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  1. Well this an interesting statement. If the majority of Americans voice had been heard Trump wouldn’t have been POTUS (to be clear I’m not speaking out against the electoral college just pointing out “majority” in reference to your statement). Also with an approval rating of 49% he still hasn’t won over the “majority”.
  2. The history part is relatively recent but for me it’s Carl Sagan.
  3. I hope this is just a joke from HT, but sadly it does seem to be the mantra of the parties over the past decade.
  4. Or I’d rather watch an epic tale of a WW1 shot in a revolutionary way, or a fantastic story about classic Hollywood with two top tier actors at the top of their game, or.... guess I see myself out to the Oscar thread.
  5. A better takeaway is to stop annoying the moderators by hitting the report button when it's not warranted Both. This is not binary.
  6. I believe everyone here is well aware of a penny stocks risks.
  7. Did say I had issue with the article? Just pointing out WH statements as “empirical proof”, regardless of who picks up the statement, as interesting
  8. So now we live in a world where statements from the WH are empirical proof? Again for clarity sake, I believe Trump should get credit for the current state of the economy so this is not a picking sides thing for me. Just pointing out what I believe to be an interesting angle to take.
  9. Not sure why that’s suspicious, @chet believes in it and his advise has let a few of us to jump in and take a risk. Defending something he believes in is hardly suspicious. On the other hand a new member jumping in to warn us right at the same time the stock had what looks to be an event of shorters hitting the stock causing a dip is suspicious. I have no idea if either guys legit, both are internet strangers. But one has a long history here and a good rep, the other doesn’t. To be clear, I’m not throwing any shade at @Whyatt. His posts are rational, not personally attacking and don’t come across as troll-ish. He could very well be a good guy with only the best of intentions, and I appreciate his opinions here. But imo if picking one to be the one who looks suspicious, the choice is pretty clear.