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  1. And just to be clear so that I answer your strawman question. Help me understand how Trump leading his campaign team is any different then Mueller leading his investigation team? Show me the Strawman there please. I’ll be very much looking forward to your answer.
  2. Avoid answers much? Never mind we all know that answer.
  3. @Weebs210 the good news is according to you it’s only my opinion that leaders are responsible for their peoples actions. So by your logic Mueller isn’t responsible for those agents and is “clean”. So you shouldn’t worry about the investigation.
  4. I HIGHLY recommend anyone to listen to Malcom Gladwell's latest Revisionist History podcast "General Chapman's Last Stand". It's about immigration and it's fascinating and very educational. It honestly changed my thought process on immigration management.
  5. I agree with Noonan here. I’m pretty much staying as far away from political conversations with my friends as possible. It never turns out good anymore and arguments start where only good times should be had. I want to just enjoy what little time I get with the people I love, don’t want to waste that time arguing. I’ll save that for here with internet strangers. Lol.
  6. No. There’s no opinion here. As a leader (specifically of his own campaign) he’s responsible. No if and it butts about it. No opinion. Just a fact.
  7. Noonan. You’re just flat wrong on both your statements here. -Yes leaders are responsible. That’s undeniable, as that is a core tenet of leadership. Have you ever been a leader? (Serious question no jab at you here) - I’m not “ahead of” myself here. I was responding to weebs conclusion that when all is done Trump will come out clean. He’s referring to the future so I’m responding to that future.
  8. Weebs you do realize it’s impossible for Trump to “come out clean” at this point right? As the head of an organization you are responsible for the actions of your people, especially if you hired them. With so many people in and around him getting charged (or coming up on charges) even if there is no 100% direct link to Trump (which I’m not betting on) he’s still responsible. That’s what being a leader is. If he was a CEO he’d be fired no if and or butts about it. Clean is not the issue question, he’s responsible for his teams actions, proof of direct contact or collusion is the only question left.
  9. I posted that video of Trump making the definitive statement that no one had any contact with Russians a few weeks ago. Crickets from the team Trump here, so don’t expect any different.
  10. This is true for me mostly too. I don’t really even read the hard left posts as they don’t jive with my mindset, but I’m massively entertained by the Trump supporters and how they rationalize him.
  11. The lap dog is back at work. Unbelievable.