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  1. Damn...we filled up and are paid up with 11 out of 12 owners, 1 spot left and we can do a start up draft.
  2. We have 11 out of 12 owners set and paid. We just had an owner drop out who mistakenly thought this was an auction league. Who wants to slide into a great league that is ready to start drafting?
  3. To each his own Wooters. One spot left everyone. Act fast.
  4. 2 spots left....Jump on this while you can!!!
  5. Only a couple of spots left....come and complete us. You’ve love this set up
  6. We actually include Coaches, Offensive Lines, Punters, along with all the standard positions....and....Free Tacos!
  7. $50 entry - 12 owners - Dynasty Start Up - Full IDP - Large Rosters - 5 spots left!!!
  8. Great to hear...Feel free to go to our MFL league and review the settings or visit our website or email us as the address provided. We have been running this set up for a few years and due to popular demand have decided to start a second league with a much reduced entry fee of $50. Do you have any questions?
  9. 🏈🏈 Welcome to NFLite Front Office Dynasty Football 🏈🏈 Check us out on MFL: MFL #40043 / E-mail us : / Website: So you think you’re a good fantasy football owner, did you ever wonder how good you really are??? If you ever wanted to play in a top-end league filled with owners at your level, then this is that league. There will be no family members or co-workers who don’t know what to trade and forget to set a line-up! In fact, this will be the hardest fantasy league out there you can find. You will blow the average fantasy player mind when you tell them what your new league is like! $50 Buy-in (uses League Safe) Start-Up Dynasty League (Once you start up draft, you get keep all rostered players forever) Full IDP (Individual Defensive Players) You need to assembly a full Defense (DT, DE, LBers, Saftey, CB) NFLite Scoring sytem: This is the fairest and most advanced scoring system out there Large Rosters: 12 owners, 53 man rosters, 25 man taxi squad 1&2nd yr player, 5 man IR list (the free agent pool will be empty, you will see more trading then ever in this league) 1QB, 3RB, 4WR, 1TE, 1DT, 1DE, 3LB, 1Safety, 1CB, 1Superflex, 3Flex, 4 special positions = 27 Starters 4 Specialty positions: Coach, O-Line, Punter, Kicker Salary Cap in force On-line Slow Draft for Start Up and Rookie Drafts in following years Additional Dispersal Draft if 2 or more owners drop out in an off-season Unique & Fun Prop Bets Payout System You have never seen anything like this before! This is the league you can brag to anyone about, this is the league that tests how good you really are at fantasy, this will be your main league….come and join us!