry victim, no one is forced to be here or interact. I would not waste one precious moment of this life hanging out and complaining in a place I feel I’m being treated unfairly and that drives me to the point of writing long posts to complain about it (multiple times I might add). Why add that to your life? It seems so unnecessary. I will just never understand this victim mentality that has become rampant in our society today.
  12. Yes and did. Together 17 yrs strong. Us not always agreeing has made me a better man (and I would hope it’s made her a better woman).