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  1. @chet where do you stand with the last few weeks of CYDY developments (or lack there of). Still #notselling ?
  2. Hook, line and sinker. It is so insanely sad how effective Trumps fear mongering campaigns are.
  3. We gotten the candidates we deserve. There is no one to blame but ourselves.
  4. I've been saying this forever about every TV talk show with multiple guests. It would be so simple. Unfortunately that’s clearly not become the point. The Jerry Springer model is obviously what is in full force now and has been for a while.
  5. No question Trump changes the dynamic dramatically, but Biden’s ability to “debate” any one anymore is long gone. He’s a shell of himself and it’s shameful this is who the Democratic Party and voters put up.
  6. Without question this is the biggest waste of air time in American history. I can not fathom one single person being moved off their position because of this embarrassment called a “debate”. We’ve learned not one single thing. What a joke. The only “value” this is providing is exactly what we are seeing in posts here, fodder for the bases to laugh about the gotcha moments.
  7. So I made it 20mins and I’m tapping out. What an absolute embarrassment. I’m ashamed as an American that these 2 are the “best” this country can produce. This is a complete #### show.
  8. Unfortunately the vast majority of the population doesn’t have a scientific background.
  9. This line right here would give me serious pause. Not because I don’t believe weddings can’t be safe, I absolutely do I’m in that business as I just said. But it’s a risk reward decision for me with this factored in. The downside here FAR outweighs the upside.
  10. I am in the wedding business and oversee 12 locations. We’ve been doing weddings since the start of August, primarily outdoors. We have a massive amount of precautions in place, are limiting capacity (100 or under) so tables can be socially distanced, eliminated dancing, etc etc etc. We’ve had not one COVID case traced back to our events.
  11. This is the part I can’t wrap my head around. My 18 yr old nephew has had a 103+ fever (spiked at 104.7) and felt sicker then he ever has in his life for the last 6 days. Had flu and COVID tests on day 1. Got the flu results the next day, negative. COVID tests results? Still waiting. Unreal! Yet people somehow think we are going to be able to create , produce and distribute a safe and effective vaccine by years end.