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  1. Well played.
  2. Starting Chris Thompson (PPR) over Collins this week. Collins is a hold in my opinion and still feel confident he will play to his adp.
  3. Starting him over Crabtree and Stills. Hope Cole moves into a solid weekly WR2 role slotting between AB and Kupp for me. ?
  4. You’re missing where the humor lies. It’s not in your opinion, message or content it’s in the way its worded. That’s all.
  5. There are literally dozens of people with the same qualifications without those suspicions. Sucks for him individually but so be it, highest standards and all.
  6. You stated you don’t trust people then turned around and said innocent til proven guilty. While what you said is understood it’s phrased funny. I don’t trust people but assume their innocent of what they are likely lying about (because I don’t trust them).
  7. This will just never make any sense to me. This is for the Supreme Court and a lifetime appointment. If there is even the slightest suspicion of something like this that person needs to be taken out of the running. This is not a D or R thing, no one should be held to higher standards then someone up for these seats. There must be zero hint of impropriety or suspect moral character. If we don’t hold these 9 people to that standard who can we?
  8. Rumor around the campfire is Qanon was banned yesterday. Not sure for how long.
  9. Couldn’t agree more and have argued that same point in that thread. But it would poke a big hole as Qanon has repeatedly said Q says to trust Sessions. It’s been a corner stone point for him.
  10. Sure. But people that agree with you typically don’t do any of these things. That’s not to say that those who don’t should do those things but to hold the post up to setting the standard for how a response should be is the definition of ironic
  11. I’m sure him being on the same side of the argument had nothing to do with it. ?
  12. Hilariously and sadly Hannity also discussing how the declassification review would be a pretext for canning Sessions. Should be nada but of course he’s practically a WH advisor. One of the positives of this if it happens is it will completely destroy the Q conspiracy as Sessions is said to be a central figure and protected.
  13. Wow. Busy day in the PF. Looks like I missed some fireworks.
  14. ?. Awesome. My bad I didn’t read everything to get caught up. The political forum has built some bad habits in me I guess. Lol. You miss a few hours on one of those threads and 10 pages stack up!